Wine + Gray: fall weekend in Napa Valley

Napa fall outfit burgundy gray blanket scarf

Just popping in with a quick hello from Napa! Burgundy + gray is my current favorite color combo, perfect for fall and also for my klutzy self to conceal spilled snacks and drinks from wine tasting fun. As mentioned in my last post, I would highly recommend these coated legging jeans or the sateen version (my review), which both come in several versatile colors. They rival some designer coated denim I’ve tried on, at a pretty affordable price!
napa valley fall outfit_scarf hat prada saffiano cuir
I had been looking for a wool hat in the perfect taupe-gray color, and this one did not disappoint! I got it a few weeks ago and have been excited to wear it at every opportunity. The versatile color pairs well with most fall neutrals and colors, and the fit is like an H&M; Medium which works well on my head. I sometimes feel a little silly in hats (Nick teasing me as “Indiana Jean” doesn’t help), but I found this one to be easy to wear and more classic than “western.”

Napa fall outfit burgundy gray blanket scarf 1
I’m also excited to share this plaid blanket scarf is back in stock! (Update: it’s sold out again but here are all of their oversized square blanket scarve patterns – I also have the white-based check on which you guys see often!). Here’s my old video tutorial again on how to style these blanket scarves. When eating or on long car rides, I usually just have it folded in half in a triangle and draped over my shoulders like a shawl. The quality is fair for what I would expect for the price. A few ladies have told me their scarves shed fuzz most visible on black garments, so you may want to keep tape or a lint roller handy.
Napa fall outfit wine gray blanket scarf

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Snooky wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    Always looking really nice.
    How do you compare your two Prada bags (tan and pomice)? Would you mind shedding some lights on their differences and which one you prefer? Many thanks

    Posted 1.10.16 Reply
  2. A.L. Scott wrote:

    What color are these pants?

    Posted 11.27.15 Reply
  3. Cute colour combo!


    Posted 11.18.15 Reply
  4. Jean wrote:

    Hi! I go to Zen Hair by Kenmore Square or Salon Capri on Newbury. Zen is very inexpensive and I've gone there for years, however several times when I ask for layers I still don't seem to get them. Salon Capri is a lot pricier but they did get my layer request right when I wanted "lighter feeling" hair.

    Posted 11.18.15 Reply
  5. Paola wrote:

    Pretty color combo!

    Posted 11.18.15 Reply
  6. You look adorable with your hat

    ♥ Nissi

    Posted 11.18.15 Reply
  7. Lucy Lai wrote:

    Nice outfit! Love the bag!

    MISS LUCIA | Fashion & Lifestyle

    Posted 11.18.15 Reply
  8. BosMom wrote:

    Hi Jean, fellow Boston gal here, as well as Nick's fellow "Pinoy" : ) ! May I ask you who cuts your hair? My daughter has specially thick hair and she wants to have it layered but with very thick hair, this could be tricky. I thought maybe I should check out who does your hair as it's always so beautiful! THANK YOU!

    Posted 11.17.15 Reply
  9. Daniela DT wrote:

    I love the sacra! It looks so cozy and perfect!
    xx Daniela / Fashion Shower Blog

    Posted 11.17.15 Reply
  10. Such a cute outfit!

    Posted 11.17.15 Reply
  11. lately all your looks have been so predictable. Before opening i said i bet this outfit includes; either a blanket scarf that overwhelms the outfit, booties that cut off your actual height, or knee length boots. All in moderation is key The looks however are adorable i just wish you would expand the clothing options. May i request more office looks, Please!

    Posted 11.17.15 Reply
  12. Thank you for the inspiration <3 !


    Posted 11.17.15 Reply
  13. Hey Jean, you're in my neighborhood! I just about bought those coated legging jeans earlier today but passed on them since I haven't seen them in person. Darn!! They look great on you.

    Posted 11.17.15 Reply
  14. Trang Do wrote:

    Adorable look! You looks so beautiful!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    Posted 11.17.15 Reply
  15. Jean wrote:

    Hi Emily ~ I cuffed them here because I'm wearing booties, but they hit just where I like them to when with flats or heels (just covering the ankles). I think the most flattering point is a little different for everyone. I always encourage getting a simple hem b/c its just $10-15 and makes a huge difference in a clean look!

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  16. Jean wrote:

    Hi! Yes, they fit almost exactly the same. A reader mentioned in the last post that a sales associate advised her to size down if in between in case they stretch out over time.

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  17. I love the colors in this look, the interplay of the grey and burgundy works very well together. I noticed your pants are cuffed in this post, do you usually get your pants hemmed? I am petite and short as well, and I hem all my jeans myself, I love them just above the ankle for the most flattering fit. I was curious if you had any tips on pant hemming and/or tailoring.

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  18. Deasy Noel wrote:

    Yes to blanket scarves! But I need to get one + learn how to wear it, haha. Off to watch your video tutorial!

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  19. In LOVE with this outfit! Would totally wear this any day of the week! 🙂

    Dani |

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  20. Love this colors scheme! Your purse is to die for.

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  21. Wow, this is exactly what I want to wear right now! Cozy, chic, and that blanket scarf is perfect! I love those waxed skinnies in that gorgeous color too!


    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  22. Cute wine country outfit! As always, I love the oversized scarf on you!

    Lifestyle by Joules

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  23. Bella B wrote:

    Great outfit I love it, That scarf is such a great colour and your so tiny!!

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  24. Mei Liang wrote:

    Love the oversized scarf! Looks like Napa is a little bit chilly. Hope you're having a blast and it was so nice to meet you at Anthropologie, San Francicso last Thursday!

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  25. Sarah wrote:

    Hi Jean, thanks for another great post. Even though Nick teases you about your hats, I think you pull them off flawlessly! One of these days I'll try to pull the look off myself. 🙂

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  26. Do the coated leggings fit similarly to the sateen style? I was able to try on the latter in store and found myself between sizes :S

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  27. Love this look- just ordered those leggings after seeing you in them, would never have ordered them but seeing them on you convinced me!

    Christina, Esq.

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  28. Love the jeans and hat!

    Liz @

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  29. Sasa Zoe wrote:

    Great information, thanks for sharing. I love how the grey and wine color look together:P

    Shall We Sasa

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  30. I love your style!

    Best wishes from Germany
    Sabine ~ Style Up Petite

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  31. Posted 11.16.15 Reply

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