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Earlier this winter, Nick and I were treated to a double date weekend with our good friends in NYC. While the boys babbled on about whiskeys and burgers, I loved getting to catch up with Wendy and have a little girl time. Her new home is so bright and fresh – and now finally has a mirror! : )

cluse watches for narrow wrists silver mesh chain rose gold

One of the top accessories I get asked about is petite-friendly watches, specifically ones that have both a smaller watch face and also a narrow fit in the strap. I’ve recommended Cluse several times before, most recently to a thoughtful husband shopping for his wife’s birthday. Their watches are well-made for the affordable price point, have a clean and elegant aesthetic, and have interchangeable straps for versatility. They also make a range of watch face sizes from a delicate 24mm up to 38mm for a statement look. I’m partnering with the brand today to share two of my favorite styles from their latest collection!

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The Minuit is a classic style, medium-sized for some but enough to be a statement accessory for others. For those who like a more dainty look, the smaller La Vedette reminds me of the timepieces you might find at a vintage jewelry shop in Paris. My favorite finish is their rose gold, which looks good paired either with the mesh metal straps (love mixing metals) or the leathers. If you have very narrow wrists, I’d recommend the mesh chain for minimal bulk when wrapped around almost all the way. The straps come on and off via small prongs, and are fairly easy to interchange without tools needed.

cluse mini watch cozy knits extra petite
cluse minuit watch rose gold mesh extra petite

Comparison of the Minuit with mesh strap (below left) vs. the La Vedette with leather strap (below right), as well as the same La Vedette with a rose gold mesh strap (above) attached.

cluse watches for narrow petite wrists

Thank you to Cluse for partnering on this post! Let me know if you own any of their watches!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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