Wedding gown silhouettes – the (convertible) ballgown, sheath, and fit + flare

I hope each of you are having a relaxing weekend & staying warm! I had been meaning to share more wedding-related posts, but planning fell to the back burner for a while. Recently, the gals at Style Me Pretty asked me to do a guest post on popular wedding gown silhouettes and I happily obliged. You can read the post here, or I’ve re-shared it down below. I’ve mentioned before that to my dismay, most bridal shops don’t allow photography, but the team at JLM Couture kindly let me take these in their studio. They own a range of bridal brands suitable for various budgets, including Lazaro which has been one of my favorites throughout the dress search process.

I often hear “rules” that petites should go for certain cuts and steer clear of others that make you look shorter, etc etc, but I sure hope all brides-to-be try on dresses with an open mind, and choose what makes you yourself feel the most beautiful! Please note that in all of these photos, I’m trying on sample sizes with excess fabric clipped back, so the proportions and bust cups are not how they would look in the proper size. In a few weeks, I plan to share details about my ordering + fitting experience, including the confusing world of bridal sizing (which typically runs 1-2 sizes smaller than regular clothing) and size/proportion customization options.
convertible tara keely lace dress

The first style I tried on was the (convertible) ballgown – I love how ballgown silhouettes flatter the waistline by drawing eyes inward to a narrow point, contrasted against a full skirt. You guys know I’m a sucker for versatility, so it should be no surprise that I thought this option by Tara Keely (style #2210) was super fun. It converts from a dramatic gown for the ceremony to a sultry little lace sheath for dancing, so you can have a bit of both worlds! It’s similar to a 2-pc dress I’ve tried on before, except actually designed for two different, full looks.
convertible tara keely lace dres

Here’s a closeup of the pretty lace…please excuse my awkward arms!

jim hjelm lace dress wedding gown
Next up was the sleek sheath – For the bride who wants understated elegance and iconic glamour. A sheath silhouette closely grazes your body and falls fairly straight down to the ground. I love a good surprise via a stunning backside design like the low dip and longer train on this one. I was told this particular style (Jim Hjelm style #8460) could be considered either a sheath or a slight A-line.
lazaro bridal gown fit flare dress copy
And lastly, a popular cut that I find to be universally flattering – the Fit & Flare. I love that this silhouette is mostly a close fit for showing off (even minimal) curves, but still has the option of volume in the lower skirt. Variations of the fit + flare can include the “mermaid” which begins flaring out at the knees, or the “trumpet”e which begins flaring out higher around mid-thigh. I liked how the layered organza skirt on this Lazaro (style #3400) adds an ethereal twist.

This last type of silhouette was my personal favorite, and one that I thought was most flattering for my own body type. Those of you who are married – I’d love to hear what silhouette you chose for your big day!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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