$20 striped maxi dress & find your fabulous at Marshalls event

striped maxi dress ivory blazer

Dress c/o Marshalls, vintage Hermes belt c/o LXR & Co (invite), Chanel WOC
Steve Madden sandals (similar– so cute for under $25), H&M; blazer (review, sleeves slimmed & shortened)
I’ve teamed up with a few lovely bloggers (Lani, Lissy, Khatu and Bettina) to host an event at Marshalls Fenway, which is the newest store location to open up in Boston. If you live in the area and have time on Wednesday May 8th, 6-8pm, I would absolutely love it if you stopped by! We will be sharing our favorite picks from the store and giving away quite a few gift cards to help “find your fabulous.” There will also be several chances to win prizes, including items that each of us picked out. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP here so we can plan for the snacks and prizes accordingly.
striped maxi dress ivory blazer1 I’m a big fan of maxi dresses for the comfort and ease, and this is the second time I’ve scored in the juniors department. The key for me is to find (or tailor) dresses with a simple cut in a stretchy but well-draping material, that just skims over the hips and legs and hits at the top of the foot. The end result is very lengthening and slimming, even when worn with flats or low shoes, as shown here.

striped maxi dress ivory blazer3
This dress is actually a juniors sz M but looked narrow on the hanger and not too long. Sure enough, it fit similar to a petite S and the length was perfect with no hemming needed. I loved it the moment I tried it on, and just slimmed the sides a little. For anyone who is interested, it was $19.99 and the brand is “Max & Riley” – I’ve seen the same dress at two local Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores, but didn’t find anything smaller than a M.

Picture 247
Love the paneled torso as well, which adds to the slimming effect. There is a short exposed zipper at the top back.

striped maxi dress ivory blazer4
striped maxi dress ivory blazer2 For casual days, I love the idea of topping off a maxi dress with a cropped denim or utility jacket. I don’t own the former and my Gap army jacket was too long, so I went with this ivory blazer for a delicious brunch with friends. Long dresses keep legs warm during windy spring days (and delay shaving!) and are surprisingly breathable in hot weather as well – overall a win-win.

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  1. Comfy maxi dress in my favorite: stripes! Hope it's still at my Marshalls.

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I saw that listing but don't care to spend $30 (possobly more!) for a $20 dress. Part of the appeal is that this is an affordable piece! I am defintely inspired by jean to try out maxi dresses but its not imperative for me to get this exact same dress. Hopefully I'll find something similar another day!

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Bummer to Anonymous looking for the dress at Cambridgeside. πŸ™ I must have called about 8 stores yesterday. I tried looking up the company to see if I could order on line. No avail. I did see that someone is selling one on ebay and its a size small for anyone interested and you can see what the back looks like. 3 bids so far and its up to $30.99.


    Yes Jean you are causing a stampede to all the local Marshalls & TJ Maxx!! LOL!

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks! I called and they are out. Its ok. Tjmax and Marshall's around Boston are probably wondering why there's a spike in interest for this particular dress. Blame jean!

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  5. Manon wrote:

    You look so tall in the 4th photo! So much for the advice to avoid maxis if you're short… πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    wow! how do you manage to look 10ft tall in a maxi dress and flats? you look summer ready. πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Anonymous, I didn't ask but give them a call. Its tucked out of the way in the mall near Best Buy so many folks might not know about it. They were great about looking and holding.

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    Ah! Im in cambridge and I forgot about cambridgeside!! Did they have more of this dress? Please say yes!

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    I am not one to duplicate someone's outfits but I loved this outfit as soon as you posted it. I called a few Marshalls and TJ Maxx around the South Shore area where I live but to no avail. I work in Cambridge and had forgotten that a TJ Maxx opened up at the Cambridgeside Galleria. Lo and behold they had one in a size medium! I had them put it on hold and went to try it on last night and it fit great with no alterations needed! YIPEEEE!!! I have a cute rosette belt that I paired it with and a blazer similar to yours. Viola!

    As a 41 year old 4 ft 11 petite its maddening to find clothes without looking too young,so I tend to skip the Junior's dept more often than none. This is one purchase that I know I'll be happy with!

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  10. Very classy! I love the dress and blazer with the flat sandals.

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  11. I am headed to Marshalls tomorrow! They can thank you for that.

    Posted 4.10.13 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    downtown crossing and the one on boyleston is out too. πŸ™ so cute! πŸ™

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  13. it looks great on you!! i'm 5'-0" and curvy… maxi dresses make me look short, but i'll have to give it a try.

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  14. i adore this on you – you give me hope of finding a maxi that fits.
    home run with this outfit!

    xox P

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  15. always stay away from maxi dresses because I always figure they would just be super long on me and not fit very well either. will definitely have to visit my local Marshalls now!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  16. AA Imaging wrote:

    I saw this post and immediately went to what I thought was my local Marshalls, I seem to get TJMAX and Marshalls confused. I went to TJMAX and found a dress crumpled up on the floor in my size and it was only $16.99! It is a little different but definitely inspired from your dress. I love the look so much and never would have thought of buying it for myself until I saw you Jean!!! Thank you so much! I just wish so bad I could find that awesome belt! I would post a pick of the dress but don't know that that is allowed. I have styled it with a black belt, black strappy sandals, a thin black valero style mini cardigan that ties in the front and simple black and silver earrings. It is really cool. You are so smart Jean!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  17. I briefly looked through this comment and it doesn't seem like anyone asked, but by "slimming" the sides a little bit, do you mean you altered/tailored the dress a little on the sides to make it fit?

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  18. That is definitely a gorgeous maxi dress on you! It's so hard to find a flattering striped maxi that fits my 5'0" frame. I should probably consider looking for that at my nearest Marshall's.

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  19. Suzie Q wrote:

    The maxi dress looks great on you. I agree with the easiness with maxi's. Have a wonderful time at the event, sounds fun!

    Suzie Q

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  20. Wooow, looks good with the blazer! I love it (:

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    It looks sooo chic with the blazer!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  22. Olivia J wrote:

    I simply love the dress with the white blazer. That's next on my "purchase" list.

    Corporate Catwalk

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  23. Sorry ladies for having to temporarily turn on the difficult "word verification" step! Been bombarded by thousands of spam comments involving toilets, and don't want to subject you guys to that : )

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  24. Raquelita wrote:

    Ahh! I am so excited for this event- I've never been happier to be in Boston! Can't wait to meet you all πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  25. Great find at an even greater price! Love the entire look! You could be in a magazine. πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    MamaMia, which TJ maxx did you try it on at?

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  27. Jamie wrote:

    Love that you mentioned the shaving delay haha! Highly motivating for sure!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  28. Marshalls is full of affordable treasures! I love it there. This dress makes you look so tall.

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  29. MamaMia wrote:

    I tried on the very same dress and size yesterday at TJMaxx. Like you, the length was spot on with flats. Thought the back was a bit revealing, picking the right bras might be tricky [I wish you could show the back of it]. Plus, I no longer have a flat tummy after the baby [I'm jealous]. Thus, back to the rack it went.

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    I've checked the Weymouth, Hingham, Marshfield & Braintree stores. No one has them. Boo πŸ™
    As a 4 ft 11 petite this would be perfect.

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  31. Mai Thao wrote:

    I have a show on Hmong TV Network on channel 32.6 in Fresno, CA! We have a large Hmong population here (largest in the U.S., about 32,000). The show is called Maiv Show. We focus on entertainment and learning! Lately, we got a lot of requests from girls to do fashion-related shows, make-up tutorials, and much more. Can you do a video shout out to the Maiv Show? I will be truly grateful! I would love to work with you more in the future…especially when most Asian women (definitely Southeast Asian women) are pretty petite!

    -Mai Chou Thao

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    you look so nice, love the blazer, but I am afraid I can't hem the sleeve myself, btw, can you tell me where you get your haircut? I love your hair style? I usually go to hair adventure…but I like your style better… thanks


    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  33. Mary Ann wrote:

    I love the look, Jean!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  34. Elissa wrote:

    The panels really make that dress! Can't wait for the event. πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  35. Δ° wonder your height ? πŸ˜‰

    Amazing look πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  36. Jean, you look a million inches taller! What a pretty maxi dress. I hope I find my perfect one this summer; I've been hunting for one for about 4 years now!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  37. AlexisB wrote:

    I've always considered the phrase 'petite maxi dress' to be an oxymoron. However, a few of my friends live in them and look so cute! I'm very tempted to try it myself. Your outfit has inspired me! That dress is fantastic – love the paneling on the torso.

    You look fabulous!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  38. Petite-ish wrote:

    Despite horizontal stripes, you look beautifully tall in the dress. Sounds like a fun event, wish I could come but there is zero percent chance I will be out of the hospital and at Fenway before 8pm πŸ™

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  39. choochoo wrote:

    So simple and clean! Love the little bit of bling from the bracelet / sandals. You always look so put together. πŸ™‚


    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  40. Joanna Le wrote:

    What a great piece! The side paneling really helps with the slimming and lengthening. You look so tall here.


    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  41. I'm impressed by the lengthening capability of this dress. As a short(er) person, I tend to stay away from anything maxi because it makes me look even shorter. But this dress does a pretty good job of avoiding that issue!
    FashionEdible Blog

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  42. Ann wrote:

    Your post updates always brighten my day *___*
    Looking great as always, Jean.

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  43. Kaitlin wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  44. these stripes look really good! i can't believe how tall you look in this maxi – i'll have to look around the juniors dept more often

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  45. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh wow. Thanks for getting back to me. This is such as awesome dress!! Might try boyleston but Framingham is too out of the way. You're sweet to call around.

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  46. Hi there – Unfortunately none left at that location – it's pretty much hit or miss with looking for specific items. I called around and there's a L left at Bolyston St Marshalls and possibly a M and L at TJ Maxx framingham.

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  47. Mel wrote:

    absolute love! wish i could attend the event but have a great time!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  48. Anonymous wrote:

    Is this still available at the 126 Brookline location? I tried at downtown crossing and they didn't have this style!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  49. QueenLina wrote:
    Posted 4.9.13 Reply
  50. Carla Krae wrote:

    Lucky find!

    Posted 4.9.13 Reply

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