J.Crew Petite Items – Fit Reference Guide for the Extra Petite

Are you a tiny petite who has been eagerly eying the pretty items at J.Crew? Pondering how the vibrant pencil skirts and cozy coats will fit your child-sized frame?

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying on popular J.Crew items so that I could share reviews with you guys when a great sale hits. Although that hasn’t happened yet, a decent sale is upon us this week. From now until Thursday, November 6th, code “FALLSALE” will take 25% off your entire order of $150 or more, sale items included! Here are some items that I have tried on:

1. J.Crew Double-Serge Wool Pencil Skirt in 00P (on sale for $68.60 $88.50 from $118), comes in 7 colors!

This skirt fit me perfectly right off the rack! Hallelujah!
 Continue reading for more photos….

Just kidding. Oh, that would just be way too spectacular, wouldn’t it, J.Crew? To offer a 00P that actually fits remotely like how a 00P should fit? As I had feared, this skirt requires several inches of taking in at the waist and slimming down both sides (my tailors would charge about $25-$30):

 Off the rack, this is how a 00P fits on me (for reference I am 5 feet, 94 lbs):
Petite Double Serge Pencil Skirt in 00P, “Bronzed Ochre” color

Despite the ginorm fit, I would still recommend this skirt if you can afford the $30 or so for alterations. I love almost every color it comes in (except for black…you can get a basic black skirt anywhere) and the quality was excellent. The wool was heavy and cozy (feels like a felted wool), and the lining and grosgrain ribbon details added a nice touch.

Other petites’ reviews: Check out this same skirt in 00P on Callandra here, and the non-wool version in 00 regular on Elle here.

2. J.Crew Double Cloth coats in petite sizing, on sale for $223 from $298.
Note: the coat below is NOT petite sizing. There is no petite sizing in-stores, so I tried on a 0 regular. A 0 in petite sizing will run significantly smaller than women’s sizing. I wanted to assess the weight and quality, and overall I was tres impressed again.  Regular “double cloth” is probably not heavy enough for bitter winters, but it still makes a lovely coat.

After seeing a photo of a 0P coat on my reader friend Claud (click here), I think a 0P will fit someone my size just fine with about two layers underneath. For reference, Claud is 5’2″ and 94 lbs. By the way, you can call J.Crew customer service and get measurements on any size for any item. Per Ping, she called and they said the size 00 regular runs slimmer than a 0P, but is longer in the sleeves and torso.

J.Crew Double Cloth Coletta Coat in regular 0 (comes in 0P which is much smaller)

This is similar to their Double Cloth Lady Day Coat which also comes in 0P. Both options are offered in at least 10 colors, but my favorites are “dark cypress” and “dark plum” – gorg. for Fall/Winter!

Other petites’ reviews: J.Crew Petite Stadium Cloth Peacoat – See it here on Ping in sz 0P. This is on sale for $148.50 $258.

3. J.Crew Twill Minnie Pants in 00P – on sale for $52.12 retail $79.50
These are touted as an all-time J.Crew favorite…but in reality I have encountered VERY few people who find the fit to be flattering. When I first put them on, I noted that the hips and legs fit me decently throughout. There was a small 1″ or so gap at the waist, but there are little belt loops to solve that problem.

But the length, oh the length…quelle horreur!!

Here’s the derriere view (like I said, the hips fit decently), and how the length looks with heels. I think one needs to have either longer or shorter legs than me to rock the petite minnies (they have a 24″ inseam). They need to either come several inches above the ankle, or hit below the ankle. As a side note, I did try these on in a regular 00. The fit throughout the leg & length were okay, but the waist was HUGE.

Other petites’ reviews: See how the minnie pants fit on Gigi here in sz 6, Jen here in 00P, and Ping here in sz 00P.

4. Little elastic-waiasted skirts in women’s regular size 0/00.
Who didn’t love this skirt on Kelly? A womens regular size 00 fit tiny and didn’t require any alterations on her. This piqued my interest in other J.Crew skirts that have an elastic waistband:

J.Crew Severn Lace Mini Skirt in womens 0 (I don’t see 00 online, but Claud found it in-stores):

Please pardon the tee and jeans! I was lazy. This is a very pretty, fully lined lace skirt with an elastic waistband. A 00 would’ve fit much better but a 0 was not terrible (fit low-rise on my hips). I immediately envisioned this with dark gray tights, ankle booties, and a long cardigan or blazer. Price right now is too high for me, but I am eying the little skirts on sale below:

Cord Atlee Skirt in regular womens 00, $37 from $59.50, comes in 4 colors.

Wool Bell Skirt in regular womens 00 (Kelly’s skirt), $45 – $60 from $79.50, comes in 6 colors.

And lastly, I was eying the silk Calista cami that is left online in size 0P for just $22.50 from $79.50. But then I remembered TinyinTX’s review here on a sz 00P – yikes! At just $22.50 though, the alterations are definitely easier to swallow.

Whew! That was hard work. If you are petite and have also reviewed one of the above items, let me know.

Readers – Any thoughts on the items above? Are any of you planning to shop during this 25% off sale?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. resizing yeah is the so inconvenient for me…they look awesome

    Posted 6.30.13 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    hi , i am searching for the ochre skirt – any chance you still have this & are looking to sell?
    please email me at:
    chrlee76 AT yahoo DOT com

    thanks! christine

    Posted 7.27.11 Reply
  3. Allison wrote:

    Did you ever wind up trying the Cord Atlee skirt? I've been considering that one and the wool bell, and I don't know which I should get!

    Posted 12.14.10 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    So I guess it's established that the women's 00 petite sucks. Have you had any experience with the kids pants? I'm eyeing those toothpick cords and these other gray pants, but I don't know what their sizing is like? I tried comparing it to what I wear already but it looks like their sizes are generally bigger. Is this right? Can anyone help me? I usually wear a 12S in abercrombie, that's what fits me best if that helps.

    Posted 11.13.10 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    You NEED more color in your WARDROBE! With all the blacks and greys in your wardrobe you don't stand out and u look like any other girl out there. Color really brings out your individuality and makes you look much more attractive and feminine. Do not be afraid of incorporating more of it into your wardrobe.

    Good job on the blog

    Posted 11.8.10 Reply
  6. Christine wrote:

    loveee your bag <3 You look gorgeous. That white coat is stunning <3

    xoxo Christine


    Posted 11.7.10 Reply
  7. Elle wrote:

    Thanks for the shout out Jean. 🙂

    My heart nearly stopped when I saw that first picture, I was going to say the 00p fits incredibly well…love the color and the texture though. I might get the 00p when it's further discounted to justify any potential alteration costs.

    I am eying that lace skirt too…it's so pretty but also so pricey!

    Posted 11.4.10 Reply
  8. Claud wrote:

    Jean- you got me with your first pic of you wearing the pencil skirt. How in the world tiny you fits in there?

    I'ven't been able to visit much here, lots of study for my midterms but you made my day when I saw my name mentioned here 🙂 Thank you @@–B–

    I love all your picks from Jcrew, too bad about their P sizing.

    I'm wondering why they don't offer lace skirt on 00 online. I bought mine at the store with 15% student discount ( just in case there are soem student readers here). If you are a student show your student ID and jcrew gives 15% discount on regular prices. (not the best deal but something)

    The lace skirt is a tiny short (~16 inches lenght) but because the elastic band you can lower/adjust to give more lenght. Husband approved so I guess is not too short hehe. Not like h&m; dress which I really love but fits really short on me. I am going to try to wear it with tights or leggings and see how that looks. I wish I can pass to some else if i don't keep it, the dress is so cute. I'll see if I get some time to post some pics me wearing the severn skirt on AN.

    Seems that when buying jcrew coats for cold places you need to buy with thinsulate for extra warmth. I'm lucky here in AZ does not get that cold.

    Posted 11.4.10 Reply
  9. @Curvy PetiteSince you got it for $24.50 and you don't have anything like it, you should keep! I just wish there was a 00P in your store for you to try on I'm curious how that would've looked on you.

    @Anonymous Thanks for the info on the lady day coat! I guess 0P would've been a better overall length for you but the sleeves would have probably then be much too short. I'm trying to stay away from puffer coats regardless of how cold it gets : ) $350 isn't bad for a coat if you can wear it for a few years, but thankfully J.Crew is actually having sales!

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  10. @Michelle Oh, Claud in the AN forum got that skirt and she's about 5'2" … she got it for a cocktail party I believe. I wonder how it hits on her!

    @SewPetiteGal Haha, I notice you usually comment on the mustard yellow and I feel kind of boring repeating that color over and over again! I just can't help it…it's so unexpectedly wearable : )

    @Mix and Match Oh no! Now you know…a J.crew regular 00 is probably like a 2 at other stores. I didn't find any wool bell skirts in 00 to try on in store, but I think it's strange the 00 was that big on you for the bell skirt because it looked pretty tiny on Kelly of alterationsneeded!

    @Laura Lee Yikes! Did you take a photo before you returned it)? At 78lbs (wow) you are probably closer in size to Liane at Petite XXS than Kelly! She just ordered a coat and she said it was tiny, did you see that post? If the 0P was huge on you then it probably will almost fit me since I'm about 15 lbs heavier!

    @mich LA Oh god lol, I think it's hilarious that someone who needs alterations on a 0P skirt calls herself a "chubbier petite" and describes child bearing hips and soccer thighs!! I also thought the minnies were ok with heels, and have a post saved on that. It's only after I saw em with flats did I cringe..

    @realm.of.min.max Oh I'm so happy to help! Their sizes are sadly so inconsistent. I can wear some XS regular tops and sweaters but bottoms have all been no-gos so far.

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  11. @kileen Oh, it's my pleasure! Sigh I really wished the bronzed ochre skirt fit, but I'm on an alterations hiatus now. Cross our fingers it goes on sale more : )

    @Nelah I'm so envious! I love going to Asia. I'm already excited to see your finds even though your trip is next year lol.

    @Banhannas I'm sorry for deceiving you : ) At the price I paid (full) I couldn't justify alterations. If I can get it for $50 or $60 I will then keep, especially because this is a seasonal skirt due to the heavier material.

    @s Lol! I can see people becoming irate seeing the comment about J.Crew being geared toward such a large crowd. I guess you can't please everyone. It is a little ridiculous though that they call that a 00P when it's probably equivalent to a 2P.

    @TinyInTexas J.Crew lover, I'm sure in the back of your mind you knew that couldn't have been possible lol. I'm still in shock at how huge that 00P cami is on you..bah!

    @FashionAfterBabyI'm interested in seeing how the minnie's on you! I have not yet talked to anyone who loves it…maybe you will be the first. Beautiful profile pic btw : )

    @curls-and-pearls How much is the shipping? If you ever really wanted something I'd almost prefer to order it then ship to you…I fear their international shipping is like $30.

    @I am Khatu I love that olive skirt you have but since you needed alterations I decided it wasn't worth it. ABout PFC, you can sign up or view the next one on AlterationsNeeded's forum (forum.alterationsneeded.com)!

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  12. Lol…sorry guys for the trick. I thought it might've been a little cruel as I myself would be way too excited if something from J.Crew fit like that off the rack!

    @Cee – I always check in the shopping cart during "final sale" if there really is a final sale notation next to each item. Many times there isn't, even though the fine print says everything is final sale. I was still able to return my stuff each time.

    @Ping you totally warned me against those pants but I didn't want to believe you. I thought they were "ok" but seeing these photos…yuck!

    @Canadianpetite I think dark plum is the prettiest shade for cold weather, for both coats and nail polish! Yes the prices are high (and I can only imagine what international shipping costs are) but I think their pencil skirts and long coats are items potentially worth investing in and getting altered.

    @Anonymous I've never been interested in J.Crew before last year, so unfortunately I didn't know them back when they were sized normally. J.Crew is the epitome of vanity sizing. I know someone who was bragging the other day about being a 0 in J.Crew (normally a 4 in womens sizing) and I just had to shake my head.

    @PetiteXXS Lol! Sorry Liane : ) You would defnitely need the skirt in 00 and not 0…so no dice online. Maybe you'll run into one in-stores on sale!

    @Leena – oh, I love your blog! Can't wait to see that skirt post-alterations.

    @Annapurna You're the second one to mention thinsulate…I didn't know how much of a difference that makes so it's good to know! I'm definitely going to remember your tip about trying on and then buying during sales. I do remember their coats went down to about $150 online this early Spring.

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  13. oOO! I like! I really want to try them now. Sydney from PetiteGorgeous looks so nice with those bold skirts! You do too! I think a 0P will fit me.. Also, I think I will keep that dress since it was so cheap. I haven't tried it with a belt but I am sure it will be fine.

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  14. The first skirt is so beautiful, shame it needs to be altered to fit!!

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    I have the green lady day in 0 regular, got it years ago. I am 5"3 104lbs and it fits perfectly except it is too long at bottom, but I never fixed that as while it could look better it's warmer:) I have the thinsulate. It's my only warm work coat and does fine but it isn't warm like those puffer coats of course. But I like it even though feel it was overpriced ($350 at time or such).

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  16. thanks for doing a helpful review of ur latest jcrew conquests. the mustard & lace skirts look great on u! i've been consumed w/ j crew & ur input helps me find the right size.

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  17. mich LA wrote:

    Awww, you found such good picks! Sad to see that nothing fits you there. I guess my being a chubbier petite (child bearing hips and soccer thighs) makes me able to fit into their bottoms! I ended up buying the charcoal Minnie's during the last sale and I really like them with heels!

    I really like those two skirts you picked out at the end too–hopefully they might work out better!

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  18. Gracie wrote:

    I love the lace mini skirt, and can really see it with your pairing descriptions.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  19. Laura Lee wrote:

    I ordered the JCrew lady day double cloth coat with thinsulate in petite zero. and OY VEY!! AWFUL. It was HUGE on me.It also flared out horribly on the bottom and this was compounded by the fact that the wool/material was slightly stiff/thick so it would not drape on my skinny frame. 🙁 The sleeve length was perfect though. It was definitely very well made, and I was so disappointed to have to return it. I weigh about 78 lbs and am 5 feet tall and I have very small features. I think I am closest in size to Kelly (Alterations Needed blog) but even smaller, so I have an even HARDER time finding stuff to fit. ESPECIALLY winter coats/ outerwear! WAAH.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  20. Haha, I was wondering why I had so much different fitting when I saw your first picutre. I love the double serge and wool bell skirts and ordered sz00 from the online store. It came out as the similar results as you on 00p. Didn't know what I was thiniking, Jcrew skirt always run bigger size. Now all my favorite colors are gone…. 🙁 Did you try the skirt at the store?

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  21. The 1st skirt is such a beautiful color on you – you really rock the mustard yellow family (and every other color family) and I was so excited when you said it fit so well until I scrolled down and saw the clips. Disappointing because the color really is very flattering. Also like the lace skirt and the coat if it really does fit better in petite sizing.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  22. Michelle wrote:

    You look absolutely gorgeous in the first skirt. Those two colors on you are amazing!

    I am in love with the lace skirt! Since the length on you hits about 2-3 inches above the knee, that will definitely be too short for me for work. But I could see it working for a holiday work party with tights!

    Not sure if I will buy anything from J. Crew this week. If I do, your post will definitely come in handy…thanks!! 🙂

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  23. I am Khatu wrote:

    I've been contemplating whether i should order their petite line for weeks now. I too, looked at the same skirt but gave up on the idea of it fitting. I do love their clothes, a lot, but I'm getting so tired of paying extra for alterations. :-/ perhaps, the coupon code will convince me otherwise. Thanks for sharing!

    about hosting a PFC, I would love to! I've been thinking about a challenge since you first mentioned it, but nothing comes to mind. My creative juice doesn't flow that way…lol. When I think of something, I will let you know. Do you know who is hosting it next?

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  24. Great review!!! I can see how much work you put into this, it's definitely appreciated 🙂

    I think I'm still too scared to order online from J. crew as shipping to me is probably atrocious and the sizing seems inconsistent!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  25. That's a perfect color choice for pencil skirt. Since I gained weight around my waist, clothes actually fit better.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  26. I was your size before I had my baby and now I'm still 5'0 but 100 lbs..I've got my Minnie pant on order in a petite 00, so we'll see how it fits! Hopefully since I've gained a hip and a booty to boot (kekeke) it'll fit me! I love the skirt on you..and love your blog!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  27. I almost died when I saw that first skirt pic!!! Then I saw the clipped back…lol. Ugh J. Crew, why do you vanity size so badly. That skirt is so pretty though, I'd be tempted to do the alterations. I've spent way too much money this month so I'm sitting this one out! Thanks for your reviews!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  28. s wrote:

    Ahh what a disappointment for that first skirt you reviewed! How awesome would it be if it fit just right? That color is so pretty and could be worn year round! Gosh if that's their 00P, I hate to see their other sizes… didn't realize J. Crew was geared toward such a large crowd!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  29. Banhannas wrote:

    What a really nice compilation of reviews for JCrew! I was wondering what kinds of clothes worked and what didn't. =0D
    I immediately opened up a tab for JCrew when I saw the first picture of the pencil skirt.. "Holy cow, I knew I should have ordered" So are you going to keep and alter it? PetiteGorgeous has the same skirt in 00p and it looked great on her!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  30. Nelah wrote:

    Holy cow – I have NO idea alterations cost that much!!! Thanks for the review, it is great to know before jumping on that deal. That first pencil skirt is so pretty. I am not sure I am willing to spend extra $$ on alteration.

    I have given the US retailers a long pause on shopping now as I have a trip to Asia coming up next year. Can't wait to hoard on better fitting clothes.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  31. kileen wrote:

    Wow, I love that first skirt on you and the bronzed ochre color is absolutely gorgeous! It's too bad that it does need quite a bit of alterations, but you've definitely piqued my interest in these skirts now as I'm a bit bigger than you.

    Also, thanks for the review on the elastic waist skirt. The lace detailing is very chic and I'll be keeping an eye on it too for a price drop.

    Thanks for the great reviews!!


    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  32. Annapurna wrote:

    Yikes, you are swimming in the Minnies and that pencil skirt.

    Jcrew double-cloth with thinsulate is OK in Boston until the weather hits below freezing. Then only a puffer will do, especially if you don't have a car.

    I have a jcrew lady day, in 0P. The lady days run smaller than some of their other coats. On me (I am normally 5-2, 95-100 Ibs but bigger than you – the 0P minnies and pencil skirt fit me perfectly off the rack), the 0P lady day length is perfect but the sleeves are annoyingly short and the waist annoyingly high (right under my boobs). It's not warm enough to pay full price for, or even 25% off for. If I had to do it again, I would get a 0R to fix the sleeves and high waist problem and have a tailor cut the bottom so it is not that annoying calf-length.

    With the jcrew coats, I would order them online when there is free shipping, figure out the size that works best for you, and then wait until after Xmas to score one on final sale. I got mine for less than $100 that way.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  33. Leena wrote:

    i have the j crew double serge pencil skirt in wisteria, and i love it. i'll be reviewing it very soon! though like you said the 00 is still large, so i had to get it altered. i'm waiting for the other colors to go on sale, especially the one you posted in bronzed ochre.


    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  34. Great review on JCrew items. I love the mustard yellow pieces but have not yet to find anything that fits. Thanks for the heads up on the sale. I will definitely check it out. I haven't bought anything from JCrew in ages.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  35. Chloe wrote:

    Isn't J Crew's sizing almost schizophrenic? Sometimes a 00 is falling off me (when it really, really, REALLY shouldn't be) and other times, like in the Severn Lace Mini, the 0 fits super tight. As annoyed as I get with the obscene vanity sizing, I also wish they'd stick with some sort of congruent size chart. I've never seen a retailer have such a bad skew like this, argh. So frustrating!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  36. PetiteXXS wrote:

    Lol… I was almost ready to jump out of my seat in surprise to see that the J.Crew pencil skirt fits right off the rack! Why must you tease me so, Jean? 😛 And lol about trying on the skirt over jeans, I'm guilty of that sometimes in the dressing room… too lazy to take pants/jeans off when trying on dresses 😛 *sigh* Now you've got me eyeing the lace skirt and that coat… but looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and order online if I want to try the petite sizing. Everything's still so expensive though… decisions, decisions.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  37. Anonymous wrote:

    We, the petite, had become the casualty of vanity sizing. I WAS a JCREW fan and "LOVED" their edgy preppy vibe. JCrew coats are impeccably tailored with contrast color lining. You can spot a JCrew coat from afar. 0P and PXS "USED" to fit me perfectly. NO MORE! I am completely sized out by JCrew and Banana Republic. So has my sis and she is a taller petite in 5' 4.5" and 104 lbs.

    Is it just me or have anyone noticed changes of JCREW followers since 2008?

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  38. I've sworn off mustard years ago but seeing how you style it makes me think I should revisit. J.Crew stocks some good items but the price is a big deterrent for me. Having said that, the Dark Plum does look lovely! Those pants sure bag around the knees, eh?

    Tks for posting! I know you're busy at work.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  39. Ping wrote:

    lol you had me on the first pic!! it would be great if they fit that way. i do love that mustard yellow. ohh those minnie pants, how horrible are they?! they waist is huge and the material sags….how i hate them so. if i would have known, i'd have returned it!! my favorite is the lace skirt, but like you said…too expensive. even with 25% off, jcrew is not enticing me to buy anything! heehee 😛

    Posted 11.1.10 Reply
  40. Cee wrote:

    Oh man, it's too bad their sizing is so erratic. I hate buying from J.Crew during their finale sale too. Did you get a chance to try on their coats with thinsulate? I've heard that makes a huge difference and will keep you super warm. I've been thinking of getting some sort of J.Crew coat for winter just cuz of that. Still waiting for the perfect one though =)

    I'm surprised the Minnie pants didn't look all that great. J.Crew keeps touting it as their best fitting pants!!

    Thanks for the reviews, Jean!

    Posted 11.1.10 Reply
  41. Your so stylish!

    Posted 11.1.10 Reply

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