Something different: H&M Faux-Fur Collar

I saw this collar on xppinkxx’s blog last week and immediately put it on my buy list. She wore it over a simple black blazer with shorts, tights, and flats, and I feel in love! Faux-fur is everywhere this season, but I wanted to dabble in it without spending too much.

When I came upon the rack of collars at H&M;, several girls were clustered around it displaying their mockery & disgust. I had to huffily push my way through to grab one. I suppose this is one of those things that you can either love or hate.




Faux-fur collar: H&M;
Khaki Jacket: Theory sz 00

Dress: Theory Yeneth sz 0 (hemmed)
Heels: Ann Taylor Elle Pumps in sz 5 (buy here)
Sweater: LOFT long cardi sz XXSP in charcoal (buy here)
Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Skinny sz S (buy here, holes punched)

For $14.95, I am tres impressed by this accessory. The faux fur is beige/taupe/gray and goes nicely with a variety of colors. It definitely looks and feels more expensive than $15, and easily dresses up cardigans or blazers. Continue reading for more photos…



The inside of the collar has two slits so you can tuck one end in and have it criss-cross, like so:

Some H&M; sale tips:

– A reader (thanks Pauline!) tipped me off on the H&M; iphone app. If you shake it you get a coupon for 20% off one item.

– Right now H&M; is having their 10 year anniversary sale (thanks Sophia for the heads up!) and they have $10 off select items every day. If you spend over a certain amount (not sure what this amount is, but I met it) you get a free tote bag and a $5 off coupon good for a future purchase.

On an unrelated note, I was super excited today about CVS’s Revlon nail polish sale. All Revlon polishes (including base, treatment, and top coats which can normally run up to $8) are $3.99, but then you get $3 extrabucks back per bottle, making them .99 each. I stocked up on colors for Fall:

 From left to right: Gray Suede, Totally Toffee, Vixen, Plum Night

I then immediately used the extrabucks to buy Seche Vite topcoat and polish remover & pads (which are buy 1 get 1 50% off). Pictured below is “Vixen,” which in better lighting is more raisin colored and not as dark. I’m also wearing gray suede in my outfit photos above. It’s a lovely, taupe-gray that is great for work. It did chip easily on me, so a topcoat is key.

Readers – What would you pair the collar with? I’m looking for more ideas that are actually “wearable” in real life.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Thank you lovelies for all of your comments and wear suggestions! I agree this doesn't work on everyone. In fact I don't think it works on me (for practical wear) but I still love having it in my possessions.

    Elle – I saw that you got this too. Can't wait to see how you wear it.

    Rainy Days – I know, I'm glad they sold the collar separately so you can get much more wear out of it than if it were sewn onto something.

    Jess – Chocolate brown, hmmm! Haven't yet entertained that thought on nails.

    PetiteXXS and Stylepint – lol, I can't really see faux fur collars in SoCal temps : ) I wore this around the house and broke out in a sweat because it's so warm! Liane – why thank you regarding the nails…up close it's still kind of disastrous but at least it passes from afar.

    Jen – hehe, you will have to shop your heart out if you ever visit here esp with no clothing tax.

    Jen of herwaisechoice – you and your bf are too sweet, lol!

    Aradhana and Lori – I'm so glad you guys got (or are getting) it! It's such a fun piece to have around to add pizazz to sweaters and jackets.

    DSKSteph – u really want to know lol? I woke up at 6:30 (minutes before I responded to your tweet, not sure why you were up circa 4AM), put on my face, then woke up the grumbling photographer. It was FRIGID even with this faux raccoon around my neck : )

    Claud – it's funny, I don't know why they named it Ellen instead of perfect pump again. The cut is exactly the same! I would recommend the black leather one to everyone…esp since you already have the Porcini!

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  2. I am Khatu wrote:

    i have the same collar! Last winter I wore it with my peatcoat & trench for warmth & also to change up the look of a boring coat. This year I'm hoping to get more use out of it.

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  3. DoubleZero wrote:

    This is a very cool concept, I never knew such a thing existed! You wear it well but it's not for me, I don't think I could pull it off 😉 Thanks for the nail polish tip, I will look for Gray Suede and Totally Toffee.

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  4. ♥NaNa♥ wrote:

    This is brilliant. You look great as usual. Reading your blog inspires me as always!!! It has been very difficult for me to find professional clothes and reading your blog really helps. Thank you!!

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  5. I LOVE the fur collar trend! I found mine at a vintage store. I'm so excited about it. I remember looking at them last year and not feeling like I had the confidence for them. Not a problem this year!
    I love the way you styled your's. It really can be used in multiple ways. Here is how I styled mine:

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  6. MoneyMaus wrote:

    Check out the faux fur collar/vest ensemble on the LOFT Petites main page… it looks awesome and you could definitely style it like that! 🙂

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  7. bee wrote:

    I LOVE the collar (no hate here)…bought it myself this week :). You rock it so well!

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  8. Serena wrote:

    I saw Pan from xppinkx tweet about this faux-fur collar and loved it on her and then I saw this post of yours and I was SOLD! I went to H&M; today to check the fur collar out but it does not look as good as it does on you and Pam. {*GRR!} Love how it dresses up simple jackets and cardigans though. I guess I'll have to stick with outerwear that has fur on them already.

    I also got the $5 off but didn't get the tote. I went there on Friday as well and spent close to $100 and got nadda. I spent ~$50 today and got the $5 off. How weird. O_o;

    Nice nail polish haulage as well. I've been hearing about alot of great deals from Revlon. These shades are perfect for the fall.

    <3s Serena.

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  9. You wear that fur in such a classy way. That Loft sweater looks plum on my Mac but looks so good on you. I have to get some of that Grey Suede as I keep hearing about it.

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  10. I've never been a fan of fur, but that collar is a great way for petites to do the whole fur vest trend, without looking like a fur monster. I'm totally downloading that H&M; app!

    Posted 10.5.10 Reply
  11. Annie P. wrote:

    I'm liking the faux fur collar! Living in freezing NYC I'm liking the fur trend, but I just can't seem to find some cheap yet lush faux furs around here :T Maybe I gotta wait a couple more wks..

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  12. Michelle wrote:

    My favorite is definitely the first picture. I love the belt you chose.

    And $15?! Great price! I would have never guessed.

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  13. Vicky wrote:

    Love the faux fur on you. I am not crazy about this trend but really like the way you pulled it off. Thanks for the tips on CVS nail color sale. Have to head out there tomorrow. 🙂

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  14. MizzJ wrote:

    This looks great! I've been curious about experimenting with fur as well, and a collar seems like a great to indulge without going for a full-on furry coat!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  15. Cee wrote:

    I don't think I can pull off fur. It's way too elegant for me! =P You look amazing in it though. I love how versatile it is and really glams up every outfit. I can also see you wearing it as part of a bolero/shawl-type over a dress.

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  16. Tara wrote:

    I am loving the faux fur! You look great!


    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  17. Callandra wrote:

    Ah, tres chic! So much better than the faux fur vests that are literally EVERYWHERE right now! I really like how you styled the collar. For some reason I tend to style fur accessories more to 70's type outfits. I would probably wear this piece with a fitted vintage tweed jacket, some wide leg trouser jeans and boots. (But then again, I think your style may be a bit more classic than mine);)

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  18. Pauline wrote:

    I usually hate fur and would probably be one of those girls showing their disgust for it, but I have to admit, it looks very pretty and chic on you!

    Also, heads up about the 20% off code. If the cashier verifies that you have used the code on your iphone/itouch, you can delete the app, download it and shake it again, and another 20% off coupon will pop up. H&M; usually has internet for guests, so if you want another item, just delete and re-download it on the spot!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  19. Banhannas wrote:

    Okay, to be honest if I saw that on the rack I would definitely be smirking and making fun of the collar. Obviously, I can't appreciate beautiful pieces!! Holy cow, you look so glamorous in it! I was in H&M; yesterday thanks to Sophia as well and I'm rethinking of hounding down that piece for my mom. She absolutely adores fur!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  20. Lori wrote:

    I read this in the middle of the night last night, and I had to make a trip to H&M; today to buy the collar! And thank your reader for the tip on the 20% off! Awesome!!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  21. w/o tucking it in, how do you make it stay on the collar like that?

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  22. Em wrote:

    LOVE that collar! I contemplated buying a cardigan at H&M; last year JUST for its detachable collar, but this one is so much better! It's wider and the "fur" is better quality.

    You look like you have it right…it looks especially good with the plum cardigan. I think it'll spiff up all outerwear items, from blazers to trenches to overcoats. Honestly, such an accessory goes with almost everything. It may raise some eyebrows in more conservative offices (when not worn with outerwear), but who cares…it looks good 🙂

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  23. I've seen a lot of faux fur paired with chunky knits… paired with skinny jeans and wedge boots would make it very chic!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  24. You look so freaking gorgeous and chic! Makes me want to get a fur collar! <333

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  25. Claud wrote:

    omg Jean those ellen pumps from AT are simply gorgeous. Both the black and toffee colors are tempting me…oh no I can't come here 😉

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  26. the fur collar definitely look awesome on you..i dont think it will look great on me but you rock it !

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  27. Stephie wrote:

    I love the fur collar! I saw pink's blog on it… if only H&M; was in Texas!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  28. Claud wrote:

    I love the faux-fur collar layer over the cardigan. Looks great on you, tres chic!!!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  29. wrote:

    You look so warm for fall! <3

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  30. Chloe wrote:

    Love the fur collar- I've been hunting for a faux fur stole to layer over coats and cardis, and so jealous that you have an H&M; near you! The closest to me is a 14 hour drive. *throws hissy fit*

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  31. I am not a fur kind of girl but I love this look on you. You really know how to style it. Thanks for the heads up on those nail polishes on Twitter. I went to CVS and got some for myself last night

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  32. wow! you definitely work the fur collar!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  33. I think you made the faux fur collar work. I really want to head to H&M; for their sale, but no time :O( And I like Revlon's Grey Suide – pretty color.

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  34. DSK Steph! wrote:

    You look like a million bucks Jean!

    I need that in my life, but I have a feeling my dogs would start humping it if I ever randomly left it out.

    p.s. so what time did you and your camera man wake up to take those pics 😛

    I still laugh thinking about your tweet about getting up early on a Saturday. haha


    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  35. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your collar! OMG.

    I'm definitely going to stop by H&M; tomorrow and pick one up for myself. SUCH a versatile item that'll go great with almost any outdoors-y type ensemble!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  36. kali wrote:

    P.S. I like the faux fur collar on you! It looks really cute.

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  37. kali wrote:

    Thanks again for telling me about this a few days ago. I got Lilac Pastelle today but I'm going back for more!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  38. you put it together very well!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  39. That collar looks great on you Jean!!! Those girls obviously didn't know what they were talking about. My boyfriend said you look very elegant– and I totally agree! Love how many outfits you have managed to style this with 🙂

    Have a great week!

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  40. Jen wrote:

    D: omg, that is beautifullllll!!!!!

    So sad we don't have H&M; still. Pretty much every time you post something from there it makes me die a little inside. BTW, the backlit photo of you is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could instill a bit of bf's photography skills into my husband!

    I do have a faux fur collar from Forever21 last year that I'll have to make do with. Sadly, it's just a rectangle and not that pretty collar shape. 🙁

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  41. That collar is so versatile. Thanks for modeling with various ensembles. I have searching for a faux fur collar. I hope they still have some when I'm in L.A. in a few weeks.

    Janice (Couture and Crayons)

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  42. Stylepint wrote:

    Great find and the outfit photos look very chic. I'd love to get a fur collar too, but I'm so picky I might DIY one. =P

    The fur collar looks almost long enough simulate a vest from the front, but I agree that pairing it with a cardigan/blazer looks best.

    Posted 10.4.10 Reply
  43. PetiteXXS wrote:

    You look so gorgeous and glam in the first pic! I like how the fur comes in a collar so you can wear it with different items, much more versatile (and cheap) than buying fur-lined items. I'm still not sure if and where I can wear faux fur, since it hardly gets cold in LA, but I'd definitely go for something like this if I were to try!

    Btw are you painting your own nails now? If so it looks like you're doing a great job! 🙂

    Posted 10.3.10 Reply
  44. Jess wrote:

    The faux fur collar looks so cute on you!! I love the color of the fur, it looks expensive. I think it would look great with a cream colored sweater or anything tan or camel colored like you have it with the trench. I really wish Texas would get H&M.;

    I also love your nail color choices- I think I will try out the taupe-gray color. I also love chocolate brown on nails for fall.

    Posted 10.3.10 Reply
  45. WOW, the faux fur looks so glamorous on you. I especially like it paired with similar colors like the tan/beige color you have on 🙂 It looks very wearable especially for nighttime!! 🙂 So interesting they H&M; just sells the collar. That's really versatile and much better than selling a whole ensemble 🙂

    AHH, I can't believe they have the Seche Vite top coat at CVS!!! Why didn't I see it?! I'm probably going to go back to pick that up and hopefully with another useful coupon. I love scanning those things 🙂 Even a $5 off $20 is not too terrible since they have that Extra Bucks promo 🙂

    Posted 10.3.10 Reply
  46. Ping wrote:

    jean i love the fur on you!! it definitely looks expensive. what a great find for $15.

    Posted 10.3.10 Reply
  47. Liana wrote:

    ooh that looks so good on you! i want one now 😛 hmm, if i had one i'd probably wear it with everything! but for everyday i think it would look cute over a plain white fitted t-shirt with skinny jeans and heels and a clutch…or wide leg pants with heels

    Posted 10.3.10 Reply
  48. Angie wrote:

    wow! the fur looks really high quality. i would have not expected you to wear something like that but oddly enough it looks so good on you! i know that if i tried i would look like i had an accident in cabela's xD

    thanks for the h&m; tips 🙂

    Posted 10.3.10 Reply
  49. elleandish wrote:

    I would want to try it with my BR tan trench coat… or a thick belted sweater

    not entirely sure if they'd work well together but that's my plan this fall/winter 😀

    Posted 10.3.10 Reply
  50. nicole wrote:

    I love the faux fur collar! I think I'm going to have to make a trip to the H&M; here to get one; $15 is a steal and it looks amazing on you!

    It's definitely a win with blazers and cardigans for sure. I love how you wore it with that khaki jacket – so chic!

    Posted 10.3.10 Reply

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