Winter Casual: Army jacket, booties + DIY leopard clutch


Gap army jacket (similar) & sweater, thrifted skirt, Hue tights, Revlon “Vixen” nail polish, DIY clutch
Adrienne Vittadini ankle boots (similar – plus Nordies’ shoe sale has begun! lots of small sizes)

70hr work weeks and snowy terrain has left me with no new photos, but here’s an old outfit that I wore to a friend’s engagement party. I wanted something comfy and casual, but still chic enough for the night out. Basic black served as the base, the tweed skirt added texture, and a pop of leopard print finished off the outfit.

I first saw a leopard foldover clutch on Wendy’s blog and fell in love. It was sold out, so I decided to try my hand at DIY. I’m sure the quality of mine doesn’t come close to a professional one, but it satisfies my craving for now : )

PS – Going to try and answer all your pre-owned Coach bag questions in a post this weekend. Please stay tuned!
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I support you entirely, Jean. I'm a long-time reader of yours and saw this problem occurring long ago.

    Dealing with this issue, the thing that sets you aside from the other blogger is your transparency. Even if you receive negative comments or ones that refer to this situation in particular, you handle it in stride and respond with diplomacy. You don't try to censor your accounts, delete comments, or disallow others from expressing criticism. You answer respectfully, tactfully and you try to ensure everyone is provided with the correct information — i.e., the truth. That is part of why you are so well-respected in the community — it's your credibility.

    You've got plenty of readers who've got your back, Jean. I'm so glad that you're finally stepping forward and speaking out about this problem that's gone on far too long.

    Posted 2.16.13 Reply
  2. Great clutch – I can't believe you made it! Well done!
    I think this outfit looks fantastic on you. Very chic!

    Kate xo

    Posted 2.16.13 Reply
  3. I am not sure what feed you're referring to, but I truly hope that everyone can express their views in a respectful manner without imposing malice or harassing anyone. Its not worth it to cross the line, and it takes a few step backwards in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for sharing your opinion, and I hope your little one gets some rest tonight so Mom can too : )

    Posted 2.16.13 Reply
  4. Well said, Jean!
    I've been reading your blog since the end of 2010 and have noticed all the plagiarisms early on. I do hope the other blogger can stop this craziness and stop playing the victim. It must have been difficult to deal with her for the past three years. Many readers are by your side! It saddened us that you haven't been blogging as frequently as before because we love and anticipate your posts. It sucks she had to ruined it for the rest of us. No matter what, I will continue to follow/support your blog.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    How do you explain stolen blog content, layouts, even phrases??? Sorry, there isn't one iota on that blog that isn't ripped off someone else's. Sad and pathetic.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    I think I should clarify my above comment. I respect that ExtraPetite has attempted to privately resolve the matter and I also think that standing up for yourself and your work is not bullying. I think anyone who frequents/follows both blogs would have to acknowledge the similarities between many of the outfits. I do not know if the other blogger is intentional, oblivious, or malicious in her actions. What I was commenting on was a twitter feed that was 100% dedicated towards being negative to the other blogger and I felt that, without question, was malicious. That being said, it's not my battle, my battle involves a sweet one year old who has decided that sleeping through the night is for babies:o)

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  7. A wrote:

    good suggestion anon.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  8. A wrote:

    Well said Jean.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  9. @ May Y – I really appreciate your response but moderated to avoid names being named on here.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  10. Hi there – Thank you for the feedback and I will definitely consider that! I did the reviews on rainboots to share what I do wear in real life for inclement weather, but I wear these types of shoes solely for commuting and change right out of at the destination. For work, I do wear flats when commuting like you said and recommend doing so for comfort, but then 90% of my day I am in the shoes actually shown in the posts so I still find them to be indicative of the real world.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  11. Debbie Lee wrote:

    Love the heels! I'm going to look for some on Stitch right now!

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  12. To both anons up above-

    I'm truly sorry my words have been perceived as bullying. I understand that it's not possible for any uninvolved bystanders to know the extent of what has gone on or how much effort has been made to resolve it in a private, respectful manner. As I appreciate every longtime reader on this blog, I hope you can allow me to explain why I said what I did. I certainly don't believe buying the same mainstream items or dressing alike is an issue. However, I do find repeated actions such as the following to be unacceptable:

    – hiring tech help to replicate online layouts and design of sites created by others (2 incidents)
    – trying to hire Etsy sellers that can sew (who refused) to replicate DIY ideas from here
    – contacting my non-mainstream sponsors to self-promote and ask for the same exact items
    – hunting down (over 20) specific, vintage gifts from my loved ones or items I've found in thrift stores for her own content, at times fabricating their origins to readers
    – using copied content to earn revenue through affiliate links, side advertisements, and sponsorships, or using a replicated outfit for sponsored features to gain traffic
    – creating Blogger "followers" that end up inflating blog statistics
    – blocking anyone (myself included) who suggests giving credit
    – repeatedly contacting my readers and fellow bloggers to sell her their own items (items that were shown on here and subsequently sold out)
    – when asked, replies that she does not read this blog

    …amongst other incidents. I completely believe in giving a person many chances and in being respectful, but that is also a 2-way street. Since countless private communications did not work, I spoke up to encourage more integrity and individuality in the blogging community vs. continuing to sweep it under the rug. If speaking up against 3 years of copying for personal gain is construed as bullying, then I'm disappointed. Unfortunately, I do understand there are consequences to publicly speaking my honest opinions on a topic I feel strongly about, and know that many will not agree with or condone what I did. I apologize if I have offended readers, and only ask that you also consider the many other sides to situations that may happen behind the scenes.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    Why let "snowy terrain" get in the way of more outfit photos? Why not post more "real life" looks that other people can use as inspiration for the real world? You keep mentioning in various posts that you changed into flats or rain boots later. Why not show what actually works in the real world instead of only posting ideal shots that would only work if we didn't have to commute and lived in a temperature- and weather-controlled box? I think it is most inspiring when bloggers are both practical and stylish and can actually live their out their lives in the outfits they post. Thanks for your consideration.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    I never comment on blogs because I typically am just looking for inspiration but noticed the whole "twitter feud" and have to say, everyone stop being mean girls! Yes, one blogger dresses like one, that one has started to dress like another one, and on and on, but really, does it matter? I frequent many blogs, and most ideas/outfits/styles of writing, originate from a few early innovators. Yes, it would be polite/respectful to credit everything back to those you were inspired by but it's also impolite, disrespectful, and just plain mean to use the internet as a means to bully or shame another.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  15. Giovanna wrote:

    Cute look! Love that coat! I really need to find a good army green utility jacket!

    Blog, Inc. Giveaway!

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  16. Anonymous wrote:

    I wish people would stop "attacking" the other blogger who supposedly have copied a lot of styles from extrapetite. If I wanted to, I can also go through all the styles from extrapetite site and find many that I can say she copied from others like Wendy's lookbook, Alternation needed, and many others. You guys buy the same items from the same stores like Ann Taylor, H&M;, Banana Republic and Loft. Is it a crime to wear the same clothes and sometimes style them in the same color/way? As for the Twitter photo account that someone who targeted the other blogger put up, some of the photos are months or even a year apart. I can say the same about extrapetite here who definitely posted a burnt orange H&M; jacket outfit AFTER the other blogger did on her blog. How come no one is speaking up about this blog? Quite a few petite bloggers were posting on twitter about this and it sounds suspiciously to me that you guys are ganging up on the other blogger. It's not fair. Just leave it alone and the attention will go away.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  17. Miriam wrote:

    Hi Jean!!! I just wanted to write that a few days ago i was dining with another blogger and we were talking about how much we enjoyed your blog… well she brought to my attention the whole subject of plagerism with another blogger who will remain nameless and i nearly fell out of my chair.. mainly b/c a few years ago i had unfollowed this blogger who will remain nameless for original content. It was so obvious to me.. Me, someone who was brand new to the blogging world and had no idea that there were any forums or online discussions….anyways, it's such a shame but i just wanted to tell you that i support you! <3

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  18. GEMMA wrote:

    You look sooo sooo pretty:)

    Come say HI on my blog:

    Love, Gemma

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  19. lin wrote:

    great diy clutch. i would have never guessed that you made it yourself. 😉

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  20. M. wrote:

    I loved that gap jacket when I saw it before on your blog and I've been checking a bunch of sites for something similar – and I just found a similar jacket at H&M.; It made me ridiculously happy. Here is the link:

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  21. gigiofca wrote:

    Nice! Great job on the clutch.

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  22. Mary Ann wrote:

    Great job on the clutch, Jean! Where did you get the fabric…or leather?

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  23. Love the clutch! You must show us a tutorial!

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  24. mel wrote:

    That's an amazing DIY clutch. I'd love to see a tutorial.

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  25. Oh no, 70 hour work weeks!!?? Are you in ibanking? Just curious!! Also, that clutch looks really great!! You did a wonderful job! 🙂


    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    That's it, I'm getting an army jacket. 🙂

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  27. Love your boots and DIY clutch!!!! Can't wait hear more about vintage Coach purchases!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  28. newpetite wrote:

    Love your DIY version!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  29. Candice wrote:

    Hi Jean! Love your DIY clutch. Along with everyone else, I would love to see a tutorial on how you made the clutch. You did a great job!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  30. this is a great look – and love the leopard details too! xo

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  31. Odette wrote:

    You really inspire my long desire to do my own alterations and diy bags. Curious how casual you get on weekends – I'm a mom of 2, recently petite (again), trying to figure out how to pair up jeans and still be fashionista without trying so hard. Any advice or ideas would be great!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  32. Marla wrote:

    Your clutch looks great! Along with everyone else… I would love to see a tutorial and info on where you got the supplies. Love the outfit too!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  33. Phoebe wrote:

    Hi Jean!! Love your outfit and clutch!! Did you use a thicker needle on your sewing machine? xoxo, Phoebe

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  34. I'm Portuguese and i love your blog. The clutch is beautiful, you did a great job. 🙂

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  35. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm a longtime fan of your blog – I hope you post the tutorial for the DIY clutch! I would love to make one myself.

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  36. Agree with everone's comments on the clutch. Amazing-looking for a DIY. You are very talented. I've always daydreamed about sewing projects…. but no sewing machine, haha. Maybe someday I will invest in one.

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  37. Rachelle wrote:

    Love this outfit, and that clutch is superb I would love to see a DIY.


    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  38. Carol Li wrote:

    I love your clutch. It's gorgeous. I'd love to see a tutorial on how you made it.

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  39. i can't believe you made those! the zipper and calfhair texture makes it look so expensive. i'd love a quick tutorial. get some sleep and rest !

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  40. You are really talented! It's always fun to see what DIYs bloggers do and I don't think I've ever seen a clutch done. Would love to see a tutorial 🙂

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  41. Vivian wrote:

    Been eyeing those type of tights you've been wearing in some of your blog posts, they're very nice! I've never considered wearing tights under skirts but will definitely try that, looks classy! (=
    And YEY! Super excited for the Coach post!!! Will be looking forward to it.

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  42. mai wrote:

    wow, the clutch looks amazing!
    hope you get a bit more rest/relaxation time in soon!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  43. Suzie Q wrote:

    Great job on the clutch! It looks great! Love how you paired the look with the army jacket.

    Suzie Q

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  44. Theresa wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  45. you look amazing as usual Jean~


    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  46. Christie wrote:

    Love the DIY clutch, I must say the entire outfit looks amazing!


    Love and Company

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  47. LOVE the look. Great color combos and pairings! This DIY clutch: something I've been dying to create for myself so I would love to see how you created it.

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  48. yutzyjbear wrote:

    hope you recorded your bag DIY… you know we'd love to learn!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  49. i am always SO impressed by your DIYs! please do a tutorial! 🙂 i'd love to make some custom clutches myself!


    Posted 2.13.13 Reply
  50. I can't believe you made the clutch? It looks really nice!

    Posted 2.13.13 Reply

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