Winter layers: Knit blazer + mixed prints

knit blazer mixed prints1

Zara heels w/ shoe clips from eBay, DIY peplum top (similar), J.Crew coat and boys gingham shirt

After my interest was piqued in-store, I ordered this blazer online (also available in solid red, navy, and navy stripe) and have since been very pleased. The material is stretchy and super comfortable, plus the working pockets are a nice touch. If you are taller than ~ 5’1″ and do not want a “shrunken fit” blazer, I would recommend the regular sizing over the petite. I tried on a regular XS in this post and think that length looks better if you usually wear jeans or pants. I kept the petite since I’m most often in skirts and dresses, which I’ve learned look more flattering with shorter jackets.
knit blazer mixed prints3
In response to a few requests, I’m working on a “staple series” of posts featuring items that have been the foundation of my wardrobe. A ponte/knit blazer is definitely on that list – I wear my striped and solid ones on heavy rotation, plus use this as a “lining” inside coats on especially cold days. If you don’t already own a versatile navy and white striped version, I’d recommend this jacket in that pattern.
knit blazer mixed prints
^ Jacket back view. Aside from a visible torso length difference of 2-3″ and sleeve length of ~1″ (when uncuffed, the sleeves here are “bracelet length” on me) between the regular and petite sizing, I unfortunately can’t speak with certainty about differences in width. I remember the regular sizing fit fine but it was over a sweatshirt I was also trying on, so I’m not sure how it’d look with a regular, thinner top.

Measurements of the petite XS: 15.5″ across the armpits, 14.5″ across the waist when buttoned, 13.25″ across shoulders, 19.5″ back – 20.5″ front torso length, 20.25″ sleeve length. Stretchy 85% cotton, 15% polyester, unlined.
knit blazer mixed prints2 The simplest rule to remember when mixing patterns is to use prints in contrasting sizes. Stick to a palette of 1-2 colors if you want to be safe, and layer with neutrals. Boden does this well – their spring catalog is full of gorgeous print-mixing inspiration!

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  1. i'm wondering the same thing

    Posted 9.24.16 Reply
  2. Unknown wrote:

    I love your coat what brand is it?

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean! I was wondering, as one other person who also posted the same question: Did you have to hem the pants? What size is the one you are wearing?

    Thank you!


    Posted 5.23.14 Reply
  4. Karen wrote:

    This has been a tremendously useful post! I used to overlook ponte blazers as too casual for my profession. But after you post, I got a ponte blazer in grey and it has perfectly elevated my "casual" look. Plus, it is perfect for layering warmth as you say so I can bring out my lighter and more colorful Spring coats. I'm obsessed now! I ordered a second ponte blazer in "indigo" and can't wait for it to arrive! I just passed your URL to a Nordy petite saleperson who needs to know your blog!

    Posted 3.5.14 Reply
  5. I've been lurking for a long while, i might as well join in the fun! Layering a monochrome look in subtle patterns is a great idea. And that green is gorgeous, it wouldn't be much good for a cold Montreal winter morning, but when spring finally decides to come, now you're talking! Keep up with the awesome DYI, it's given me the punch to take out the sewing machine!

    Posted 3.1.14 Reply
  6. Olivia wrote:

    Hi! I was just wondering if you had the BR pants hemmed? I just ordered them and they seem to be a normal length pant on me, and I'm debating whether to keep them longer or get them shortened. 🙂

    Posted 2.22.14 Reply
  7. Crystalin wrote:

    Loving all the layers, Jean!

    Posted 2.18.14 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    If you're still looking, I just bought one (similar light grey) at Target for $30. Not lined though.

    Posted 2.17.14 Reply
  9. Posted 2.16.14 Reply
  10. Hello Jean

    I love your green jacket as a pop of color piece. It's beautiful.


    Posted 2.15.14 Reply
  11. Misst wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    Thank you for pointing out the jacket length fit. I do have a question regarding this if you would be so kind to answer.

    I have a short body and longer legs ratio, which I previously thought looked ugly and always tried to hide by wearing longer tops and cardigans. I do have a few short jackets, and I'm curious as to which length would be more flattering on me. Sometimes i feel the short torso looks weird and try to elongate it.

    also, how would you alter jeans that ride halfway down the butt?

    Posted 2.15.14 Reply
  12. Loved your outfit Jean

    Preeti Kaur recently posted.. ELF Mineral Booster Sheer Review

    Posted 2.15.14 Reply

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