April Showers

WHBM white dress with bowPetite (detachable) bow sheath, clutch, and scarf thanks to White House Black Market, Kate Spade heels

I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend! I spent mine with some girlfriends down in Newport, RI, a charming town which I’d highly recommend to those visiting New England in the summer. There’s wineries, waterfront activities, seafood, shopping, and of course the stunning historical mansions just within ~1.5 hrs of Boston. We made the most of the trip despite rain, which has been in the forecast all too often this month! WHBM white dress7Rain or shine, I’m teaming with WHBM today to share one of my favorite pieces from their current petites collection. I first suggested this dress while it was on pre-order, and now that I’ve tried it on, the fit and quality does not disappoint. It’s elegant in its simplicity with a hint of retro which I love. Only select WHBM stores carry petite sizing (two of which are in the NYC area), but they do offer free shipping & return shipping on full-priced petite orders online. WHBM white dress2This dress pairs easily for work with a cropped blazer / cardigan or shirt layered underneath, and is dressy enough to serve as cocktail attire with a wrap and fun clutch. For a more casual setting, I’ve added a gauzy, patterned scarf and broken-in denim jacket. I also wanted to show this dress both with and without the detachable belt, or with an alternate belt.
WHBM white dress1 smallThis dress in 00 petite fit me well as shown without any alterations. The torso and waist were fitted with a little extra room at the hips (typical of many items I try on, probably due to my straighter hips). The belt measured a little wider in circumference than the waist of the dress – it fits fine as-is, but I shifted the snap closure buttons over about 2″ which resulted in a more slimming look.
WHBM white dress For those interested in this dress, I want to note a few other fit points. The black band on this dress hits 1-2″ above my natural waist, so in-between where an empire and a regular waist band. The bust of this dress is shaped by curved seaming into a cup-like silhouette, which may result in extra space for those below a full A cup. The length in petite is spot-on for me right at the knee. Quality in my opinion is very good in a thicker, stretchy ponte-like material with full lining and invisible back zipper.

Measurements of 00P, for reference (material has stretch): 15″ across armpits, 12 3/8″ across waist, 16.5″ across hips, 12″ length from shoulder to center of black waistband, 35″ total length. Detachable bow belt is 12 3/4″ across when lying flat and stretches.
WHBM white dress6

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  1. Jean wrote:

    I wore this the other day with black & white gingham, and have also done just a simple black short sleeve tee – just make sure the neckline of tee is low enough to not show.

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  2. Jean wrote:

    Hi Annaizzie – it was provided by WHBM but unfortunately they don't sell it : /

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  3. Jean wrote:

    Please keep me posted on how it works out! The F&F; is great timing : )

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  4. Jean wrote:

    Hi yennie! if you search rain boots in my side bar I have reviewed and shown a few options…I usually wear hunters kids with a liner sock.

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  5. Jean wrote:

    Uh oh…I have not, but what a bummer when they change the design of items in their classic line!

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  6. Jean wrote:

    Hi Sue! Please shoot me an email (under my "Advertise" page) and i'll try to compile you some ideas!

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  7. Jean wrote:

    Ah not at all! I was so excited to meet you – hopefully next time we will get to actually chat : ) Enjoy what seems to be the beginning (finally!) of Spring in Boston!

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  8. Problem of my life. Hips! I would say I'm a petite on my torso (size S or 34 EU size) and a normal size on my bottom part (hips – M/L or 38 EU size). So nothing that fits me on my upper part will fit me on the bottom…. :/ and if I get the size that fits on the bottom it will look super big on the upper part.. I always go for A-line skirts and dresses. I feel sad for not wearing those silhouette dresses but I look so disproportionate..

    Any tips for what can I do to look good in fitted dresses?

    Love your blog! xD

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  9. william wrote:

    Simply Superb

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  10. FaFoFi wrote:

    Hey Jean,

    Sorry for being such a creep! It was nice seeing you outside of Copley. I'm pretty socially awkward normally, but it really came out in that interaction. I've been a fan of your blog for a long time. =) I was excited to talk to you and it all came out wrong. I hope you and your friend weren't too creeped out!

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  11. heyxgrace wrote:

    Jean! Have you been to Prada lately? They've changed the shape of the double zip Saffiano totes! I got sent a damaged one so I exchanged it but I couldn't quite put my finger on what was off. Now, they're more on the square side instead of the former rectangular shape they were known for. I'd love to get your opinion on them?


    Posted 5.1.14 Reply
  12. I love your posts! I was horribly lost when it came to nice styles for work and play, but you have shown me the way!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. It's a form of recognition for new up-and-coming bloggers. I know that you are very experienced and have many followers, but I cheated and added you because I enjoy your posts so much. You can see my post at: http://workingnerdalert.blogspot.com/2014/05/nostalgia-moment-liebster-award.html

    Posted 5.1.14 Reply
  13. Sue wrote:

    Hi Jean, I am a long time reader of yours. Love your blog! I am taking a one-day trip to Boston in about a month. Since you are in Boston, would you have any recommendations of must-go? We will have midmorning to early afternoon (about 4 hours) of wondering around time before taking a flight at the Boston Logan airport. We are hoping to get a car service (trying to find one who is not expensive) to take us to a few places/stops prior to dropping off at the airport? Any recommendations will be great, e.g. MIT? Sorry to be writing you here but I can't find a contact us page. Hope this is okay.

    Posted 5.1.14 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    cute outfit, but the bust of the dress comes down too low. it's particularly noticeable in the second and last photos.

    Posted 5.1.14 Reply
  15. iDreammart wrote:

    Ya, it's really perfect for summer time. Short, simple just awesome in looks and comfy too. Great design, absolutely pretty one.

    Posted 5.1.14 Reply
  16. yennie wrote:

    love the look! have been a follower of your blog.
    I was wondering if you could do a post on styling with rain boots – I always have trouble finding a pair that is not too big in the calves. Thank you!

    Posted 4.30.14 Reply
  17. Giovanna wrote:

    Such a cute look! Love how you added the jean jacket and scarf for a more casual touch!


    Posted 4.30.14 Reply
  18. Reike wrote:

    the dress is beautiful and you look stunning in it!
    Thanks you very much

    Posted 4.30.14 Reply
  19. Petite-ish wrote:

    Great styling with the umbrella – a perfect retro look! All it needs are some black and white t-strap or wingtip heels!

    Posted 4.30.14 Reply
  20. Graciela wrote:

    Love all possible options, dress is absolutely beautiful and you look stunning in it!
    Thanks for sharing!


    Posted 4.30.14 Reply
  21. I absolutely love that dress, so pretty!

    X Sara

    Posted 4.30.14 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    I have been looking for a dress like that for several years! There was always something wrong in color (light in the middle and dark top and bottom made me look square) or muted colors that would ruin the idea or something wrong with the design, but this one looks absolutely like my dream dress (and comes with a bow!)
    So thank you so much for this post, bought it immediately online. Hope the size is right.
    And they have f&f; for 20% off with code 16278 so I didn't think even a second. 🙂

    Posted 4.30.14 Reply
  23. Great dress on you! I am a huge fan of WHBM quality – I have pieces from there that I've had for years and still looks as good as they day I bought it.


    Posted 4.30.14 Reply
  24. Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  25. Martha D wrote:

    I love the bow on the first picture!

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  26. in love w/ all the black and white details here!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  27. Very cute dress! It's so hard for me to find sheath dresses that actually fit me perfectly (usually the fit in the chest but are too loos in the shoulder and arm areas), but this petite one looks like it fits great.

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  28. Annaizzie wrote:

    I love black and white! So classic and timeless. We have been having a fair share of rain in Wisconsin too, where did you get that adorable umbrella?

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  29. This dress is perfect on you, I love the bow!

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  30. Janna Dana wrote:

    Very chic outfits ! I love your hermes belt and your shoes !

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  31. dm wrote:

    That first picture is PERFECT!

    I am almost hysterical with desire for this dress too. Seriously, this blog is full of most beautiful outfits but THIS one?? It's too much!!

    ~From an admiring reader in India.

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  32. Very classic dress!

    Cheresa @ http://www.misshotcouture.blogspot.com

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  33. Ann wrote:

    I love every single pic in this post <3333333

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  34. EM wrote:

    I'm really in love with that dress, it's such a great cut and fit on you.


    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  35. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi, What kind of shirt do you recommend to wear underneath for work? I alsolove the umbrella. If WHBM gave it to you tell them to sell it!! I want one.

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  36. andrea wrote:

    Love this dress…you've styled it perfectly!



    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  37. I love your blog, I like the way you mix expensice and low cost brands!

    I've opened a blog, if you like to check that out! http://ecochicmuse.blogspot.it/

    Ciao from Italy!

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  38. Almeida wrote:

    What a pretty dress! / almeidas.se

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  39. Love the scarf and blue heels!

    Up to 75% off

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  40. Meg Sylvia wrote:

    So pretty & classy! I love it dressed down a bit with the jean jacket.

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  41. I absolutely love this outfit. You always have the greatest finds for petite women! I really love how you styled it with the jean jacket. It's great for when you want to transition from day to night.
    -Helen Grace


    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  42. Suzie Q wrote:

    Such a cute photoshoot in the rain! The dress is so classic and elegant, I love the way you styled it both formally and casually!

    Suzie Q

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  43. Very stunning!

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  44. In love with your dress and your outfit!!!
    You are beautiful!!! <3


    Le monde des petitse

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  45. Soy wrote:

    absolutely love your style so much!

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  46. Ditto Julie! LOVE the whole post but I'm dying to know where the umbrella is from!! <3

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  47. Gorgeous dress! Such a ladylike loo and so glam! Love it dressed up.

    New post…http://www.eyelikefashion.com

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  48. So sorry that you had so much rain! My weekend was great, thanks for asking although it rained here in Bavaria on Sunday, too. And I adore your outfit, you look simple wonderful with this perfect white dress and the denim jacket.

    xx Rena


    Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  49. Julie wrote:

    You look stunning! I love this classic look–and the stripes with the polk dots is adorable. Where is that umbrella from?

    Style by Joules

    Posted 4.28.14 Reply

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