Burberry Heritage Trench Coat Reviews (Chelsea vs Sandringham)

Burberry Trench Coat Reviews

From the blog archives, 6 years ago! Trench is old in sz 2 (altered)

The Burberry trench coat was high on my wishlist when I first started shopping for “grownup” clothes. It’s timeless and functional, plus you can wrap it over any ole’ outfit and instantly feel so much more polished. I ended up buying one years ago, and since then, Burberry has changed their trench options and sizing quite a bit. Their classic ones now cost an arm and a leg (maybe 2 legs…consider yourself warned), and the number of cut and length options can cause anxiety for first-time shoppers. I’ve heard from several readers who are thinking of splurging on a Burberry trench but don’t know where to begin, so I’ve put together a run-down of their current options and some fit photos!

Boston style blogger, Extra Petite shares Burberry Trench Coat Reviews. Take a look at the Chelsea vs the Sandringham and see what works for you.

Trench, 6 years later // Gucci bag (also sold here), Paige jeans, Madewell turtleneck

I’ve also been working on trench reviews across a variety of other brands, but keep on being thwarted by styles selling out quickly or brands changing their quality. At the bottom of this entry are a few budget-friendly trench options, which I’ll be reviewing in a follow-up post!

Burberry heritage trench coats header

A few years ago (after receiving backlash for moving production out of England), Burberry streamlined their trench coat offerings into basically two categories: a core Heritage collection of trench coats handmade in England, versus other styles that change seasonally and are made of different materials at different factories.

The Heritage trenches are beautiful (comparable to their former Prorsum runway ones) and pay homage to the brand’s roots in terms of styling and craftsmanship. They also come in very slim cuts and smaller sizing, which were unavailable back when I bought mine. The major downside, however, is it seems Burberry got rid of other classic cotton trench options outside of this very pricey Heritage line!

burberry heritage womens trench coat different lengths

Burberry Heritage trench coat in short, mid, long, or x-long
(struggling to understand the crop chinos with star trek shoes!)

Heritage Trench Features

Water-repellent Cotton Gabardine

Gabardine is what put the brand on the map over a century ago, when Mr. Burberry created a material that would protect soldiers from the wind and rain, but was also lightweight and breathable. I was told gabardine is made at their mills in England, using cotton fibers that are first waterproofed before being woven into fabric. The assembled garment is then finished with additional water-repelling techniques, including being dipped as a whole. When you first put on one of these jackets, the garment feels very structured, tailored and sharp. The medium weight of the material helps keep the jacket looking and feeling that way.

Classic Trench Elements
These have all the iconic trench “bells and whistles” plus a check lining. Many of the elements I love were each designed to serve a purpose back then:
– buttoned shoulder epaulettes used to display army rank
– storm shield (back flap) enabled rain to run off the upper back
– D rings on the belt hung supplies (these also help keep you from losing your belt!)
– adjustable wrist straps can be tightened to keep rain out
– intricately-constructed collar for a close, comfortable fit around the neck. Burberry makes a big deal about their collars, which supposedly involve a number of components and take a while to stitch and construct.

burberry heritage sandringham womens trench coat colors

Options, Options

Out of the four lengths, my favorite is the mid. This hit right above my knees, and would be the most versatile for wearing in different seasons and outfit types.

Color: A very personal choice! I always wavered between their lighter khaki “sand” vs deeper tan “honey” – my older trench is sand, but I really love the darker honey. Black is also timeless and slimming, and would probably be the easiest to keep looking pristine.

Sizing: Sizing now starts at US 0 (equivalent on their tags to a UK 2 and EUR 34) and runs smaller than American brands, in my opinion. FYI on Burberry.com the US sizes are presented as 00, 02, 04, etc, so just drop the first 0 for the actual size. Depending on the cut, I wear either 0 or 2 in their coats. Also as someone under 5′ tall, two alterations I usually have to get are shortening the sleeves and raising the belt loops, which make a big difference visually.

Cut: I found the three cuts to range from super slim (the Chelsea), to slim (the Sandringham), to regular (the Kensington). Here’s a look at the two slim cuts:

Burberry chelsea fit trench header
Burberry chelsea classic slim fit trench coat petite review

Burberry mid-length Chelsea trench in sand US0 / UK2 / EU34,
M.Gemi heels sz 35.5, toothpick jeans sz 24P, Madewell turtleneck xxs

The Chelsea (sold only at Burberry)
“our narrowest fit, with a fashion silhouette and cinched waist”

They weren’t kidding about narrow. A size US 0 fit closely on me throughout the slightly-padded shoulders, torso, and sleeves. Out of the three styles, the sleeves also ran the shortest and might not need hemming on some petite ladies. I’m wearing a thin turtleneck tee here, and wouldn’t want to layer much without sizing up. I used to be obsessed with all things tight, but over time (and shifts in weight!), am starting to appreciate pieces with a little more wiggle room.

Boston style blogger, Extra Petite shares Burberry Trench Coat Reviews. Take a look at the Chelsea vs the Sandringham and see what works for you.

In the upper right picture, notice the defined hourglass silhouette even when the jacket is open. There are several curved panels at the back which contribute to a close fit. This kind of contouring when unbelted is hard to find with other brands, which usually rely on the belt to add shape. The Chelsea cut is for someone who wants a very sleek and contoured trench, and doesn’t plan on layering underneath.

Size US 0 measures 14.25″ across shoulders (including very slight padding), 16″ across armpit, 13″ across waist, 17″ across hips, 22.75″ sleeve length, 5.25″ sleeve width, 33″ total length.

Burberry chelsea classic slim trench coat for petite women
Burberry sandringham fit trench header
Burberry sandringham classic khaki trench coat petite review

Burberry mid-length Sandringham trench in Honey, sz US0 / UK2 / EU34,
M.Gemi heels sz 35.5, toothpick jeans sz 24P, Madewell turtleneck xxs

The Sandringham (sold at SaksBloomingdalesNordstrom, and Burberry)

“cut slim to contour the body for a streamlined look” 

The Sandringham falls in the middle of the Heritage slimness range, and is their best-seller. It’s still slim fit by any definition, with just a touch more room throughout the torso and sleeves compared to the Chelsea. I have to say this cut was my favorite, since it allows light layering but still looks fitted either open or closed.

burberry sandringham check trench jacket sizing

I’ve never ever seen Burberry mark down their Heritage styles, however the Sandringham is sold at department stores (in-stock at SaksBloomingdales, and Nordstrom) so look out for occasional eligibility during tiered discounts or gift card / point promotions.

Size US 0 measures 14.25″ across shoulders (including very slight padding), 16.25″ across armpit, 14″ across waist, 17.5″ across hips. 23.25″ sleeve length, 5.5″ sleeve width.  33″ total length.

Burberry sandringham slim khaki trench coat petite women
burberry sandringham trench interior lining

As for the third cut – the Kensington “modern fit” is a little roomier and felt like my old trench coat prior to slimming alterations. I’ve tried it on in-store, but didn’t take photos as I preferred the two cuts shown above. I also wanted to add that both Burberry and Nordstrom stores will do do complimentary basic alterations (ie. sleeve shortening) on Burberry coats purchased at full-price. If you bring your coat to a local store, Burberry will do it within 30 days of purchase, and I believe Nordstrom might not have a grace period.

I hope this provides a start for anyone contemplating a Burberry trench splurge! And here’s a preview of the aforementioned alternatives that I’ve tried on and will compare in another post:

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you! I have been doing A LOT of research, specifically looking for the length of the “long” trench, measured in inches. Your review has been the most helpful. Appreciate you!

    Posted 12.10.21 Reply
  2. Christine Schluter wrote:

    I recently purchased a Kensington trench at the Burberry Outlet. In doing some research I noticed something odd… the woman’s coat has the rain flap on the right shoulder and the opening is on the right. This is typically how a men’s coat is constructed. That appears to be the case on your coat as well. I contacted Burberry and they told me 2016 Kensington model I purchased was designed this way. It is definitely taylored like a women’s coat and the style code stared with a w. But thought this was odd/interesting. Your coat is the only one I’ve seen so far that also adopts this style.

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  3. zahra wrote:

    Hi and thanks for sharing! Iam in love with the westminster and are planning to buy it (Iam pregnant and just waiting for getting in normal shape again:)). How do you think it will look on a petite shape? Iam 157cm and normally wears UK size 8.. I want it to be an investment piece of my capsule wardrobe. Do you recommend to get that model and fix it by tayloring or should I pick a more classic model as kensington?

    Posted 4.30.20 Reply
  4. L wrote:

    Hi, Jean! Those coats look great on you! I’m planning to have a Sandringham in black long cut size 2. However, I’m in the Philippines and I have no idea whether size 2 will fit me well. I’m 54kg 5 flat and am 34A, w26l30 in Topshop jeans, size 2 or 4 in tops. What do you think? Hoping for a response. Thank you!

    Posted 3.1.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi L – I’m hoping you’ll have a chance to try them on because sizing is tricky. I think a size 2 might be snug and I”m not sure how tight you want the trench to be. If you size up you’ll definitely want to get the sleeves shortened (which is not a difficult alteration).

      Posted 3.2.20 Reply
  5. Unknown wrote:

    Hi Jean, thank you so much for sharing your research on the different styles and fit. I am thinking of buying a used Harbourne, which I think is the style of your original Burberry, and wanted to know if the label inside are different? On the newer styles, the "made in England" label is separate from the main label. Was this the case with your Harbourne? Also, I noticed your Harbourne doesn't have buttoned slash pockets. Does your mobile phone fit comfortably in the Harbourne?

    Posted 6.11.17 Reply

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