Fall uniform: wool topper + plaid scarf

plaid scarf grey coat2

ASOS plaid scarf c/o, ASOS petites coat, A.Vittadini booties (old), BR sunglasses c/o
Target chambray shirt (old), Gap petite legging jeans, Prada tote (review)

Some of you have probably had enough of the tartan scarf, but I have to say its glory is well-deserved! It evokes that unmistakable cozy autumn feel (plus a little holiday) and is so easy to pair with. This is one of the most basic underlying outfits with all solid pieces, but the scarf helps bring it all together. I had posted a similar scarf by Target (now sold out online), which my mom excitedly claimed while visiting. I received this one from ASOS which is slightly bigger and has barely left my side since. Would highly recommend while it’s still in stock, especially with their free international shipping. I tied it like in this tutorial and left the ends a little looser.
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Scarf is listed at 69″ x 12″ but I measured closer to 89″ x 29″ – a manageable size that provides plenty of warmth. ASOS has two plaid options that look similar at first glance, however the second is labeled “oversized” and it truly can be a blanket for a smaller child (measures 5 feet x 5 feet!). I tried both and picked this one for myself due to the smaller size and rectangular style vs. square. The oversized option however is super soft, and a great value as a cozy wrap for sports games or loafing on the couch.
plaid scarf grey coat4This lighter-weight wool blend coat was a recent keeper for me. It’s a fall or spring weight coat, maybe suitable for mild winters but not for northeast ones. I ordered it about 2 weeks ago as a new arrival, and can’t believe sizes are nearly gone! If you like it, do check back for returns, which I’ve found are more common for ASOS due to their easy return policy and smaller sizing. I love the masculine look tempered by a nicely fitted, curved silhouette. plaid scarf grey coat1
One complaint I have for the coat is that the lining could be thicker – when I initially tried it on with just a tank top, I could feel a little scratchiness from the wool through the sleeve lining. I don’t feel it with a long sleeve tee underneath, but wanted to point that out if you wear coats with sleeveless tops. Fit of a 00 petite was spot on for me all-around, which was a treat especially for outerwear. For anyone new to ASOS sizing, I would say they run at least a whole size smaller than US brands.
plaid scarf grey coat

Thank you to ASOS for sponsoring this post. Here are a few other scarf options for fall:
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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