Summer Brights: $2 Linen Skirt + Scarf Print Blouse


Zara blouse from Khatu, thrifted skirt (similar in warm jade) & bracelet, Ann Taylor perfect pointy pumps, Hermes belt sz 70, BR bag

Just a quick post today sharing this summer work outfit. As mentioned in my video, I have been loving saturated, jewel-toned colors this summer. As soon as I got my paws on Khatu‘s slinky scarf-print blouse, I knew it’d be the perfect complement for this vibrant skirt.


This skirt was yet another happy find from Savers thrift store…
I had been wanting a garment in linen, the ultimate casual fabric for summer, but didn’t want to shell out too much for something so wrinkle-prone.


c/o Modcloth Brandi sheer bow blouse in sz S (restocked!)

Crazy enough, this skirt is a size 7 and fit me almost perfectly at the waist. The hips were noticeably too wide, so I slimmed them down from the inside and tapered the bottom. After wearing this a few times, I realize it needs a little more DIY work at the waist and/or hem to achieve the perfect fit.


bracelet also from Savers…love the marbled blue stones & delicate gold. Fits perfectly after removing a link.


As some of you may know, I switched jobs earlier this year in the midst of a stressful time. Since then, I have been so much happier career-wise, but have found much less time to write posts, answer reader questions, and read my favorite blogs. Thank you to both loyal and new readers for stopping by every so often, and for keeping me abreast of good deals and finds!

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  1. Huang King wrote:

    Beautiful outfit!!!
    If you want to be sexy, visit:

    Posted 5.20.14 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    could I know how much is the belt?? Thanks

    Posted 9.2.12 Reply
  3. Kelly wrote:

    Great outfit! Everything pairs together so well : ) And who doesn't love a good thrift store find?!

    Posted 8.16.12 Reply
  4. I hope you're enjoying your new job (and I feel behind on your updates since I've been busy with work myself).

    The silk print blouse is gorgeous and I love all the jewel tone colors in this outfit.

    May I ask how you stay as neat as possible when wearing linen? I hate how wrinkled I always look by the end of the day whenever I wear linen no matter how carefully I sit. lol

    Posted 8.12.12 Reply
  5. Bromeliad wrote:

    I am so impressed with your linen skirt. I altered a linen cobalt blue skirt this summer. It was a size 16. (I'm a 10.) Now I want a scarf blouse.

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  6. This outfit is darling! Love the belt and your nail polish, too!


    Posted 8.8.12 Reply
  7. Rosie wrote:

    I hear CFA 3 results are out today. Hoping good news comes your way!

    Posted 8.7.12 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    I love the nail color, what is it?

    Posted 8.7.12 Reply
  9. LOVE LOVE the Hermes belt paired with skirt color combo! You look so sophisticated and classy!


    Glamour Noodle

    Posted 8.6.12 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    Love your purse.. Where did you pick it up from? Thanks

    Posted 8.6.12 Reply
  11. Such a cute look! That skirt just goes to show that no matter what size, if you know how to get your clothes tailored, you can always find/make something fit you!

    Posted 8.5.12 Reply
  12. Cassie wrote:

    This outfit is absolutely gorgeous! It's so bright, happy and summery. I'd wear this without hesitation!

    Posted 8.5.12 Reply
  13. Plami wrote:

    what a perfect outfit! I love the color scheme and the polished look <3

    I am giving away three unique pairs of handmade earrings on my blog and I'll be so glad if you join!


    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  14. sophié wrote:

    lovely fresh colours! thank you for the inspirational photos.

    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  15. you look wonderful in these colours!! i'm so happy you are enjoying your new job! what a great job on the skirt. you're such a wiz. *goes to look for the scarf print* you and khatu!!! xox P

    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  16. Rachel wrote:

    glad to know you're enjoying your new job! i know how much your every day job can affect how you feel every day when you roll out of bed… 🙂 love your classy outfit as always, i wish i was as good a seamstress as you are!

    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh.. it's Banana Republic..

    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  18. Loving this outfit! Your blpg is very inspirational.


    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  19. faye lu wrote:

    stunning – the colours just pop off the screen!

    looking fabulous as ever xo

    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  20. Kelly Yeh wrote:

    OMG I'm so in love with this outfit! Can't believe you found that skirt at the thrift store!

    <3 Kelly

    Posted 8.4.12 Reply
  21. What pretty colors on you – and I love what you did with your hair in those post!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  22. Eva Wu wrote:

    just perfect, the colour, the blouse, the skirt, the bag!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  23. Bethany wrote:

    Dear Jean:
    Could u do a review of your handbags sometime?
    I love all your handbags

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  24. This outfit looks sooo fab!!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  25. what great finds! I love that you're able to alter your own clothing. I must get myself a sewing machine!

    <3 Maggie

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  26. Jenny wrote:

    Great DIY work on the skirt; it looks very good on you :-)! and your hair looks beautiful!! Please show us show you did your hair on your youtube channel! And, happy to hear you're enjoying your new job :))

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  27. i must pin! i love this outfit and your hair like this!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  28. Emily wrote:

    Absolutely so lovely. That top is gorgeous!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  29. Gorgeous! I just got my first sewing machine and am slowly teaching myself how to use it – my first project is some simple panel curtains, but I'd love to start tailoring clothes! Jewel tones look great on you.

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply


    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  31. Mady wrote:

    love the skirt, how it turned out…love love the outfit! the printed shirt with the bright skirt look amazing together!


    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  32. Bela Anzu wrote:

    That's wonderful to hear that you're enjoying your new job! I admire the way you were able to balance your career with studying for an intensive exam.

    There are so many things I like about this blog entry. Your hair looks elegant when it's curled in this style and the blue and turquoise colours are aesthetic. I wish I knew how to style my hair like yours.

    Thanks for taking the time to post Jean. I appreciate it.

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  33. Anonymous wrote:

    Gorgeous from your hair to your heels! This is one of my favorite outfits of the summer for you. =)

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  34. Lauren wrote:

    Absolutely gorgeous, and the perfect look for this hot East Coast summer!

    I was wondering if you know of/use anyone in Boston who is good at reconditioning & cleaning leather items…I have a handbag I'd like to get fixed up and any suggestions you had would be greatly appreciated!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  35. lisacng wrote:

    I told the bold saturated colors and wonderful thrift finds! I love this "Savers" store you have!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  36. Joanna Le wrote:

    Wow, you really hit the jackpot with that skirt! It fits you quite well in these photos, but I suppose only you would know where it fits and where it doesn't. Even your nails match perfectly! Great colour choices for this outfit.

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  37. Bebe Fuzz wrote:

    They say that a fulfilling job, a great partner, and where you live are the biggest outside contributors to happiness. 🙂
    Super elegant ensemble as well!

    a herve leger blog

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  38. Woww!! You look so awesome in your $2 skirt!! Great job, as always! It looks amazing with that top!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  39. Great top! Love the print.

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  40. I love this outfit! Omg! The prints of the shirt is AMAZING!
    backtofive's twitter

    xoxo backtofive

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  41. Impressive alteration! Loving that shirt and pairing.

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  42. Your most beautifully, put together outfits yet. Great job!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  43. LAURA wrote:

    love that blouse!

    Laura x

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  44. Suzie Q wrote:

    I love how you have an eye for potential thrifted items, Jean! The jade color looks great and you're so talented that you can hem everything yourself! Glad to hear that you're happier with your new job.


    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  45. amazing colors 🙂

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  46. Beautiful!! and I love that you are using super affordable items to make high fashion style.
    That Banana Republic bag is absolutely fabulous!!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  47. Love the print on that blouse.

    ~Natasha Fatah Giveaway~
    ~Natasha Fatah Giveaway~

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  48. Anonymous wrote:

    Is BR the brand of the bag? I love its blue color, as well as the shape and structure of it. Nice outfit. Thanks

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  49. This is such a great combination of colours on you! And I simply love your hair – gorgeous! 🙂

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  50. MizzJ wrote:

    That scarf blouse is so pretty! Really unique print; they should use that type of print for tips more often

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  51. Love this outfit!! Do you think you can do some simple tailoring video tutorial sometimes?? It would be EXTReMELY helpful! Thanks!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  52. Anonymous wrote:

    Love your outfit, but i most love the nail polish you are wearing, what is it?

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  53. WOW! The colors are so bright and fun – perfect work outfit for the summer! Always look forward to your posts!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  54. CoriFairy wrote:

    Don't worry about the wrinkles too much. I'm a dress & pattern maker and in the textile sector (in Germany) and we use to say about linen: Linen crinkles nobly! ; )

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  55. CoriFairy wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    you look absolutely fantastic! The turquoise color suits you so well! LOVE! And what I really admire is your courage for doing even complicated alterations! The skirt fits like made for you now!
    All in all beautiful Jean!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Cori ; )

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  56. love your look!!
    kisses from milan

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  57. Anonymous wrote:

    Your hair looks great, are you wearing the bump it you reviewed a while back?

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  58. m wrote:

    Jean, oh how you inspire me to dress better and play with color! I wish I had a sewing machine (and knew how to use one :P) and that there was a Savers near me (NYC). Love the styling of the outfit! Your posts may not come often, but when they do…quality content 🙂

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  59. Wytane wrote:

    Hello Gorgeous, did u tailor the skirt yourself? How did u do that, do u cut the skirt apart before the sewing?

    Love you as always 🙂 x

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  60. Elle wrote:

    This outfit is one of my all-time favorite outfits from you! It actually makes me want to dig out my old emerald j. crew skirt and do something with it (pair it with a fun print, perhaps). Khatu's scarf print top is the perfect companion for your thrifted skirt. And the $3(!!!) bracelet adds something delicate to the outfit. Very well done! 😉

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  61. Anonymous wrote:

    the scarf print blouse is exquisite!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  62. newpetite wrote:

    I have a love hate relationship with linen, mainly coz it wrinkles so much. Love the beautiful colors and the fun shirt!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  63. Alice wrote:

    Ahhhh so much bright adorableness!

    I love that bright blue you're wearing Jean!
    It's such a fun color and absolutely perfect for summer 🙂
    I think the way you styled it is absolutely perfect for the office. Your skirt is fun and vivacious but the conservative cut tones things down a little. When you add on the printed silk button down and amazing Hermes belt, you make everything look so classy and elegant.

    I cannot believe that you got that amazing skirt for only $3! I've heard tons of great stuff about Savers but have yet to go to one. Maybe it's time to track one down so I can dig for some awesome savings 🙂

    That blouse is absolutely gorgeous and pairs so well with the rest of your outfit. The bright blue in your blouse works with the color of your skirt (which now that I think about it, is more of a turquoisey color). In addition, the periwinkle color matches with your purse and the bracelet you're wearing.

    Yay for matching and for awesome bright colors!

    Have a lovely day Jean (and anyone else who sees this comment)! 🙂


    P.S. Sorry I posed my blog link on my comment the other day! I saw your little note asking us not to but I'm just so used to attaching my blog to my name. It won't happen again! <3 <3

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  64. Mary Ann wrote:

    The skirt looks great Jean – and nice alterations, too. It reminds me of the teal Ann Taylor silk skirt I thrifted last Fall! Don't you just love finding this stuff so cheap and just spending a little bit of time to make it fit well!? Saves so much money!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  65. Katherine wrote:

    Happy to hear that you're enjoying your new job! And I think it's crazy that the skirt was a size 7 and fit you in the waist – just another example of the crazy size inflation that's happened over the past few decades!

    Posted 8.3.12 Reply
  66. Anonymous wrote:


    Posted 8.3.12 Reply

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