InStyle Magazine’s “Top Brands” for Petites

Last night I had a pleasant surprise when a sweet reader (thanks so much, Thu!) and the ever fabulous Anh of 9to5chic shared some snapshots from February 2011’s InStyle magazine:

I had a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart seeing the petite blogging community get some positive press. If you haven’t joined the Alterations Needed forum for petites yet…I love Kelly’s forum for asking and answering questions on fit, reading recommendations, and also buying or selling (or requesting) petite-friendly items. It’s a great way for bloggers and non-bloggers alike to join in on the fun.

That aside, I had a few eyebrow raises reading through the top suggested brands for petites. Keeping in mind that “petite” is being used here to indicate short (under 5’4″) versus small overall, I’m still not sure how InStyle whittled the world of petite offerings down to this eclectic list.

Topshop and BCBG? Although I like both (I am a huge fan of Topshop’s tiny size 0P), both retailers’ petite lines are extremely limited and difficult to find/purchase. Anne Klein? Suiting starts only at 2P, plus their website was impossible for me to navigate for petite items. Target? I guess they do have Merona petites, but my orders were always too “blah” to blog about.

Where is the petite-favorite Ann Taylor? Or Talbots? And my boyfriend’s first reaction: “Gasp, where is Theory?” Lol! I realize brands like Theory and H&M; don’t have petite lines and would never be glorified as petite brands, but they retain the top spots in my heart as awesome brands for tiny ladies.

Readers – What do you think of the recommended brands? What are your personal favorite brands for petites?

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Because if you buy their lowest size, a size 2, it's really a size 5 that will swallow up truly petite lady. Otherwise the quality is spectacular. Thumbs down to them, however, for not carrying a real size 1 or 2 for real women. Note to all spectators: real women don't always have curves 🙂

    Posted 12.18.14 Reply
  2. Thank! I am having hard time to find jean fit me.I am petite and size 1, sometime I can fit into girl but I really need for my style and mid 50.

    Posted 9.2.13 Reply
  3. A.R. wrote:

    Looking for pants made by the brand "My Kinda Petite" in Phoenix, Az.
    Cannot find on-line or the brand in any stores locally here in Tucson.
    Thank you for helping me on this.

    Posted 5.21.12 Reply
  4. Arts wrote:

    I've the same issue. I'm only 4'9" and really small framed. I've to keep trying on clothes every time I shop, because the sizes keep changing!!!

    Posted 2.3.12 Reply
  5. Arts wrote:

    I love 'New York and Company'. So far that has been my number one shopping stop. I find the perfect pants (4p) and tops (s). With all the sale and coupons, it is light on my wallet too.

    Posted 2.3.12 Reply
  6. SJ wrote:

    Hey some good brands for petite women also include Miss Selfridge (pretty much all their stuff is well suited for petite framed women), Max Mara (particularly their blazers).

    Posted 11.4.11 Reply
  7. April wrote:

    YAY!!!! Congratulations! I always knew you'd be in magazines!!!

    Posted 1.16.11 Reply
  8. MizzJ wrote:

    Wow congrats on being featured in such a huge magazine like InStyle!! That is freakin awesome Jean. 5"4 doesn't seem very petite to me either. In my city, that would be positively average almost! Does petite mean also petite width-wise? I'm sure there are lots of shorties out there that are curvy too, that also need help!

    Posted 1.16.11 Reply
  9. Congrats on the Instyle mention. Totally well deserved as your blog is informative and thorough. (and fun to read!)

    Posted 1.15.11 Reply
  10. Cat wrote:

    Wow! Congrats on the press!

    I've had some luck with Anne Klein, actually. I have a size 0P coat and a size 0 suit that fit great. However, I think those are very lucky finds and I agree that it's not exactly a brand I would recommend hunting down for a petite.

    BCBG? I don't know if it's just the outlet stores I've been to, but nearly everything there is made for someone over 5 7''! With separates you may have some luck, but those dresses can be super-long.

    Posted 1.15.11 Reply
  11. @AubreyOhDang! You're right…I know THeory and H&M; arent true petites and yes then they'd have to consider the world of trendy brands that also run smaller…and then it's a slippery slope from there : )

    @prosephina and @Elle and @R.L.– I know right?? A huge portion of my professional wardrobe is from AT…not just extended sizing in clothes but also shoes. I wonder why they were overlooked, but maybe they were too similar to BR and LOFT already got a spot on the list.

    @Anonymous Hehe, I have to say I'm more of a J.crew supporter after last season. Their 0P coat fit me okay and their XXS cardigans brought about some buzz around the petite community. Target is hit or miss. I browse the juniors department mostly for clearance finds, as women petite items are still a little big.

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  12. @Erica Another vote for UO and AE!

    @Cee Lol! Oh Cee you are too funny. If we ever meet in person there will be no autographs…maybe a big hug and lots of chatting!

    @I am Khatu no they cancelled the opening lol! Due to a tiny dusting of snow.

    @Anonymous Interesting point about the higher end brands have patterns that fit better all around.

    @Danielle I used to like Esprit a lot when it was at macys! It fit pretty small on my during high school. But it's definitely a juniors brand (was in the juniors dept at Macy's at least) and it's nice to have some big girl brands too to choose from. I don't personally like Talbots, because like you said it is still quite big, but I think their offerings are looking better lately.

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  13. Wow – thank you guys SO much. I love this community <3

    @thesmallone They have petite sizes? I had no idea! I know express has 00 short but I tried on a suit and reviewed it in a post a while back, and it was nowhere close to fitting on me. I know a lot of other petites have had success there though. As for the limited, I also didn't know they had petite sizes.

    @Ashley and @Anonymous you're right, the list isn't too shabby considering the spectrum of sizes and price ranges they are catering to.

    @Lor I guess that is more of a west-coast store, but there is still a large number of Aritzia stores compared to Topshop, which made the list! I think there is only one topshop and it's in NYC.

    @Anonymous I agree talbots caters more to the bigger boned petite but I know they've been making an effort to revampt their offerings. Oh, and although Lands End's regular line may be big, TinyinTX did a review on their "canvas" line which looked fairly small!

    @Erin That could be true, but celebs probably don't wear Target lol! Also I'm surprised canvas fit funny on you, I was just thinking the opposite after seeing TinyinTX's review!

    @Annapurna Hehe, I'm actually glad they left kids out. ALthough kids stuff works decently for those our size, I know some women may be insulted to see kids stuff listed as recommendations by a style mag : )

    @fashionforteens You're right, U.O. and AE is pretty good and AE even has short lengths which is good. They are still more teen brands though (which is fitting for fashionforteens! : D )

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  14. Congrats to both you and Kelly on the mentions! I'm proud of your blogs!! : ) I haven't tried most of the brands on their list, but I have never thought of many of them as petite-friendly.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  15. I am Khatu wrote:

    congrats on the feature!

    it took me a while but i'm finally back… kinda. I have so much catching up to do. Did you go to F21's grand opening? I'm hardly in the city during the winter, I hardly leave the house during the winter, period. I can't stand the cold… You mentioned living in albany for a while, which part?

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  16. Cee wrote:

    I'm late to the party, but congratulations Jean!!! You're so deserving. If I ever meet you in person, can I ask for an autograph?

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  17. Claud wrote:

    Awesome…awesome. InStyle is my fave fashion magazine. No good for my wallet though. Congratulations ^.^

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    On the most part, I found the list close to accurate. If you keep in mind the variety of styles, budgets, and ages among petite women the list actually gives a good overview of where petite appropriate items can be purchases. I had quite a few finds at Target over the years. Although, many mention to rarely have any luck at the store, I own a few skirts from Target, as well as sweaters that I found in Big Kid department. I love Lands End for their conservative style as well as quality. I also would add to the list of petite friendly stores, though I rarely order from them.

    I would also like to congratulate you, Jean, on the achievements. You are an inspiration to all your followers.

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  19. Emily wrote:

    Aww congrats on making the magazine! I am not petite, but I still read your blog and it's one of my favorites!

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  20. Jen wrote:


    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  21. Justine wrote:

    Congrats girl!

    Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    Congratulations! So happy for you.

    Talbots offers beautiful clothes but the petite line is made for a womanly figure. May be too boxy on a smaller frame. The lacking of petite size O in the b&m; store is a problem and one can only order 0 online. I grow weary on the constant return process and afraid Talbot might add my name to their "too many return " black list.

    LandEnd ! Forget about it. Their petite line caters to the big bone ladies. I can only fit into Child Size M and I am not slim, just vertical challenge.

    @Tiffany – I am Style-ish,

    Just curious. How tall are you? My sis is a leggy 5'4.5" and petite pants fit her perfectly off the rack without alteration. She pairs them with ballet flat and they are never too short for her body type. Do you wear petite pants with 5" heel? Just curious because you look quite petite in your pics. May be bigger bone structure, but not much taller than these beautiful petite ladies in the blog community.

    Posted 1.13.11 Reply

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