Yellow & Grey // Anthropologie petite poncho sweater

rainy day outfit poncho sweater hunter boots

Curved cables poncho (similar here) + Ampato cowl scarf c/o

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to share I’ll be hosting a style party at Anthropologie in San Francisco, on Thursday, November 12th from 6-8PM! There will be snacks, bubbly and of course shopping (the Union Square store has a sizable petites selection). I would absolutely love to meet some of you who live in the area.
anthropologie poncho sweater infinity scarf
We were shooting in the park when this sweet pup ran out of nowhere and sat herself at my feet, posing for the camera. Nick took a few shots then stopped to check the photos, and she ran over and sat with him craning her neck. It was the funniest thing! Her owner finally caught up and said she loved to be in photos : )
poncho sweater scarf fall outfit
This is my first time trying on Paige petite jeans – I don’t see their jeans in petite sizing very often! This particular color and cut is a dark blue legging jeans with a higher-waisted top for “control,” and the length was just right on someone my height for wearing with flats or heels (I cuffed the bottom up once with higher-top booties). The size 24P has a 26″ inseam and my guess is the length will vary a bit with size. I wore my BP booties with this outfit but packed Hunters for the walk as it was so wet outside. fall knit sweater plaid scarf
A looser knit top and skinny bottoms has become my casualwear uniform as of late, as I’m sure you guys can tell. I thought this poncho sweater was adorable while in store and see that it’s also available online in petites (although small sizes mostly gone). I had thought an XS regular was a good fit for a poncho, and even the sleeves hit right above the wrist on my short arms. The sweater is longer in the back than the front, and I envision the petites sizing to be a shrunken version overall for it to fit more like a regular sweater than a poncho/cape. I love the swingy shape of ponchos, but a downside that I learned is you can only wear a looser-sleeved or cape coat over it due to the connected underarm area.

anthropologie poncho sweater fall outfit1

Really looking forward to meeting some of you in San Fran! Would also love some food & to-do recommendations from SF locals!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Do you have a suggestion for a similar poncho in the same color, since this one is no longer in stock?

    Posted 7.21.16 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Beretta is a must!

    Posted 11.13.15 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    I love your blog! I hope you had a great time in SF. The next time you are in the area, you might want to check out the following places:

    – Press Club (Downtown SF) – Sophisticated wine bar.

    – House (North Beach area in SF) – Excellent Asian fusion cuisine. Love their sea bass with noodles.

    – Chairman (Tenderloin neighborhood in SF) – Gritty neighborhood, so I would recommend going earlier than later in the day. Excellent pork belly in either steamed or baked buns.

    -Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous (Dogpatch neighborhood in SF) – Unique and yummy ice cream flavors.

    – Barbacco (Downtown) – Casual and relaxed Italian restaurant. Recommend the brussel sprouts!

    -Outerlands (Sunset neighborhood in SF) – Excellent brunch place. Very popular and near Ocean Beach. (side note: I prefer Baker Beach or Crissy Field as the views of the Golden Gate Bridge are to die for!)

    -Phusion (Daly City) – Cute Filipino fusion sandwich shop. Recommend the adobo and bistek sandwiches.

    – Brenda's Fish Trap (Half Moon Bay) – Hole in the wall. Excellent fish and chips. It gets very crowded, so I recommend ordering from the walk up to-go window and taking your food to any nearby bench. Great food and views!!

    – Pasta Moon (Half Moon Bay) – Charming Italian restaurant. Can't go wrong with any of their pasta dishes.

    Posted 11.13.15 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    Sorry this post is a little late…Hope you enjoyed your time in SF! Maybe you can check out some of the places the next time you are in and near SF:

    – Press Club (Downtown SF) – Sophisticated wine bar and nice little bites.

    – Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous (Dogpatch neighborhood in SF) – Tasty and unique ice cream.

    – Barbacco (Downtown SF) – Excellent relaxed and casual Italian restaurant. Love their brussel sprouts!

    – Café Europa (Richmond neighborhood in SF) – Hearty Eastern European food. Nice and charming date night type of place. Excellent mushroom soup and chicken schnitzel.

    – Outerlands (Sunset neighborhood in SF) – Wait for brunch can be very long. However, it's worth the wait. Afterwards, head over to Ocean Beach.

    – Phusion (Daly City) – Cute Filipino/American fusion sandwich shop. The adobo and bistek sandwiches are so yummy!

    – Brenda's Fish Trap (Half Moon Bay) – Hole in the wall seafood place. Excellent fish and chips. It can get busy so order at the walk up to-go window and take your food to a nearby bench and enjoy the delicious food and amazing views!!

    Posted 11.13.15 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    Sorry this post is a little late. Maybe you can check out some of these spots the next time you are in and near SF:

    – Press Club (Downtown SF) – Sophisticated wine bar. Nice small bites.

    – Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous (Dogpatch neighborhood in SF) – Tasty and unique ice cream

    – Café Europa – (Richmond neighborhood in SF) – Hearty Eastern European food. Charming place for a quiet date. Excellent mushroom soup and chicken schnitzel.

    – Phusion (Daly City) – Unique Filipino/ America fusion sandwich shop. Yummy adobo and bistek sandwiches.

    – Brenda's Fish Trap (Half Moon Bay) – Hole-in-the-wall seafood place. Excelled fish and chips. It gets crowded quickly, but you can order your food from the walk up to-go window and take it to any nearby bench . You'll get to enjoy good food and great views!! 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed your time in SF!

    Posted 11.13.15 Reply
  6. LivNLearn wrote:

    definitely check out Liholiho Yacht Club for dinner!! they may not have reservations available, but you can go early when they open and they do have some availability for walk-ins. i've also walked in for a later dinner around 9:30 and was able to be seated at about 10. you can also sit at the bar, which serves their full menu! some of my favorites are their duck liver toast, house made spam (this is not on the menu and is different from their spam fried rice, but ask for it and you won't regret it!!), fried cornish game hen (but they give a HUGE portion of this since it's an entrée) and their coconut butter mochi (not the prettiest dessert, but soooo delicious!!). for a beautiful dessert, definitely order their baked hawaii — it's also delicious, but the mochi is by far my favorite (i'm a sucker for mochi)!! the desserts are small, so you can definitely order both!! 🙂

    la ciccia is also a great mom and pop sardinian restaurant with yummy pasta!!

    if there are any cancellations or tickets available, i would also highly recommend Lazy Bear (they do a presale, ticketing concept for their restaurant, but sometimes there are last minute resales from people who can't make it on twitter:

    other spots i enjoy are Rich Table and Frances. too bad about the dungeness crab scare here, otherwise i'd also recommend PPQ for their peppercorn crab and garlic noodles (i heard they don't source their crab from CA though).

    enjoy your trip — lots of delicious food awaits!!


    Posted 11.7.15 Reply
  7. I am DYING for this outfit! Love the pops of green


    Posted 11.6.15 Reply
  8. Dice wrote:

    Darn! I saw this post too late and the event registration has closed.

    Love your outfit!

    Posted 11.6.15 Reply
  9. I love your blog! I'm bummed I won't be able to meet you at the Anthro event, but below are some of my recommendations. Hope you have a great time in San Francisco!

    For coffee, check out Philz. They have multiple locations throughout the city. My favorites are the Philtered Soul and Mint Mojito Iced Coffee.

    Ike's Place has yummy yummy sandwiches. The names of the sandwiches will intrigue you too.

    El Farolito has amazing Mexican food…giant portions at very reasonable prices. It's a hole-in-the-wall with a line out the door at any given time. You can't go wrong with any of the tacos, quesadillas, burritos, etc.

    Try Suppenkuche for German food.

    My favorite bakery is Arizmendi. It's a worker-owned cooperative. Different breads and pastries are made fresh each day. The scones are my absolute favorite. Also, their pizzas are divine! Arizmendi sells salads, teas, coffees, etc. too.

    Mission Beach Cafe makes mean brunch food.

    For ice cream, you must try Humphry Slocombe. Secret Breakfast and Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee are wonderful flavors.

    I love Rove Kitchen's fried chicken sandwich.

    Try Zuni Cafe, which has a lot of charm and wonderful staff.

    As for things to do/see, check out the Palace Hotel; it's such a beautiful hotel with elegance all around. You can have high tea there too. Check out the Wave Organ in the Marina Districtt. Chill out and people-watch at Dolores Park. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge (and make sure you have a warm jacket/coat for this)! Go to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. Hike up Twin Peaks for gorgeous views.

    Hope this is helpful! Enjoy San Francisco!

    Posted 11.6.15 Reply
  10. clickhappy wrote:

    did you end up changing the boots to green or did you keep both? i can't decide which color!

    Posted 11.5.15 Reply
  11. Deasy Noel wrote:

    Ah! I so wish I lived in San Fran! T___T Here's hoping you do an event in Los Angeles soon!!!

    Posted 11.2.15 Reply
  12. Love this look! That sweater poncho is really cute, and I love the tiny bit of stripe you can see underneath it!

    Lifestyle by Joules

    Posted 11.2.15 Reply
  13. In love with your outfit!
    Abbie E.

    Posted 11.1.15 Reply
  14. Lucy Lai wrote:

    Love the outfit combination! But I agree that choices for coats become very limited when it comes to poncho sweater.

    MISS LUCIA | Fashion & Lifestyle

    Posted 11.1.15 Reply
  15. angelina wrote:

    Awh what an absolute cutie! The dogs at my local park are always so friendly, and love being in photos as well.

    SF is tons of fun, and perfect for outfit shots as well. Billy Goat Hill is worth checking out, and the Conservatory of Flowers too! Would love to come to the event, hopefully school doesn't take up all of my time!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  16. Hanh Han wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  17. Amy H. wrote:

    Fellow foodie here —
    Ferry Building (for one of the farmer's markets if you can time it).
    Walking from East Beach along the water by Crissy Field out to Fort Point (underneath the Golden Gate Bridge).
    Riding the cable cars (the California Street line has far fewer people).
    Alcatraz if you have time — touristy but I have lived in the Bay Area for 20 years and it's still great!

    Yank Sing if you can't make it to Daly City (where Koi Palace is)
    Slanted Door (or Out the Door if you can't get reservations)
    South (at SFJazz) for excellent higher-end Mexican — also Colibri Bistro (closer to Anthropologie) and Sabrosa (though Sabrosa recently changed their menu and I don't like the new one as much)
    Suppenkuche for fantastic German food and beer
    La Folie for a lovely splurge dinner — high end French
    Zuni or Bix for classic old-school SF food and amazing cocktails
    Tosca Cafe (for April Bloomfield's and cocktails)

    If you decide you want steak/red meat I'd recommend Harris' 100 times over House of Prime Rib, which has really slipped in recent years.
    Enjoy SF!

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  18. Sue wrote:

    Thanks so much, Jessica!

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  19. anita b. wrote:

    Gorgeous photo!! The dog is so cute. Jean it's time to adopt a doggy!!! Pleas adopt don't shop! Lots of beautiful dogs need homes

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  20. Vera wrote:

    What beautiful photos!!

    Blonde in Cashmere

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    I love your blog! Any chance you can do something like this in NY, in the Westchester area?

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  22. Neighbor Bakehouse is my favorite bakery in the world. No hype at all 😉 Can't wait to meet you!

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  23. Unknown wrote:

    Koi Palace – best dim sum in the Bay Area, it's better than Yank Sing.

    Kirin – Best salt and pepper fried chicken wings and I personally believe that Kirin is better than San Tung. It's the best undiscovered secret in SF ! The wings always come out super hot and fresh from the fryer and you know because when you take a bite, steam comes out and you have to be careful not to bite your tongue.

    Sotto Mare – The cioppino is unbelievably good.

    Standing Room Only/Oddjob – Customized cocktails

    Bootie SF – best mashup dance party

    Lam Hoa Thuan – great Cantonese and Vietnamese food; their roast duck and char siu is the stuff of legends! Around the holidays, you'll see lines of Chinese grandparents.

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  24. Trang Do wrote:

    Looks beautiful!! Love your style and puppy looks so cute!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    Posted 10.31.15 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    Pop down to San Diego and do one here!!! 🙂

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  26. aGirl wrote:

    If you have time, bike over the Golden Gate to Sausalito. It was fantastic.

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  27. Jessica wrote:

    Sue, I had this same question on instagram yesterday and Jean replied: military red.

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  28. To-eat:
    Thai Cafe – great duck fried rice and calamari
    San Tung – long line, but great dry fried chicken, ask for the diced version

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  29. Sasa Zoe wrote:

    I wish I could be at the event! Have a great one, babe<3

    Shall We Sasa

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  30. bella wrote:

    I concur with Maddy… Yank Sing is a must stop for dim sum. Make reservations or get there before they open.

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  31. Aww that photoloving puppy is the cutest!
    Love your perfect fall outfit, it really makes me want to go out and take a walk in the park:)
    Would love to see how you do your hair, it is gorgeous!!

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    I echo some of the recommendations already given:

    Plow for brunch; the pancakes are that good.

    State Bird Provisions for dinner. If you're unable to get reservations, definitely try standing in line by 4:30 to get seated by 5:30; if you're unable to get into State Bird Provisions, try walking in to its sister restaurant next door, The Progress. It's also very good.

    There are so many great restaurants in San Francisco. If you're a fan of the Food Network Tyler Florence's Wayfare Tavern is delicious as is Michael Chiarello's Coqueta.

    Yank Sing for dim sum is very good but so are Hong Kong Lounge and Dragon Beaux out in the Richmond District.

    Mr. Holmes Bakehouse: The cruffin line starts a little before 9AM every morning but the bakery opens earlier if you'd like to try any of their other pastries (the donuts are pretty good; the flavors for cruffins and donuts are made available every Sunday on their website).

    b. Patisserie has some incredible pastries including kouign amann and croissants.

    The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus for afternoon tea.

    Wilson and Wilson and all its sister establishments (Bourbon and Branch, Rickhouse, Local Edition) all offer delicious cocktails.

    Things to do: hike the Lands End Trail, stroll through the Ferry Building or Golden Gate Park, visit any of our museums.

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  33. Baymonkey wrote:

    Hi Jean, so excited that you will be coming to San francisco! My blog can be a helpful place for food recommendations since I write about eating around in SF. Here is the link: Hope you find it useful!

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  34. Maddy wrote:

    Try Yank Sing for amazing dim sum when you're in SF!

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  35. Mei Liang wrote:

    That's great you're coming to San Francisco! Some of my top recommendations are:

    San Tung Restaurant – They are known for their dry fried chicken! I also like their dumplings and noodles.

    Benu – American/Asian Fusion cuisine. East meets west, I've heard many amazing things about this restaurant but it's pretty difficult to get reservations.

    Cal Academy of Science – State of the art exhibits, fun showcases and they have Nightlife Thursdays where they're open late until 10pm and offer champagne and alcohol 🙂

    Plow – A must go if you're a brunch lover! San Francisco has a lively brunch scene, this place is very popular. Make sure to get the lemon ricotta pancake, they're divine!

    Fisherman's Wharf/The Embarcadero – You can enjoy the beautiful scenery walking along the Embarcardero, with breathtaking scenery overlooking the sea and bay bridge. Fisherman's wharf has delicious seafood and an Aquarium that you can touch sea creatures!

    Looking forward to meet you in San Francisco, Jean! See you soon and Happy Halloween!

    Pieces of Mei

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  36. Annie Y wrote:

    You're coming to my hometown!
    I wish I could make it to your meetup!

    Hope you enjoy your time in SF (:

    Some of my fave food joints:
    -House of Prime Rib – classic SF staple (prepare for a long wait for walk-ins, most reservations are booked months in advance)
    -Sotto Mare – fun & tasty seafood spot, best cioppino in town
    -Don Pisto’s – great Mexican food/drinks
    -Plow – solid breakfast/brunch (long wait, does not take reservations)
    -Terra Cotta Warrior – flavorful Xian dishes. Definitely try if you like sour, salty and spicy flavors.

    Parking in SF is hard, so be prepared! Maybe try taking lyft/public transportation when in downtown/Chinatown/Little Italy.

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  37. Mona wrote:

    Hi Jean! Looking forward to meeting you in SF!!

    I would HIGHLY recommend Wilson & Wilson for drinks – It's a phenomenal and intimate cocktail speakeasy WITHIN a speakeasy, with a one-of-a-kind cocktail menu and experience. Be sure to make reservations. I went there on a date and it was amazing.

    Other than tourist attractions, Valencia is one of the streets in the Mission with the most posh boutiques, coffee shops, and storefronts.

    Namely: Little Paper Planes, an adorable boutique worth checking out!
    Samovar Tea, Four Barrel or Ritual Coffee Roasters, The Voyager

    Beretta is a lovely Italian bar in the Mission with amazing ambiance, food, and the best miniature pizzas + Italian desserts to die for.

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  38. Anonymous wrote:

    So sad I'll be flying out of town that day; enjoy the city & please come back again! Here are some more suggestions:

    Food: Beretta, Liholiho, Palm House

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  39. That puppy is adorable! As is your outfit. Wish I could make it to the event, I love Anthro!

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  40. This is a really cute poncho love the design and the color, you look gorgeous. The pup wanted to say hi adorable.

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  41. Sue wrote:

    hi jean, i'm a longtime follower and lover of your blog! in your hunter rainboots review post, which of the red colors are your tour rainboots? i'm looking at nordstrom's options and there are both military red and lava red available. thanks!

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  42. Unknown wrote:

    Hi Jean! Long time blog-reader here! Are there any NYC events on your horizon? I'm work and live in NYC and admire your style always 🙂 Since our climates are similar, I find that your recommendations really translate well to the weather here. Looking forward to your next post!

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  43. Unknown wrote:

    Signed up and looking forward to it!

    SF recommendations:
    State Bird Provisions – AMAZING. My favorite, but really hard to get a reservation
    House of Prime Rib – If you're feeling realllllly hungry
    Chino – Asian/Mexican fusion with boba cocktails
    Burma Super Star – Long wait, but great food
    Sabrosa – for brunch; best chilaquiles

    To do:
    Farmer's Market at Ferry Building or Fort Mason with walk in the Marina
    Asian Art Museum

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  44. Bella B wrote:

    Love tha poncho super cute! Ive been wearing them a lot lately

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply

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