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Ahoy, readers! Posting will be sporadic this season due to a hectic schedule…thank you ladies for bearing with me. I haven’t even had time yet to catch up on my favorite blogs, which makes me sad. I did a lot of shopping last week and can’t wait to share my finds with you guys, plus I’ve been thinking about the next Petite Fashion Challenge hosted by my coat twin Cynthia (sign up here).
For now, please accept this filler post. Photos were snapped over vacation at my parents’ house (no, not at my 500 sq foot apartment with barren concrete walls). This is an H&M; lace dress/tunic that I tweeted about last month:
Black lace minidress: H&M; sz womens XS, $35
Mustard Cardigan: Martin & Osa (similar here for $13.80)

Several of you asked how I protected the leather soles of my Ann Taylor shoes…and I haven’t. They get scuffed up by city streets, but I’ll probably wear them down before paying for a re-sole.

Was trying to pair the jacket below (from this post) with something other than the failed Minnies, and finally accepted that it is too big in the shoulders/torso for me. I love the felted wool material but will probably have to sell it : /



Wool blazer: Theory sz 00 (charcoal wool w/ light navy plaid)
Dress: Banana Republic 00P
Tights: H&M; divided 40 den, Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps sz 5


Aye…note to self: unbuttoned, wrapped & belted blazer looks like a dumpling.
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. the h&m; dress is gorgeous on you !! love it =)

    Posted 5.14.12 Reply
  2. Pink Sade wrote:

    I love how you paired that lace dress with the mustard cardigan!

    Posted 2.20.11 Reply
  3. Toi et Moi wrote:

    Beautiful dress, great outfit too!

    Posted 1.12.11 Reply
  4. Midori wrote:

    i love that lace dress!

    Posted 1.10.11 Reply
  5. Ping wrote:

    sexy dress jean! you always make everything look nice because i saw it at h&m; awhile back and didn't think much of it.

    Posted 1.8.11 Reply
  6. you are so beautiful! even though you're under 5 ft, you have very nice proportions! i'm just under 5'3 so your blog is the perfect addition to my daily reads list! im a new follower 🙂
    hope it's okay that i'm linking your blog on mine!

    Posted 1.8.11 Reply
  7. Elizabeth wrote:

    The dress is beautiful! I love how H&M; dresses fit…width-wise, that is! (I always have trouble with the length.)

    Posted 1.8.11 Reply
  8. Jackie wrote:

    I LOVE your outfit in the first pic!!! That lace dress is awesome <3

    Posted 1.8.11 Reply
  9. Annapurna wrote:

    Jean – that lace dress looks AMAZING on you. Reminds me of Kate Moss. The length is perfect – you look so tall! My husband always says short skirts make legs look great and you prove his theory right.

    I agree with you on the jacket in the second post – it looks uncomfortable in the shoulders and super boxy. Maybe you can wear it unbuttoned and casually (with jeans on the weekend)?

    Good luck at Forever 21 today! I need to head out to Somerville in the snow…

    Posted 1.8.11 Reply
  10. Lovely dress. I always love lace….

    Posted 1.8.11 Reply
  11. AnnieKuro wrote:

    Again, luuuuv how that dress looks on you! So creative of you to weat it backwards! Hopefully your schedule will be more manageable soon…hang in there!

    Posted 1.8.11 Reply
  12. @PetiteXXS The neckline was indecently low on me…I am wearing it backwards since the neckline was higher in the back!

    @J/punksjunk/mjvp16 They'll be happy to read that! They love their spacious home : )

    @CynthiaC I agree! The dress is borderline too long and the blazer shoulders are too wide. The dark hose elongates the legs a tad bit otherwise it would look even more boxy.

    @AubreyOhDang! Lol! If only Francois weren't so expensive!

    @Anni Ah I actually have those! The Aldo salesperson always talks me into buying inserts, pads, soles, etc. They got scraped off of my soles after about 2 wears on the Boston street…sigh…glad they work for you though!

    @Rena Yes they still have those $15 dresses plus much more on sale! You should definitely check it out.

    @kileen @aquav87 @Elle Glad I can always count on you ladies who may be a smidge wider or taller! I'm such a Theory jacket hoarder; I couldn't bear to part with any during the last blog sale, but knowing that they'll go to good homes makes it much easier!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  13. you said dumpling!!! you're so cute! i think you're right, too big in the shoulders for you 🙁

    love the dress on you and don't forget to get rest with your hectic schedule!! i've been crazy mia due to work…family…and other things, craziness!

    thank you for the new years wishes, chica! i hope you had an enjoyable NYE and may 2011 be your best year yet!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  14. Callandra wrote:

    Funny about the dumpling comment (although I don't think anything could look bad on you). That blue BR dress looks like such a perfect fit for you!! I'm going to be MIA myself for a while too 🙁

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  15. Temi wrote:

    I love your blog, it really gives me a lot of outfit ideas! Love the dress in this post, great blog!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  16. Love the lace dress! It fits great and is so cute:)

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  17. Leena wrote:

    wow that dress is a perfect fit!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  18. Tara wrote:

    Oh wow…you look stunning in that lace dress!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  19. If you're ever in SD again, mb you can see if "François" can fix this Theory jacket for you like he did Christina's. ;D

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  20. Cee wrote:

    I'm getting into lace-y things myself and am loving the dress on you! Fits your figure perfectly. Stay sane during your busy schedule and I'm looking forward to your shopping reveals!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  21. Rinny wrote:

    I love the lace dress! It's really figure flattering on you 🙂

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  22. Anni wrote:

    when I went to new york and bought a pair of $80 shoes from Aldo with leather soles, they had me buy these slip resistant pads called speedwells. You can buy them under shoe care on their website or visit a store. They're a tch expensive (at least I think so) at $5.49 a pair, but they prevent you from slipping and ruining your shoes! I've ruined a good pair of leather soled shoes b/c I didn't have them and I regret it bitterly.

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  23. 나니 wrote:

    Great looks : D The dress is so pretty!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  24. The dress looks amazing especially with the cardigan (wich is amazing!!!). Love both looks.

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  25. PetiteXXS wrote:

    The lace dress is gooorgeous! Too bad I'm pretty sure the scoop neckline would be too low for me, since I don't have the 'goods' to fill it out 😛 Lol about the dumpling comment… I'll have to keep that in mind when trying to make loose-fitting blazers "work" 🙂

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  26. Nice outfits girl! You could do no wrong! I like how you belted the blazer and made it sexier. And that tunic is just too lovely!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  27. +1 for the dress!
    I can never find good stuff at H&M;!

    & Every time you post pics from your parents' house, I can't help but admire how immaculate and bright the place is!! 🙂

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  28. Stylepint wrote:

    Good luck with your schedule! It's kind of hard to tell that the blazer is too large but it's a lovely color. Also, the mustard blazer goes with everything! Have a great 2011! =)

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  29. Danielle wrote:

    Happy New Year! I love the H&M; dress 😀 What a great find!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  30. CynthiaC wrote:

    Normally, I'm not a big fan of that length of blazer with knee length skirts on people our height, but when paired with darker hose, it actually looks pretty good (though I think pants would make petites look longer).

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  31. Irene wrote:

    Hey Jean!

    That lace dress looks stunning on you – so very elegant. Now that H&M; finally opened up a (tiny) store here in Dallas, I'll be all over it! (Kileen gave me a heads up – they will be opening a much larger store later this year!!!)

    January is always a super busy month in my profession as well – I hope it flies by for you!

    BTW, your parents house is so gorgeous – and so is your hair!

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  32. aquav87 wrote:

    Haha here's another buyer waiting to take it off your hands if you ever decide to sell it! We're the same height, and being a few pounds heavier, I'm very eager to see how it would fit =]

    And that dress is gorgeous on you. I love it paired with the mustard cardigan.

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  33. Elle wrote:

    Great outfits! The H&M; dress looks even better in good lighting. And too bad about the theory blazer, I actually think it's not as bad as you think (quite darling on you if I have a say) but if you want to sell Theory blazers I am always in line to buy it off you so your options are open. 🙂

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  34. Rena wrote:

    Oooh…I've got to check out H&M;'s after New Year sale soon! I hope to find that lace dress that you're wearing! I know that there were some dresses for only $15 pre-Christmas but I guess I had to wait…oh well…I hope there are still a variety of dresses to choose from!

    <33 Rena

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  35. LuLu wrote:

    Love the lace dress!! If only there was an H&M; near Kansas City….

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  36. Michelle wrote:

    Very pretty dress! Although I despise real mustard, I love the color on you! 🙂

    And…I love your greeting…"Ahoy!" 🙂

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  37. What a beautiful dress! None of your posts are "fillers".. I enjoy your transition from work to play 😀 So pretty!

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  38. Tammy wrote:

    Love the lace dress! It's so pretty and feminine 🙂

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  39. kileen wrote:

    the H&M; dress is so gorgeous on you and it definitely is very slimming on you!

    and the theory blazer actually doesn't look too bad from the pictures, but it's a bit hard to tell. i actually kinda like the overlapped look in the front and don't think it looks like a dumpling at all (although that's a funny comment!). i guess if you really are planning on selling it, i'll be looking out for buying it! 🙂

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  40. Winnie* wrote:

    The H&M; dress fits you really well. Its lace too <3 Oh and that's a smart way to tie up a blazer!

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  41. siwing wrote:

    the h&m; dress is gorgeous on you !! love it =)

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  42. Ms. E. wrote:

    Love Love Love the H&M; dress….I must try to find it now 🙂

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply

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