Rachel Zoe’s Moto Jacket – Petite Fashion Challenge # 3

Petite Fashion Challenge #3 is hosted this week by Petite Little Girl! Be sure to visit her blog to see all the entries by fellow petites.

The Challenge: “Pick an outfit from your favorite celeb and show us how to recreate that look for less. Your style icon doesn’t have to be petite.”

I don’t really know celebs—my friends poke fun at me for being completely devoid of pop culture knowledge. It was truly a challenge for me to find an outfit to recreate. I first looked up pics of famous petites, but nothing really resonated with the stuff in my wardrobe. Some considerations below: the Olsen twins (too homeless), then Rachel Bilson (too tomboy), then Hayden Panettiere (no style at all).

As the clock was ticking down yesterday, I stumbled upon this image of Rachel Zoe, celeb stylist. I thought, hey now, finally something I can do. Gray moto jacket: check. Patterned scarf: check. Fab over-the-knee boots and oversized Chanel tote…le sigh. Will have to be substituted by kiddie leggings and invisible designer handbag.

Lace Top: H&M; Trend sz 2 – $32
Cardigan: LOFT sz XXSP – $20
Moto Jacket: Topshop Petites sz 0 – $115 (gift from bf)
Leggings: H&M; kids sz 11/12 – $8 Linen Scarf: H&M; – $8

 Booties: Calvin Klein “Hadrian” sz 6 from eBay – $40 Gradient Sunnies: Chanel

Not sure where Rachel’s stuff is from but I think one (1) of her boots may have cost more than my entire outfit. So hopefully this satisfies the “look for less” portion of the challenge!


pfc3 -1



To make up for the boring bottom half, I tucked an H&M; lace trimmed blouse under the cardigan. This is the flowy blouse version of a dress I reviewed back in this post.

Work has consumed me lately so posts here will definitely be more sporadic. I wanted to say “Hi!” to new readers and “thank you” to all past readers for continuing to visit and being patient with my responses : ) Since I’m so behind on blogging, I just ordered a flip cam in hopes of recording short “v-log” reviews of recent purchases while they are still in stores. Stay tuned, and I hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    A year late, but to the above anonymous, seriously?! When the Olsen Twins become the paragon for fashion, you may have a point, but there are 100s of fashion icons besides them. Jean is a professional, and as such, dresses appropriately but stylishly. She never looks dowdy or as if she's trying too hard, which "style icons" like the one you seem to revere often end up doing because their goal IS to push the boundaries and be daring in their fashion sense. They don't have to look professional or mature – not everyone feels the need to wear distressed ribbed sweaters/loose blouses and boyfriend jeans to look "casual." And lastly, you did NOT have to put in your two cents, because no one gained anything from them. If you don't appreciate Jean's sense of style (which is pretty awesome in my opinion), click away to another site. Insulting someone to feel lofty about your own sense of style is offending and pointless.

    Posted 4.1.12 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I stumbled upon this page, and wow, you definitely do not know style if you don't find the Olsen twins to be to your likings. They are one of the biggest fashion icons. If you think you can relate to Rachel Zoe, but not the Olsen Twins or Rachel Bilson, then you definitely cannot call yourself style savvy. By looking through your pages and seeing your outfits, I don't see why you think you have style. Just had to put my two cents.

    Posted 5.5.11 Reply
  3. Lauren wrote:

    i got a similar studded jacket but in brown from target on sale for a whopping $10! i couldn't believe it.

    Posted 12.18.10 Reply
  4. Pam L wrote:

    I think I would be Hayden Panettiere when it comes to style (or no style at all, haha). Your Rachel Zoe look is more polished and presentable! =)

    Posted 11.7.10 Reply
  5. Angie wrote:

    you look so chic! it's a very different look on you and i like it, moto jacket especially

    Posted 11.4.10 Reply
  6. April wrote:

    You look soo amazing! I love how you can pull off any style and look from your gorgeous office clothes to an edgy look like this! 🙂

    Posted 10.30.10 Reply
  7. Nukem wrote:

    You rocked the look! Love it and the layering!

    Posted 10.30.10 Reply
  8. Vicky wrote:

    LOVE this look! Totally amazing. Love the jacket. I'm glad you were able to use the H&M; coupon I sent you. Hopefully you'll get over the work hump and be able to post more regularly soon. I'm in the same boat right now. Happy Halloween!

    Posted 10.30.10 Reply
  9. Michelle wrote:

    You did an amazing job! I love the extra long vest with the lace peaking out. Of course, the jacket is amazing!

    We both had a similar challenge…neither of us follows any celebrities + we re-created looks with a colorful scarf and jacket!

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  10. MizzJ wrote:

    I'm having a lot of fun reading all you guys' different posts and looks! You killed it on this girl.

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  11. s wrote:

    Nice! You totally killed it! Love all the layers you put together. Aww in the Olsens defense, they don't always look like that! I ♥ their style (mostly).

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  12. wow! This is such a pretty look and you have everything on point! I am in love with that jacket now! BF did a good job in getting it. You both have great taste in fashion.

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  13. Erin wrote:

    I LOVE Rachel Zoe! She was on my short list of possible inspirations! Great look… I absolutely love the jacket.

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  14. CynthiaC wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE your jacket. When I was in London, I saw a similar-looking jacket at Top Shop, but every single one was a UK size 10 (size 6 on this side of the Atlantic)!!! There were like 10 of them.

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  15. Jean, you did great as always! I am loving this outfit but I have to admit, I would love to see your homeless version of the Olsen twins 🙂 Thank you for participating. It was such an honor to host one. It was also super fun to see how everyone recreating their outfits.

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  16. Emily wrote:

    Love it! Your outfit is better than Rachel's IMO which is awesome since it probably cost 1/1000th of it. I would love to see that lace top, since I loved the dress when you posted it. Did you end up keeping it? And your boyfriend has such good taste, I too love the studs on the jacket!

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  17. KatChi wrote:

    I just started reading your blog, and I love your style! Your recreation of Rachel's outfit looks great 🙂 I love how you added a lacy top underneath!

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  18. I was so excited for the Petite Challenge! You really pulled Rachel Zoe's look off. She's one of my favourite celebrity stylist!

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  19. grace wrote:

    I think you totally look chic, and did an excellent job of recreating Rachel Zoe's look. You look divine ; ) You're rocking like a star! I liked seeing everyone's entries in this challenge!

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  20. Very cute, almost as if you were Rachel Zoe!

    Posted 10.29.10 Reply
  21. You look amazing! Very chic and you did a great job of recreating RZ's look. I also love how you wore the lace top, very creative! Sorry you are so swamped with work!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  22. @PetiteXXS Personal stylist – i wish! The leaves are soo gorgeous right now. It's like brief moments of gorgeousness before winter takes over Boston and everything turns into salty grossness on the ground. The bf's parents were visiting from SoCal and they couldn't get enough…so much that we went to the arboretum lol to do nothing but look at leaves.

    @Kiki I never know either…leave replies here or on the commentor's blog? Either way it was great to see your entry today with a real "person" !

    @Cee what an honor, lol! I loved so many of the entries today.

    @Em A few mistakes aside, I actually think the Olsen twins have great style BUT they don't really know how to dress to flatter their petiteness. A lot of the stuff would look great on someone with model height but not on someone who is around 5 feet tall.

    @Lisa – respect the shoes thanks, Lisa!

    @Callandra Lol! Yours was one of my faves…you and Audrey H can be twins.

    @jlovesBal Thanks J! I think the "swimming" part must be due to her scrunchy suede OTN boots : )

    @Gracie thank you Gracie : ) RZ's outfit is much more "steely" and fierce for strutting the streets of NYC lol.

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  23. Gracie wrote:

    I love the lace and the scarf! Both of which, I feel, breathe a lot more femininity into the outfit. You scarf really pops with your outfit, much more than RZ's.

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  24. @Elle Lol! I think I look miserable too in these pics, but that's so sweet of you to imply I may be glowing. You should visit TopShop NYC if you haven't already. They have fun pieces for petites, albeit a limited selection!

    @Stylepint Thanks Jess : ) I didn't look up more RZ outfits…I'm not even sure who she is but I see "rachel zoe picks" here and there when shopping online.

    @The Little Dust Princess I know, I know : P I actually like the olsen twins style more so than the others. My first PFC # 3 attempt was ashley olsen too! After seeing the pics a redo was necessary.

    @Alterations Needed hahah, the Starbucks in hand is so..so…typical new yorker. I briefly contemplated holding one as a prop but I already looked poser enough out on the streets with my personal photographer at 7AM on a workday.

    @Rainy Days and Lattes Thank you Jen : )

    @xoladiihoneyxo Thank you! Reminds me…this was supposed to be a look for less, whoops. Need to post the prices.

    @SewPetiteGal This challenge was super fun! Petite Little Girl shared her idea with me months ago and I was already excited to see everyone's entries.

    @Stephanie Thanks, Stephanie : D

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  25. Thank you ladies so much!! I appreciate all of your kind comments. Rachel's version is definitely trendier but I don't know how many can totter around the city in OTK platform boots.

    @Ping It is semi-recent, in their "trend" section. I admit it's a little pricey tho retailing at $40 but I love it (I used my 20% coupon which is now expired).

    @I am Khatu Aww, I missed yours! I was thinking this would've been a great one for you.

    @Amy @kileen Thank you girls! Kileen – the studs are actually terrible for hair…I snag a few strands every time I wear this jacket : (

    @R.L. Thank you so much! I feel touched that someone would miss me lol : ) That's so funny that you mention cutting it in half…I had forgotten about that. I did not cut it, but i know what you mean about how volumious it is. I am glad that I didn't cut it though because I think it would fray like crazy and it's unpredictable whether or not it'd be too thin. I'm starting to like the volume now that the weather is cooling fast! Keep me posted on what you decide to do – if you cut definitely buy some fray be gone from Joanns or something.

    And I forgot I wore the LOFT cardigan with the same scarf for FB…my outfits for Fall are all starting to look the same! Btw the boyfriend is super pleased with himself after seeing your comment lol.

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  26. jlovesBal wrote:

    You definitely are rocking this look. I think you did a better job than Rachel Zoe since she looks like she's swimming in her clothes!!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  27. Callandra wrote:

    That outfit is "Bananas"! Lol

    I love it, love the jacket, love the scarf, love the shoes…Love it!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  28. I think your recreation is fantastic! The lace touch brings a nice bit of feminity to the outfit too – you look great.

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  29. Em wrote:

    Awesome look! The moto jacket is amazing. I was thinking about doing one of the Olsen twins too, but their style is a *bit* too shabby for me as well. And lol at the invisible handbag!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  30. Cee wrote:

    This is my favorite recreated look out of everyone's! You look so fierce! Love it!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  31. Kiki wrote:

    You ROCKED it!!! Love, love, love! 🙂
    And I left you a note in my comments section about the wicker storage baskets… I'm still a relatively new blogger, so I never know where to reply. 🙂 Kiki

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  32. wow this is awesome. I love the whole idea. Well done!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  33. PetiteXXS wrote:

    Great job! You look like you had a personal stylist! 😛 Your commentary is hilarious too haha… and I love the fall leaves starting to show up in the background. So pretty! Hope work lets up for you soon 🙂

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  34. Stephanie wrote:

    I love how you styled this even better than Rachel's. Who needs a designer bag? haha. Between the grey studded jacket, the floral scarf, and the lace details- it's fantastic!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  35. Oh wow! I LOVE this look! That gray moto jacket is just pure gorgeousness – excellent job on the challenge! (Too many exclamation marks? LOL)

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  36. much cheaper version but doesn't look cheap at all! =D I love that jacket and the cardigan!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  37. We're definitely staying tune 🙂 You look fantastic with the ensemble. Your legs look super long. I just love the silvery jacket!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  38. Umm…where's your Starbucks cup??? FAIL! j/k =D

    Excellent layering. Your outfit looks just like Rachel's! I'm impressed.

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  39. Stylepint wrote:

    Great outfit and I can see you rockin' this style already. RZ has great outfits sometime and you picked an amazing one! =)

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  40. Nooo the Olsens don't look like hobos all the time! LOL And Rachel's style isn't all tomboy at all! 😀

    I love your booties. So cute. ^_^ The lace top is also very pretty. Great photos!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  41. Elle wrote:

    I love Rachel Zoe's style and I think you did a great job replicating her look! (Also, I have been in love with this gray moto jacket since you first posted about it, it looks amazing on you). I actually think you wear RZ's style even better than she does…she just seems so miserable all the time. You, on the other hand, have a glow.

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  42. R.L. wrote:

    Jean, your analysis of the previous celebs was hilarious. I love how versatile you've been when it comes to styling that loft cardi! So spot on in replicating the look and just as chic as the Loft pic on Facebook though so different. Hope your work loads lessen soon. Your readers miss you but completely understand! Thanks so much for the outfit inspirations!

    By the way, did you cut that h&m; scarf in half? I have the same one in pink and I'm looking to somehow reduce the volume lol.

    P.S. the bf's photography skills are ever amazing!!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  43. Amy wrote:

    Ohh this ensemble makes you look FIERCE 🙂 Love!


    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  44. kileen wrote:

    gorgeous look! I much prefer your outfit to Rachel Zoe's actually as your scarf really brings out the rest of the dark colors of the outit. Very cool moto jacket too and I love the stud detailing in the back!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  45. I am Khatu wrote:

    I was going to do Rachel Zoe too (great minds think alike)! you did a great job, love this!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply
  46. Ping wrote:

    what a nice replica!! i love the look jean. this is something i would definitely wear. it's so spunky, fun and stylish! i love it. and the lace blouse — is that a recent purchase…i need something like that in my wardrobe!

    Posted 10.28.10 Reply

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