Review: Mackage Coats – Farren, Calla, Nori

mackage calla shearling down coat navy review

I survived over a decade of Boston winters in my tailored wool coats, and am finally seeing the appeal of a good parka. I’m comfortable in my wool coats with multiple layers plus a hat and scarf, but there’s something about just throwing on a hooded parka that envelops you and being able to run out the door in frigid conditions. And now as a mom of 2, the parka appeal is particularly strong during our frosty daily walks to school.

After trying on petite-friendly options in my Canada Goose parka review, I wanted to hop on over to Mackage, a brand that keeps catching my eye over the past few years. Between these 2 players in the luxury outerwear market, I find Canada Goose to be more functionality and durability focused (with options designed to withstand extreme winter conditions), while Mackage is also known for warmth and function but is much more style-forward.

Mackage Parka Features

In researching the brand, I learned Mackage parkas use only RDS certified down and are filled with 90% down / 10% feathers, a high down ratio (similar to Moncler) to achieve extra lightweight yet warm and windproof coats. Their parkas are also water repellent, have deep adjustable hoods, heavy duty zippers, and warm pockets lined in Thinsulate. Read on to see some of their more petite-friendly styles, and which one I ended up with!

1. Mackage Farren

Cold rating (per Mackage): for Moderate Cold
Sold at: Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Revolve

A Mackage classic that’s available year-round. This is their signature lighter weight stretch down coat with no trim on the hood. Functional features include the water repellent outer, protective hood and zipper pockets mentioned above that’s typical of their parkas. 

The silhouette is very shapely with panels that angle in for waist definition, and the leather trim adds a modern touch. I tried on the XXS and it was very figure flattering and petite-friendly. This puffer is meant to be closer fitting, so most people would be fine in their usual size. Since I personally like a little more wiggle room these days, I would do an XS in this style (currently 5′ tall around 100lbs).

One other style I was really interested but didn’t find is the Camea Down Coat (also sold at NM with 1 review) with unique chevron quilting detail. I was told this one has a similar weight and fit to the Farren style and a more lustrous shell.

Mackage Farren petite review
Mackage Farren light down coat petite try on
2. Mackage Calla Shearling

Cold rating: for Deep Cold // Down to 5°F ( -15°C)
Sold at: Saks and Bloomingdales (shearling only available at these 2 stores)

After trying on quite a few styles over the years, this is my favorite Mackage coat for my weather and wardrobe needs. It has the same flattering silhouette and features as the Farren, but is made for colder weather with a thicker 800 down fill and warm shearling trim. I’ve been eying the Calla coat in past years and noticed it is not typically offered with a shearling option, so finally took the plunge and purchased this as a Christmas gift to self.

Similar to with the Farren, the XXS was petite-friendly and pretty slim fit on me for a parka. Mackage indicates this coat is designed to be worn over a light layer, and suggests going up 1 size for layering over sweaters. The younger me would delight in such a fitted silhouette for a puffer coat and definitely go with the XXS, but current me who enjoys a looser fit (especially around the tummy area) bought 1 size up.

While it’s rated for down to 5 degrees F, I can’t speak to that claim. I’ve only worn it in 30 degree Boston temps thus far and it’s been very comfortable.

Mackage Calla puffer coat petite review
3. Mackage Nori

Cold rating: for Moderate Cold // Down to 23°F ( -5°C)
Sold at: Saks, Shopbop

Another Mackage signature coat that I’ve tried on and admired several times over the years. And such a memorable one for me, from the sharp style down to that coat name! 

I’ve resisted this coat each time as my Ted Baker Rose coat is slightly reminiscent of the style. Compared to my Ted Baker coat, the Mackage Nori is a thicker winter weight and has really unique tailoring and details from the leather belt to the zip up collar and removable “bib.”  The ribbed bib provides stylish chest coverage and warmth when you’re not wearing a scarf. 

Fit wise, XXS was tailored and slim fit on me, with the sleeves being a little long (typical of standard sizing coats, like my Ted Baker coat as well). I would stick with my usual XXS in this as I like my wool coats to be a close fit.

Mackage black Nori wool coat try on

They also have a similar style belted wool coat, the Shia, but with a hood and a down puffer zip in bib instead of a rib knit one. I was told the Shia is rated for slightly colder conditions than the Nori.

Mackage Nori wool coat petite review
Mackage Shia coat (also at Revolve), Topshop leggings 0P (also at ASOS; fits like 00P), Sam Edelman boots 5
4. Mackage Ishani

Cold rating: for Deep Cold // Down to -4°F ( -20°C)
Sold at: Saks, Bloomingdales, Shopbop

Another popular style that’s been around for a few years now. The Ishani is a puffier and longer parka compared to the slim fit ones reviewed above. The photo on me is NOT a good indication of the fit since they only had a size Small in store, and I’d expect an XXS to fit much better. While it’s a fuller parka, it was very lightweight and cloud-like and the drawstring waist gives it some shape. The fit is more relaxed for layering and felt very warm for the short time I was trying it on.

Mackage Ishani parka petite try on

Mackage Ishani coat size Small (only size they had in store).

If you own a Mackage coat, I’d love to hear which style and some of the pros and cons from your experience!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. K wrote:

    For reference, I’m a long time Boston resident who walks to everywhere in SE-Back Bay-Cambridge 🙂 I own Canada Goose Shelburne (black label), as well as Mackage Fallon, Harlowe Parka (old), Miley (old), and something similar to Adali (from 2011). Fallon is more for a 30-40-something weather, very slimming, packable, and I absolutely love it. For sub 30F weather, I wear Shelburne or one of the other Mackage jackets, but Mackage jackets are always warmer vs Shelburne. Also, my 10+yr old Mackage still looks gorgeous, while 4yr old Shelburne looks worn and faded. I sent Shelburne out for repair (per their lifetime guarantee), but they said that damage caused by dry cleaning is not covered… so I’m now left with a $$$ jacket looking very old after less than 5yrs of wear. I will continue to buy Mackage, but will probably not do CG again. Soya and Kyo is not bad, but quality is definitely not as good as Mackage. Just my opinion, but I swear by Mackage! My trench coat (with removable down lining) is Mackage too 🙂 I miss the days when Nordstrom Rack carried Mackage in the $200 range, and when there was an outlet store in Wrentham….

    Posted 1.14.23 Reply
  2. Anne wrote:

    These coats look amazing! Where I live the the winter is very short. Since my oldest is in preschool this year she needs some legitimate winter wear. At home we could get by with layering all the clothes and jackets ha! Could you do a post on how you outfit your kids during cold months? Thanks!

    Posted 12.15.22 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Anne, I haven’t had a chance to do a post on our toddler winter gear but have saved some of our favorite pieces on my Amazon page

      Posted 12.15.22 Reply
      • Anne wrote:

        Great! Thank you for sharing I will definitely be getting two little pairs of those waterproof pants. 😊

        Posted 12.16.22 Reply
  3. Moon wrote:

    I bought a Mackage Andrea last year in XS. I am 5’4” and 100 lbs I agree that fit is “fit but not snug”, and I personally wouldn’t go down to XXS even though I think it would also fit quite well. This style is also for moderate cold (down to 23°F/-5°C). I am bringing it to Iceland next week and hope it would be warm enough with Uniqlo heattech base layer and a sweater in between (plus hat, gloves and scarf of course). Iceland is actually not super-super cold, most of the time is only hovering around freezing temperature…what makes it “feels” colder than it is is from the wind and rain.

    Posted 12.14.22 Reply
    • Kat wrote:

      I think you should be absolutely fine. I am your same size and weight and I was just in Iceland and I had a similar down puffer. The one thing that also kept me going was also having a super light Gore-tex. I purchased the Arc’teryx Zeta SL which was very petite friendly and is by far my favorite windbreaker, it’s fitted so it looks flattering and not bulky. Even with the huge winds in Iceland, I was able to stay cozy and dry. A wave hit me too in Husavik on a boat, and not a single drop penetrated the jacket. Would highly recommend.

      Posted 12.14.22 Reply
      • Moon wrote:

        Thanks Kat for the response. I would love to go with your recommendation of the Gore Tex but probably not enough time for it to get to me since I am leaving Monday… 😅. Hoping the weather is not that cold and the Mackage will save me in the ice caves and glacier hiking…

        Posted 12.15.22 Reply
  4. Megan wrote:

    I have had the Mackage Nori for several years now. I got mine via Trunk Club (RIP), and it has been the warmest yet most stylish coat I’ve owned. I live in Michigan in the west side of the state which tends to get a lot of snow (hello lake effect), and even when our windchill temp dips below zero, I’m typically comfortable in it. While it is an investment initially, my cost per wear is easily $2.50 or less at this point. And based on how it’s held up so far, I know I’ll be wearing it for many years to come. I just wished they’d make it in more colors, like navy or burgundy.

    Posted 12.14.22 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I love hearing how well Mackage coats have help up over the years, thanks for sharing Megan!

      Posted 12.15.22 Reply
  5. Laura McDowell wrote:

    I have the Calla with the fur trim hood and really love it. I went back and forth over the xs and the xxs, but ended up ordering the xxs and I don’t regret it. I don’t wear a lot of bulky sweaters and the snug fit keeps the wind out. I really appreciate the details on this coat, like the heavy duty reinforced zipper! I actually wore it skiing because I didn’t have a proper ski jacket, and it kept me warm.

    Posted 12.14.22 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Appreciate you sharing your sizing thoughts, Laura!

      Posted 12.15.22 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    For petites, winter coats from Soiya & Kyo have fit me perfectly. I believe the company, also Canadian, is a sibling of the Mackage brand. Great styles, warmth and more modestly priced as well.

    Posted 12.14.22 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you for the recommendation!

      Posted 12.15.22 Reply
  7. Leah wrote:

    Thanks for the review! I have been considering upgrading to a nicer coat for a while and Mackage has been near the top of my list.

    I also discovered recently that Reiss has some petite coats. Would you ever consider doing a review of any of those?

    Posted 12.14.22 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I haven’t tried any of their coats before, but will be sure to share if I do!

      Posted 12.15.22 Reply
  8. Lauren wrote:

    Thanks for the review. I own Mackage Adina and it is hands down the most luxurious, well made winter coat I’ve ever owned. (Bostonian here too). I was hesitant about the sequins on it but I get compliments literally every time I wear it and it looks brand new even though it’s a few years old. I found Mackage to run small. I am normally a medium but bought my Adina in a large and I’m glad I did. Am eyeing another style this year too, so your post came at a good time! Long time reader but rarely post. Take care and best wishes to you.

    Posted 12.13.22 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Adina, I didn’t have a chance to try that style on. Happy holidays to you, Lauren!

      Posted 12.15.22 Reply

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