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I’m working on a different post coming soon featuring a few of my favorite handmade jewelry shops (after hearing your feedback on IG!), but in this post I wanted to share a few jewelry hacks and gadgets that I’ve found to be very useful!

1. Multi-Strand Clasp for Layering Necklaces

If you tend to layer the same few necklaces together each time, a multi-strand clasp allows you to attach individual necklaces to the same clasp, and helps a little with preventing tangling! There’s a couple options on Amazon but since the reviews were mixed, I ordered this one from Etsy which arrived quickly:

  • Nami layer necklace clasp – available in either sterling silver or 14k gold filled (“gold filled” lasts longer through wear & tear than “gold plated”) with either 2 or 3 rings. Mine is the 6mm size with 3 rings. The two pieces on this large clasp slide on and off.

how to layer necklaces without tangling

Top & bottom necklaces, Baublebar middle necklace (similar), multi-strand clasp

layering necklace clasp

2. Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

I have a little trouble with tiny bracelet and necklace clasps, so magnetic attachments have been amazing!

Note that magnet clasps add approximately 1 inch to your jewelry chain length, which can make some bracelets too loose. So when I order custom sized chain bracelets these days, I factor that in and order a shorter length.

  • Indented clasps: The circular magnetic clasps pictured below just sold out, but they’re from this listing and will be there again when restocked. I ordered them since they have a small indentation in the center to keep the magnets securely attached. They’re perfect for necklaces but take a little maneuvering to remove with one hand on a bracelet (I can do it fine after some practice, but just FYI).
  • Pull apart clasps: pull-apart style magnetic clasps from Amazon (available in gold filled, sterling silver or silver plated) that I ordered for my bracelets.
  • For heavier or chunkier necklaces: “strong” & “very strong” magnetic clasps on Etsy that are handmade in the US specifically for heavier jewelry. Note the seller doesn’t recommend these for delicate jewelry.

magnetic bracelet and necklace extenders

3. Ring Re-sizer

  • Amazon re-sizers: I got these after almost losing a slightly loose ring down the drain! These are easy to attach and remove, and work well for making a ring about half a size smaller up to maybe 1 size smaller (won’t work for dramatic re-sizings). The $5.99 pack comes with 4 pieces of “tubing” in two different widths for various rings.
  • Adding metal beads: Once our quarantine days are over, you can also have a jeweler add two small metal beads to the inside bottom of a ring band like I have on my engagement ring. This is great if you want a seamless look from the outside but don’t want to commit to a permanent re-sizing.

how to resize a big ring

how to temporarily make a ring smaller

4. Necklace Extenders

I’ve previously mentioned necklace extenders in my post on useful style solutions for accessories but wanted to share a few more options. The magnetic clasps mentioned above serve as 1 inch chain extender, but sometimes I want to convert a choker or short necklace to a longer one for layering, and need a little more length.

Other DIY Jewelry Hacks

In addition to the gadgets above that I find helpful, here are a few DIY hacks using items you provably have around the house!

  • Temporarily shorten a necklace: using a mini paperclip between the chain links, or a small clear elastic to be hidden under your hair.
  • Maintain the color of inexpensive costume jewelry: apply a coat of clear nail polish, which serves as a barrier from wear and moisture to help prevent quick tarnishing.
  • Store delicate chains through straws: Back during our traveling days, this was a nifty little hack to keep delicate necklaces separate and untangled in my suitcase.

easy jewelry hacks

Do you have any tips or gadgets you love for your jewelry?

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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