Paris in Boston: Café Madeleine

fall outfit - plaid circle skirt sweater boots

Recently, Maison Jules reached out to me about a fun campaign called “Pieces of Paris.” I was asked to share two of my favorite spots around my hometown of Boston that reminded me of charming Paris. Café Madeleine is a small French patisserie in my neighborhood which instantly popped into mind as one. Their wonderfully flaky croissants (esp. the ham and cheese) rival the ones we had in France, and their other baked goods like this caramel cake are some of the best I’ve had. We can’t indulge too often but it’s a welcome treat every once in a while, especially when we have visitors!
fall outfit - plaid circle skirt sweater boots1
On to my outfit – Maison Jules is a new to me brand (sold only at Macy’s), so I popped into a store to try on numerous pieces for sizing and fit. I was pleasantly surprised that the pieces ran small and most of the tops and skirts fit me right off the rack. I’m always looking to show different petite-friendly brands on here to help expand everyone’s options! This outfit can easily be made office-friendly by swapping out the tall boots for a pair of classic black or fun fall-hued pumps. If your office is slightly more casual, black ankle booties would also work well.
cafe madeline croissant
If you like circle skirts, I adore this windowpane one which is full but not poofy at all due to the drape. It’s made with a stretchy, thicker-weight material and has two comfortable side pockets. There’s a back zipper but the waist is also elasticized which helps achieve the right fit. When un-stretched, an XS measured 12″ across the waist (elastic stretches up to 13.75″ across) and 20″ in length. And you can’t tell in these photos, but this mock-neck sweater is a shorter length which can be worn over button-ups to get that layered effect. When lying flat and un-stretched, an XS measured 12.5″ across the shoulders, 15″ across the chest, 22.5″ long sleeves and 18″ long overall.
plaid circle skirt cole haan boots
I usually recommend leaving a bit of a gap between the top of your boots and the hemline your skirt or dress. I’m sure I’m breaking some fashion rule here by not doing so, but I wanted to try something different and liked the results. In addition to the lengthening effect, a prime benefit of over-the-knee boots that you don’t hear much about is the warmth! My knees are usually the first to get cold, but are insulated and warm when wrapped in a taller boot.
fall outfit - plaid circle skirt tall boots
This is the first of two outfits I shot for Maison Jules – stay tuned for my second one and other favorite Parisian-inspired spot. The other pieces I will be featuring from there are this knit blazer and faux-leather cognac skirt (xs in both fit me without alterations). Thank you to Macy’s for sponsoring this post!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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