Review: J.Crew Double Cloth Lady Day Coat in Petite 0

 honor of the J.Crew sale this weekend (25% off and free ship for orders over $150 with code PRESENTS) I wanted to get this review out for you guys. I haven’t had a chance to catch up on blogs, respond to comments or emails yet, but will do that later this weekend : )


I tried to touch on everything in the video, but please let me know if you have any questions. Here are the measurements of a 0P: 14.5″ across the shoulders, 17″ across the armpits, 14″ across the waist band, 33″ total length, and 21″ sleeve length (I mistakenly said 20″ in the video). To see this same coat on another petite, visit Cynthia at Shorty Stories (she is about 5’2″).

There is a *really* close version of this ring online in coral and cream. I must go hunt for the coral! 
Polish is Essie “Hot Coco” courtesy of my lovely secret santa ; )
Coat: Petite Double Cloth Lady Day Coat in 0P
Shoes: Tory Burch sz 5, Ring: Forever 21 sz 6, Earrings: NYC market Tights: Forever 21 one size

**See this coat reviewed on another petite (smaller than me), Alterations Needed.

Cascading Flutter Shell in XXS regular:
Top: Cascading Flutter Shell in XXS regular
Jeans: Gap legging jeans in “dark rinse” sz 00P, Booties: Target Mossimo sz 6
Overall this tank was a comfortable fit, and I can see myself wearing it with jeans or tucked into pencil skirts. Originally only the green was on sale, but all colors are on sale now! Great little filler to get the free shipping. And I promise…my olive kick is officially over : )
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. jamie wrote:

    AH I wanted so much to love this coat. I bought in 0petite but it was still too big on me (5 ft 75 lbs) :'( There was just too much material to wrap around me.

    Posted 12.14.10 Reply
  2. I bought this coat too! Well similar, I got the one that Claud linked to. I got it in the fall and have worn it throughout the winter and it's a great coat. I got mine in dark plum and I adore the color. I didn't know they had coats on sale already, I might get another. great review!

    oh and love your booties with the jeans! cute!

    Posted 12.13.10 Reply
  3. Claud wrote:

    Btw I have my eyes in this jcrew coat…similar to yours.

    Will wait to see if goes on sale…don't really need more coats especially for whre I'm lol

    Posted 12.13.10 Reply
  4. Claud wrote:

    Yeah I'm so happy to know that the OP Jcrew coat fits you pretty well :). It looks terrific on you. The color is indeed gorgeous. I have to agree about the short sleeves, mine is the same. Need to check out those rings from forever 21.

    Posted 12.13.10 Reply
  5. CynthiaC wrote:

    @Jaqui and Jean: For the lady coat, shipping was some $25 or so for Canadian residents. What really gets you are the taxes/duty which are ASTRONOMICAL. I don't normally buy J.Crew unless I know someone in the US is coming to visit (items delivered to their place) or if an item is on sale.

    Posted 12.13.10 Reply
  6. Maryjane wrote:

    A great fitting coat and skinny jeans, you can't go wrong! In fact you did everything just right.

    Maryjane xoxo

    Posted 12.13.10 Reply
  7. whaaaa?????? Jean, did I really win? You better not tease me!

    After purchasing similar things you own, I think we have similar arm lengths, so I'm glad you covered that. I've been waiting for a post like this back when I asked you about covering heavy winter wear. Though you said it probably wouldn't last during Jan/Feb in Boston, and Shorty Stories said it's not for those who plan to walk. So that is a concern. so what do y'all wear during those times? Those down puffy jackets?

    For olive being such an "in" color right now, I'm awfully surprised it's the color they choose to have on sale. but hey, good for us readers & olive-obsessed fans.

    Posted 12.13.10 Reply
  8. kileen wrote:

    great review! the lady coat looks great on you and i love all the details as well. the sleeves are a tiny bit short, but honestly not that bad. i'm glad that you were able to find a j. crew item that fit!

    and the shell looks really gorgeous on you too! love the ruffles in the front and it looks gorgeous with the pearls!

    Posted 12.13.10 Reply
  9. The coat looks amazing on you! The color is gorgeous!!

    Posted 12.13.10 Reply
  10. Elle wrote:

    You look gorgeous, and that olive green goes beautifully with your skin tone. The coat fits you surprisingly well so I am glad I didn't order the 0p because I probably wouldn't have fit in it. And you always find the cutest shells, I may have to order a few of these myself. 🙂

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  11. Leena wrote:

    i think the jacket looks great on you, and you are too cute in the video! 🙂

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  12. @Annapurna I've enjoyed hearing about all your J.Crew bargain finds and trial and errors over this year! You've talked about their coats and how they ran small and am glad I finally gave it a try. THe color you have sounds divine!! I would love something along the lines of citron.

    I wish you have photos from your experiences with the 00 regular, 0 regular, and 2P! Would've been great to add to the archives on the alterations needed forum.

    I know about the wind tunnels…by the water is bad, Beacon Hill can be bad, and also even in back bay between the tall buildings, the wind can be unbearable. Thankfully my time outdoors is quick. Thank you again for recommending this coat so many times!

    @yj Haha, thank you…it is an old scarf that my boyfriend picked up from Italy. One of those "pashminas" that you may be able to find at a local cart in the mall as well : )

    @May How funny! It was not me…was not on that side of town today, but if you ever do spot me please, please do say hello!

    Did you end up keeping the coat? Annapurna and SHorty Stories recommend long gloves, which I have, but I'm just still surprised that they haven't corrected this fit issue by now!

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  13. @Jacqui For some reason I thought J.Crew had decent shipping to Canada as I saw it on Cynthia (Shorty Stories)'s blog and she lives in Cananda. But I agree returning is MUCh more of a hassle. The Gap here doesn't carry petites as well…we have to order online. Did you look online?

    And thank you so much for your compliment on the makeup but it is very much in "development" stages lol. I have been experimenting with products that are easy to apply and look natural and I hope to do a video on it after I've found my perfect products. In the vid above it is makeup for ever dua mat powder foundation, cheap NYC liquid eyeliner, Shisem falsies, ELF lipstick $1 in classy, and R&R; blush in tease.

    @PetiteXXS I realy wish the shoulders were a little more narrow! I think we would all fare better with double breasted, belted coats. Before you return I hope you'll post some photos and a review! : )

    @erin 🙂 Welcome!

    @Hui Hi Hui..the material on the different shades are hit or miss, but every pair of 00P legging jeans are TINY! Much smaller than how their 00P pants run, that's fore sure. And thank you for your compliment…I gather my thoughts before each video so I don't end up just rambling endlessly because no one likes lengthy, droning videos!

    I definitely wore falsies…my natural lashes are almost nonexistent. These are Shisem brand gifted to me by DSK Stephanie and they are the ONLY pair I am comfortable with wearing in the daytime. My bf loathes the thought of fake lashes but he accepts these because they look so natural lol. They are the "XO" line and I can't find a style number on them anywhere…I must find more pairs of these…Steph said she found it in a beauty store inside a Korean grocery chain H-mart.

    @froth finder Thank you for stopping by!

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  14. @Cher I know what you mean…this probably won't get much wear in Jan/Feb in Boston. Wow it must've been costly to get your alterations! Maybe the 00 regular will fit you know (I just feel the 0P sleeves will be too short on taller you), since the 00P pencil skirt fits you so nicely!

    @Anonymous Thank you for your compliment but I have to say this video must be terribly deceiving…my eyebrows in person are quite a weak point as I tend to overpluck and shape unevenly. They are also long and unruly which makes shaping hard. I'm looking to go get them done professionally for once but am not sure whether it's worth it!

    @Stylepint Thanks Jess! A few of your fellow socal'ers got it I think. Without the thinsulate the coat is probably quite thin, but I still can't imagine rocking it in SoCal weather : )

    @Gracie I hope you can find it! I popped into F21 today to look for that coral one linked but could only find the color that I already have. They had plenty, so I hope you can get yourself one : )

    @Vicky Yes, really lol! Thank you for watching the review…I was sure the droning on of all the details would bore many. You did great too with your LOFT and Theory coats this season. It has just been a good coat season for petites!

    @R.L. RL – what is your twitter name (I remember you mentioning you have an account)? I think you are one of my oldest readers and I've always loved reading your comments and notes starting from way back when. If you have an account, say hi on Twitter and I hope we can keep in touch there!

    @siwing Thank you Siwing! I wish you luck in finding your winter coat this year…having a nice coat definitely makes dreary winter go by faster!

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  15. @The Little Dust PrincessI kind of cheat…I gather my thoughts ahead of time in bullet points for a blog post, so I pretty much know all the points to touch on : ) The coat is definitely more true to color in the photos. And I don't think this coat will be good for any colder weather. Cynthia (whom I believe lives in your city) mentioned it will not sustain colder weather.

    @Mindy♥ They are NOT comfortable for the first month or so lol. It must seem ridiculous that people like me still purchase them, knowing that it will be painful. But after they are "worn in" they are very comfortable, like any shoe that is broken in, and I think they are just easy to match and I like the shape. If you're considering purchasing I wouldn't recommend the regular leather as it seems to scuff really easily! My snakeskin-embossed leather ones here also scuffed. I think patent is the most durable.

    @PetiteLittleGirl Thank you Sydney, I am looking forward to see how this fits on fellow petites as well! I am bigger than Kelly and PetiteXXS so it may or may not work out for them.

    @olyvia Thank you! I would say it's a dark stainy taupe. I have to say the lining is probably going to start pilling after a few wears because it is polyester, but as long as the outer holds up I am happy.

    @Jackie You'll have to see if PetiteXXS posts a review! She is smaller framed than me by quite a bit, i believe so maybe it will give you a better idea of how it'll fit : )

    @DiamondsandTulle I know what you mean about "bracelet length" sleves…I have a jacket with those and was confused about why the sleeves were so short! This on the model though looks full length, so it's very perplexing. Thank you for your lovely note : )

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  16. May wrote:

    Thanks for the review – I picked up this coat in 0P at the end of last season (paid about $35 more than yours) and also was a little surprised by the short-ish sleeves. Were you walking on Mt Auburn in Cambridge today around 12:15 in this coat with boots and carrying 2 black bags? I did a double-take, but wasn't sure whether to say hi.

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  17. yj wrote:

    the coat looks great on you!

    just wondering where you got your scarf? I LOVE the colour!

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  18. Nelah wrote:

    The coat seems really well-made and runs amazingly small. Like both items on you. Your video is always informative and entertaining to watch.

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  19. Anh wrote:

    There is no reason for your olive kick to be over! Olive looks great on you! Haha, but I know what you mean. I feel like I've recently collected more olive and leopard than ever before!

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  20. Ping wrote:

    jean– thanks for the explanation on the thinsulate! i been wondering what it was and the functionality of it. now i wanna get the coat! lol. missouri is coming up soon and i see it is 30 degrees there. i am terrified of the cold! off to jcrew now…

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  21. Annapurna wrote:

    I have the thinsulate lined lady day coat in P0 in "citron"( a hello-I-xeroxed-the sun yellow) that I bought on sale in late January 2008. I agree with all your comments – especially the short sleeves!!! I fixed that by treating myself to some long leather gloves.

    I am 5-2,and around 100 pounds, and the P0 is more fitted on me than it is on you but still comfortable. The waist is a tad too high for my liking. I could not return it because it was final sale. I think it has a better drape on you though.

    Last year for kicks I ordered an 00 regular, and 0 regular, and a 2P in a different color to play with the sizing. The 00 reg fit like an 0P with longer sleeves and overall length. I got a better drape with the 0 regular (kind of like the drape on you) and a more comfortable waist but the overall length was too long for my taste and would require a tailor to chop off the bottom and, because JCrew offers alterations for only full priced merch, I didn't want to pay extra!! The 2P, which fit almost the the 0P, except a tad wider – the drape for me on the 0 regular was better. I returned all the coats last year because I was not into the colors. That's the thing about lady day – every year the colors are different so it os good to wait to see the color you are crazy for and then stalk it!! I am waiting for a kelly green or maybe a blue.

    Vanity sizing at J. Crew is out of control! A few years ago, I snagged a red double cloth empire waist coat from them that I got in 2P and it fits much like the P0 does now. The double cloth material is truly special.

    I have to say it held up very well after almost daily use from Jan 2008- April 2008 and November 2008 to April 2009. Buttons never came close to falling off! I am not wearing it this year because I am knocked up and my chest is too big for it but look forward to wearing it again next year.

    The thinsulate is good but I have to say, on the coldest days (I live in Boston, right by the ocean), I reach for a puffer because as warm as the coat is, it doesn't provide wind protection – which I need because I live and work in the windiest parts of the city. That is my only gripe about the lady day but it is not her fault. Other parts of the city (Back Bay, South End, etc) never seem as cold and windy as it is down here!!! The walk up Beacon Hill to my office, the front of which is a wind tunnel, has to be one of the coldest places on earth!!!!

    Anyway, on and on I go – I LOVE the fit of the coat on you (sleeve length aside) and you do look lovely in olive green but I kind of want to see you in a red!

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  22. hi I LOVE your site, spent the last 2 days looking at it whenever I had a break!!

    keep it up, I posted a link on my page to recommend it to my readers =]

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  23. Hui wrote:

    Thanks for the review!

    I really like the Gap skinnies too.They look very flattering on you. I've actually never tried on Gap jeans before. Somehow I had the preconception that they would run large. I guess the legging jeans are made to hug the body.

    Also, nice job on the video! I must agree with the above comment on your eloquence, you used a script, didn't you?! haha I kid.

    Lastly, did you use falsies in your video? Your lashes look very long, but very natural. If you are, let me know which ones you're wearing! I love falsies, but I'm quite self-conscious about wearing them in the daytime since most of them tend to be outrageous looking.

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  24. erin :) wrote:

    Love that coat and it looks so great on you! I just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm 4'10" and a fellow petite Asian so i'm definitely following your blog! 🙂

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  25. PetiteXXS wrote:

    For some reason I think the sleeves are shorter on you than they are on me! The sleeve length doesn't bother me that much, but I'm actually leaning towards returning mine. It does fit amazingly small for J.Crew, but somehow it doesn't look very flattering on me. Shoulders are too wide/boxy and completely flattens my bust. The shell is really cute, and I just added it to my second J.Crew order 😛

    Good job on the video, you're so natural in front of the camera and becoming a real pro! 🙂

    Posted 12.12.10 Reply
  26. Jacqui wrote:

    I'm from Canada. I wish there were Loft and J. Crew stores where I live! I always like to try things on before buying it, so I'm hesitant to shop online. Also because shipping something back for return to the States from Canada costs so much more. Oh and Gap here doesn't carry petites! Ugh!

    Kinda off topic, but your make up looks amazing in the video! What products did you use?

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  27. siwing wrote:

    yay more youtube vids !! ^_^ hehehe

    even though i am not petite, i do find your reviews helpful!!

    your tips are so helpful.. definitely will help me in finding the perfect winter coat.. =D

    the coat looks great on you btw!

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  28. R.L. wrote:

    Loved, loved your review and how the coat and tank look on you. Olive suits you well. I ordered this same coat in 0P (though not in thinsulate) when you tweeted about it, but returned it because of the sleeve length and the none-thinsulate version not being warm enough. I'm now thinking of reordering again in thinsulate after seeing your review…

    @curls-and-pearls In my opinion, I would say the olive is more accurate in her pictures. On J. Crew's website, the olive looks a lot darker at least on my screen. I was surprised that it was more of a brighter olive when I received it. Nevertheless, it's a gorgeous shade.

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  29. Vicky wrote:

    Hi Jean, nice review. Very thorough. Most people won't notice that many details in a coat. 🙂 I do think this coat fits you very nicely. The length is perfect. I do think the length of the sleeves are too short. I like my coat sleeves long. But going for 00 regular might be too long on the length. The color is very nice on you. Overall, classic looking, beautifully made coat. I'm glad you got it in such a great price.
    Really, your olive kick is over, really? haha.

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  30. Gracie wrote:

    I've been eying that ring of yours for the longest time since I've seen it first on here. I might actually make an excursion to find a F21 just to see if they have one and a few other that I fancied from their website.

    On a different note, I think that coat looks great on you. I do agree that the sleeves appear on the short side. I love th color as well. I does appear you have a slight obsession for olive green lately, though the color looks great on you.

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  31. Stylepint wrote:

    WOW! I'm amazed that 0P fits you so well! I was interested in the Lady coat but I don't think the weather is cold enough to warrant it.

    Great going with the video, I enjoyed listening to your description of the coat and how it fits on you! =)

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  32. Michelle wrote:

    Thanks for the coat review! Too bad the sleeves are not as you would have wanted. I am interested what the oo regular is like.

    I love the flutter shell! Olive is gorgeous on you!

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  33. Anonymous wrote:

    Off topic, but could you do a tutorial on DIY eyebrow shaping? You have great eyebrows.

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  34. Cher wrote:

    I actually have a Plaza Coat from about 4 years ago (or what was similar to the Plaza Coat). I got it in a 0R though because I wasn't really sure the difference between R and P in J.Crew back then. I do still wear it but I did have it altered a little bit when I first got it. I think the 0P would have been perfect for me. I found it a little too A-ligned for me, so I had that taken in. The sleeves are a tad long and the torso is a bit long, but I couldn't do much about the torso without basically paying for another coat to have it altered in that area. I do love the Wool/Cashmere material even though it is kind of a lint magnet. The Thinsulate helps get me through more of the colder season than it would a without the Thinsulate, but unless I absolutely *had* to, I wouldn't wear this on a regular January/February winter day in Toronto or Boston. Just not enough warmth for below freezing weather. Great video!

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  35. CynthiaC wrote:

    Longer gloves will "cure" the shorter sleeve issue 🙂

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  36. Love the coat! too bad it's too thin for NY winter :T

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  37. Oh your video review is so cute! You are so eloquent and well-composed! That coat looks impeccable on you and I hear you on the sleeve length. Maybe it was a "bracelet length" coat? Or if you're like me and just used to having longer sleeves, it feels funny to have them shorter? Anyhow – i wrote a book and I just wanted to say you look lovely!

    xx Vivian @

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  38. I love the coat and the tank! I'm really surprised that the sleeves are a touch on the short side since typically sleeves are too long on coats. Thanks for doing the video review! I watched it with my 18 mo. old son and he kept waving "hi" to you. This is usually a sign that he thinks you're pretty 🙂 Not even 2 and already a flirt LOL.

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  39. @Design Girl

    LOL I was going to ask the same thing! Can you send me a tweet? I might forget to check back for the answer 😉

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  40. Jackie wrote:

    I LOVE that coat. I too find it hard to believe that you found something in J. Crew that ran that small. I've given up on them because everything is just to large for my 90 lb. frame. This might be the exception!

    I think it looks beautiful on you, shorter sleeves and all. Olive green is one of my favorite colors as far as clothing goes.

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  41. Love the tank, are you sure you're done with Olive? It looks great on you 😉

    Would you say the colour is more true to colour from your video or the pictures?

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  42. olyvia wrote:

    is the lining sort of purplish? the pictures and the videos look purplish, which I sort of love! I love your detailed video review!

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  43. The coat looks great on you, Jean! It fits you quite well. For a very nice coat like this, the prices isn't bad at all. Like I said before, the olive color suits you well. I am looking forward to see this same coat on Kelly. I am sure she'll look great too. Have a great weekend!

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  44. gyc wrote:

    i don't really like trench coats, but this really suits you! however i do like the outfit ^^

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  45. I love the color of nail polish! What kind is it?

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  46. Mindy♥ wrote:

    You look so stunning, as usual!! The olive is perfect on you. Actually, I think olive is such a pretty color on Asian skintones… I love olive everything! Are your Tory Burch flats comfortable? I'm so tempted to purchase some for myself, but I need comfort and have been hearing mixed things. xoxo

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  47. Ohhhh…now I'm excited for my coat to arrive. Got the shipping notification yesterday! Yay!

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  48. DoubleZero wrote:

    You're so ladylike! It fits you very well, please stop tempting me, I'm determined to wait for the other colors to go on sale 🙂 Thanks for the review!

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  49. Angie wrote:

    i absolutely love the shell tank on you! olive is a great colour for our skin tone. gorgeous 🙂

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply
  50. I think the coat looks better in your photos than in the video (colour-wise)! Is the colour irl closer to your photos or video? I loved your video, Jean. : ) Are you saying things off the top of your head or did you have a script? 'cause everything flowed really nicely. <3

    Is it gonna get any colder than 20F, you think? I wanted a wool coat for the winter, but I didn't think I can withstand the cold, even with lining. D: I am perfectly happy with my Canada Goose though. It makes me sweat, even in this freezing weather. LOL btw, I love those jeggings on you!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

    Posted 12.11.10 Reply

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