Artipoppe Baby Carrier Review + 2022 New Update

Arti Poppe carrier petite review

We were gifted the Artipoppe Zeitgeist baby carrier (now available at Saks with a $75 gift card for Black Friday!) when Rio was a baby, and every time time it makes an appearance I receive numerous questions about it! Nick and I have both loved ours and still use it (currently for Rio who is 22 months old) so I wanted to share my honest review.

Overall thoughts

This is a pricey baby carrier (starts at $355 USD) that will not make sense for many parents to spend on. And if you’re just looking for a good, functional baby carrier then you can certainly find ones that cost less.

But if you typically spend similar amounts on gear, handbags or accessories (or if you’re looking for a good baby gift around this price range) then this is well worth it in my opinion as a high quality accessory that’s both functional and stylish.

When leaving the house with the little ones, more often than not I left my nicer handbags behind but always grabbed this carrier. In addition to being comfortable for me and supportive for baby, I love the pop that it adds to my everyday outfits! As a busy mom I was often in plain leggings / jeans and a tee, and felt. this carrier took my simple looks up a notch.

Artipoppe baby carrier
Fit & Support

How to Use: I recommend watching their instruction videos on how to put on the carrier and adjust the fit. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but with a little practice, it becomes part of muscle memory!

For parents / caregivers: As a petite mom who is under 5 feet tall and narrow framed, I use this carrier with the side straps pulled to the tightest setting. If you are much smaller than me then it may not fit tightly enough.

My husband is about 5’9″ mens size M and said it was very comfortable to wear, especially as baby got heavier and outgrew our smaller carrier. Our nanny would also pick this carrier for her outings with the baby, and said she found it easy to put on / take off.

For little ones: It has very good hip support (deemed ‘hip healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute). The design adjusts to fit as your baby grows, and allows baby to sit in an ergonomic “M shaped” position.

There is a cushioned neck support flap that you can either flip up or down and secure with little side buttons. It’s flipped up in the winter photo above for more support while my younger baby was napping, and flipped down in the other photos when he wanted to look around. My son loved being carried facing inward and often fell asleep this way!


The carrier is beautiful quality and comes in a dustbag and unique gifting-ready box. Ours is still in excellent condition, so I’d say the quality would definitely last as a hand-me-down for use with multiple kids. The entry level fabrics (including the one I have in this blog post) are $355, and go upward from there for more luxe materials like velvet and silk.

artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier review
New Front-facing Attachment

Previously the Artipoppe could only be used in “front carry facing inward” and “back carry facing inward” positions. In Spring 2022 they came out with a new attachment that now allows the carrier to be used front carry facing outward, for babies who love seeing more action around them. This attachment is automatically included as part of every Artipoppe carrier sold now, but if you bought your carrier prior to this development, the attachment can be purchased separately here.

Ages of Use

The Artipoppe website lists this carrier for babies 7lbs / 3.2kg up to 45lbs / 20 kg. I didn’t receive mine until my baby was about 5 months old, so can’t speak to how it is for the newborn stage. But it seemed very comfortable for my baby starting at 5 months, and he still asks to be carried in it currently at 22 months. Personally, during the very earliest months when baby is tiny, I loved using a fabric wrap like my Solly baby wrap which felt barely-there and extra close against my body.

Fellow Artipoppe owners, please feel free to share your thoughts and input as well!

fall artipoppe baby carrier photos
artipoppe baby carrier newborn winter outfit
Sam Edelman boots 5, $15 sunglasses, Everlane jeans (similar), Old Navy coat (old)
christmas artipoppe baby carrier 1 year old
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    I’ve been so happy with my Artipoppe too! I was really skeptical of the price at first but I appreciate your perspective of “if you spend this much on other accessories”. I really love the simplicity of it, it doesn’t have a ton of pockets or extra parts and pieces, which makes put it on so easy. And of course I love that it’s supportive and super stylish!

    Posted 8.10.22 Reply
  2. Morgan wrote:

    I LOVED my artipoppe!! I have a brown leopard print one that I used a ton when my son was first born in August of 2020, and I bought a matching mask that I still use. It was worth the investment and I prefer it to the others I was gifted.

    Posted 8.10.22 Reply
  3. Mk wrote:

    I got it but ultimately returned. It was certainly pretty, and definitely made a statement, but I preferred the Ergo. I found it too complicated to put on and I want convinced it was great for my child’s hips. That said, if I was gifted it in the future, I wouldn’t say no when he’s older.

    Posted 8.9.22 Reply

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