Something Fun: Payless Block Heel Pumps – $18


Payless Brash Block Heel Pumps – use code 59863 for 40% off (thanks, Kellie!)

I’m not usually a platform nor block heel kinda girl. I feel that chunky heels can weigh down short legs, and make them look stocky versus long and lean. There’s something about these pumps, however, that’s done right (especially for a discount brand). The slightly tapered block heel and high-cut arch look retro chic, without being too clunky.


(Above) Trying ’em on with a holiday mini (or black tights) and (Below) with Seven Gwenevere jeans

These shoes retail for $36.99, are currently on sale for $29.99, plus you can use code 59863 shared by my awesome reader Kellie to get another 40% off. I initially ordered the soft gray version with a lesser discount, plus free ship to any Payless store (you just have to go pick it up).

Picture 118Picture 119

The black is currently sold out online in all sizes but 5.5, but the product locator showed plenty in-stores. The only downside to buying in-store versus online is the price ($29.99 in stores), but I found an amazing SA who entered the 59863 coupon code into the register and gave me the online 40% off : ) I only plan on keeping one pair, so will await the greys to arrive and do a compare.

Fit: True to size. A sz 5 fits me perfectly. For reference, I typically take 5 in Ann Taylor perfect pumps, and am between a 5 and 5.5 in BR shoes. No toe cleavage.

Comfort: So, so surprised at the comfort. The toes are semi-squared, so no crushed toes. The chunky heel and platform are sturdy and easy to walk in. I am not sure how these feel for wider feet, though.

Measurements: Heel height on my sz 5s (measured from the back center) is about 4.75″ and the platform is about 1.25.” Insoles of the size 5s measure about 8.75.”

Quality: I’m not usually a fan of Payless shoes even for the price, but these are better-made than many of their offerings. The outer is a micro faux-suede, and the soles are a plastic-rubber mix and don’t skid. Worth the $18 in my opinion.

Readers – Did anyone else pick up these pumps? How will you be styling them?

PS- For anyone who ordered a Coldwater Creek chambray shirt from my last post, a reader kindly shared the following: “There is a 40% off sale on all items with free shipping until 12/18 midnight with code BEST40. If you have already placed your order…contact customer service and ask for a credit.” I called and got my price adjustment painlessly. The shirt is now $10.19 w/ free ship!

PPS – In love with H&M; Spring arrivals so far (lots of kelly green and ivory). I tweeted a preview, and will do a review post soon.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Arts wrote:

    didn't know u shopped at payless too 🙂

    Posted 3.23.12 Reply
  2. Tissa wrote:

    Great outfit!
    Can i ask where did you buy those black earrings you are wearing??
    Can you please send me a link?? Thanks

    Posted 1.22.12 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    I have a pair too and they look great with a pencil skirt too!

    Posted 1.13.12 Reply
  4. miss pfefi wrote:

    Hey Jean! Thank you so much for highlighting these shoes! I've finally settled on the gray pair but I wanted to let you (and other readers) know that the black Payless "Konstant" pumps are back in stock at in every size except 5 and 13. It seems like they got a new shipment because some sizes have 20-30 pairs in stock! They're also not on sale any more (sad) but there is a working 20% off coupon: 65393. I hope someone finds this useful!

    Posted 1.1.12 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean! did you have to get your seven's altered?

    Posted 12.23.11 Reply
  6. shirley wrote:

    Thanks and point taken!

    Posted 12.19.11 Reply
  7. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 12.18.11 Reply
  8. I got the price adjustment through the Coldwater Creek live chat! Thanks so much for sharing that tip, saved enough to purchase that cup I've been eyeing haha.

    Posted 12.18.11 Reply
  9. I typically don't like the chunky heel look, but I LOVE how they look on u. your first outfit is amazing too.

    Posted 12.17.11 Reply
  10. April wrote:

    OMG Jean!!! I wish I had waited! I purchased a pair of Steve Madden pumps that look almost identical to those Payless pumps! Eeek! I mentioned you on my blog post by the way. You give such helpful deal advice! 🙂

    Posted 12.17.11 Reply
  11. @Anonymous I will, as soon as I figure out how to fix an issue with the hanging hooks : )

    @Shelli Lynn Ah, you also have to find the most knowledgeable SA's. The ivory version of the blouse was tucked away in the most discreet place, but a knowledgeable SA took me straight to it. Hope you can make it back there to get one of these!

    @Anonymous Thank you – the blouse is old H&M; from maybe 2 years ago.

    @shirley These are the highest shoes I have and I don't plan on going too far in them : ) They are comfortable for the height due to the platform and the wide base and heel, but I don't think ANY shoe this height are meant for prolonged periods of wear.

    @joanna Hi Joanna – congrats on finding your perfect boots. Do you mean these?{keyword} Or do I have the wrong style. THe shaft height and calf circumference measurements look a bit tall/wide.

    Posted 12.17.11 Reply
  12. joanna wrote:


    i found a pair of riding boots that have a narrow shaft width! its the Etienne Aigner Shoes, Chastity Boots.

    i'm about the same height and weight as you, and these fit my calves perfectly . let me know what you think

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  13. Ohhh, nice heels. Very stylish. I do like the retro heel. Maybe style it with flared bottoms and a blouse top and floppy hat.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  14. Victoria wrote:

    Just want to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog in 2011. Wishing you more beautiful and stylish in 2012. Happy Holiday!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  15. shirley wrote:

    3.5" heel looks quite painful to wear. Does it feel painful to wear such high heel? I'm always hesitate to get anything taller than 3" heel(minus the platform of course).

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  16. Anonymous wrote:

    where is your blouse from (the one you wore with the gold mini)? i LOVE it!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  17. Shelli Lynn wrote:

    Thanks for providing the style number so quickly Jean — you are such a gracious and sweet blogger and woman! Unfortnately my local H&M; they don't have those blouses in yet, but they did have about 4 of the green dresses (in black as well) and a kelly green slouchy t-shirt and open knit sweater. Maybe I'll try back Sat morning hoping they'll receive a shipment so I can get dibs on the size 2 before the crowds scoop up everything/anything in sight! Thanks again!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  18. looks great on you!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  19. Ping wrote:

    jean– those shoes are hot! i can't believe they are comfy! so surprised too. look great with that skirt (still love it on you!!).

    btw — i just picked up a green dress from h&m; a few days ago. since i'm blocked from twitter, wondering if you tried that on too? it was $34ish.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  20. Anonymous wrote:

    Please post about the DIY jewelry case soon! I've been stalking your blog in hopes of catching the instructions to make one for myself!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  21. if i could fit, i'd totally wear payless shoes like Kendi does. After following her blog, I have a new appreciation for payless.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    I don't like them on you. They look cartoonish. They would be more balanced on a woman who was not petite.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  23. Anna wrote:

    You wear them really well but I'd pass them up because the quality looks simply awful (I haven't been to Payless since my high school days). They would have to be discounted further for me to consider them because $18 is still too much for their craftsmanship.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  24. JJ wrote:

    I saw those shoes in stores and thought they were SO cute! Unfortunately, even the size 5 was too large on me, because my feet are just impossibly small. Sad, because they did seem comfortable (not to mention super affordable).

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  25. These look great on you! A good change from your usual sleek pumps, gotta take risks now and then, right?

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  26. @Shelli Lynn Blouses are #030395, comes in green and ivory. Great value at $17.95.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  27. Hi Jean! Just wanted to say Thanks for posting about the H&M; blouse. I added it to my closet and even blogged about it. 🙂

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  28. Anonymous wrote:

    Whoops – I kept trying and it worked – sorry!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  29. R.L. wrote:

    I was skeptical about the platform shoes when I saw your tweet, but you definitely have an eye because they look great both with the skirt and the leggings (which I love!). Also, I was able to live chat with Coldwater Creek and get my price adjustment. Thanks for the tip 🙂

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    I just tried to order – The 40% off coupon code is not valid.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  31. C. wrote:

    I SUPER love your gold skirt <3

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  32. Shelli Lynn wrote:

    Hi Jean, could you post the style # for the H&M; spring collection blouses you mentioned on twitter? I'd like to run out to H&M; today before the insane crowds hit this weekend. Thank you!!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  33. Those look great! Definitely don't look bad with your wee legs 🙂 I like them in both looks but especially with the green jeans. Very good pairing.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  34. Anonymous wrote:

    It looks wonderful on you and I love it when you pair it with your holiday skirt. It is so chic. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the code too. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  35. Those look amazing on you! Great find!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  36. Jen wrote:

    These sort of remind me of the YSL mohawk pumps but without the feathers at the back! Very chic. I've actually found that chunky heels flatter my legs quite nicely – but that's probably because my legs are chunkier than yours haha. Anyway, good to see you getting so much use out of that sequined mini; still jealous that you got it at the outlet!


    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  37. I saw an antique Goyard trunk on One Kings Lane in the exact same print as your bag, and I thought of you! Have a lovely holidays, Jean.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  38. Kiwi wrote:

    I picked up the gold glitter ones =]
    But I bought it before reading your post… I wonder if I can ask for a price adjustment in stores.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  39. Kim wrote:

    Thanks for sharing! I just ordered a pair in black. I think it's meant to be because I'm a size 5.5 =)

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  40. SugarNikita wrote:

    Finally, shoes I can afford! I don't usually like a chunky heel, but these are cute!

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  41. I love how its block heels.. Gorgeous =)

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  42. Jackie wrote:

    Thanks for the review, Jean!! I love the blocky heel.

    Posted 12.16.11 Reply
  43. wow really cute… no, but i wish i did!!
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

    Posted 12.15.11 Reply
  44. Angie wrote:

    they are fun indeed. i like the shape of the brash line at payless and i swear by them because they're the closest 5's that fit my feet and student's budget. will be on the lookout in stores!

    Posted 12.15.11 Reply
  45. Kathleen wrote:

    I just bought the pair in grey for my brothers wedding. I LOVE them. I wore them all night + dancing. Such a great deal 🙂

    Posted 12.15.11 Reply
  46. Carrie wrote:

    Oooo, that's really pretty. I like your skirt too! very cute.

    Come and enter!
    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


    Posted 12.15.11 Reply
  47. They don't weigh you down at all. Looks great with the skirt.

    Posted 12.15.11 Reply
  48. Love those!! I think I need to get a pair of the grey ones…=P

    Posted 12.15.11 Reply
  49. DSK Steph wrote:

    I really like the dark pair! I will look for them tomorrow when I got shopping. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and thanks Kellie for the coupon code!

    Posted 12.15.11 Reply
  50. Wow, I really love these shoes! They look so cute and I don't think they weigh you down at all. Hmm, I may have to purchase…

    Posted 12.15.11 Reply

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