Barcelona Part I & Petite Fashion Challenge #11: Vacation Vogue

I am starting my Barcelona photo journal in conjunction with this month’s Petite Fashion Challenge, hosted by SkiPetite. Please visit her blog to see the other ladies’ outfits.  

The challenge: “Put together an outfit made for sightseeing. It should be one that will be comfortable for walking around in and can last you from the early morning until dinner and drinks in the evening.”

How convenient! Instead of posting just one outfit, I’ll share how this habitual underpacker had to stretch a handful of garments over several days. I brought one of each: blouse, sweater, skirt, jacket, shorts, pants, bag, and scarf.
Thrifted skirt, H&M; pants, BR bag, Gap neon sweater & nude blouse (similar), Missoni scarf, Topshop jacket

Left: Super tender octopus in a potato puree – so good. Right: A satchel of cheese atop heirloom tomato salad.


Best ever tuna tartare w/ avocado and roe.

Colorful macarons at Mickey D’s.


All the MNG by MANGO campaign bloggers, plus jcpenney ladies.
Top: Freshly baked bread with oil, tomatoes & raw garlic to rub on. Bottom: Scrumptious scallops w/ prosciutto.
barcelona3 Early evening sangria with Lilliana, Sydne and Carmen.
Lefties – Zara’s outlet store chain, where I finally found a kelly green blazer.


Disclosure: This trip was sponsored by Style Coalition and jcpenney.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Isn't Barcelona one of the best cities on earth? I absolutely LOVE that city!

    Posted 10.27.11 Reply
  2. Ashley wrote:

    I'm adding this to my file for reference next time I travel. I need a reminder to not overpack!

    Posted 10.27.11 Reply
  3. myhanh wrote:

    the missoni scarf is beautiful! and those food pictures! tartar, sangria, fresh bread… omnomnom. looking forward to seeing the kelly green blazer- one of my favorite colors!

    Posted 10.27.11 Reply
  4. I'm in awe! Every time I travel, my suitcase is just like my closet – packed to overflowing, with nothing to wear. Every time, without fail! *sigh* I have so much to learn.

    Posted 10.27.11 Reply
  5. Anita wrote:

    You look great effortlessly. How'd you manage to stay warm with those shorts? Looks somewhat chilly from how you all are dressed.

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  6. Miss Chloe wrote:

    all of the food looks amazing! I really am going to have to find this place!

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  7. Jackie wrote:

    Packing light ftw!

    You look great! The food looks AMAZING. *DROOL*

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  8. I'm from Barcelona! Beautiful post!


    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  9. Mae Lu wrote:

    Wow, you really are such a fabulously smart packer.

    I love how chic and strealined your ensembles are… you look fabulous and polished, yet you managed to really get the most use out of your items.

    I'm a notorious pain in the ass when it comes to packing. I always have to be prepared for all situations: weather changes, site seeing, running & hiking (we're trail runners), shopping, etc. This always tends toward a stuffed bag.

    I really need to learn from your expertise!

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  10. Ping wrote:

    wow! you are a light packer and all your outfits look so nicely coordinated. i am the worst when it comes to packing. i always look terrible when traveling bc i never know what to pack! btw, i saw liliana on bravo last night….on the show called fashion hunters or something. she was consigning her chanel bags. lol!

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  11. grace wrote:

    Love these photos Jean – and look at that food! Makes me drool!! It looks kinda cool there in Barcelona with you guys all bundled up!

    I'm a minimalist packer as well, but not a very fashionable minimal packer. I wore clunky black waterproof walking shoes, black pants and a black rain jacket ha last time I went to Europe 😀 Also had to wash some of my clothes too. How many days did you go for? Did you wash any of your garments while you were there?

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  12. Nelah wrote:

    I need to learn how to be a minimalist when it comes to packing. You should do a post on how to choose items, pack light and be stylish…please.

    These photos from Barcelona look awesome.

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  13. Elle wrote:

    I am impressed by your ability to pack light…I am well known (within my circle of friends and family) to pack three suitcases for a weekend trip.

    Barcelona looked like a blast, can't wait to see part II.

    p.s. so jealous that you get to go to a ZARA OUTLET. Is the green jacket you got the same one seen on a few bloggers?

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  14. Kiwi wrote:

    You girls all look amazing in your outfits.
    The challenge sounds really fun… but comfy means swapping heels for flats… D=

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  15. Jen wrote:

    You are genius at remixing Jean! I can't believe you only brought one of each – amazing. And Macarons at MICKEY D'S?! Insanity!! They actually look good too haha! I also never knew Lefties was Zara's outlet. Darn… definitely missed out in Barcelona next time. Anyway, I can't wait to see the rest of your photos as I am sure they will be just as jealousy inducing as this one was 😉


    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  16. newpetite wrote:

    Gorgeous you and awesome packing!Hope I can be a wizard next time I pack 🙂

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  17. girly girl wrote:

    btw, I just recently discovered sample sale sites. which ones would you recommend? thanks jean

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  18. Tiff wrote:

    great post! I think this is my favorite from you so far 🙂 I definitely need some pointers on how not to over pack.

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  19. WOOOOOWWWWW! You are the queen of remixing – amazing job, Jean! I'm bookmarking this for future reference!

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  20. girly girl wrote:

    I'm amazed at how you can wear shorts and mini skirt with bare legs in the fall season! I would freeze to death! love how you mix and match your clothes!

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  21. Beautiful photos! 🙂

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  22. JJ wrote:

    And I thought I was an underpacker! You put me to shame…I'm so impressed with how you stretched such few items into such well put-together looks!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  23. lin wrote:

    jean, you've got great packing abilities. i am really impressed you're able to make several different outfits with just a few garments…..and the food looks delish. thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  24. you look absolutely gorgeous in every picture!! and the food looks soooo yummy!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  25. Lauren wrote:

    I am floored with your ability to bring so few clothes and still make each outfit look so new and chic. Teach me your ways….

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  26. Love your handbag!!! Very pretty~ =) Sorry it might sound stupid, but BR stands for??

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  27. DSK Steph wrote:

    Macaroons! <3 Barcelona sounds like so much fun! Lots of good eats -- yum!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  28. maggie wrote:

    That sounds like so much fun! You really did underpack, but you managed to make every outfit look original. All the food you ate looks delicious, I'd love to try the tuna tartar or the bread~

    xx maggie

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  29. Cee wrote:

    I so enjoy your vacation pics, and these are no exception! All you ladies look great and the food = YUM. Speaking of places to eat at, would you mind sharing some recs? My parents are actually in Barcelona for the next week or so and I have a feeling they'd be looking for the nearest Chinese or McDs practically every meal, lol.

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  30. omg you're in a skirt and the rest of the girls look so bundled up! Love how you only brought one of each with you. It really forces you to think about how to pair these items to make it all look diff!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  31. Ellie wrote:

    Wow that is impressive!!! I always over pack! Youre thrifted skirt outfit is so cute! what a great find!


    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  32. Vicheka Im wrote:

    I love your sense of style, so classy and chic!

    check out my blog if you want ideas for a Halloween costume for less than $20!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  33. Lovely pictures! I can't get over the Macarons at McDonalds!!! Your Missoni scarf looks amazing paired with all your outfits.

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  34. Wow way to pack Jean I'm super impressed! Were you cold at all? All the other ladies look more bundled up LOL! Looks like you're having a fabulous time and Zara has an outlet store?!? So cool!

    (Just realized the strategy with the under packing – you can shop more and bring more home! LOL!)

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  35. look at how your neon sweater just pops in that group pic!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  36. Vivian wrote:

    You always stand out to me! (= The best ensembles!
    I notice your purse fits you fell, doesn't look like it will eat you up or anything… Can you maybe do a blog about finding the right size purse/totes for petites? I love bags but my friends used to tell me alot that my bags look like I am able to fit inside it. And I think maybe my big totes make me look smaller. Help?!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  37. CynthiaC wrote:

    Jean, you really need to teach me how to pack lightly! I always end up taking too much…maybe something for a future post??? 🙂

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  38. Sydne wrote:

    Gorgeous photos! So much fun 🙂

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  39. kileen wrote:

    wow, you're so good at underpacking! i have the opposite problem and definitely need to learn how you do it! and those scallops look so delicious! can't wait to see the kelly green blazer. 🙂

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  40. Mary Ann wrote:

    All the food looks delicious – esp. the tuna!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  41. Stylepint wrote:

    Love this travel diary, you always look so chic and polished! Way to go! =)

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  42. You already know that I am definitely not a light-packer, I had a bag full of stuff when I visited Boston. I need to do better with my next trip.

    You ladies look gorgeous. Barcelona is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Jean. Can't wait to see more.

    P.S: Mickey d's sell macarons? So unfair!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  43. R.L. wrote:

    Love the simplicity of your packing and how you didn't sacrifice style. You are amazing at mixing and matching! My fav outfit is hands down the thrifted skirt with the Missoni scarf. I know you said you wanted more orange, but I think the colors in it are just right. Can't wait to see more pics! And so cool that there were other petites there too!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  44. Ohhh…Barcelona looks beautiful!!! I don't know how you wear skirts and shorts barelegged in fall. I get cold when I do that in summer! You all look so chic and I'm excited to see the rest of your photos! And yay for Missoni scarves! 🙂

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  45. Wow, that's impressive. I can't imagine taking so little clothing anywhere. I always take at least a week's worth even when I go away for a weekend – and then I wear the same thing the whole time!

    How many days were you away for?

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  46. Ski Petite wrote:

    I have been telling myself I need to pay less when traveling because I usually end up wearing my faves more than once and then not wearing one or two outfits anyways.

    Your pics are so fun to look at. I just added you to my post. Thanks for partaking in the challenge!

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  47. yum, i love food! barcelona is so fun, seeing the pics makes me want to go back! Such lovely pics 🙂

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  48. I don't know how you managed to pack so light- hats off to you! I always bring several suitcases when traveling overseas…LOL

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  49. Anna wrote:

    I loved Barcelona when I visited last spring- the Hermes and Burberry stores were to die for (I bought nothing considering it's much cheaper in the US). Your photo diary looks great – I'm glad you had fun! What was your favorite part?

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply
  50. Michelle wrote:

    Wow!! You really do underpack! I like to underpack because it forces me to buy something new from wherever I am. So I have a memory and new clothes! 🙂

    All you ladies look stunning! I love your scarf so much!

    And yum!! Glad you had such great food experiences! 🙂

    Posted 10.25.11 Reply

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