5 Winter Outfits // Long Coats for Petites

Hello friends ~ I’m LA this week with my grandparents and my heart goes out to anyone taking care of aging or ill family members. It’s the toughest thing watching loved ones deteriorate and in pain, not to mention the sheer complexity of navigating our healthcare system plus finding assisted care. I’m so grateful to this online community who helped me figure out how to get my dear grandpa seen quickly in a setting that’s comfortable for him.

I will say I’m certainly not missing the weather in Boston…I’ve had about enough of northeast winters, but one thing I do like a teensy bit about the cold is the ease of throwing on a long coat. My core style has been simplifying with more basics and solid neutrals, so a long coat can do a lot to elevate and “make the outfit.”

Below are some combos I’ve worn recently on repeat. For those in a more mild climate, I would swap in my favorite Amazon duster cardigan (which comes in almost all of the colors as my coats) as a lighter weight layer to achieve a similar look!

1. Monochromatic piece + long coat

Uniqlo cream wool coat petite winter outfits

Keep either your top or bottom piece (or both!) monochromatic with your long coat color for the easiest outfit formula of all time. Can be a camel tunic sweater + a camel long coat and black leggings. A black turtleneck + black long coat with jeans. A bold red sweater + a red coat and some cream trousers. 

Another tip is to layer your tights to get to your ideal opacity. It happened to be a warmer winter day and I had two pairs of tights that were each a little too sheer, so I layered them for this nice semi sheer effect. 

2. Athleisure set + sneakers + long coat

This is a super easy “lazy day” combo that is highly practical for travel or running errands, and still feels a bit chic. Works well with leggings or a matching joggers set (Gap has some in petite). I got these socks as a stuffing stocker and they’re worth every penny – so cushioned and comfy, I’ll be getting them in black and white too!

adidas sambas sneakers abercrombie long black coat

3. The rule of 3 colors (plus denim)

The “three color rule” is a simple guideline that suggests limiting your outfit to three main colors. And I sometimes don’t count denim, since it’s a neutral canvas that’s always ready to play with any color scheme. With the denim here as a foundation, I went with the combo of cream, camel, and touches of black which always feels classic to me.

edited pieces camel coat petite levi wedgie jeans

This is my beloved Uniqlo “ultra warm” thermal top again in a different color. I wear my black the most by far, but cream or gray is a nice change for softer color palettes.

4. Let the Coat Shine

This coat was one of my most favorite purchases last year, and every time I pull it on it just “makes” my outfit. I usually wear it with simple natural pieces to show off the tailored silhouette and sleek length. This outfit is also an example of the 3 color rule with navy, taupe and black (navy + taupe were made for each other, IMO!). My exact coat is the Montage coat which came in 3 colors, but sizes are very low now. I also tried on their very similar style which comes in both a short and long length – you can see my try on videos here.

aritzia navy wrapped montage coat petites

5. Grays and Chocolate

Lately I’ve found myself loving chocolate / brown hues for it’s versatility and for adding a little warmth to my cool neutral outfits. Brown with gray tones is an easy combo to start with and try!

petite long coat styles jeans and sambas
Old Uniqlo coat (similar), Levi’s Ribcage Straight Ankle jeans 24 x 27 (love these, if you like very high rise!), similar chocolate brown turtleneck xxs, Adidas Sambas men’s 4 = women’s 5/5.5
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Jess wrote:

    This! I think your color analysis would be dark autumn. I totally see browns/navys/creme brighten you right up!

    Posted 2.19.24 Reply
  2. Teresa wrote:

    You look stylish in all of these, plus warm and comfortable! Thanks for the tip about wearing Uniqlo’s kid sized heattech leggings. Sometimes I get away with kid sized clothes too.

    Posted 1.28.24 Reply
  3. Linda Johns wrote:

    Do you have any suggestions for where to purchase trouser socks for smaller feet? The “One Size Fits Most” is always too big for me.

    Posted 1.26.24 Reply
  4. Karen wrote:

    Love these looks! I love Quince pieces but have noticed the ivory/white tops are often a bit sheer (in cashmere and silk)… have you had this issue, and if so, what do you do about it? Not sure if there’s an undershirt you recommend to wear under it.

    Posted 1.26.24 Reply

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