5 style & home hacks I’ve been loving

I’ve had this post in the queue for a while, and since I know many of you are now spending more time at home, here are a few lighthearted hacks / simple DIYs I’ve been using or doing around the house. Also check out my previous style hacks for some nifty gadgets that are more accessories focused!

1. Surfaces needing a spruce up

toddler kids white gold play kitchen
marble contact paper diy hacks

PROBLEM: A small old or unsightly surface that could use a spruce up.

HACK: Marble print sticker paper.

I wouldn’t do this on anything precious or large (seriously skeptical at some of the pics that have this applied over full kitchen or bathroom counters), but I’ve used this marble print sticker paper (more options) on a few projects before to glam up the look. This play kitchen isn’t the best example since the countertop edges are beveled, so I didn’t even attempt to cover them with the marble paper!

Some other DIY ideas using marble contact paper:

2. Slippery headband

easy non-slip headband hack

PROBLEM: Headband keeps sliding off.

HACK: Use a hot glue gun to apply a zig zag strip of glue to the inside band. Also see two other ideas below!

I’ve been living for the resurgence of headbands, especially while my postpartum hairline developed a mind of its own. If you want to play it safe, picking a neutral hue closest to your hair color may be the most versatile since it’ll be subtle (love my basic black ones!).

One question I always get whenever featuring headbands is how to keep them from slipping when you move or lower your head. I noticed some of my hair accessories had nice grippy interiors and tried to recreate it with a hot glue gun. It takes under 30 seconds, and although it may not cure all slippery woes for fine hair, it definitely helps for me!

If the hot glue gun tip doesn’t do the trick for you, here’s 2 other options that may work better based on what I’ve seen inside kids hair clips:

3. Stove & counter gap

silicone strip to fill the gap between stove and counter

PROBLEM: Gap between stove and counter top becoming a black hole for misc. food and crumbs falling through.

HACK: Silicone stove top gap filler.

Some of you will feel me when I say … is it really an Asian household if there aren’t strips of foil lining the stove & counter cracks? I grew up thinking this was the norm until several of you saw my mom’s foil lined stove on IG stories and recommended these silicone strips that come in different colors and lengths. My mom was adamant about her foil working just fine, but has admittedly been quite pleased with the silicone strips after I ordered them for her!

4. Smelly silicone

how to remove odors from silicone

PROBLEM: Silicone items have a residual food or fridge / freezer odor.

HACK: After washing thoroughly, let the items sit under bright direct sunlight for a day or two.

Our durable, pliable silicone products get heavy use in our home (i.e. reusable stasher bags, ice cube trays, and baby eating gear like our Beaba suction set) but they have the unfortunately instant ability to retain odors like no other!

Several of you asked how I remove this odor, and I was frankly clueless (googled & tested out some common suggestions that didn’t work for me) until a happy accidental discovery. I left some silicone pieces drying under bright sun on my windowsill, and two days later they were completely odor free! I’ve now been doing this deliberately after every wash now and it works like a charm – just make sure the items are under as much direct sunlight as possible.

I’m not sure exactly why this works (feel free to enlighten me), but I know friends who used cloth diapers would leave them outside to “sun bleach” away residual stains, so I’m thinking this is in the same vein!

5. Too high or low shower head

how to fix a shower head that is too tall or short

PROBLEM: Shower head is too high or too low and can’t easily be adjusted.

HACK: Suction cup shower head holder.

While renovating our bathroom, our contractor installed an unadjustable eight foot high shower head without consulting us, and I became exposed to a whole new short person problem I didn’t even know existed. We didn’t want to install a new system, so found this suction cup shower head holder that now allows me to indulge in petite friendly showers at my leisure. (For those asking on IG, our shower head is this Moen one and we replaced the tubing it comes with using this longer one)

When I shared this suction cup on IG, several of you mentioned it works great for tall folks as well, or for couples on opposite ends of the height spectrum! The suction on this one works great and I haven’t had to re-attach it at all. (Note: it probably works best on a smooth surface like glass or wide tile, not textured or rough)

suction cup shower head holder tips
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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