Garment Care: Petite hangers and seasonal storage

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On right: Juniors 14″ hanger w/ clips in natural c/o (also in 14.5″ velvet slim style or in 15.5″ petite)

Over the past year, I’ve been trying to focus more time and funds on taking care of items in my wardrobe. Forking over $ for professional alterations and cleaning is not fun, but hopefully will pay off in the long run. During this time, two aspects that I was guilty of neglecting were proper garment hanging and storage. I had a closet full of standard adult hangers, and cringed a little each time I stretched the shoulders of my clothes onto them. I had tried kids hangers before, but they were too narrow and resulted in the opposite problem – sagging and bumps in areas between the shoulder lines.
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Kelly‘s post on narrow-shouldered hangers was revolutionary for me, however I decided to put off a hanger overhaul until we moved out of our current place. Unfortunately, it took a recent mini-panic over a permanently stretched-out Theory blazer for me to take quicker action! The owner of Only Hangers sent over some items for my to review – this brand makes a pretty big range of hanger sizes, including children’s (12″ across and under), juniors (14”), petite (15.5” wooden, 15″ plastic shaper), regular (17″ – 18″), and oversized (19″ – 20″).

Nothing more chic than linebacker shoulders!silk blouse before after

I measured the shoulder width of my blazers and blouses (mostly 13-14” across), and determined that the juniors size was best for me. Kelly featured the sleek ones with a top wooden bar only, and I went with the ones with a lower metal bar and clips. Since most hangers have to play double or triple duty in my small closet, I needed the second bar to hold skirts and/or pants.

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I also received their multi-pant hanger with 6 rubberized bars to prevent slipping and creasing. I used to hang my pants over the lower bar of hangers also holding blazers, but they were sometimes concealed by the blazers and subsequently forgotten. Now I can see all of them at once without taking up much space. My blazers, coats, pants and blouses have been thrilled with the hanger upgrades, but for delicate sweaters and loose knits, I recommend storing rolled-up or folded in a dresser, as hanging of any sort over time could stretch knits out.
multi pants hanger

All in all these hangers were very good quality. Whatever your shoulder measurement is, I think the risk of damaging the structure of beloved garments justifies a one-time investment in the right-sized hangers!

Dealing with a smaller closet, I’ve also gotten into the habit of rotational storage of seasonal garments (ie. heavy sweaters and tweeds). With precious closet space cleared up, I can see most items in one glance, which maximizes the wear that each piece receives. I bought a raised bed frame years ago for the extra room underneath, but the bottom of raised couches can also serve as prime storage space.
under bed storage chests

Item Details

Richards underbed chests with cedar (old; similar)

I used to use unsightly garbage bags for under-bed storage, but often had to wreak havoc on the contents trying to locate a specific item.  These under-bed chests helped solve those issues. The side handles help them slide easily like actual chests, and I can fit two side-by-side along each length of my bed. The clear top is great for seeing exactly what’s inside (I roll items up so more garments are visible from the top), and there are cedar wood inserts to help ward off wool and silk-munching moths.

under bed storage chests 1
Cedar pieces should be sanded or filed down every few months for a fresh scent, and I’m thinking of adding a few more blocks to be safe. Make sure to clean your garments thoroughly before storing anywhere, since bugs are attracted to accumulated dirt.

If you have any tips for at-home garment care and storage, I’d love to hear them!
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. This is so helpful, thank you! Most of my tops have a 13-14in shoulder as well, and you’ve convinced me to give 14inch wooden hangers a try.

    Posted 3.25.22 Reply
  2. Kim Casey wrote:

    I was just wondering if you know of any company that makes petite/junior velvet hangers with the metal clips? I am not talking about the clips that come with the velvet/flocked hangers as those are too hard to use. We just installed a closet organizer but I need to lower both bars to reach them. The lower bar needs my shorts to sit higher on the hanger so they do not drag on the bottom shelf and allow me to lower the upper bar. Please, do you know any company that
    makes these hangers?

    Thank you!

    Posted 8.14.21 Reply
  3. maria wrote:

    I ordered these storage containers for my sweaters, but, the smell was very plastic and strong. Did you notice this too? thank you.

    Posted 8.16.20 Reply
  4. TeeTee wrote:

    Thanks for the info! I never thought to look for petite hangers…I hope I win.

    Posted 8.12.13 Reply
  5. An Nicole wrote:

    Awesome post Jean! I started noticing those unsightly shoulder points on my silk shirts and its making me cringe! I really like the Junior Combo Hangers.


    Posted 8.7.13 Reply
  6. Tina wrote:

    I would love the cedar wooden hangers in the juniors size! 🙂

    Posted 8.5.13 Reply
  7. Vicky wrote:

    Thank you Jean! I really hope I win! Otherwise I'll need to bite the bullet and order a set.

    Posted 8.3.13 Reply
  8. Thank you!

    Posted 8.2.13 Reply

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