Snow day: Taupe + greens

hunter green and taupe winter outfit

Sole Society scarf, J.Crew coat, faux pearl stud earrings (similar)
Hunter tour boots (my review), leather gloves (similar for short fingers; review)
J.Brand Maria jeans (sz 24 hemmed), Pasotti umbrella

I woke up this morning, peeked out the window, then jumped up and down on the bed like a child on Christmas morning shouting “it’s a winter wonderland!!” to an irked and groggy Nick. Winter storms are not my cup of tea, except for the first few hours of a fresh snowfall when everything is white and picture-perfect. I wore this outfit for our morning wedding planning meeting to discuss riveting topics such as plates and tablecloths.
hunter green and taupe winter outfit2
I had been eying this scarf for a while, and finally pulled the trigger after realizing how functional an over-sized scarf is in my current commute (and then at my desk to alleviate mid-day chills). The biggest scarf in my collection was previously the ASOS plaid, which I typically “turtle” myself inside by wrapping it all around my head and neck. It’s hard to gauge the material of scarves online, but I was super happy with the quality of this particular one.

hunter green and taupe winter outfit3
The material is a 30% wool, 70% acrylic blend and is very soft against the skin. Weight is light but warm as you build up and wrap the layers. It’s a large rectangle instead of a square, which makes it a little easier to do the draped style I’m wearing here without too much excess volume piled at the chest (with a square, just fold it in half first to get the same look). It’s so wonderfully comfy, the day I got it in the mail I rolled myself up inside and promptly dozed off.
hunter green and taupe winter outfit1
The size of my scarf measures about 78″ x 40″ –  the website says 78″ x 22″ so I wonder if they folded it in half to measure, With this roomy rectangular shape, I’m looking forward to also trying a belted poncho sort of look with it next!
hunter green and taupe winter outfit4PS – several of you have asked about this umbrella…I received it as a present a while ago and absolutely loved it but couldn’t find it available for sale. I finally found the brand and had a small heart attack since it is quite pricey!! Now I must protect it dearly in windstorms so it doesn’t suffer the sad “inverted” fate of most umbrellas in Boston.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Your black Hunter boots were Youth size 4. Are these the same? I don't see the reflective patches on the back. Adorable outfit!

    Posted 10.19.15 Reply
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  5. I love a good blanket scarf and love the one you picked out. Hope you survived Juno and Linus!

    Posted 2.2.15 Reply

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