Faux leather + cropped tweed; Chanel-style jacket for petites


No. 5 jacket in brown sz S c/o Uniqueen, H&M; faux-leather leggings (similar), Target blouse

This jacket from Uniqueen is undoubtedly one of my favorite pieces right now. It comes in 6 lovely colors and I spent ages trying to decide what to try. The cream is crisp and clean, the yellow is fun, and the peach pink is ultra feminine. After looking through my wardrobe, the most versatile color for me is brown (I returned the peach pink, but did snap some pics of it). I tried to answer most of your questions in this post, but please review the measurements on the website and compare them against your own clothes, and ask the retailer any questions before ordering.

I liked Uniqueen’s Malang jacket (now back in satin lining), but the fit was not perfect on my frame. The Malang fit me in the shoulders, but the torso was a bit roomy and the length hit my hips. I mentioned wanting to shorten the length, but never got around to attempting it.

Left: For work with Gap blouse & Ann Taylor tropical wool skirt, taken in (this season’s color)

The first thing I noticed about this No. 5 jacket was the cropped length – a S measures 18″ long vs. the Malang which is 20″ long. This jacket may be too short for taller ladies (unless you want cropped), but is perfect for petites. As someone who is 5 feet tall, it’s been very hard finding jackets that are short enough to pair with skirts and/or flat shoes without truncating my leg line. The length of this jacket makes it so versatile for me. I’ve worn it already with longer pencil skirts, wool mini skirts, jeans and flats, leggings and tall boots, sheath dresses…you name it.

Chanel tortoise wayfarers (similar) & WOC, Target pumps w/ DIY cap (similar), Revlon coral lipstick

Sizing: Comes in three sizes (unlike the Malang) – S, M, and L. These sizes definitely run smaller than mainstream American sizes. A Small in the No. 5 feels comparable to XXS-00P at Ann Taylor / LOFT (except with longer sleeves), or in-between a size 2 and 4 at H&M.; Again, please check the measurements on the website listed for each size…

My sz S measures 18-18.5″ in length, 15.5″ across the chest when lying flat, 14-14.5″ across the shoulders including shoulder pads, 24″ long sleeves, 5.5″ across upper sleeve width.


Quality: Very good for the price ($80.74 + ship). The first time I wore it, my friend grabbed it and said, “Where’s this from? It looks expensive!” A comparable jacket at Ann Taylor or BR would retail for upwards of $200, and J.Crew has a $600 version of the yellow tweed cropped jacket (that’s somehow already sold out in many sizes..?). This tweed is medium-weight with a lot of dimension, and there’s plenty of features like gold-tone buttons, full lining, functional lower pockets, trim that goes all-around (pet peeve of mine is items where the trim is only on the front half), plus a No. 5 pearl-studded pin. The pin is slightly pushing the design into too heavily-inspired territory, but it’s removable.
Fit: I’m wearing a Small and it fits me well everywhere except for sleeve length. Please note that the sleeves are longer than shown and will need to be hemmed or folded under for shorter arms. I have them tucked under here and secured with safety pins (thankfully, the textured tweed hides pins so I’ll continue wearing it like this until I have time to do a formal alteration).

I also personally prefer my jacket sleeves to be slightly slimmer, but these do measure 5.5″ across the widest point which is standard per my other blazers in Theory 00 or H&M; 2. The shoulders are padded and stick out marginally past my natural shoulders, so beware if you have a narrower frame. I like that the torso is slimmer so the front flaps do not overlap on me; I can finally achieve that casual open-jacket look without looking too boxy from the side.
Other notes: This jacket has no closure. I plan on adding a little hook and eye closure to the front center for the option of wearing it closed. Also, I was not a fan of the sparklies in the trim of this, but happily discovered that they are woven in and can be removed strand by strand. I spent about 20 minutes snipping and pulling out some of the tinsel-like strands from the trim, and now love the less-effervescent jacket. (Sidenote: For those who own the Malang jacket and think there is too much fringe, I also discovered that the trim can be easily removed. The fringe on the sleeves is attached by just one stitch down the center, so you can use little scissors to snip that stitch without affecting the layer below.)

*UPDATE* – If you plan on pulling out the sparklies, make sure to lay the edges of the jacket out and hold them down firmly with clamps or something (I awkwardly used my knees). Be patient, and use small scissors to snip often before pulling. If you p
ull on a strand too hard, the edge of the jacket will bunch up from the tension and will be difficult to smooth back down. This didn’t happen with my brown one, but I was too hasty with my white one and the front edges don’t lie flat anymore.

no5jacket6Above: close-up of the texture after ~80% of sparklies were removed from the black trim.


Readers – What do you think of this jacket? If you own it, please feel free to share what size you ordered and how it fit (please note your measurements). I’m sure fellow tweed-loving ladies will be thankful for the reference info!

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  1. I went on uniqueen to try and buy this same jacket but cant checkout after i added to cart. There is literally no checkout button. I have tried it on multiple browsers. Is it just me being blind or an error on the site? Do you see it (or rather, not see it?)

    Posted 6.22.13 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Did you end up of paying custom/duty for it? Thanks!

    Posted 3.11.13 Reply
  3. Naomi wrote:

    Thanks so much for reviewing this! I caved in and bought it after seeing your stunning photos 🙂 See how I paired it here: http://petiteplayground.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/being-flippy.html

    Posted 9.24.12 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I love this look. I love those leggings. Don't let anyone discourage from wearing what your want.

    Posted 9.22.12 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jeans,

    I love your jacket! I'm also interested in your 7 for All Mankind jeans. Will that jean fit you well, especially the length? Hope you can advise.

    Many thanks


    Posted 7.25.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    This jacket is being sold on eBay currently for a great price – its too small for me unfortunately thought someone else might like it though:


    Posted 6.17.12 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    I might be interested … Does it have sparklies all over the entire jacket (I'm not just talking about the trim)?

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    I recently purchased the UniQueen "The Coco" tweed jacket in black. It not only has sparklies on the trim but all over the jacket. I don't see any scattered sparklies on your tweed jacket so my question is… do the other colors NOT have sparklies all over them? Pls help.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Anonymous, do you mind me asking how tall/what size you usually wear that the size small was too tight?

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, how accurate do you find the measurements on Uniqueen to be? I noticed the Malang jacket from your other post has a lot longer/bigger measurements on the website than even the M size No. 5, but the Malang size S still fits you. I am definitely bigger than you (5'4 and a little under 110lbs) and feel conflicted about what size to order for the No. 5!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  11. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi, I just found your blog today. Great styling! Just had to comment against some of the rude people on here giving their opinions although nobody has asked them and nobody cares to hear any of it. You have amazing legs and perfect knees! Be confident girl!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  12. jko wrote:

    Ah, well the one I got is brown as well. Too bad. 🙁 I'm sure someone else will be interested. Good luck with the customer service…just sent them a fourth email and still haven't heard back. Keep us posted on what happens. The whole situation makes me not want to purchase from them again.

    Posted 4.9.12 Reply
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    Love the tweed jacket and leather leggings look! You look amazing!

    Posted 4.8.12 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jko, I got exactly the one Jean has as shown on the blog (brown, it looks great). I will wait and see if I get a response this week, if not it will be yours.

    Thanks Jean, for your response, it's sad that I might not be able to wear the jacket.

    Posted 4.8.12 Reply
  15. I'm sorry that you guys have not been hearing back…it's frustrating when a company has slow customer service. Anon, you should try emailing them (I think it's on their site and they mentioned it here in the comments a few times). I believe they will honor a return if it's in perfectly new condition and if you explain what happened with the mail. I'd hate for you to have to lose so much money on it due to your apartment delaying it and Uniqueen not responding.

    Posted 4.8.12 Reply
  16. Hi Jen – I have the Malang with thinner lining which is just a tad bit thicker than this one. Do you have the Malang with quilted lining? Because if so, I can see how that is a lot stiffer. I haven't found this one to be too flimsy, however after I pulled the sparklies out of the white one too hastily, it is rippled now and not ideal. Not sure if that is the same situation as you described or if it's just thinner for your liking?

    Posted 4.8.12 Reply
  17. Hi Kitty, you should compare the length measurements to jackets that you already own. I know some women may be uncomfortable with the cropped length (I'm imagining it hitting above your waist) whereas some would be found of it.

    Posted 4.8.12 Reply
  18. jko wrote:

    Anonymous–I have not heard from Uniqueen either! They replied to one of my emails and then never responded again. What color is your jacket? I may be interested if you are selling it for half the price.

    Posted 4.7.12 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi, I have been trying to reach someone at Uniqueen via email and phone but have been unsuccessful. I got the No.5 jacket in small and it is too tight. My apartment complex only let me know that it came in yesterday and I checked the return/exchange policy. I guess I am meant to request for a return authorization number within 5 days. I am so sad about this as I can't enjoy this jacket and have not heard from customer service. Can you help please? If not, let me know if any of your blog followers want it for half the price.


    Posted 4.7.12 Reply
  20. jko wrote:

    Jean, I just got my No.5 jacket based on your recommendation and I was wondering…in comparison to the Malang, do you feel that this one is a little more "flimsy"? It doesn't seem to lie flat on me and kind of has a "ripply" look to it (not sure if I'm describing it well) vs I like the fact my Malang is stiff and holds its shape well.

    Your opinion is appreciated!


    Posted 4.3.12 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you! Great tutorial! I am going to try it!

    Posted 4.3.12 Reply
  22. Kitty wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    This is the first time I'm posting here. I'm very interested in purchasing this jacket, but am unsure about the length. Based on the measurements and the comments here, it seems like size S will fit, but I'm a few inches taller than you and it might be too short. What are your thoughts? For reference, I'm 5'3" around 105 lbs. Usually wear size 2-4 at H&M; depending on the cut and material. I wear both regular and petite sizing depending on the brand, item type, and material. Thanks for your help! I love the "liquid" leggings and have been searching for them everywhere.


    Posted 4.2.12 Reply
  23. chris wrote:

    Such a good look! However, it's screaming for wrist length black leather Chanel gloves!!

    Posted 3.31.12 Reply
  24. chris wrote:

    Such a good look! However, it's screaming for wrist length black leather Chanel gloves!!

    Posted 3.31.12 Reply
  25. Windy wrote:

    Hi I love your pearl necklace!!!so cute! can I ask where to buy it or similar ones?

    Posted 3.28.12 Reply
  26. Thank you – I'm 24. I am not wise, but I have learned a lot through experience, trial and error.

    Posted 3.27.12 Reply
  27. Hi Lizze! I have been contacted by Korean and Singapore sellers that carry similar-style clothing, however I'm uncomfortable recommending readers of this blog (mostly US and Canadian) to order from overseas sellers with stores in non-English. I used to shop online at YesStyle which is in English, but the store was still overseas, merchandise was sent from Korea, and customer service was pretty much nonexistent. Therefore I've currently taken a hiatus from shopping such companies (ASOS is an exception) and would rather pay a premium than deal with those issues.

    Posted 3.27.12 Reply
  28. Hmm…it took me a short amount of time…are you using small scissors to snip the tinsel into segments before pulling out? Otherwise some strands are super long and might take a long time to pull. Also, I didn't remove all of it so maybe that's why. I didn't want to loosen up the weave of the trim too much so I just removed about 80% of the tinsel.

    Posted 3.27.12 Reply
  29. Hi there – I think it says dry clean only, and even if it didn't, I would advise against handwashing unless you are spot cleaning a stain or something. A jacket like this doesn't need to be brought to the dry cleaners too often because you're always wearing a layer underneath. I find it a hassle too, but proper cleaning is important for garment maintenance.

    Posted 3.27.12 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    Do you dry clean the tweed jacket? I'm thinking of handwashing mine but unsure if this is right. Bringing to the laundry is quite a hassle for me. Hope you can advise.
    Thank you.

    Posted 3.27.12 Reply
  31. wisblos wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    Thank you so much for the tip regarding removing the "tinsel" from the jacket. I spent a good few hours and only managed one sleeve and one side of the front. Any tip on how I can be more efficient?

    Posted 3.26.12 Reply
  32. UniQUEEN wrote:

    Hi there. How are you?
    Our shipping fee is $10.99 for customers within Canada and $13.99 for international customers.
    Thank you.

    Posted 3.25.12 Reply
  33. UniQUEEN wrote:

    Hi there.
    How are you?
    I just got this bad news from Jean. I had no idea why this happened to you. I emailed my webmaster to figure it out. If you don't mind, could you please email us with your question to this email address(uniqueen.luv@gmail.com)for me to provide you better customer service.
    We are sincerely sorry about your inconvenience.

    Thank you

    Posted 3.25.12 Reply
  34. Anonymous wrote:

    I've been having nothing but problems with the UniQueen website. Tried to purchase a couple of jackets, but had no luck. Emailed them for an explanation and the email was returned as undeliverable.

    Posted 3.25.12 Reply
  35. Elissa wrote:

    I personally LOVE how you styled the edgy leather leggings with the classic tweed jacket. I ended up purchasing the jacket in black. What sold me on the black was the stock photo of the model wearing the black jacket with the black dress underneath. I can totally picture myself wearing that to court. It was a really hard decision between the black and brown though.

    Posted 3.24.12 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    Jeans, I've been following your blog for quite some time and never leave any comments. It's time to break my silence as I wanted to thank you for putting in so much effort to share instructive information with us. I appreciate your hard work on taking photos, editing and writing reviews on fashion.
    One of the thing i always like about you is you have a kind heart. You always introduce and welcome other new bloggers to the blogging community. Because of you, i get to read other great blog(wendy, khatu, etc) as you encourage your readers to check out their blogs. You are a girl with gratitude and good sense of fashion. We love you and don't bother about the haters.
    To those rude anonymous commenters, if you don't like what you see, simply click away and don't leave any harsh comment to hurt other people's feeling. Do spare a thought for Jean as she has spent her precious time doing all these reviews and you read it FOC.

    Posted 3.24.12 Reply
  37. I love the leggings – and obviously the jacket is outstanding.
    The Fashionable ESQ

    Posted 3.23.12 Reply
  38. April wrote:

    OMG those leather pants were made for you!!!

    Posted 3.23.12 Reply
  39. Lizzie wrote:

    Hi Jean (and everyone else)!

    I'm just wondering, has any one considered ordering UNIQUEEN clothes directly from Korean sellers? The prices can be (not always) 30-40% cheaper, but I'm not sure how much shipping + duty would increase the cost.

    many of the items available on UNIQUEEN can be found on shopping.daum.net , but you do have to search in Korean.

    Posted 3.23.12 Reply
  40. Anonymous wrote:

    Early twenties? I always thought you were in your late twenties because you are so wise. May I ask your exact age Jean? I am very curious now.

    Posted 3.23.12 Reply
  41. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean I am in love with your blog and your style! Everything you wear looks absolutely amazing. PLEASE don't stop wearing those leather leggings because insecure haters feel the need to post jealous comments. The leggings are HAWT! They look totally fantastic on you and the way you paired them with a more classic top and jacket completely balances the look. Anyway I just wanted to let you know what I thought – I am extremely sensitive and some of those comments would have made me cry..I hope you don't take them to heart or change anything about your style because it's completely fantastic!! <3 becca

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  42. rossana wrote:

    I love your style. Thanks for the great ideas

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  43. Emma wrote:

    Hi Anna! I am interested in getting the No.5 but I'm worried about the fit. I'm generally a small/ H&M; size 4, 5'1" and 105 lbs, I'm guessing about 1-2 sizes bigger than Jean. I usually get the smallest size but was wondering if I should get the Medium since this jacket fits small but at the same time, I wouldn't want it too big either. Basically what I am asking is if the Small would fit someone 1-2 sizes bigger than Jean or should I just get the Medium. Thanks for any input you may have. It's difficult buying something you can't try on.:)

    – Emma

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  44. Anonymous wrote:

    I’m sure Jean doesn’t mind the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but it’s the rude comments (i.e. cellulite) that is inappropriate. Would you have the nerve to say this to Jean’s face in real life? I’m sure she doesn’t mind people’s opinion on whether this is a good look or not, but is it really necessary to get on a personal level just so you can try to make someone feel bad w/o really providing an opinion or constructive criticism?? It is so easy to be disrespectful when you can hide behind a computer screen and keyboard.

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  45. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you so much for your reply and advise, Jean! I'm definitely a dress kind of girl, so I will be wearing a spring dress with a belt. Thanks again 🙂

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  46. Anonymous wrote:

    I am kind of amazed that someone has the audacity to tell you what you should (or shouldn't wear). I hope this wont deter you from taking style risks because that is what I personally look forward to seeing most from you. Your blog should be about self-expression and experimentation, and it's ridiculous that anyone wouldn't be supportive of that. I personally love pleather leggings, (pleggings?) and think they were made for someone with a body like yours in mind. I hope you can be objective and see that some of these rude comments are just obviously false. For every negative reader out there you have dozens who support you in all of your fashion endeavors.

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  47. Jae (if only I had a blog still I wouldn't be semi-anonymous) wrote:

    i'm definitely not a petite (although i'm short as heck) and i wear leggings like that all the time under my longer tops. i've never, in all my life, had anyone tell me "your cellulite is showing" or something like that when i wear them. even if i KNOW i have cellulite (i'm not a stick-figure, go figure), it's never been done. people on the internet who think it's so cool to say whatever's on their mind because they're behind the safety of a computer annoy me. you see it all the time on youtube videos, and it's just leaving a bad taste in my mouth. is society really full of people who think that many vile thoughts?
    seriously, sometimes (okay, a lot of the time), i secretly hope and wish that the mean things people say online will be said to their face by a random stranger as they're taking a walk. it's a terrible thought to have, but some people just need a taste of their own medicine. if i don't like something somebody's posted…isn't it just easier to click away?
    anyway, ranting aside, you're gorgeous as always jean. rock those leggings, and don't listen to the hate. any blog who has a large readership will incur some anonymous "hate"-comments. just remember there are more people who love you than hate you! <3

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  48. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Judy.It's Anna from UniQUEEN.
    If you provide the detailed size of yours and I can help you better which size you can choose between Small and Medium size. If you are only SLIGHTLY larger than Jean, I usually recommend small size.
    Thank you!
    Let me know if you would like to know something more(info@myuniqueen.com)

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  49. Yes they're fully lined, except to maybe an inch above the hand opening where the lining gets attached to the tweed.

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  50. Hi Judy – since “slightly larger” is a bit vague, I don’t want to give you an inaccurate recommendation but I think S will work : ) Like I mentioned above, the jacket feels similar to something in between an H&M; 2-4, maybe leaning towards a size 4. My measurements are 30A-24-32 and the jacket will fit someone probably with measurements an inch bigger all around, plus it’s open-front so maybe more. The most important measurement to check, I’d say, is the shoulder width.

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  51. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi there!It's Anna from UniQUEEN.
    I definitely agree with Jean! I would recommend you to choose Medium size if you were comfortable with Medium in Malang.

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  52. Min wrote:

    Hi Jean!
    I hope you are well. I am a first time commenter on your blog, but definitely not a first time visitor. I check your site probably 3-4 times a week for a good dose of style inspiration and great shopping/DIY tips! I think you do a wonderful job and I love the outfits that you put together.
    Regarding this post, I've actually been thinking of trying the leather legging/jean look, and the way you styled them is just amazing, in my opinion. The tweed, the ruffles, and the pumps – I think it looks very classy with a bit of edge. You wear it so well, and you may just hear about me picking up a pair of leather leggings on my next shopping trip 🙂
    Thanks to you and a couple of other style bloggers who I consider my go-to sources for inspiration and styling tips (9to5chic, wendyslookbook), I've been broadening my style horizons and finding that it's possible to wear bright colors, sequins, fun-patterned shoes, scarves, fun accessories, in a variety of different formats (casual, dressy, etc) while always remaining elegant – even understated.
    Thank you and all the other souls who are brave and generous enough to share your style journeys with the world. Please keep up the great work, and know that for every negative comment that unfortunately makes it through, there are about 1,000+ positive comments and thoughts that your posts inspire!
    Best regards,

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  53. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I am obsessed! I find myself running out to my local stores fairly often looking for items you recommend. It's slightly harder for me though, because I'm in Toronto and a lot of the deals and promotions are different.

    If you have time, can you try and do a tutorial/post on how you did your hairstyle (bun) in this post. I love it.

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  54. Anonymous wrote:

    5 month? Unbelievable!
    I guess I can hope my order will come eventually then.
    I appreciate your reply.

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  55. reategs wrote:

    I think people is having problems with girls dressing a bit sexy! She is experimenting and why not showing her legs, she has nice legs!

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  56. reategs wrote:

    Hey Anonymous, I think you are mirroring your problems into her, there is no cellulite or bent knees, look into yourself and you may find that is how you think about yourself. I am all up for if it fits and you feel right, wear it! Love your style Jean! It is not a crime to dress sexy and edgy once in a while. Lighten up girls!

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  57. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, Just had to comment on the wonderful blog and your amazing outfit!

    I also own these leggings and I am MUCH older.I love them!.

    I am afraid I have learned that some women are extremely envious of adorable little women who can wear anything and everthing with style and class.

    Hold your head high beautiful little lady, you are a diamond among rocks!.

    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  58. Anonymous wrote:

    I don't usually like leggings as pants but I think you pull them off quite well. Love the shoes and the jacket too.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  59. They embossed leather pair I have are NOT comfortable. I do have a pair of patent leather ones though that have been worn for over three years and they are the most comfortable flats I own. I don't know if patent is just more pliable, or if it's because I've worn them that many more times.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  60. That's a tough call and I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction. The fit of the shoulders in both jackets is almost exactly the same, but the length of No.5 is shorter, the sleeves are longer, and the torso is narrower. Please check the shoulder measurements for No. 5 on their website and in my post, and email them if you want more measurements. Based on just what you wrote I'd think a S would be better than a M.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  61. Sigh, I'm not sure how you can get a refund because they don't answer emails or calls. Enviuus is awful and I'm never ordering from them again. I regret posting about them on my site. I actually DID receive an order about 5 months after placing it, when I thought all hope was lost, so they're not a complete scam – just terrible business-doing and customer service.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  62. Are you a dress kind of girl? I'd wear a casual dress that's cute and shows off a girly shape (H&M; has cute, affordable ones – look for dresses that come with a belt or add a waist belt yourself). Just something you're comfortable in and not too dressed up since it's your friend. If you don't like dresses – try a dark skinny denim with a dressier blouse that drapes nicely and shows off your feminine side : ) Have fun!

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  63. Fiona wrote:

    I am probably 20 years older than you, Jean, and even though I'm in decent shape, I tell you this with the perspective of age: wear whatever you want now. Because when you are older, even if you have the body for it, you'll worry that you are dressing too youthfully. So wear the goshdarn liquid leggings now. You have the figure for it! And they are totally appropriate for going out when you are a young woman.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  64. Fiona wrote:

    Please, if I had legs like hers, I'd be wearing those leggings all the time. I'll be honest–I don't normally like that type of legging, but I think because 1) the people wearing them often shouldn't be and 2) they are usually wearing other trendy things.

    I think the fact that everything else is classic really made this look work.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  66. Anonymous wrote:

    I bought the same exact piece but would never pair it with pleather that tight. Sorry. Love the pleather idea but maybe just this once, it's good to go one (or two) sizes up.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  67. Adrianne wrote:

    I TOTALLY think that you should rewear this again. I WOULD. You own your style Jean!! If people actually cared what other people think or wear, then who would you be? As Coco Chanel said, "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

    In my opinion, I loved how you modernized the Coco Chanel look. I would probably have worn the same outfit!

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  68. Love how you mixed so many different textures into one outfit!

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  69. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean, I love you style and appreciate for you blog and advise on fashion. Could you give me some advise on what should I wear to a movie date (first date also) with a very good friend (as for now)? Thank you!

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  70. Anonymous wrote:

    Wow! Love the jacket! I think I might look into getting one myself. I'm always afraid to order online bc I dont want to hassle of havinf to return it if it looks terrible on me. Decisions, decisions!

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  71. Anonymous wrote:

    I am sorry to ask you this here but I didn't know how to e-mail you or contact you any other way. I have ordered Amrita Singh Jewelry from Enviius.com while ago. I still haven't received it yet. When I called the number on the website, it keeps saying that their mailbox is full and they don't e-mail back. However, they still e-mail their newsletter almost everyday. I was wondering if there is any way I can get the refund. If it is a fraud, can you report it? Please let me know. Thank you.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  72. Unknown wrote:

    Hi Jean.. I wear a size M in the Malang jacket, if I get the No.5 tweed in a M don't you think it should fit the same or too small? the Malang jacket fit perfect on the shoulder but the torso is a little roomy. since the No.5 tweed is measure smaller I afraid the shoulder is too small for me. Please let me know. thks. Elaine

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  73. Wendy wrote:

    love this outfit!

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  74. My eyeballs nearly popped out when I saw how much your tweed jacket costs! It actually looks expensive. I love how you pair it with skinnies and pleather leggings to give it a more contemporary look. I've bought a secondhand Chanel jacket which literally looked like new. Now that the weather is warmer, I've been wondering how I can make it look slightly edgier. Thank you for the inspiring photos. I think I'm going to try the jacket with a skinny cargo pants.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  75. Anonymous wrote:

    Are TB Revas uncomfortable? They are so cute but I don't want to tear up my feet for the sake of fashion. For one day maybe but not regularly

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  76. Anonymous wrote:

    I was wondering about the lining in the arms, does it go all the way down to the opening? Thanks!

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  77. Anonymous wrote:


    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  78. Annabelle wrote:

    LOVE the combination of faux leather with the tweed. I do see what people mean about the sheen on the leggings, but I'm thinking the glow is partly an artifact of the photography? Assuming they look like most leather/faux leather does in person, I think it's fantastic.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  79. Kat wrote:

    I don't own the jacket… but I want to. I remember your last post with the link to the site. I saw the one similar at H&M; but it just wasn't the same. Love this outfit. I have those leather leggings. They are pretty awesome to have in the collection.

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  80. Anonymous wrote:

    why are you looking? 😉

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  81. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, you make those leggings look increadible! I notice that on myself and other petite woemen that our legs often look very skinny and stick-like when we wear black leggings or faux leather leggings at that. Your legs are quite defined and toned which really works well in your favour! The combination of the tweed jacket and faux leather leggings with those heels look amazing and not only do you make it look sophisticated, you also make it look hawt!

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  82. Love the wet look leggings the best 🙂

    Please let us know if you would like any free jewelry for your collection. Our Spring / Summer line is lots of neons mixed with pastels…. crystal, cord and loads of friendship bracelets. Love your style and your blog. Would happily send you out a package of goodies 🙂


    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  83. Camille wrote:

    Completely inspired! I've been looking for a great tweed jacket forever and the uniqueen choices look great 🙂 those leggings look fantastic too! PS I've also been looking at coral/orange-y lipsticks lately, very JCrew-inspired… could you post a review of your Revlon lipstick?

    Posted 3.21.12 Reply
  84. Anonymous wrote:

    From one anonymous to another…thanks!

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  85. Anonymous wrote:

    I got the same. The company is a Canadian company and they confirmed $13.99 is the shipping price for U.S. addresses and $10.99 for within Canada. The rate's not bad.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  86. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, I have absolutely no comment on your faux leather leggings–wear them in good health!

    Why I am writing is that I am wondering if when any of your American readers after placing an order for this blazer to a U.S. address, the shipping comes up as "Canada Post" and is $13.99. Is that an error in their system?

    If I don't get a response I'll just call them tomorrow. Just curious if that was the standard shipping even to US addresses. –April

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  87. Susan wrote:

    Jean, I respect your self-confidence and openness to people's opinions. And liquid leggings look great for a night out, as you explained above. I'm so sensitive, I'd probably get upset and/or delete the ruder comments posted if it were me, but props for keeping a cool head. 🙂 So classy.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  88. Jamie wrote:

    I adore the looks! And it's super helpful how you posted various outfits with the same jacket. Gives so many good ideas. 🙂 I have so many neutrals, specifically white blouses, and decided to try both the brown and peach pink (the BF kept telling me black or white… hope I won't regret not trying the white! Plus I'm taller w/ shorter torso–hope it works out!) Anyway, thanks for your thorough review 🙂

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  89. Anonymous wrote:

    When wearing those leggings, what kind of undergarments are you suppose to wear? I hate thongs. LOL

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  90. I agree that boyfriends and husbands can be better than a mirror. Mine's brutally honest and even if he were not, his expressive eyebrows won't be able to hide what he's thinking. Since you are interested, he likes these leggings and so do friends who've seen it in person.

    One thing I didn't expressively mention is that this is a nighttime outfit. I've worn this to grab late dinners or drinks, and not for parading around town in broad daylight (as depicted in these photos). The material and overall vibe look different at night. I know they're not for everyone – but for someone in ~early twenties, I feel faux-leather leggings are fun for going out in and balances the older look of a tweed jacket.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  91. Thank you (and the ladies above + below) very much : ) It's life-changing to realize why certain things don't work for our size/proportions. Thank you for reading, and here's to continued learning and evolving of style : )

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  92. Chewchi wrote:

    Hey, my name's Michaela and I love your blog. It's helped me out lots.
    I live in new zealand and we dont have much in petite sizes out here which sucks:(
    But since Im the same height as you you've given me some ideas of what looks good:)

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  93. I think I've seen it, but it runs big, right? Is it this one? http://www.extrapetite.com/2012/02/h-reviews-tweed-jacket-trench-mint.html

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  94. Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  95. I don't have one yet thus I don't have a link, but I'm thinking of getting a small hard-shell roller suitcase from Tumi. Anh of 9to5chic uses it for business travel and said they're very durable, although they can be a bit pricey.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  96. Please email them to ask about a confirmation of shipment.

    Liz & Amanda – thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm eying the white/cream now, too.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  97. Hi ladies – I'm sorry but I got them about two months ago. H&M; has similar every so often, and F21 as well.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  98. Hi RL – I don't think they're going ahead with making the XS Malang because this one fits smaller than that one would've.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  99. Growing up in a Chinese family (an uber-critical species)it was impossible for me not to be insecure about them, too. I'm happy you're learning to embrace your body shape and to wear what's comfortable for you. Just make sure to wear long enough tops to cover the crotch of leggings – I noticed that here a bit too late : )

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  100. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed watching that.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  101. Thank you! I will try. It's so rare these days to find items that are perfect as-is, so we need to use some creativity to take almost-likes to the next level : )

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  102. Hi Trysh, I don't have photos of other colors but the peach pink, which I'll have to upload next week. If you visit their website I see they added large photos of each color.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  103. Anonymous wrote:

    It's not only the legs that are noticeable, unfortunately. It really leaves nothing to the imagination. If it's attention you want for the wrong reasons, then you will definitely get it with those leggings.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  104. Molly wrote:

    Great leggings. Good idea.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  105. Tang wrote:

    I love the jacket! Makes me wish I worked in a more formal environment. And wow, these leggings are getting a lot of talk!

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  106. Anonymous wrote:


    Jean shouldn't have to write "I love hearing your comments and opinions, but please be respectful". I think it's common courtesy to be respectful to each other, and you are rude.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  107. Jen wrote:

    Her name is JEAN and I understand that while some people who comment are being blunt about their opinions I suppose that's alright, but commenting that her leggings show off her non-existent cellulite and bent knees is completely rude and obnoxious.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  108. I love how versatile the jacket is! You can dress it up or down.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  109. Anonymous wrote:

    I totally agree with this! Exactly my thoughts including "The Emperor's New Clothes" allusion. My husband is exactly the same. He tells it like it is and I appreciate that.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  110. Anonymous wrote:

    Wow, its unbelievable how people think these days. I do not see any cellulite at all.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  111. Lisa Ng wrote:

    You're such a great DIYer! Great jacket, so chic with the faux leather leggings. Have you seen a blue tweed jacket at H&M;? I saw one yesterday in store. No pic tho 🙁

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  112. Hi Jean! I love this jacket on you – especially paired with the faux leather leggings. Despite the controversy 😉 The sophisticated jacket juxtaposed with the leather leggings works perfectly!

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  114. Quinn wrote:

    Hi Jean – I have been a faithful reader of your blog for the past couple of months now. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE this look. I love the edginess of the leggings mixed with the tweed jacket. VERY CHIC and now. This is the perfect look for a night out! I'd love to see more than just work appropriate clothes on this blog. Spring and summer is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to seeing all the great outfits and finds you'll soon be posting about! – Quinn

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  115. Awesome outift. Cool things come in small packages 🙂

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  116. Anonymous wrote:

    I would never be able to pull off those leggings, but dang girl, your legs look amazing in them!

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  117. I got mine on baby pink! I just wore it this morning ;D

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  118. Anonymous wrote:

    I would be interested to hear what Jen's boyfriend Nick thinks of those leggings…

    I always ask my husband for fashion advice: does these shoes go with my outfit? Does this colour suit me? Is this style "me"?, etc. Fortunately my husband does have good fashion sense and has helped me a lot in forming my personal style. To me, my husband is better than the mirror in my house. He always tells me the truth especially when I look bad in something.

    To me, the "rude" comments remind me of my husband when he tells me the ugly truth. I think those "rude" readers do care about Jen and that's why they bother taking the time and effort to express their opinion. After all it's much easier to say the praise. Suddenly I'm thinking of story "Emperor's New Clothes"…

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  119. claudia wrote:

    I actually think that because she paired it with the classic, demure Chanel-esque jacket, the more "racey" leggings are less "racey" than if worn with something else. If instead, the top was also tight and/or flashy, the whole outfit would be too much, but the jacket tones down the pants perfectly, but the leggings still add a bit of edge. And, I'm not rebuking the above commenter at all, it's just interesting to see how our opinions differ.

    And, I don't understand those who are saying you shouldn't wear this because it's not your style. Perhaps it's not a style that those commenters like or are used to on you, but who are they to say what your style is or is not. It's great that you're able to style yourself in different ways! And, you know what, it's fun to play with fashion and try something new. Someone else said it perfectly: your readers can express their own opinion and you probably appreciate that, but they should do so in a constructive, non-hurtful way. Just because one has the option to hide his/her identity by replying as 'anonymous' doesn't mean it's okay to forgo courtesy and manners.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  120. Jen wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    IMHO the top and bottom of the outfit clash rather than complement each other, I think either because the top part is very business like and the bottom very party-like, or maybe because the texture of the jacket and shininess of the leggings compete for the eye's attention.

    But, major kudos for putting together a gutsy outfit, you definitely have the legs to sport those leggings. Definitely, pay no mind to the rude comments, there's no excuse for that, reasonable people can express opinions without being obnoxious.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  121. claudia wrote:

    totally agree with this! I'm normally not a fan of liquid leggings either, but it totally works with this outfit. I would never think to put these two very different styles together, but you definitely made it work.

    And diy cap toes? That's awesome =)

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  122. E in Flats wrote:

    I love LOVE this look. The mix of the classy tweed with the tough (faux) leather is great. : )

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  123. Jen wrote:

    I agree with Lisa. Your reply comes off as rude, then self-righteous. Politeness counts even when feedback is explicitly desired. There were some people who really did not like the leggings, but managed to word their criticism more gracefully/respectfully.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  124. Jen wrote:

    Geez, unusually rude comments today, or maybe they're all one anonymous commenter? I think it's a daring choice and I like the mixture of sexy/tough with the tweed, although I do think the liquid leggings are close to being like tights. However, you wore a long shirt over the butt, so overall, I like that you continue to experiment with your style.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  125. Hi Jean!
    You mentioned in your post that the jacket fits you well everywhere except the sleeve length so I was wondering if someone who is only slightly larger than you would still be able to comfortably fit into a small? I wasn't sure if the jacket fitting you well meant there was no more room to give :/

    I definitely don't mind sizing up but was afraid a medium would then be a little too generous.

    🙂 judy

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  126. Anonymous wrote:

    Then what does this mean?

    "I love hearing your comments and opinions.

    Please do not post a blog or giveaway link here (unless relevant). Thank you!"

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  127. Lisa wrote:

    Would you go up to someone in real life who you don't really know, and say, "This __ is a fail." ? Or like some others wrote above, "Don't ever wear this again." ?? I really hope not, so why write it online.

    This to me is an outfit post showing a blogger's personal style and nowhere did I see asking for yays or nays on the leggings. I was appalled to scroll down and read so many ppl volunteering their criticisms, albeit some politely but some downright rude. Jean, going back to the topic at hand, I love this jacket. Going to go look into a cream for myself.

    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  128. Genie wrote:

    I'm so envious of your jacket! I wouldn't have ever paired it with liquid leggings, but you look fantastic. Plus the heels with the DIY cap are just perfect!



    Posted 3.20.12 Reply
  129. i love your tweed jacket and i am in such a need of a perfect tweed jacket myself. it looks great with your leggings.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  130. Anonymous wrote:

    Agree with some of the comments, this legging is a fail. -Anonymous follower

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  131. Anonymous wrote:

    LOVE the leggings and the entire outfit!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  132. Anonymous wrote:

    Oops, pardon the mistake. It's supposed to be "Your inspiration…"

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  133. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, I'm not a hater. I follow your blog because you have such great style and an inspiration to petite girls like me. But to be honest, the leggings cheapen the whole outfit. You're inspiration is based on a classic Chanel. You so nicely accessorized with the authentic clutch but the skin tight leggings and almost nude (save for the captoe) shoes somehow makes it tacky and a little bit "indecent." The leggings look no different from stockings because they are so skin tight and it looks like you are not wearing any bottom. This is an honest opinion and not a hateful criticism.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  134. I really like this jacket on you. It fits you a lot better with the cropped length. I don't have it but I have the malang and my main problem was the boxy cut. Is the No.5 more fitted?


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  135. lia wrote:

    You're welcome to voice your opinion, but telling someone to "please don't wear them again" is rude! Jean is completely capable of making her own judgements, fashion related or otherwise, and doesn't need someone to tell her what she should or should not wear.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  136. Miriam wrote:

    love how you paired it with the skirt and the faux leather pants!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  137. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi! i was wondering how long after you placed the order did it take for them to send you a confirmation email about it being sent? I'm just really excited to get it, know its going to take awhile coming from Toronto to Hawaii. Thank you!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  138. mai wrote:

    I love the jacket, the blouse and the style Jean! I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the leggings, but I can't figure out why. Anh from 9to5chic.com wears her Balenciaga ones quite a bit and they look incredible. And while I pretty much love all of your outfits throughout this site, these leggings look a little off to me. BUT, I agree with everyone above, you have the body and style to pull them off in the pics! AND if you feel good in them, I love you rocking them out. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas with us, it is all very inspirational!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  139. Tarah wrote:

    Love the leggings.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  140. Although I think these leggings look great on you, I don't think I am quite up for this trend. I already feel like I call enough attention with my cobalt blue jeggings! 🙂

    Don't let the trolls bother you. You look great and thanks for the indepth review about the Uniqueen jacket.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  141. Susan wrote:

    I was interested in the cream version too.. Does anyone have a pic by any chance?

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  142. Amanda wrote:

    LOVE this outfit – love how you took a sophisticated yet possibly overly mature outfit and put a fresh spin on it with the leggings! And they look amazing on you, fit like a glove!!

    Just as an update for those interested in the white – I ordered both and LOVED the brown. It fit perfectly and is immediately chic and striking – I am 5'0, 93ish lbs with around 13" shoulder, 23-24 wasit, and the jacket doesn't look overly large as most jackets do. However, the cream one for some reason seems to fit BIGGER than the brown, which is odd, and I don't think it's just a color illusion. It seems to be a little looser in the shoulders and torso on me, which makes it borderline too loose looking.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  143. Anonymous wrote:

    The leggings make the shape of your legs more noticable, but it doesn't look awful. This look is very trendy and it adds youth to your style which is often very mature and conservative. It's great to see you drift away from your conservative style once in a while. Great job.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  144. I really like this outfit on you, though I don't think it's something that I would pull off (I know I don't have the legs for those (p)leather pants!

    However, it looks like a fall or winter jacket and not very "springy"

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  145. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks Liz!

    I'm not the original person who asked about the cream version, but I was interested in it too. I have the same issues with jackets looking matronly over my bigger bust, but it's good to hear that this jacket isn't that bad in that respect! I'm going to check out their return policy and maybe order one myself.

    Thanks for the in-depth review, Jean! 🙂

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  146. Anonymous wrote:

    I totally agree. I think this outfit may have worked with the safer pencil skirt bottoms, rather than the leggings. BUT! You're Jean and I'll still read your blog voraciously.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  147. Anonymous wrote:

    Wow, such sheer ignorance. And terrible sight — she has no cellulite and while her knees are physically bended in the photos, you cannot see any bow-legged features.

    Also, why are you hating?

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  148. Anna wrote:

    hi jean! love the outfit! trying to save money, but that jacket is really tempting! thought you'd find this diy useful http://greenweddingshoes.com/diy-neon-toe-shoes/ it's the same idea as your shoes, but in neon, which is so on trend right now! 🙂

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  149. Anonymous wrote:

    Great post. Love the jacket! 🙂 I am also loving your business/travel posts and I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for where to buy luggage?

    Sorry this is so off-topic! I just have no idea where to look. And you seem to know more about traveling for business than I do.


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  150. Anonymous wrote:

    Ah I'm so sorry, but I don't have a photo unfortunately. I can tell you about the fit though. I'm 5'0 and 100 lbs with a 34C bust, and the S fit well and did not look too boxy as many jackets do. The fit on me isn't quite as lovely as on Jean here, but still quite flattering. I often lament that jackets with my bust and short frame make me look a bit matronly, but this one had less of that problem than others I've tried (including Zara and Kate Spade). The length is great- it hits at my hip instead of awkwardly continuing past it, making it perfect to wear with dresses as well as pants. I think Jean made an excellent point of contacting their customer service to get more exact measurements so you can compare to your measurements.

    Another note- the sparklies are really not my style, so removing them does make it look a little less childish on petites! Also I just got it recently, so I'm not sure how it'll wear over time. That said, it's a classic and versatile jacket that I'm looking forward to styling with edgier pieces as Jean did.

    Hope this helped!


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  151. E wrote:

    Jean, I love them as well. Are they still available at H&M;?

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  152. Those leggings look soo smooth and in a way, fake (but not in a bad way!). Do they feel as smooth as they look? Or are they more on the rubbery side?

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  153. Sooae wrote:
    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  154. Arts wrote:

    Hi Jean, although I love your Jacket and blouse and of course the dyi shoes (great idea), I can't say I'm in love with those leggings. They look good on you, but not everyone can pull it off.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  155. Annette wrote:

    wow – love this jacket – you look like a million bucks!!!


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  156. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Liz,
    THANK you, thank you so much for this information! I think I'm convinced! Do you have a photo of it on by any chance? And what size are you and did it fit you like it does on Jean in these photos?

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  157. Anonymous wrote:

    Just wanted to update further that I've tried it with a white BR skirt I have, but wasn't terribly pleased with the white/white combo. I could see a lot of people loving the look, but for some reason the crisp white skirt didn't mesh well with the cream tweed for me. That said, the jacket looks stunning with virtually every other skirt I have. I even tried it with casual spring minis and it looks glam and effortless. I'm a new tweed convert!


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  158. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh my…. You're burning my wallet here, Jean. Been looking for a tweed jacket, and this one looks perfect! Great choice on the color of the jacket, and I love the faux leather leggings too (even though I can't pull it off). But the only thing I don't like about this outfit is the black Target blouse. It somehow makes the outfit look cheap, and the ruffles seems a bit too much. Maybe it's the material.

    Love reading your blogs for inspiration!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  159. Anonymous wrote:

    Someone above asked about the cream version of this jacket, and I wanted to give an update if they're still interested! I bought this jacket recently in that color and find it goes with absolutely everything. I tried it with colored jeans, neon, animal print, and of course black/white combos, and I was happy with how it added a very ladylike touch to everything. It's fairly warm, perfect for California weekends this time of year. The cream color is a little more white than cream, but I like that as it doesn't appear yellowish in photos. I was a little unhappy with the sparklies, but thanks so much Jean for the DIY tip on fixing that!


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  160. Where are your leather leggings from? they fit you like a glove!


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  161. Anonymous wrote:

    jean, i love your blog, and am only commenting for the first time as well because of all the rude comments above. the jeggings aren't for everyone, but you pull them off like no other- you look fierce! i love that this is not a cookie cutter look, and you've really styled it to make it all your own.
    we appreciate all the work you put into this blog so that we can all be more fashionable. 🙂

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  162. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean, I found your blog about a month ago, and I have already gone back and read every single one of your posts! I always look forward to your new posts, tips and fashion finds. I love your classic-and-evolving style and have learned so much about sizing for petite girls (never knew before why regular-sized denim always left creases under my booty!). The reason I'm commenting now for the first time is because of the rude comments I was appalled to read for this post. Anyone who is on the cutting edge of fashion will evoke polarized responses, so I admire your courage for putting yourself out there. Please don't take to heart the few pooty responses because the number of people (like me!!) who appreciate you faaaaar outnumber the catty ones.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  163. Hi Jean, I found your site not long ago and following you since than. I never leave a comment but always check your site from time to time.
    First, you are a very beautiful young lady. I like your video too. You seems a sincere person without trying really hard. I like that about you.

    Second, the outfit looks really great on you. Eventhough legging is not my favorite combination on this particular outfit. But hey!! it's important how you feel right? if you feel good about it who cares right. Nobody's perfect. And we are learning to wear the right outfit for our body shape everyday. Don't worry about others might say. Respect their opinion too and keeps sharing the love. xoxo -Suzana-

    Ps: I'm not an navtive English speaker, please fogive my grammar.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  164. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean;
    You're hot, sexy, chic, and very up to date. Don't late anyone tell you different, those jeggings made this outfit incredible today!!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  165. Christie wrote:

    That jacket looks amazing on you! Love the entire outfit, so chic!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  166. Marion wrote:

    I love the leather leggings!

    How long ago did you get them? I've been looking for faux leather leggings everywhere and haven't been able to find any 🙁

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  167. Anonymous wrote:

    I too am not a fan of the leggings, they look a little too much like thick tights, IMO. So it kind of has a "is she not wearing pants?" look. But that's NOTHING against you Jean, or your look or body. Heck, if anyone can pull it off, it's you. I think I like your more lady-like style and likethe pairing with the jeans or maybe a cute skirt (like in your leopard/high tea post that I've totally copied).

    I have a tweed jacket and wasn't sure how to use it without looking too costumey. As always I'm following your guidance. And I'm running to Nordstrom's Rack for some pearls!

    Btw, please know that *I* think you rock and have a great style. It's so cool you bother to post/tweet even with your crazy job and study schedule so we can all look classy. It's so hard for us petite's to look stylish without being childish or frumpy. You are teaching us all about fit/quality/DIY craftiness and how to see the potential in things.

    Keep it up. I'm just starting to look good, I'd be lost without you!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  168. JM wrote:

    You know you've made it in the style world when the trolls come out to play! Kudos for a bold outfit. You could make a burlap sack look chic.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  169. Anonymous wrote:

    If there is anyone out there who can pull off liquid leggings, its you jean! Look great in pictures, but they are too attention grabbing for everyday, I think. However that doesn't mean anything b/c I've noticed that you are def ahead of the curve of fashion! Many things I see on you blog tends to explode the next season… Neons, lace skirts & dresses are everywhere these days, pleated skirts, tweed, the list goes on! You are so good at mixing modern with classic. Thanks for giving us fashionably clueless girls so many stylish tips.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  170. R.L. wrote:

    I especially love your studying outfit. So stylish! I'm so glad I held off on ordering the Malang. I really like this one so much better. I agree the #5 pin is probably too inspired, but I like that it's removable and I can see it going with a bunch of other sweaters and blazers.

    P.S. Hopefully there's going to be a review on the XS Malang? 🙂

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  171. Michelle Storfer wrote:

    Jean – you look unbelievable!!! Hope all's well, michelle

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  172. Anonymous wrote:

    I love the contrast of the feminine jacket with the rocker faux leather leggings! Awesome!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  173. I never considered a tweed jacket, until now. Great look!


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  174. maree wrote:

    I love the look – I myself have a pair of faux leather leggings and I adore wearing them!!!! And to my surprise – they one of my fiance's most favorite items that I own – too funny!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  175. Anonymous wrote:

    The leggings make me think of Wendy's Lookbook!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  176. Elle wrote:

    I am a big fan of this look! I love it when two different styles collide…like pairing the feminine and classy tweed jacket with these pleather pants. Can't wait to try this tweed jacket for myself…it looks wonderful on you!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  177. Anonymous wrote:

    I have been following your blog and always loved your style. However I feel I have to leave a comment this time. Sorry about what I'm about to say. The leggings are horrible. I'm never a fan of them, they especially don't suit your style at all. I love how feminine and elegant you always look, but these leggings destroyed this outfit. Please don't wear them again. In my opinion, they are very unflattering and awful and don't suit anyone.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  178. You look so awesome! Love this mix of lady like elements with the rock and roll-y leather tights!


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  179. Anonymous wrote:

    Gorgeous! I think I'm placing an order.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  180. Anonymous wrote:

    do you know if you get a confirmation email when you order, if so how long did it take? Thanks!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  181. Anonymous wrote:

    I have knobby knees like you Jean and I have always been very insecure about them… I love that you don't care… You inspired me to wear leggings!!!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  182. I love the faux leather leggings but I'm not sure if I should get a pair or not… Do you think you can you do a post on regular cotton leggings vs. faux leather leggings? I also noticed your H&M; faux leather leggings were matte as oppose to the mostly-shiny-looking ones? I'm a student in college and I'm considering getting faux leather leggings but don't know if that's too much or how to style em. A post would be amazing! 😛

    Oh and Jean I recently saw a D.I.Y. french tipping your shoes video from Chriselle! You should try it out with the tips in the video! Good luck! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oEXFTPYLCQ&feature;=g-u-u&context;=G2a35f74FUAAAAeAACAA

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  183. Anonymous wrote:

    The rude comments are SO SO wrong, I love the leather leggings on you! however I think that there may be a little to much going on with the upper part of this outfit in general– the ruffles plus pearls plus tweed conflict with the edgy minimalism of the leggings. Maybe try with a simpler blouse.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  184. I've been looking forward to this post!!! I loved the Malang jacket on you but love this No. 5 so much more! The cropped fit really does suit you more and I love that you DIY'ed out the sparklies and the cap-toe shoes (with marker no less!). I'd really like to join the cap-toe fever but haven't figured out which shoes to transform and may pick up a pair of shoes purely for the sake of the DIY.

    And Jean, please ignore the rude comments. They're called internet TROLLS for a reason – nasty, nasty people with nothing better to do.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  185. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, you are beautiful. But the leggings are awful. They belong on a speed skater or on Julia Roberts' character in "Pretty Woman" BEFORE her makeover. The jacket is cute, though.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  186. I love how simple and yet put together this look is…
    I'd love to be able to pull of leggings like that!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  187. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, I smiled when I read that you pulled the sparklies out of the fabric. I really like reading your DIY posts. They inspire me to be a little more creative with the clothes I almost-like. Too often I'm shopping and I find something that's not quite perfect. I hope you feature more of these DIY-alterations!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  188. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean I think the jacket looks great on you but I do think that the leggings are a bit much. It maybe the lighting. But I think you have great legs.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  189. Jyoti wrote:

    Love the leggings! I have a pair too and wear them to death– never thought they would be so versatile. And they look so great on you!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  190. Jen wrote:

    That is one beautiful jacket, Jean! Uniqueen really does have such a great selection of tweed pieces. And I have to admit that I'm not typically a fan of liquid leggings, but I really like the juxtaposition of the edgy bottoms with the classy top. You look very fashion forward! I know that you are self assured and confident enough to not be bothered, but just want to chime in that the anonymous commenter is most definitely jealous of your great style and bod!


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  191. Kimberly wrote:

    I love the jacket! I would definitely order one right now but where I live, people tend to dress very casual and I don't think I'll get a lot of wear out of it 🙁

    A couple comments (above) were rude and I'll admit, I was a bit shocked to see you in faux leather leggings. I've been a longtime follower (not really a commenter), but you have the figure to pull off the jeggings well!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  192. Mary Ann wrote:

    Wow, some peeps left weird-ass comments! I love this look (and really lovin' the jacket on their site in ivory), and if you even have any cellulite, it's certainly not visible in this post!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  193. Anonymous wrote:

    What cellulite? Someone jealous?

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  194. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks for the review, Jean. Don't let all these rude comments get to you. Your style is all your own and you can rock whatever you want.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  195. Anonymous wrote:

    I don't see cellulite or bent knees you claim to see. Also learn some manners.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  196. I love your blog so much. I've been a follower for months now and I am addicted!

    I love your chanel style blazer. I saw one at Zara the other day and fell in love. I have to go buy it soon!

    Please check out my blog for posts on current fashion trends and my new Christian Louboutin pumps.


    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  197. leen wrote:

    And now I am looking at http://www.myuniqueen.com 😛

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  198. Yun wrote:

    As a respectful human being/person, it's called keep it to yourself or learn better manners. She allows for constructive criticism not flat-out disrespect. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. But you could have phrased your words differently or voiced your opinion in a less disrespectful manner to get your point across. And frankly, I don't see how those leggings "show off" her cellulite or bent knees.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  199. leen wrote:

    The jacket is lovely, but I think it would look better teamed with pants/skirt rather than leggings – it will match the sophisticated nature of the jacket. In general, I'm not a fan of leggings worn as pants (no matter what your body shape is), but overall Jean, I've always been a fan of your style and your blog gives me inspiration for my wardrobe.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  200. Anonymous wrote:

    You styled this outfit very nicely! Leggings like that can be trashy looking if done wrong and you have styled it very tastefully! Love it!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  201. Susan wrote:

    Wow, so rude. First of all, learn how to spell. And what cellulite..?

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  202. Anonymous wrote:

    Do you NOT realize these leggings show off all your celulight and the bent knees you claim to be so self conscious about?

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  203. Lloyd Lim wrote:

    I think leather leggings are super sexy. Awesome look.

    – L

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  204. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh my god don't wear the leggings again…or maybe not with this outfit. I dont think they suit you at ALL.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  205. Suzie Q wrote:

    Holy moly. I LOVE the jacket. Jean, you're killing me here! I just recently bought the Malang jacket since it was back in stock! This jacket is absolutely gorgeous, I totally want one. I just took a look at the color selection, I totally know what you mean with having the hardest time picking out a color. They all look fabulous! By the way, I love your faux leather leggings!

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  206. Jackie wrote:

    I need those leggings!!

    Also, I love the way you mixed these textures 😀

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  207. Kammi wrote:

    Oh my goodness, I want all of your clothes. I def would wear those for work. I need those outfits.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  208. Oh wow – I missed the DIY part – I totally thought those were the Zara capped toe heels – great job!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  209. Great review – I had been eyeing the black version of this – but I think it may be too short for me (I'm 5'4).

    The quilted Malang jacket didn't really work with my frame – the shoulders were too big but the sleeves were nearly too short.

    Luckily tweed/chanel inspired jackets are VERY in this season (Zara is full of tweed jackets at the moment – and J Crew have a chain lined one) so I'm going to keep looking for one that suits my body type (I need to try it on in person before I buy – as I really dislike boxy jackets on my frame).

    Love how you removed the trim to make the jacket even classier! I really do think UNIQUEEN jackets are good quality/well-made, and there customer service is VERY nice.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  210. Anonymous wrote:

    Blech, you ruined this with the pleather.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  211. trysh wrote:

    Hi Jean, Would you please post the other colors up. Thanks

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  212. Anonymous wrote:

    the jacket is nice but when you pair it with the chic leggings and the lipstick, it does not perfect on you !

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  213. Does it let you scroll down? I just scrolled down and saw photos of all the other colors.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  214. I wanted to use faux-leather scraps but couldn't get it to work. I ended up using a thick sharpie marker that was laying around and free-handed it. Next, I plan on looking for paint in a color similar to the shoe base and covering-up the stacked heel : )

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  215. Lily wrote:

    Your style is always so amazing!

    -Lily <3

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  216. Liz wrote:

    The jacket is nice, LOVE the liquid leggings.

    I like the cap-toe on the pumps but I think you should paint the heel black, too. The stacked wooden heel seems too casual, somehow.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  217. Susan wrote:

    I'm definitely tempted by the cream version, but not sure how it will look in person. If anyone orders it, please share details! 🙂

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  218. I am in love with this look! Classic yet modern and chic. Too bad the jacket may be too small on my non-petite frame.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  219. Omgosh I love that entire outfit!!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  220. Anonymous wrote:

    when I look at the jacket & try to see what the other colors look like, there isn't an option to see a picture, is it like that or is it just my computer?

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  221. that jacket is amazing! and how did you DIY that toe cap? what did you use to paint it? LOVE IT!! i wana do the same thing!

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  222. Chloe wrote:

    Absolutely love it, jean! Perfection.

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply
  223. such an amazing look! the chanel jacket looks gorgeous! i have those leggings too!
    xo, Tina

    Posted 3.19.12 Reply

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