Spring Staples: The Pleated A-Line Skirt

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Uniqlo Skirt xs (updated version), J.Crew top (very similar), Ann Taylor sandals 5.5, Morrocan market bag small, AC necklace

There may be more snow in the forecast, but I for one am ready to switch gears! My Ann Taylor sandals are from years ago but are still the ones I reach for time and time again. The patent leather is so easy to wipe and keep clean, and the low block heels means no getting stuck in sidewalk or cobblestone cracks! The slightly darker beige color is a great shade against my skin tone. I usually wear between 5 and 5.5, and took the latter in these.

preppy classic gingham spring summer outfit petite style

Here’s a better look at the front pleats. I shared this preview last month, and saw the white XS just came back in stock! This skirt is a great basic that will get good mileage in both work and casual wardrobes, plus it fit me without any alterations. The waistband is elastic only in the back, which I like because you get the best of two worlds: the refined look in the front of a tailored skirt, but the stretch and forgivingness in the back of an elastic-waisted one.

charleston spring uniqlo a line skirt petite fashion blog

There’s two angled pockets, and FYI apparently only the white color has a lining (I wish they lined every color!). The fabric feels like a crisp cotton poplin material, but it’s 100% polyester and machine-washable. Uniqlo always has interesting fabric technology, and I don’t know what it is about this one but I found it surprisingly easy to wipe clean. My first day wearing it, I dripped chocolate ice cream down the front and thought it was done for! But it wiped clean with a damp paper towel, and has since survived a few other food mishaps, too ; )

This skirt can also go from daytime chic to elegant, when paired with a dressier top. I absolutely love it with this crossover striped top tucked in (you can see a preview of how it looks on me) for a Bridget Bardot vibe.

Measurements of this skirt in XS: 12″ across the waist when lying flat, stretching to about 13.5″ across. 21.5″ length. The inside label says XS accommodates a 24-25″ waist.

striped tee white skirt cute summer outfit

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Great, thank you!!

    Posted 3.17.17 Reply
  2. Jean wrote:

    Hi Katie, some of my most read posts have nothing to do with new purchases or trendy pieces. I think there is a lot of value in posts on how to re-style and re-mix old pieces, or other informative topics like how to organize and store clothing, or how to wash and take care of pieces. These are just examples of how to think outside the box when writing a style-related blog. You can also always create inspiration images using stock photos, which a lot of bloggers use and write entire posts about. Good luck!

    Posted 3.15.17 Reply
  3. Olivia wrote:

    Thanks Jean!! Hope you're staying warm in Boston! 🙂

    Posted 3.15.17 Reply
  4. Obsessed with this classic look on you! Gorgeous!

    Style by Joules

    Posted 3.15.17 Reply
  5. Katie wrote:

    Hey girl, I'm wondering if you can give me some advice! I've tried blogging a few times, and when I started it was a great way to keep track of my outfits, record them, and have inspo for future outfits. But I got to a point though, where after wearing everything I own and changing it up, I had nothing new to post. I can't afford to go out and buy new pieces whenever this happens, so I end up in these ruts of either post nothing, or post the exact same outfits because I just don't own anything else. I've always wanted to ask if you have any tips, but I've always chickened out because I just cant keep up with trends due to finances. Do you have any tips? Or am I just out of luck because I can't afford to keep up…

    Posted 3.14.17 Reply
  6. Jules wrote:

    Thanks Jean, much appreciated!

    Posted 3.14.17 Reply
  7. Jean wrote:

    Hi Josie! I get this question a lot, and have to say that any lighter colored leather bag is prone to denim transfer (nothing specific to this brand or style). With any lighter bag you'll have to be careful about it rubbing against blue or dark denim, or other pieces that have been dyed, because the color likely WILL transfer a bit.

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  8. Jean wrote:

    Hi there – It was very out of date. I might make an updated one, but in the meantime, if you had favorite reads from there I recommend using Feedly or Bloglovin to bookmark and see all of them in one place! I also recommend checking out Alterations Needed who keeps an up to date blogroll of websites (many of which are my favorites as well).

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  9. Jean wrote:

    Hi Olivia! Unfortunately IG videos last 24 hours. But I simply showed how I snipped off the third "half ruffle" closely next to the seam, using small scissors. It's not the proper way to do it, but it's fully covered by the second ruffle so I didn't mind.

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  10. Jean wrote:

    Thank you for your kind comment! I actually don't have many printed pants since I usually gravitate towards safer solids, but the few that I have, I usually style with simple, solid, neutral tops (like draping blouses or crewneck sweaters) to not have too much going on overall.

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  11. Jean wrote:

    Hi Aoife! Oh, that's a bummer – the 5s and 5.5s always seem to go fast. I'll keep my eyes peeled for similar, and will also check in a bit to see if they get restocked.

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  12. Jean wrote:

    Hi Alice and Jules! I personally haven't shopped at MM.LaFleur. Their clothes are a little on the conservative side for my everyday outfits, and I saw they only offer 1 petite size (0P) so hope they expand that down the road. I've heard great things about the brand from my friend Abra who writes The Work Edit, so I'm sure she has more to say on the topic of how their pieces hold up over time!

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  13. b. wrote:

    Super cute skirt!

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  14. Lovely skirt! It's so girly, feminine, and fun!


    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  15. Gorgeous. I want this whole outfit!

    Katie | Willow and White

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  16. Anonymous wrote:

    I really appreciate that you give the length measurements for all of your garments. I'm the same height as you (5ft) but have shorter legs: a 21" skirt would fall below my knee, so I'd be with the reviewer who found this skirt to be too long.

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  17. Jessica H wrote:

    So darn gorgeous!! I LOVE that gingham top with the white skirt! Never would've thought of that but its adorable!!

    xo, jess


    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  18. Josie Wong wrote:

    hi Jean! I love your gucci soho disco bag in rose beige! Since you've had it for quite some time now, have you had any issues with color/denim transfer onto the bag?

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  19. So cute Dress , and the post is amazing 🙂

    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  20. Pau Moa wrote:

    OMG it's so cutee!!!


    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    Loving this look!

    I was wondering what happened to the blogroll page? I usually start at your blog and then hop over to others and your blogroll linked page was such an easy way to catch up on other bloggers! Now I'm at a lost 🙁

    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
  22. That skirt is fabulous! <3
    Thanks for sharing xx


    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
  23. I love the shape of that dress, it's so gorgeous!


    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
  24. Diana wrote:

    Seriously love everything about this outfit, from the market morroccan bag to the striped blouse to the skirt. Love!

    Diana | http://www.thechicdiary.com

    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
  25. Jules wrote:

    I second this question! I've looked at MM.LaFleur a couple times and have seen that they offer "petite-friendly" pieces. Any thoughts on style/fit/quality, Jean? Thanks so much in advance!

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  26. Olivia wrote:

    As always, you look awesome!! I have a question about the Chicwish Striped Ruffle Blouse you blogged about earlier. Is there a link to the IG video story you did about it? Or is it no longer available? Thanks!

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  27. I love the way you tied that belt for the outfit! Great piece!


    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  28. Marta wrote:

    Such a beautiful look! Love the skirt!


    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  29. Jenn wrote:

    I really like the shoes you paired with this. I've been trying to find something similar but with a short heel and all the ones I've come across seem to be at least 3 inches…

    insta | bloglovin’

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  30. Kirsten wrote:

    You look so fancy! I like the gingham shirt idea!

    -Kirsten // pork & cookies

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  31. April wrote:

    Such a pretty look! That pleated A-line skirt is so versatile and could go with so many things!

    April | http://thebluehydrangeas.com

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  32. Aa Bb wrote:

    I love your outfits and as a woman in my mid-30s, your outfits give me the inspiration I need to dress my age. Due to my size, I only shopped junior's sizes, and since I found your blog, my eyes have been opened!

    Can you please show how to style printed pants (polka dots, windowpane, etc.), similar to pixie pants sold at Old Navy?

    I love your blog, and this outfit is to die for!

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  33. Love! I really like that you gave a flat option for your shoes too. =)

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  34. AM wrote:

    Hi Jean! Big fan of your blog. The Ann Taylor website is out of size 5/5.5 in the block heel sandals. Do you know of anywhere else you can buy them?

    Aoife xo

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  35. Love the simplicity of this look! The ruffled sleeves add the perfect finishing touch 🙂

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  36. Your bag is so pretty, I love the look!

    / ORR – Life & Style Journal

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  37. Carmen wrote:

    You look stunning girl! The skirt looks lovely with this combo <3
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  38. I adore this look! You look lovely. X

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  39. This screams spring! Love it. That skirt looks so good on you.
    X Carmen – http://www.carmenmattijssen.nl

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  40. Such a nice photos! 🙂


    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  41. mybeautrip wrote:

    Beautiful spring outfit! It's so lady!


    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  42. You've inspired me to go find an A-line skirt for myself!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  43. Cee wrote:

    love the market bag!

    Posted 3.10.17 Reply
  44. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    Beautiful ensemble … always a fabulous look! 🙂

    ��LA BIJOUX BELLA�� | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 3.10.17 Reply
  45. MizEats wrote:

    These pieces are indeed great for Spring! I just love how the colors are so complementary.

    Posted 3.10.17 Reply
  46. Hi Jane! Big fan of your blog! I'm wondering whether you have ever tried shopping at MMLaFluer and, if so, whether you have any commentary.

    Specifically, I'd be very interested to hear what you have to say about the longevity of the clothes. When a brand markets their clothing as "investment pieces," or "timeless staples," etc., then that means (to me at least) that the brand is promising that their clothes will stand the test of time, not only in terms of staying in style but also staying in shape. I have bought a few pieces from MM in the past 6 months and I have been incredibly impressed. I am curious to know if you or any other readers have had any of their clothes for a longer period of time and whether you have anything to say about whether those items are still in good shape in 1, 2, 3 years later.


    Posted 3.10.17 Reply

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