Holiday Party Outfit: Casual Sequins Edition (+ Nick’s bday)


Skirt: J.Crew factory sz 0 (similar in kids XS-XXL) (similar straight cut mini in reg 0-14), Sweater: Ann Taylor in “Vintage Wine” sz XXSP,  Shirt: Gap, Tights: Target (similar in 12 colors)

A week or two ago, I stumbled across this skirt on a J.Crew outlet sale rack. The plain side of me would typically never consider such a piece, but after seeing Khatu don her sequin shorts for various occasions and Wendy style her sequin mini, I felt inspired to add it to my wardrobe. Since then, I can’t stop reaching for it. You don’t need to have glamorous style like those two ladies to rock the sequin bottoms – I love the look of casual sweaters (waiting patiently for cable crewnecks to arrive) and button-ups juxtaposed against sparkly sequins.


Pumps: CL Elissa 100’s sz 35.5 (similar in sizes 4-11)

I wore this outfit to a casual holiday party in a cozy setting. It was brisk outside, so I was pleased to discover how well brown tights work with gold and burgundy. For anyone interested in this skirt (style #46626), J.Crew factory just added a nationwide inventory system…, and they now ship to homes for $8. If you call a factory store during a non-busy time, an SA should be able to look up your size in the system. From what I heard, they are now out of 0’s in this but have sizes 2-14. I’m not the biggest fan of J.Crew bell skirt shapes, but the elastic waistband helps me save on alterations. I would’ve preferred a straight up and down mini, but the ones I’ve seen did not fit and sequin alterations would be costly.

Bottom left: Originally, I wanted to do a brighter palette with my mustard top, but the tee was too thin and showed all the lines underneath.
Bottom right: Earlier this week for my dear Nick’s birthday, I wore this skirt yet again with a bow blouse for an extra festive look.


We celebrated Nick’s birthday with a small group of friends at Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore Square – for fans of fresh seafood & interesting cocktails, this is a great place with excellent service. Upon arriving, we were surprised with custom menus:


The waitstaff also brought out 3 rounds of complimentary treats for the birthday boy, who was very pleased:


I usually get their signature lobster pasta with freshly-made noodles, lobster chunks, velvety mushrooms, and pieces of tender braised shortrib – a delish combination!




We then moved to Eastern Standard (next door, under the same management?) for a nightcap:


Couple shots from both nights:


Readers – What do you think of the sequin mini? What would you pair it with?

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. xJOLE wrote:

    I actually really love the shape of this skirt! I think it makes it a bit more wearable then if it were just a straight up-and-down mini. Great styling.

    Posted 12.5.11 Reply
  2. What a great and versatile addition to your wardrobe! I especially love it paired with the mustard sweater – preppy up top and party on bottom makes such a wonderful combo 🙂

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  3. Jenny wrote:

    Cute skirt! and even Cuter couple!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean. I am looking for a perfect red lipstick for the season. Were you wearing Rimmel Beaurdaux on those nights as well? You look beautiful! Any chance you will running a post about affordable holiday-inspired lipsticks?

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  5. Leah wrote:

    Hi Jean – I was tidying my closet the other day and noticed that I need a better way of storing my cardigans. Any recommendations? I wish I could just hang them up and that causes those terrible bumps. Folding them is a pain due to the buttons. How do you store your cardigans? Thanks!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  6. Elsie Jael wrote:

    The skirt is so cute! I've been looking for some sequin shorts myself and have my eyes on an amazing pair from Madewell 🙂

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  7. kileen wrote:

    i really love the sequin mini and all the ways that you paired it. happy birthday to Nick too! you two look so cute and happy. 🙂

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  8. claudia wrote:

    i think it looks adorable with the cardigan and also the mustard sweater. love it!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  9. C wrote:

    I love how you dressed it up, especially with the tie-neck blouse/sweater. I think it would be fantastical with a leather jacket or even completely dressed down with a denim jacket.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  10. lin wrote:

    i love how you styled the skirt. you look great in all three outfits. i especially like the skirt with the red sweater and pumps….very festive. 😉

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  11. Steffi wrote:

    I love the mustard combination but both outfits are so glam 😀

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  12. myhanh wrote:

    Loved how you paired it. I agree- Wendy and Khatu are glam gals, I can't pull that off! This is very dressy, but casual as well. Awesome job, Jean. Thanks for the inspiration. This opens up the horizons for me, too!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  13. Kiwi wrote:

    I think the mini looks super cute!
    Pairing it with the blouse looks nice and feminine =]
    I would have probably paired it with the same colors as you did for your outfit for Nick's birthday. Loving nude tones right now for some reason.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  14. It looks so nice with yellow

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  17. yuni.k wrote:

    maybe it's time to get a thicker mustard sweater, because that is my favorite! it looks so good with the gold sequins. love love love that outfit!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  18. beautiful skirt. love everything you're wearing with it. makes me want to go and buy it. 🙂

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  19. Jean – I seriously thought that picture on the left was out of a magazine or J. Crew catalog. I had to do a double take! I tried that skirt on (Las Vegas) in my normal size 4 in the J. Crew bell skirts but it was too short on me and there were no more larger sizes (this is one of the instances I don't appreciate my rounded bottom – makes sort skirts ride up in the back!) My favorite pairing of yours is He one with the mustard sweater. Did you wear a coat over your outfit? If so, which one?

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  20. Anna wrote:

    Love the sequin mini! I'm going to look for a piece like that now

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  21. you look stunning
    kisses from prague

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  22. Ellie wrote:

    I adore my sequined mini. I have a black one from Express I scored for $20 years ago. My favorite things to wear it with are black pumps and a black 3/4 plain tee or with a white tank and black suiting blazer. I never even considered it with a cardigan!! Now I have to try it 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  23. gorgeous!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  24. R.L. wrote:

    My fav pairing hands down is with the wine sweater!! Looks absolutely gorgeous with your heels and lipstick that I just ordered the same sweater. I actually really love the paperbag structure of this skirt because of the waist definition which you may or may not get with a straight mini. Belated happy bday to Nick!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  25. Ping wrote:

    jean– this is my favorite item you have of all times!!! i love love love this skirt. i was about to buy brown tights and wasn't sure about it. they actually look really nice the way you styled it. i will pick it up if i see it again.
    happy bday to nick!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  26. Michelle wrote:

    I want what you had for dinner so bad right now! That looks and sounds amazing!! Happy Birthday to Nick! It was fun to see the photos from your night!

    That skirt is gorgeous! I love it best with the bow blouse! 🙂

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    I love your outfit! Very classy and pairing the skirt with deep rich tones such as burgundy and mustard is a great choice.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  28. That skirt looks great on you 🙂 I think I would wear it in a much more out-there outfit, because I'm not attracted to neutrals at all!

    I do think that the bell skirt looks great on you. In my mind, a straight up and down mini would've looked a little…teenager-like I think. But find a straight up and down sequin mini to try on so I can see if I'm wrong!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  29. Megan wrote:

    I called the only factory store in Arizona (my state) with no luck, and then a few in California with no luck as well. Apparently this is a very popular skirt.
    Luckily, an SA in Cali gave me a list of stores in the nation that had it available. There's only four stores left: Las Vegas, one in New York, one in Texas, and one in Illinois! I was lucky to snag the last size 0 in Las Vegas (it was a recent return), but the SA told me there are two size 2's left there as well. She also said that she's been getting lots of calls for this skirt!

    It's currently on clearance now for about $60 (as compared to $178 originally), but a lot of stores are offering an extra 40-50% off clearance. Las Vegas offered an extra 40% off.

    If you're looking for this skirt… act quickly! 🙂

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  30. Petite-ish wrote:

    I tried on the gap kids version yesterday at the cambridgeside galleria (in size 12) and it fit well, was pretty similar at the bottom (although it has a subtle bubble hem), but the top is a different color satin that makes it maybe more comfortable but also more childish looking. At the mall, I also scored this necklace for $5!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  31. Christina wrote:

    What a handsome couple you two are! Love the sequenced mini!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  32. Love the skirt on you, and especially because it has pockets!

    And can I say that lobster pasta sounds AMAZING… drool!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  33. Megan wrote:

    I bought a black sequin mini this time last year, but I had absolutely no idea how to wear it! It's just been sitting in my closet for a year… Now I can go ahead and wear it!
    I'm very tempted to buy the J Crew gold mini though… it looks more festive and girly! I'm off to hunt it down now! 🙂

    Thanks for the outfit inspiration, Jean! 🙂

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  34. Katherine wrote:

    You did a beautiful job on pairing the skirt! Love it both ways. And why did I not find out about this restaurant earlier?? The lobster noodles look delish!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  35. newpetite wrote:

    Love the sequined Mini and love it more with the mustard top!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  36. mai wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE your sequin skirt and have been considering buying the one from gap! I think pairing it with a chambray button up would be the perfect mix of casual/dressy.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  37. Vicky wrote:

    Love the skirt and how you style it. I can see it being a very versatile piece in your wardrobe. The gold colored sequins work very well for night out, parties, etc. Being a mom and have very little occasions to wear it, I have to suppress my urge to hunt it down. Not that I have a chance once you post it. 🙂 I have found a black sequins mini from Loft and thought it would be better suited for me since it's more subdued and I can wear it to work.
    Happy belated birthday to Nick!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  38. Mary Ann wrote:

    I love this skirt and the ways you've styled it – it's so fun!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  39. SugarNikita wrote:

    Love the skirt. So many ways to pair it! (I love the mustard tee with it too…such a shame it was too thin.) Btw, you two make a very handsome couple!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  40. CynthiaC wrote:

    I love the skirt – made the otherwise very 1990s prep school look more 21st century! 🙂

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  41. Yes after seeing Wendy's Holiday Pairing with the Sequin Mini, I'm dying to get one. But I haven't found one I like yet.

    I think I would keep it casual too, with a ruffle shouldered turtleneck. For more special events, I would probably add a statement necklace and extra accessories.

    If I'm just shopping or going out with the family, I would probably just wrap a nice scarf over the turtleneck.

    The wheels are turning with endless outfits now.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  42. trang wrote:

    this makes me want a sequin skirt, but I know I can't rock it like you!

    ps. you and nick are just adorable. cuteness!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  43. Cathy wrote:

    The sequin skirt look really great on you! Love how you paired it with bold colors and neutrals. I'm not sure if I can pull it off though!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  44. dcresider wrote:

    tres chic. love the whole look.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  45. I love it! I keep trying on every sequin thing I see, but haven't found the perfect thing yet. They are especially perfect for Christmas parties. I love your red shoes too. I have them on my wish list now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  46. I never thought that I would like sequins but I am now having a second thought =) Mixing sequined items into everyday wear is not an easy job and you styled it well. My favorite look is the one you wore to Nick's BD. Happy belated BD to Nick. Looks like you two had a great time together.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  47. I LOVE it! Sequins are so much fun, especially when you can dress them down and wear them in a more everyday outfit.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  48. L.T. wrote:

    I love seeing sequins around the holidays. I even accept them during the daytime.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  49. Felicia wrote:

    I love it! Now I'm wanting a sequined skirt. 🙂 You two are a really cute couple too.

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply
  50. CC wrote:

    I love the skirt 🙂 I think you paired it really well!*

    Posted 12.4.11 Reply

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