Petite Lookbook: Little Red Jacket

For those of you who have an H&M; nearby, I can’t recommend this sweatshirt-peacoat enough. It’s affordable, well-constructed, warm, and runs small…what more can I ask for? It also comes in three colors, so if tomato red isn’t for you, try hunting down one in black, or my favorite – heather gray.


Jacket: H&M; sz 2, fits like 00P
Jeans: H&M; kids “super sqin” sz 11/12
Ankle booties: Target Mossimo sz 5.5 (were just $7!)


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Fit: A womens sz 2 fits just like a 00P, and I throw in the “P” because the sleeves are the right length for my short arms. Although “puffed,” the shoulder detail does not overwhelm a small frame. A size 2 is snug on me when buttoned up.

For reference, I know a lot of petite bloggers modeled the Urban Outfitters peplum jacket in sz XS. Here’s how the two jackets compare when buttoned up. The H&M; one is much thicker and structured:

Affordability: Quite affordable at $35. I tried on some ill-fitting 100% poly blouses that cost more than that.

Quality: For the price, the quality exceeds my expectations. Outer is a comfy sweatshirt-like material made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, and the jacket is fully lined in a boldly striped material. There are flap details at each sleeve cuff and nice contoured seams along the back.

The buttons are sewn on firmly and shockingly do not look cheap. My biggest qualm with places like H&M; are their cheap-looking buttons, but I was quite thrown off by these nice pewter-colored buttons.

Verdict: This jacket is a keeper for me, but I can’t decide whether to keep the bright tomato red or continue searching for the safe heather gray!


In these photos, I’m testing out my Revlon falsies in #99503 “Flirty” gifted by Diane : ) Thanks so much, Diane! These have adhesive strips instead glue, which were very easy to apply. The lashes were so soft and fluttery, but the adhesive strip lost sticky power the second time around. I wonder if I can apply regular lash glue to these too?

Readers – will any of you be picking up this little jacket?

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. You are looking beautiful with that jacket.I like this fit.Think this will also make me beautiful.
    HandBags by TinaFrantzDesigns on Etsy


    Posted 10.10.13 Reply
  2. Arts wrote:

    love the red on you. Hope you kept it 🙂

    Posted 2.8.12 Reply
  3. nicole wrote:

    That jacket is amazing on you! perfect colour, perfect fit, perfect everything! I esp love how it fits in the shoulder and the arms! I always have problems with sleeves being too long for me. And for $35, that is a steal! The red looks great against your dark hair, lady, you are all set for fall!

    Posted 9.17.10 Reply
  4. Lawgirl wrote:

    Sorry for all the typos! Blame it on my passion!:-)

    Posted 9.12.10 Reply
  5. Lawgirl wrote:

    PAG – Please don't get mad me, but we need Stacy London from WNTW to give you some tough love about this red jacket 😉 I know you're most comfortable in black and gray, but you absolutely stunning in this color. It highlights your hair, it compliments your skin tone, and it's 10,000 times more flattering on you in red/tomato than black or gray. Ok, off my stoop. LOL. Seriously, this is the time to take in the objective opinions of those who "know" and love you. Hugs xoxx

    Posted 9.12.10 Reply
  6. Erin wrote:

    Oh I love it… it is SUPER cute in that tomato red color! I need to visit H&M; now!

    Posted 9.11.10 Reply
  7. eemusings wrote:

    That is the single most adorable jacket I have ever seen.

    Why oh why don't we have HnM here??!!

    Posted 9.11.10 Reply
  8. I love the red on you in the picture but at the store, it seems to have a bit more orange than I like. Soooo, I bought the grey!

    Posted 9.11.10 Reply
  9. Jani wrote:

    Wow this jacket looks great, hahaha 77 comments shows how much everyone loves this post!

    If you wanted the grey I'd glady buy your red one at full price. I can't get H&M; over in New Zealand! Let me know I have paypal 😉

    Posted 9.10.10 Reply
  10. I just got this jacket in red yesterday because of your post! I'm telling you, fashion blogs are hurting my wallet…!!

    Posted 9.10.10 Reply
  11. DoubleZero wrote:

    Thank you for clarifying 🙂

    Posted 9.10.10 Reply
  12. DoubleZero – no problem…I love these tanks so I hope you find them. They were probably $10 or so each, a little more expensive than their basics. And yes the sizing/country info was printed directly onto the fabric, but there is still a "contents" tag on the inside bottom. Good luck at your faraway shopping trip!

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  13. DoubleZero wrote:

    Aww, thanks for digging them up just for me! I like pima cotton 🙂 By "inside back", are you implying that they do not have tags at the neckline since the info is printed directly onto the fabric?

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  14. Steph – omg, darned cat! Why puke on the Louis and not a Coach wallet? I have the mini lin zippy wallet in "dune" or some sandy color. I love it but it was not a smart choice from a cleanliness standpoint. The cleaners quoted me like $40 which I thought was atrocious.

    Bella – my kids 11/12 jeans measure 12.5" across the waist and 15" across the hips, and 28.5" inseam. They are tight on me but if I go one size up they are way too long. I think they have two or 3 sizes bigger than 11/12 so you should try some on!

    April – aww : ) Thanks girl…I don't think Jen and I look that similar though but that is a compliment.

    Aubrey – darnit, but I knew it wouldn't fit you perfectlyl since you're at least a size smaller than me. I've never tried on belts in that size…only XS/S, was it tiny?

    AspiringMinimalist – hehe, tell him I said hi! It's deceiving…you saw how shrimpy I was in real life. And oh, I hope you find it in Canada!

    Kimberly – thank you, and good luck shopping : )

    Anon @4:54 and Ivy – aww, I'm sorry it didn't work out. Ivy yes I can see how it may not work with all skin tones. Maybe heather gray would be nice. And if you end up not returning it for any reason…the AlterationsNeeded marketplace is up!

    Double Zero – ah, I do love those tanks and tees (I got 5 of em) and I just dug them up. It's so hard to describe, but two telltale signs…1. they are all 95% pima cotton, 5% elastane. And 2. they have the size and country of origin printed directly on the inside back. Mine say sz 2 and made in bangladesh. A word of warning tho…the hems on mine unraveled after like 2 wears. But I still love them!

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  15. DoubleZero wrote:

    Very cute jacket, it fits you so well! I get to go to H&M; this weekend so I will look for it. It's several hours away so I'm looking forward to it. A while back, you mentioned "a certain tee/tank line of theirs which is really smooth cotton that's cool to the touch" which I also want to look for so could you provide additional details such as prices, etc. to help me locate them? Thanks a bunch! 🙂

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  16. I am Khatu wrote:

    $7 for the shoes? nice! keep me posted on the broach, I wanna see pictures. 🙂

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  17. Ivy wrote:

    I just got the red one in sz. 2… I love the way it looks – except for the color… I think it's not for the blondish/pale gals like me… So… if any of you ladies wants it – let me know! I will most likely return it this weekend so email me if you want it and can't find it in your local H&M;.

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  18. You look super cute in this and I can't believe how tiny it fits! Great find!

    I wish I was in a need for a jacket 'cuz I would totally get this! 🙂

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    I tried out that red jacket..doesn't look as good on me as it does on you! :). I actually wanted the black one but they ran out of size 4. 🙁

    Just for curiosity I checked out the UK H&M; website but they don't have it on sale online, only in the shops.

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  20. Kimberly wrote:

    That red jacket is perfect, as well as your entire outfit, as always! 🙂 On my day off I will be on the hunt for it. Hopefully a size 4 will fit me since a size 6 is usually too big for me.

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  21. This looks great on you!

    I'm hoping to still score one – either in grey or red (it's in Canada, too! yay!). One of my gf's checked them out and they have some limited colours/sizes left.

    I showed BF this post, and he commented that you look quite tall in these photos ;).

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  22. Jean – After getting off work, and volunteering, I dragged myself to mall, and 25 minutes later, I was in the dressing room trying on this jacket. To answer your question, it is not as snug on me (vs the way you described the fit of the jacket on you for your other readers), but not roomy either. It would have to be an inch smaller in order for me to "bust out."

    I also tried unbuttoning it like you have in one of the pics, and I prefer it buttoned; otherwise, it looks boxy on me. I also just like buttons that have the peacoat-style positioning to be buttoned anyways.

    The upper arm of this jacket is a bit roomier for me too (lack of muscles, I'd say…). But in regards to the sleeve length, if I bend my elbows, then it's about 1-1.5 inches shorter than my wrist. Maybe this is suppose to happen? This just goes to show all petites come in different shapes and sizes.

    I feel like I'm just as small as Jen from Frmheadtotoe, but I'm 5'2" (measured myself @ home depot =D).

    Still debating on whether to keep this jacket, but I had to snatch the Red sz 2 anyways just in case.

    Tangent: do you know how small belts @ H&M; run, *specifically* in the numeric sizing? 31/32?

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  23. MizzJ wrote:

    Definitely keep the red – be bold!! This looks great on you, although personally I like a little longer length when it comes to coats.

    What's your Fall Fashion Frenzy? Tell me & you could win a $100 gift card from ShopBop!

    Posted 9.9.10 Reply
  24. April wrote:

    You are really pretty by the way! I was looking at your pictures and you remind me of Jen frmheadtotoe and she's petite and gorgeous too!

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  25. I vote for the red too! The pop of color looks great against your skin tone.

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  26. Bella wrote:

    Hahah oops, I meant to say that I got the same jacket but in grazy sz 2. 🙂

    Just wondering 'cause I can't seem to find any reviews online, but what are the measurements for H&M; kids squin jeans? What size do you think would fit a 5'2" 100lbs. grl like me?

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  27. DSK Steph! wrote:

    Completely random, but do you have any pets?

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  28. DSK Steph! wrote:

    You have the mini lin LV wallet! In the ebene/brown? I loveee the mini lin fabric. It's definitely making a come back now, everything seems to be so much more expensive now-a-days.

    I have two 30's in the same fabric ebene & dune. They are so darn hard to clean 🙁 My parents cat threw up on my brown mini lin last year or two years ago…(time flies) and I tried to clean it myself..but you can totally tell something puked on it lol. Or at least just a water stain. It was so sad..because it was my first LV anything. I'm probably over sharing with the cat puke, but do let me know what you plan to do to clean your wallet. I wonder if the cleaners would take it?

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  29. Thanks guys! I am glad that some of you were able to try this on/ get it.

    D – I really didn't like that blazer…even for $30, there were just so many ways in which it didn't flatter natural body curves. Hope you have better luck shopping today!

    xoladiihoneyxo – I think the puff shoulder will be okay since it's so delicate, but I have to admit the bust of this jacket doesn't allow for too much room. I'm a 32A and the 2 pretty much fits perfectly.

    Kali – yes, that's the best way i can describe it lol. It feels like the material that hoodies are made of, but it is fully lined and has structure. I was drawn to this material since it's so comfy, but this is definitely not a peacoat in the sense of nice wool peacoat. – yup, if you have a chest any bigger than mine then the sz 2 may be an issue. With several H&M; dresses I have the same problem in sz 2…can't get the chest area to zip up!

    Aubrey – yay, you found it after such persistence! But you are a bit smaller than me…did you have the chance to pick it up and try it on? And thanks for all those #s…I'm sure they will be helpful to some SD based ladies.

    Javacurls – I'm one of those who are guilty of being loyal to black and gray. Don't like drawing attention to myself with bright colors lol.

    Thegoodgirlgoneblog – omg! Whistled and honked at?? Is this in Boston or back home, lol? Now I'm a little hesitant to wear red : O

    CynthiaC – hope you have the chance to try this on in gray or black!

    Vicky – hmm, I will have to go look at the stitching now lol. The 11/12's are tight…seems like I size up each time I go. Did you try on the 4 though? The 2 is snug across my chest and PetiteLittleGirl went to the mall today and said she'd need a 4.

    Yvette – "honest" sizing is a good way to put it, lol! Yea it's quite a difference when I wear sz 4 in H&M;, yet need alterations to wear a 00P in American brands!

    RL – I love J.Crew's coats, but I think they would surely need alterations on tiny petites. And I agree, red is probably better on a shorter jacket than long coat. I got the Target boots during their season end clearance last year (they have it a lot and I always order a bunch of stuff, like my black maxi dress) for under $10 a pop.

    Jenn Chase – I was surprised at how affordable it was! Their blazers are usually at least $40 and some $50, but I'm not going to complain : )

    Hugstiem – I would typically agree, because of the extra fabric from the double-breastedness flapping around, but this was a bit snug on me so I actually preferred it unbuttoned! I'm bigger than you, though.

    Grace – they're old booties, but I'm ordering some current ones for this Fall. I'm pleased with them…decent sizing, comfy, plus the soles are nice and non-slip. Good luck shopping! Ah, how I dread FV traffic (or my bf does at least, when chauffeuring, hehe).

    Claud- you probably have longer legs than me! I just measured mine…they have a 28.5" inseam.

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  30. the jacket looks so good on you. what a great fit! i love the entire outfit, very pretty


    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  31. ✿Ji✿ wrote:

    The red looks really pretty on you!♥

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  32. Abby wrote:

    Amazing fit! I'm very happy to hear that it runs small. I'd like a jacket like this as I don't really have much in the way of nice jackets… in heather grey, of course.

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  33. Claud wrote:

    Nice jacket. I love it. And those are the exact same jeans I got for H&M; kids (thanks to you). They look great on you. Yours seem to be more longer than mine. Mine barely hit at the ankle.

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  34. grace wrote:

    @AubreyOhDang! Thanks for those phone numbers; I think I will drop by Fashion Valley after work (even though the traffic won't be too friendly..) since they currently have them in all colors in size 4. I'd be dreaming if I could fit a size 2! Escondido is a far drive 🙁 but at least you found one!!

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  35. Grace-there's a sz 4 @ plaza bonita or chula vista, I forgot, in red. I found the red sz 2 all the way in escondido =/. Fashion only has a sz 2 in gray & possibly black and sz 4+ in all colors. FV gets shipment in all the time, so i'd check back if you don't want to drive.

    here are the #s:
    FV – 619 220 4904
    Plaza bonita – 619 470 0254
    Chula vista – 619 216 7868
    Escondido – 760 747 7340

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  36. grace wrote:

    I'm wondering which Target mossimo booties those are! I say get the red AND the heather gray!

    @AubreyOhDang! Which store did you end up finding it? I'm also in San Diego, but I need a size 4. I guess I should call around myself.. 🙂

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply

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