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lululemon align joggers petite

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Whether it’s for running around the block with a toddler and baby in tow or trying to sneak in a quick living room workout, I’ve been extra appreciative of clothes that are functional, comfortable and easy to move around in! I wanted to share a few lululemon styles that can easily transition from workout to everyday wear, and would also make great gifts. They make it easy to shop online with free shipping + returns, or contactless store pickup.

In this post I paired their signature Align joggers with the Back in Action top, which is made of a soft breathable stretch cotton with a relaxed fit, tapered sleeves, and slightly longer length in the back for coverage. For another layer, I also added this stylish and water resistant Always Effortless jacket with a number of functional features!

Align Joggers

A must-try for fans of their Align leggings! Made in the same buttery soft and lightweight fabric, these have a mid-high rise, with pockets and several hidden slots to fit credit cards or keys. These have a slim cut jogger fit that can be hard to find, and the wide banded bottoms allow the 28″ inseam option to work for ladies of varying heights. I tried on both the 23″ and 28″ joggers, and preferred the 28″ personally.

If you’re looking for a legging instead of a jogger, they make the Align leggings in a shorter 23″ inseam and a 25″ inseam – unlike the joggers, the shorter 23″ inseam in the leggings work perfectly on me! If neither of these lengths are ideal for you, lululemon also offers complimentary hemming on pants and tops in their stores.

Shop Align pants →

lulu patterned Align joggers

Always Effortless Jacket

In 5 colors, sizes 0 – 14. This lightweight jacket is water repellant, with a stow-able hood and drawstring cinchable hem. See below for a photo of one of the convenient hidden zippered pockets, and there’s another one for your phone! Size-wise, the sleeves are a little long on me but I’m a consistent size 2 in almost all lululemon apparel.

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lululemon women's jacket

Non Stop Reversible Bomber

I tried this one on and it’s a very petite-friendly bomber jacket, with a cropped and shrunken fit! The outer is made of water repellant fabric with PrimaLoft insulation. This also features two zippered pockets on the outside, and tucked away pockets on the inside. A size 2 fits like an xxs / xs in other brands.

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lululemon reversible bomber jacket

Men’s ABC Pants

Also comes in a jogger style. The traditional ABCs are Nick’s favorite pants that always make it onto our annual men’s gift guide. He has “obsidian” which has proven to be a very versatile color.

Shop ABC pants

lululemon men's ABC pants

lululemon align leggings petite
lululemon always effortless jacket
lululemon petite inseams
lululemon back in action long sleeve
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. J wrote:

    Hi! Would you mind sharing what size joggers you are wearing (0, 2, 4, 6…)?

    Posted 2.21.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I’m wearing the joggers in a size 2!

      Posted 2.24.21 Reply
  2. Isabelle wrote:

    Hi Jean, Could you please let me know what size your hat is? It looks like this hat was available at one time in extra small, but now the smallest size available is S/M. Thanks 😊

    Posted 12.27.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Isabelle – I have the hat in the S/M! I don’t have a small head though and I don’t go running with it or anything so it fits fine, but if you want something more snug and secure then S/M may be too big.

      Posted 12.28.20 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you for doing this with lululemon! I’ve been waiting to hear what options are good for petite. Their sizing is a bit confusing.

    Posted 12.8.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Of course – I love their breadth of options but do think it’s helpful to try on their different styles and maybe two sizes and lengths. For example I would’ve never thought I would prefer the 23″ leggings but the 28″ joggers!

      Posted 12.9.20 Reply
  4. Joanna wrote:

    Hi Jean! Are you wearing the 23” or the 28” inseam in these photos? These seem longer than the last photo you posted in your stories where you mentioned 23” inseam.

    Posted 12.7.20 Reply
    • K wrote:

      The outfit description says it’s the 28″ in the photo!

      Posted 12.8.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Joanna, sorry for the confusion from IG stories (I had showed the 28″ in one frame and then the 23″ for comparison on the second frame). THe ones in this post are the longer 28″ ones. For someone my height (5 feet tall) maybe a 26″ would be ideal but they dont make that, however I did prefer the 28 to the 23 personally!

      Posted 12.9.20 Reply
      • Anonymous wrote:

        Thank you, Jean! I’m just shy of 5’1 so this helps a lot.

        Posted 12.9.20 Reply
      • Anonymous wrote:

        Just curious why you prefer the 28 to the 23? Thanks!

        Posted 12.12.20 Reply
        • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

          I shared a photo of the 23″ joggers on Instagram and they are cropped on me and I wanted a full length jogger. While the 28″ is a tad long on me (for someone 5 feet tall I’d think maybe a 25” would be ideal) the banded cuff helps it still work for my height and I liked the added coverage compared to the cropped 23″!

          Posted 12.21.20 Reply
  5. miki wrote:

    I could live in joggers hahaha!

    Posted 12.7.20 Reply
  6. Ooohhhhh you look so cool in those joggers! I just got my first pair of Lululemon this year too.

    Posted 12.7.20 Reply
  7. K wrote:

    YASSSSS JEAN this athleisure look!! Been following for 8 years and I’m hollering for your range. You get em mama!

    PS — I know a lot of us hate to love Lulu bc their leggings are truly to die for, but have been waiting equally long with bated breath to see you make even bigger moves into sustainable fashion with smaller brands that invest in the communities that produce their products — have you checked out Nisolo and ABLE from Nashville for quality handmade leather shoes & goods? Their #LowestWageChallenge is the standard I’m starting to expect from the companies I spend my money with, and I will be soooo over the moon the day you start centering more issues of sustainability/equity in fashion!!

    Love + warmth, from another petite Asian-American immigrant daughter transitioning from frugal fast fashion to ethical lifetime pieces!

    Posted 12.7.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      HI K – wow, thanks so much for your support over so many years! And I really appreciate the way you share what you believe in, in a way that’s encouraging and informative without judgement. I have tried Nisolo before and while I didn’t find pieces at the time that worked out for me, I definitely admire what they do and keep them on my radar to support. Had not heard of ABLE before so will check them out – always on the look out for brands that look good and do good, so thank you again!

      Posted 12.9.20 Reply
      • K wrote:

        Oh, you’re so kind for replying! And you make it so easy to support you, THANK YOU for the way you navigate style + motherhood with open arms RE: transparency/vulnerability and sharing so much of your journey with us 🙂 I always recommend your blog to my petite girlfriends/their SOs as they become mothers and am so impressed by how much work you put into making this blog a resource. It shows!

        I had the same experience with Nisolo the first couple years, I kept lusting over styles that didn’t work for me and hoping something would come along — now I’m at 4 pairs and counting, whoops. Their founder is male and so far I haven’t dated a single man who I haven’t converted over to their shoes though, so maybe it’s a more reliable hit for the men! At ABLE, I highly recommend their jewelry for folks wanting everyday classic, trendy/minimalist, cost-accessible gold-fill pieces as a stepping stone to 14k brands like Mejuri. Very giftable. Their bags are how I discovered them though! Sharing is how we spread the word about great things, so I’m honored to put my neighborhood businesses on your map 🙂

        Posted 12.10.20 Reply

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