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Edited Pieces camel coat outfit

Oh my goodness, friends. After quietly working on this on the side for several years, it feels surreal that Edited Pieces is almost ready to share with you all. Like many small businesses, it was born out of plugging away during late nights, early mornings, and the magical moments when both babies are actually asleep at the same time. None of it could have come to life without your support, though. From all of you who filled out our initial survey years ago, to the readers around Boston helping with fit tests, to my small but mighty team supporting it all – thank you!

For our first few pieces I wanted to go back to why I started this blog 12 years ago. More than just learning how to put outfits together, it was to help myself and others feel confident and empowered despite size or stature. And I must admit, it’s the best feeling wearing my own pieces around town, and getting stopped by strangers asking about them!

At launch, we have just a limited collection of products, each handmade in small quantities. A few additional styles are in the works being tweaked and refined, and those will become available to shop on Edited Pieces as they’re ready!

petite wool coat cream winter white

Sizing and fit

For apparel, our fit is designed to be petite-friendly with some pieces (like our upcoming knit skirt) that will work on a range of different heights. Footwear will be in sizes 4 through 9 to start. And for accessories, we offer sizing starting at XXS for belts and a narrow wrist option for bracelets.

With this being our first collection, I know we have a lot to learn about sizing. To help customers choose the right size in each style, we did fit tests on several different body types to share as a reference. Our initial size range was determined based on demand (per a survey that thousands of you helped me fill out!), and I’ll be tuning in closely to feedback for our future size offerings.

For fit reference: I’m a tad under 5 feet tall, 32-25-32, approx. 5.5″ wrist circumference and size 5 to 5.5 in shoes.

petite oversized camel double faced wool coat Edited Pieces

The Launch Lineup

Our initial collection ranges from $48 to $348.

1. The Reversible Horsebit Belt

About the belt: Two timeless belts in one, our reversible belt features soft black Nappa leather on one side and textured cognac Saffiano leather on the other. The design ensures a clean, refined look with the belt tail neatly concealed rather than flapping around. For ultimate versatility, the buckle is detachable from the strap, and will be interchangeable with future belt styles that we release (color suggestions welcome)!

We partnered with an incredible belt maker that has been crafting belts for 15 years, with strong attention to environmentally responsible processes and material traceability. Their leathers are sourced from LWG certified tanneries and finished in-house. I have spent many a late night facetiming with our contact at the factory, who has patiently taught me about the art of belt making and helped perfect this belt after a dozen rounds of revisions.

Sizing: XXS to XL. This is meant to be worn higher at the natural waist, so some fit testers took one size up from their usual. Please take the time to measure your waist and compare it to our belt sizing chart that will be on the site! If you plan on wearing it lower near your hips, or if you plan on belting it over blazers and coats, consider going 1 size up.

I’ve been living in denim and solid colors, and this belt has been the perfect finishing piece for pulling everything together. I also love it over a dress, workwear, a blazer or a coat!

2. The Nora Bracelet, Constance Necklace, and Gemma Hoop Earrings

I don’t wear much jewelry for a multitude of reasons. My ears are super sensitive to both materials and weight. My wrists run on the narrow side, and many pieces fit too loosely or get in my way while typing.

For our launch jewelry lineup, we worked with a New England business where jewelry-making has been in their family for generations. My picky self is definitely not the easiest customer, and they were fantastic in addressing my above concerns, and helped refine simple yet elegant pieces that elevate everyday outfits.

We made the fun Gemma earrings light as a feather and hypoallergenic, and just the right size to catch the eye without being too large. The gold Nora Bracelet (comes in 2 length options) hardly ever leaves my wrist, and is one that I always get compliments on. The Constance necklace is beautiful with just a simple white button-down or tee and jeans. All of our jewelry also comes packaged in a gift-ready box and pouch, designed by Nick.

reversible horsebit belt beaded hoop earrings
Edited Pieces belted wrap wool coat petite clothing brand
3. The Duo Coat

For our first coat, we went with an oversized midi style rather than tailored, since I have had better luck over the years finding the latter. I just love the easygoing look of an oversized style, draping wool coat, but so many of the ones I try from mainstream retailers are comically long or overwhelming.

About the coat: Our extra versatile Duo coat is handmade using luxurious double faced wool. It’s completely reversible so you get two classic coats in one, and looks effortless worn either open or belted. Our coat partner is a small, women-run factory that has specialized in crafting wool outerwear for decades. Together we went through 6 rounds of samples before ending up with a unique piece that we love.

This has been my everyday coat all season, as it pairs easily with workwear, nighttime looks or leisurely weekend outfits. I usually wear mine open with the belt removed, like a thick coatigan.

Material: Our double faced wool is made of two layers of wool fused together (with no separate lining) and hand stitched. The coat is medium in weight, meant for layering.

Cut: A relaxed, oversized cut with room to layer over thick sweaters or a blazer. When unbelted, the silhouette is straight along both sides.

Sleeves were cut to be petite-friendly, so may fit full length or bracelet length depending on the wearer’s body type and arm length. I love that they can be cuffed to show a peek of the reverse color. Most fit testers 5’2″ or below found the sleeves to be full length. For taller fit testers, it varied from bracelet to 3/4 length depending on the wearer’s arms.

Sizing: XXS – Large. XXS on me has plenty of room to layer, and my mother in law is wearing size XS (she is 5’2,” 34-28-36, size 4 to 6 in other brands). Stick to your usual size for a similarly oversized fit, or go 1 size down for a closer fit. If you’re typically in between two sizes, I would recommend sizing down.

Fit testers who were curvy or had fuller busts preferred to stick with their usual size (rather than go a full size up, which made it too roomy in other areas) but note the coat will have less overlap in the front for wearing closed and belted.

Care notes: The coat comes folded upon arrival, so just hang it up and wear it a few times for the folds to come out. Or use a garment steamer (do not iron). I have found that the drape on this coat becomes better with wear!

petite belted wool coat camel brown reversible

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  1. Jinky wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    Love your shop. Can’t wait to order the belt. If I wear US size 6 or 8, what size should I get?
    And where can I buy the cap toe shoes your wearing ?
    Good luck!

    Posted 11.16.21 Reply
  2. Kristy wrote:

    Amazing and big congrats! Beautiful pieces!

    Posted 11.16.21 Reply
  3. Melissa wrote:

    Jean – Congrats on the new line. Please restock soon (especially the coat), as everything had now sold out.

    I hope you continue using your mom-in-law and lovely, real, non-Amazonian women as models. (Look forward to seeing your mom in these newer pieces too!) Extended sizing among different brands is still a crapshoot, especially for smaller women over 40 who feel left out of the fashion conversation. Scale is so important for petites, especially with accessories, an area where Western brands still have a lot of catching up to do.

    Also would love details on the shoes, bags, etc. you and your MIL are wearing in this post.

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  4. Annabel wrote:

    I am so excited that you are able to launch your own line of clothing! I have followed your blog for years, and have been inspired by your representation of petite women! Do you have an estimated launch date for the knit skirt and sweater? I’m obsessed and can’t wait to buy my first midi-skirt I can feel confident in!

    Posted 11.12.21 Reply
  5. Evette wrote:


    Posted 11.11.21 Reply
  6. Liana wrote:

    Your blog changed my life because I didn’t know how to dress at all, and I didn’t even realize I was petite. I have been thinking about getting a stylish winter coat for meeting my boyfriend’s parents this Thanksgiving since I normally just wear my giant warm but unflattering puffer coat all winter. I was so excited when I saw that you were launching this but I completely missed the launch! Will there be any chance of restocking (and delivering) prior to Thanksgiving?

    Posted 11.11.21 Reply
  7. Jane wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    Congrats! Everything looks lovely.
    – Will you be keeping the belt as part of you regular collection or is that seasonal? I hope that you make it available always.
    – Can you please show a demo of how the belt is interchangeable with different buckles?
    – Can I make additional holes in the belt if needed? I am not getting a sense of it from the pictures on the site.
    – Can you please show what the belt looks like from the back? I think I know from some of the pictures of the belt coiled up, but would like to be sure.


    Posted 11.11.21 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    How nice! Wish you can ship overseas

    Posted 11.11.21 Reply
  9. Maureen Colitre wrote:

    5ft,,,,90lbs ha,so hard to find clothing

    Posted 11.11.21 Reply
  10. Ellen wrote:

    Congratulations – this is such a big milestone! And after several years of following you and ogling over your style and fashion, I could not be more excited, but was disappointed that you don’t ship to Canada – hoping that will change soon!

    Posted 11.11.21 Reply
  11. Valeri Pighini wrote:

    Gahhhhh, I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to buy the Reversible Horsebit Belt. It’s already sold out. I did sign up to be notified when it comes in again. Best of luck with Edited Pieces Jean.

    Posted 11.11.21 Reply
  12. Kallie wrote:

    I love these pieces and the fact that you’re doing accessories too to bring the looks together. so classy! Can’t wait for restocks, everything sold out before I could buy!

    Posted 11.11.21 Reply
  13. Tracy wrote:

    Congrats Jean! This is the birth of a third child!

    Posted 11.11.21 Reply

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