Metallic tweed cardigan and slouchy jeans

loft tweed cardigan3

LOFT tipped tweed open jacket (50% off site-wide, also like this marled sweater jacket option)
Big Star Jeans in 25P c/o, Ann Taylor necklace, Coach bag, Gap basic tee, Kate Spade pumps

It’s no secret I love my tweed jackets – this one has the look and structure of one but with the comfort of a cozy sweater. For some reason I never saw this in petite sizing online but there were plenty at my local stores. An XXS petite fit well off the rack, although a more “shrunken” fit would be nice for a boxier style like this. The sweater weave is light but dense, so this has been a staple at my desk for keeping warm in.
loft tweed cardigan
loft tweed cardigan1
I was bummed to lose my favorite Ann Taylor pearl & chain necklace while traveling, and haven’t had luck since using store locator. Thankfully, a few of my friends had picked it up, so I get to be a happy borrower while searching for a replacement. I love that the pearls and chains accentuate both the ivory and metallic fibers in the jacket.
loft tweed cardigan2
While at LOFT I also tried on this cute red dress with flared pleats. LOFT dresses are usually a little roomy on me, so I was surprised when the torso of this one zipped up snugly. The waistline of this one was borderline too high for me, so longer-torso’d ladies please take note. I’ve hit my red dress quota but just wanted to share.
loft red dress

The fit and flare style must be going strong this season, as I saw a very similar dress at H&M.; This one had the opposite problem with the armholes and waistline falling too low on me, as H&M; sizing does not come in petites. I thought it had good potential for someone a little taller. Price was $49.50 which is on the high end for their Everyday line.
h and m dress
This plum ponte dress below is also from H&M;, from their Trend line (better quality in my experience but also higher price points; line is available only in larger city stores). I posted a while back that I brought it home and planned on hemming it. After taking a closer look, however, I realized it needed more than just a hem.
hm dress

H&M; Trend dress in sz 2, item #077246, $59.50, off the rack fit above vs. clipped up fit below
Although the dress fit narrow, the torso would become frumpy if I wasn’t standing straight. I finally realized it was due to the bust darts being a few inches below my actual chest, which resulted in the undesirable “double boob shelf” effect.

hm dress clipped
This can be remedied by lifting the torso in place via the shoulders – most easily done with sleeveless items. The sleeves here however would also need to be removed, the armholes re-sized and sleeves re-attached. I returned this dress, but would recommend for anyone who can fit it better off the rack, as I thought the quality was nice and the shape was very flattering

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Jackie H. wrote:

    Thanks for your reply Jean! I ordered them in my regular size and am waiting to receive (from Nordstrom, thanks to your link)! Love this outfit on you!!! Enjoy your blog and wishing you all the best in 2014. Can't wait to see what you will be wearing this year. 🙂

    Posted 1.5.14 Reply
  2. Emily wrote:

    As an early blog reader I am truly excited for you! Wishing you a joyous 2014 with beautiful adventures! Btw, what kind of diamond ring setting do you prefer? Thanks so much!

    Posted 1.3.14 Reply
  3. My goodness those dresses are absolutely gorgeous.

    Maggie A

    Posted 1.2.14 Reply
  4. Vanessa wrote:

    I love your outfit! As a fellow petite (4'10") I always have issues finding jeans (actually, pants in general) that fit my legs perfectly. They're always too baggy and too long. I know I can get the pants altered to make them shorter but is it possible to make them so they fit snugly around my legs too?

    Basically, where do you find your pants? They always look like they fit perfectly!

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  5. Jean wrote:

    Hi Jackie! I think they run true to size if you want a slim fitting jean, but possibly size down for a very skinny fit. I normally wear a size 24 in jeans and am wearing these in sz 25 so they are a bit loose throughout, plus I have the length cuffed up. Sorry I can't be of more help! It's a bit harder to gauge since I'm not trying these on in my usual size.

    Posted 12.29.13 Reply
  6. Jean wrote:

    Hi Nat – thank you! I go to Freddy at Zen Hair in Kenmore square. It doesn't come out great every time but I've been going to him for 4 years now and am generally happy.

    Posted 12.29.13 Reply
  7. Claud wrote:

    Thank you, Jean. Unfortunately mine is getting messy with more wear :/ So I hope yours hold better. I am going to try the shaver and see if that helps. And I really love it to return.

    Posted 12.29.13 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey Jean,
    Do you have a stylist that you like in the Boston area? Your hairstyle comes out very well in pictures and I was curious.


    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  9. Jean wrote:

    Heather – I'd be very interested in seeing your tutorial! You have a beautiful family, and your girls look esp. darling in your dresses.

    Pamada – I actually just dropped off a dress to my tailor where he is raising it by the shoulders and also suggested opening up the neckline lower to keep it a scoop. I honestly had never thought of doing this before and have often passed on items where the neckline would then be too tight. Will see how that alteration goes!

    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  10. Jean wrote:

    I like to have my waistlines hit by my belly button but it more so depends on your total body proportions and what's comfortable on you. Ppl who have longer torso's may want the waistline of dresses/skirts to sit a little higher, to balance out their figure and make the leg line look visually longer. I have friends with very short torsos and they often wear their skirts lower than the belly button line.

    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  11. Jean wrote:

    The BR dress, albeit a little loose, is stunning on you esp. for the holidays! To answer your question, yes this was in store and I could not find it online. I'd suggest calling your local store to make sure they carry Trend. If you call when the store opens, inventory is better sorted and a nice SA can also help you look for something by the style # and put it on hold. Good luck!

    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  12. Jean wrote:

    Hi V, I size up half a size for most pointy toe styles so toes don't get crammed. I did so for these and thought they were loose at first, but then added a slender heel pad in the back and they now fit well.

    The shape of various pointy toe shoes are also definitely not created equal, so it make take some trial and error before finding the right pairs for your foot shape. I tried on many brands and some were more comfortable than others, but there were variations in comfort even for two pairs of shoes in the same exact size and style (one of my J.Crew everlys were very comfy and the other were snug in the toe and not comfortable). I've been using the blow dryer trick for leather/suede to stretch out the toe area of more snug pointy pumps. Good luck!

    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  13. Jean wrote:

    Hi Claud! Happy near year to you too : ) Now that you mention it my jacket is fuzzy as well, but I thought it was fuzzy to begin with. I'll be disappointed if it doesn't hold up. I use a sweater shaver on most of my items to remove excess pills – thankfully they don't show up as much on a heavily textured item, versus smooth sweaters.

    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  14. Jean wrote:

    For some reason the store search shows inventory where there isn't…I called a few of those places including Burlington and they all said sold out. Thank you for letting me know, though!

    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  15. Jean wrote:

    Hi Ena! I'm flattered you would be interested in my clothing : ) I used to blog sale items but now donate most of my stuff that no longer gets wear. If you have free time, you should try eBay or thrifting – I've found a number of favorite pieces through there at great prices.

    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  16. Suzie Q wrote:

    I can't get enough of tweed jackets either. I love this tweed jacket and how you paired it with slouchy pants! The plum dress is lovely too, too bad about the fit! Hope you find a replacement necklace 🙁

    Suzie Q

    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  17. I feel in love with the same cardigan you are wearing now I know how to style it thanks

    Posted 12.28.13 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    if you do a store search for the necklace, which i did, there are some still available at the Burlington mall Ann Taylor. best of luck 🙂

    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  19. Rachel wrote:

    I'm a little taller than you are, but also within the range where finding clothes that really fit well can be a struggle, and I'm so happy to stumble across your blog! I love your first outfit!

    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  20. Jackie H. wrote:

    I love your classic sense of style and fashion tips! Those Big Star jeans in grey look great on your petite and slender frame. In your opinion, do they run big? Nordstrom website says to order one size down, so I was wondering if you agree they run big, or true to size?

    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  21. Love you in slouchy jeans! And your metallic pumps are adorable!



    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  22. Claud wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    I have this loft tweed jacket but mine started to pill (fuzz) after a couple of wears. :/ How is yours? But i do love it. Have a Happy New Year!

    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  23. lovely purple dress… too bad it did not fit well and you had to returned it.
    beeing petite myself is hard to find things without altering.


    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  24. V wrote:

    Hi Jean, I love your kate spade shoes, but always feel that pointy toe shoes hurt my toes…Do you have any suggestions about how to choose and how to wear pointy toe shoes? Thanks a lot!

    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  25. I've like raising the torso's of my dresses. I'm not petite, or have that problem, but it changes the look of a whole piece sometimes!
    Great look 🙂


    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  26. Kstylick wrote:

    I love the dress! By the way, maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and follow by blog!

    You can also like my Facebook page.

    I will follow you back! 🙂

    Korean Fashion

    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  27. jessica wrote:

    The bust darts on the plum dress can be extended upwards by an inch or so, that's not a tough alteration to make. You're right though that the whole bodice is non-petite sized. Lovely color, too bad!

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  28. Heather wrote:

    LOVE these. The classic silhouette is definitely inspiring me!

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  29. Heather wrote:

    You could re-shape it from the waist – up, and keep the shoulder and neckline. I'll do a tutorial on my blog next week if you'd like a step by step how-to. I love this blog and check it regularly!

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  30. Olyvia wrote:

    I love your hair in the first photo! So full and glossy 🙂 I actually love the plum dress…that color looks gorgeous on you!

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  31. OMG I love the purple H&M; Dress. You are totally killing it with dresses lately! I just bought the red sweetheart neck dress from BR that you wore in your previous post (from your link), and have a few photos of me wearing it up.

    But this little purple beauty is also a stunner. I think it is the color that makes this fit and flare dress REALLY stand out.

    Just to confirm – this was purchased in store and not online? I REALLY want this dress!

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  32. Lovely outfit and great remake!

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  33. Carol Li wrote:

    I love the tweed jacket & pearls look. It's a shame the other dresses didn't fit.

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  34. You look so pretty elegant! Absolutely love that tweed jacket and the touch of the metallic shoes!


    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  35. Dana wrote:

    Lovely jacket! I wish the H&M; plum dress was still available as I love the silhouette and color.

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  36. Merrie K. wrote:

    Too bad the burgundy dress didn't fit…the color and style was really pretty on you. Loving the chanel-esqe tweed outfit! 🙂
    Merrie @

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  37. I´m really in love with your awesome look with the grey denims – you look breathtaking!

    Happy Holidays!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  38. Lovely outfit!!! Had the same Coach bag for Christmas but in pink!!!! <3

    Jul du monde des petites

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  39. Anonymous wrote:

    Can you please explain where the waistline should hit for the most flattering look? I have trouble deciphering this on myself. Thank you

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply
  40. Pamada wrote:

    I love your blog! I never thought to raise things through the torso until I became a reader. 🙂 Do you have any recommended methods if want to raise the torso but keep the neckline the same? I have a dress that I seriously adore, but if I raise the torso through the shoulders it changes the neckline from a scoop to a crew. Thanks! 🙂

    Posted 12.26.13 Reply

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