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best sezane sweaters review
Clockwise from top right: Trudy, Léontine, Gaspard, Jazz

I’m working with Sézane this month and wanted to do a deeper dive on their sweaters (including 2 styles I bought a while back and still LOVE)! I almost always tuck my sweaters and know it can be hard to tell how a piece actually fits after it’s been “styled,” so included some photos below of the full length, untucked fit. I also wanted to mention these earrings which exceeded my expectations – they’re super lightweight for the size, and are a small statement piece yet versatile for everyday wear.

If you’re new to Sézane, the Paris-based brand got its start selling vintage clothing, and is focused on creating “high quality, perfectly cut pieces.” A lot of their pieces use organic cotton, responsibly sourced wool or recycled materials, and they have free international shipping + free returns for the US on orders over $200.

sezane leontine jumper striped sweater petite review
Sweater xxs, Topshop jeans 25 x 30, similar flats (JEAN60 for $60 off). Outfit is from this post.
Sezane Sizing

Sézane sizing starts at xxs for knits and tees, 0/2 for blouses, 0/2 for bottoms, and 23 for denim. I’ve tried a variety of their bottoms and they seem designed for a taller frame so do not fit me as well (skirts work better than pants). I’ve had the most success with their classic striped tees and knits in xxs, and have found the prices to be worth it for elevated closet staples.

1. Léontine Jumper

My first Sézane purchase, nearly 2 years ago! This has been an EP reader favorite ever since, though I wanted to note several of you have mentioned your Léontine sweater shrunk after a first washing, so if you’re between two sizes then go with the bigger just in case. I did not notice if that happened with mine, but my size has also fluctuated over this time. I usually hand wash my sweaters in cold and lay flat to dry.

The material on this is 100% organic cotton and the cut of an XXS on me is truly perfect as a slightly slouchy, slightly oversized (but not overwhelming) pullover. If you were to get just 1 striped sweater for a capsule wardrobe that can be worn casual to business casual, this would be it.

fall casual work outfit with sneakers
Léontine sweater xxs, J.Crew pants 00P (snug on me now), Everlane sneakers 5

If you like the look and length of this sweater but are interested in a thicker, wool blend chunkier knit, check out their Lucas jumper – see it on me. Even though the Lucas has wool content in it, the organic cotton + merino wool blend feels almost like a full cotton blend to the touch with no fuzziness or itch factor for me.

The length of Lucas XXS measures exactly the same as my Leontine xxs, while the Lucas noticeably thicker / warmer and chunkier in weight. The coloring of Lucas is more navy stripes on a brighter cream background, while the Leontine is black stripes on beige / off white.

2. Gaspard Cardigan

The Gaspard Cardigan is one of Sézane’s core pieces in an alpaca / mohair blend that’s come in lots of colors over the years. Heads up – it’s itchy for me against bare skin, so I’d pay attention to the composition details if you have a preference for cotton or wool / mohair / alpaca fibers. The latter has a fluffier texture and more of an itchiness factor compared to cotton, so I sometimes wear a cami or thin Uniqlo undershirt. The Trudy sweater below is also a mohair / merino wool blend, while the others in this post are cotton.

The Gaspard is a basic cardigan updated with drop-style shoulders and slender sleeves for that effortless French chic element. It has feminine pearlized buttons and grosgrain ribbon lining the button placket for durability. I like that it can be also be worn backwards with no buttons in the front – see how that looks in my IG video!

Sezane Gaspard reversible sweater review
Gaspard cardigan xxs, Madewell petite perfect vintage jeans, size down (similar wash)
Sam Edelman loafers 5.5, Edited Pieces mini belt xxs

The brand recommends that each of these sweaters be hand washed in cold water. This may be an unpopular approach, but I wash all my sweaters very infrequently and only when they’re actually dirty. Over washing clothes causes unnecessary wear and tear, and oftentimes I can just air out my sweaters outdoors to freshen them up.

3. Trudy Jumper

This sweater is a recent try-on and is a mohair / merino wool blend with a fluffier texture, similar in feel to the Gaspard cardigan. The design is unique with an asymmetrical button-up neckline that you can wear closed as a low mockneck, or open up a bit. I would typically wear this half tucked with jeans, but also wanted to show how it looks fully tucked into high rise bottoms.

Sezane Trudy jumper sweater review
4. Jazz Jumper

I bought this maybe a year ago and absolutely love the knit detailing and the petite-friendly cut. This is the shorter of my Sézane sweaters and hits comfortably at my hips, even when untucked. The gently flaring balloon sleeves also fit my arms without much excess length. This one takes minimal effort to style, as I just quickly half tuck the front center. The 100% organic cotton is comfortable against the skin and is a slightly looser weave with a substantial weight – not heavy, not thin.

Sezane Jazz knit sweater review
J.Crew icon trench petite outfit
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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