Signature Style: Classic tweed, pencil dress, and pearls


Asos Petite dress (similar and similar), H&M; blouse, Jacket c/o Uniqueen sz S (my review)
Louboutin cap toes from eBay, Talbots necklace, Chanel classic flap, Ann Taylor belt

My style has evolved immensely over the years, but there are certain looks and pieces that I will always and instantly feel like “myself” in. I am uncontrollably drawn to pencil shapes, pearls, drapey blouses, tweed, and a little Chanel…and this outfit embodies it all. Looking back on my first few posts (here and here), I embraced these pieces and aspired to channel this look even when I was clueless about putting together outfits.

If asked today about my signature style, I can answer with confidence (after years of experimentation and cultivating my wardrobe) that it’s comprised of:
– a combination of classic and feminine looks
– figure-defining but not revealing silhouettes
– a variety of soft textures; and
– a mix of splurge pieces and bargain finds
peachcream2 I’ve tried to “get more” out of my dresses before by wearing them as a top, but the bottom part just became too uncomfortable when layered under another skirt. Inspired by the combo at the bottom of this page, I did the reverse here with a very lightweight blouse…

It was much more comfortable than the other way around, and easier to keep in place (tied a knot in the front center and tucked it in, then folded the back of the blouse under a skinny waist belt).

Splurge: Chanel taupe flap   Steal: Talbots outlet pearl necklace (a longtime fave for $11)

I am a bit obsessed with these cropped tweed jackets from Uniqueen (see full review here) but I do want to note a few things:

– This jacket definitely runs smaller than that of Western brands, however sizing appears to be slightly inconsistent. A “Small” is equivalent to an XXS-XS in American sizing or H&M; 2-4. I heard from the owner that several ladies were disappointed that the jacket was too small, so I want to reiterate this. As for consistency…I tried on a total of three jackets – two fit me perfectly (except for sleeve length) and one was too big. I expressed my concerns to the owner and she has asked her factory to be very careful when hand-cutting the pieces, however I suspect there may still be some inconsistencies.

– I initially suggested simply pulling out the tinsel-like metallic trim. That worked well for me on my first jacket, but I yanked them out too hastily for this one and you may see that the edges of the jacket are now curved up. They won’t flatten back down no matter how much I pull on or iron them. If you want to remove the sparkly trim, please, please do so carefully at your own risk.

– The “Cream Ivory” is not ivory – it is a stark white. I have gotten a lot of wear out of this with spring/summer colors, neutrals, as well as denim.

– Last but not least, there has been such a response from you guys for Uniqueen tweed jackets that I asked if they’d consider some reader giveaways. They agreed, so please stayed tuned for a chance to win one of your choice.


Readers – What do you consider to be your signature style?

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  1. I like your style so feminine and I always say proud to be an Asian, so classic yet elegant and classy

    Posted 6.23.13 Reply
  2. Love the way you knotted the belt to give a little more style! Definitely will be trying that in the future.


    Posted 7.17.12 Reply
  3. Kelly wrote:

    Love the color of the Chanel! It seems like it will match with just about anything.

    <3 Kelly

    Posted 7.8.12 Reply
  4. Miss Cozzy wrote:

    I love this look, and it definitely flatters you. It's easy to tell when someone's wearing an outfit, vs. when it wearing them. Nicely done. 🙂

    Posted 7.5.12 Reply
  5. Your pictures and the blog are an absolute delight to watch!
    Great work! 🙂

    Posted 7.4.12 Reply
  6. Caitlin wrote:

    I am drooling over that chanel purse, gorgeous!

    Posted 6.28.12 Reply
  7. Bela Anzu wrote:

    I got the Malang (Medium) and No. 5 Tweed (Large) jackets. Your thorough and thoughtful reviews are helpful because they give me a good idea of whether or not I'd like to purchase something online.

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  8. I actually sent it to Elle of fastfoodandfashion who was interested in it and she sent it back in exchange for a white. The ivory blouse is an all-time H&M; fave! It's so versatile and I'm glad you were able to locate them.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  9. Hi Faye, I'm sorry to hear about the inconsistencies you experienced with them, but thank you for sharing about how the flower jacket worked for you.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  10. Hi Johanna, thank you very much for your comment and suggestion. I would love to do a post talking more about that and sharing my personal experience. It's really refreshing meeting other women who enjoy the topics saving and investing, yet don't frown upon the thought of themselves (or others) spending a lot on a wardrobe piece. To me it's more about the planning and making sure you're getting something you really want, of a good value (all subjective), and that you're still staying well below your means.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  11. Thank YOU so much for the kind words! But trust me, I struggle with the same, and the journey of curating your wardrobe and learning what works and doesn't work for you is what makes fashion fun.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  12. Bela – I've heard that quote before and never knew who said it, and it has definitely subconsciously stuck with me! Thanks for posting it in its entirety … I'll never forget now : )

    Which jacket did you get?

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  13. Thank you shengkx for your feedback and for being a longtime reader!

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  14. Hi Sophie – your signature pieces sound just lovely! I am slowly working on a good rounded collection of handbags (definitely have target pieces in mind but waiting for better prices) and will do a post if that collection is ever closer to completion : ) I think a good evening bag, a nice durable satchel, a clutch (even better if it's convertible), and a roomy tote are good starters.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  15. Hi Janki! I tried to explain some sleeve stuff in a video just recorded, but Elle just did a nice and simple one on the tucking : )

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  16. Hi there, I'm using mostly the same products from my makeup youtube video…except I'm using a caviar eye stick by laura mercier and stila bronzer in shade #1

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  17. Hi there – please see Elle's tutorial for a similar look

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  18. Hi Jane, I completely agree with you that it should be more about the fit than individual items. As for Chanel, I haven't yet purchased any from eBay (yet, I think) but I do have one from Bonanza which is very similar to eBay, except prices are all fixed.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  19. Thanks! It's Stila bronzer in #1 and I don't think I have on any lipstick, just clear chapstick.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  20. Thank you! I have not seen the lemon in person so I can't say! The cream ivory though is white, though and not really cream.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  21. Hi Lisa, Elle did a tutorial here on the shirt tucking

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  22. Elle did a tutorial here to get a similar look! Only difference is I tucked my shirt over the belt in the back.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  23. I have been wearing them folded under and safety pinned, but thank you for reminding me – need to alter them as soon as I have time!

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  24. bibi wrote:

    awesome outfit and stunning necklace.

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    Really beautiful ! I love your blog !
    I'm not petite but I'm asian and look like a child… Your tips to look older and more ladylike are so helpful!

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  26. Tim Mcgraw wrote:

    love your blog x

    On The Floor (Ven A Bailar)

    Posted 6.26.12 Reply
  27. lisacng wrote:

    A great signature style for a reason! So amazing classy but also very modern. I am still developing my personal style.

    Posted 6.25.12 Reply
  28. Chloe wrote:

    You look gorgeous, Jean! I also think it's one of my favorite things about fashion blogging–creating and curating our own individual, personal styles. I'm not sure what my personal style would be called, but I love feminine pieces with a colorful (and sometimes edgy) twist. So fun! <3

    Posted 6.25.12 Reply
  29. Jean,

    I loved this look a lot when I got a sneak peek of it on Instagram. 🙂 Cheers to another great post.

    Did you return the Uniqueen jacket that didn't work out for you? I bought a few things but the return shipping fee to Korea is so expensive so it almost wasn't worth it.

    Based on your rave reviews this past winter, I also located the H&M; blouse you're wearing in the both ivory and green color. I'm sure you get this a lot but your reviews (and other tips) have definitely helped me find versatile, quality pieces at a great price so thank you!



    Posted 6.24.12 Reply
  30. Rinny wrote:

    You look so elegant and polished Jean! I love the white tweed jacket and how you made the blouse look like it was part of the dress by tucking it in and belting it – genius! I'll have to try that myself one day 🙂

    Posted 6.24.12 Reply
  31. Joy wrote:

    This looks so good, like you're off to have tea with the queen.
    That white jacket is gorgeous on you.

    Posted 6.24.12 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey Jean,

    I'm usually a lurker on here, but wanted to comment on Uniqueen tweeds since the topic has come back up. Just bought a jacket from them using their 15% birthday discount and have also noticed the sizing/measurement inconsistencies: shoulder, bust, and waist widths were all about an inch larger than what is listed on their website (which exacerbated fit issues on me as you can see below). I've emailed them feedback and they essentially gave me the same reply.

    I actually bought the Flower tweed jacket, which is extremely similar to the No.5 except with a slimmer + longer/uncropped torso to better suit my figure (5'2" with proportional shoulders, a very narrow ribcage, and practically no curves above the waist) and fewer color options (I wanted black, so that wasn't important to me). Was a bit worried about the synthetic fabric blend but it turned out as expected, which was a relief. The drape is quite nice yet problematic on me because the weight & lack of structure in the fabric coupled with the fact that there are no closures meant that wearing the jacket open (as intended) with arms at my sides resulted in the opening to be too wide at the bottom and the jacket falling into a bell shape around my stick-skinny upper body. =( Basically, I don't have proportionate curves on top like you do to fill out and hold up the jacket in its proper shape. Just goes to show that petite women are equally varied in size/shape and we each have our own issues/strategies to tackle when buying clothing. Nevertheless, I'm keeping the jacket (with sparkly trim intact since the shine adds dimension to what would otherwise look like a black square on me) despite the width measurement issues since it fits alright in the shoulders, and will sew in some hook-and-eye closures soon.

    Thanks for reading,

    Posted 6.24.12 Reply
  33. what a great look – your style is timeless and classic. it is just so wonderful to see different ways to use a dress. i've not yet used a dress as a top, given how you've had difficulties with the hem, but the concept is interesting. looking forward to seeing the uniqueen giveaway.. have been reluctant to go ahead just given the sizing issues, as you've reviewed. they look fantastic on you tho!

    xox P

    Posted 6.24.12 Reply
  34. Caitlin wrote:

    Blush pink is one of my favorite colors for this summer!

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  35. so classic! love the neutrals!

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  36. A tweed jacket is on my wish list, and I love the styles offered by Uniqueen… I just need to narrow it down to one and pull the trigger! You look fabulous… classy and "now"

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  37. Johanna wrote:

    Jean, I just found this blog and love it – I'm always looking for inspiration to a classic timeless style and you just gave me so many ideas.

    I have one question: You mention that you are very conscious of your spending and investing. I admire that you are able to save about half your income every month. If you don't mind, would you share how you do that? Do you set up a budget for yourself, or do you have a different system to save money? Do you save money each month for fashion?

    I would love to know how to be better at saving and then investing when I would like to purchase a timeless purse for example. I know so many women who love fashion and want to afford a great designer piece but don't know how to arrange savings each month and spending in a way that makes them happy.

    Thanks so much!

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  38. Anonymous wrote:

    I love how you always look so polished. Being someone who struggles with being fashionable, I want to thank you for the inspiration.

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  39. That's such a classy outfit! I like you! You look so pretty!

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply
  40. Bela Anzu wrote:

    I really enjoyed reading this post, probably because I've been reading your blog for a while. I tend to gravitate towards warm colours and jewellery, fitted pieces and feminine dresses.

    When you said that you liked figure defining, but not revealing silhouettes, it reminded me of Edith Head. She said "A dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to prove you're a lady." Have you heard that quote before?

    Thanks for introducing us to UniQueen's tweed jackets! I haven't had issues with them so far and love how I can use it to layer my outfits.

    Posted 6.23.12 Reply

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