Another green + navy: Scarf bow and Spearmint Gingham


Crewcuts gingham cafe capris sz 12 (an adult option in 2 colors – use BONUS10 for 10% off)
Ann Taylor blouse (old), blazer from Lefties (altered), BR bag (old)
Scarf and CL pumps from eBay, necklace c/o Stella & Dot
Just popping in to say a quick hello and to show these fun, preppy pants from Crewcuts. After being surprisingly pleased with their apple pants with a handy adjustable waist, I couldn’t resist this pair in spearmint gingham for $25. I returned my Gap kids mint jeans from earlier this season because I knew they wouldn’t get enough wear. These have been the perfect replacement – they’re a favorite for studying at the office (comfy but not too casual), and also work-appropriate on “denim” Fridays.

I have been wearing this blazer a little too much, but the spring green color just brightens up any outfit. Last month, I started a new job and my new team is mostly men who don’t care much about clothes…

…although I miss the fashionistas on my old team, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to wear favorite pieces repeatedly without receiving raised brows (my former colleague could not tolerate seeing my Gap nude blouses one more time ; ). That is, until this jacket got dubbed my “Masters jacket” while the team was streaming the tournament on their computers. It received so much acclaim, that I now have to reserve it for select wear…sigh!

Chanel tortoiseshell sunnies (similar), Essie “turquoise & caicos” polish

This outfit was made possible/enabled by shrewd Twitter friends. Thank you Jen E. for sharing that this blouse was on clearance for a mere $9 in my size. It was on the other side of the country, so I did pay $7.50 for shipping, but it has more than gotten it’s worth in wear. At first, I was surprised that something retailing for $80 was made of 100% polyester, but it wears beautifully and is so wonderfully low-maintenance. And thank you again Val for doing research on these pants and getting all the measurements for us.mintgingham
Now that I have several items from Crewcuts, I’d like to point out how inconsistent their sizing can be, even in the same styles. For the apple pants in the same “cafe capri” cut and same kids size 12 (see review), I had to tighten the adjustable waist band by about 3 notches on each side for it to fit. These, on the other hand, are very snug when zipped up with no room for adjustment. The hips feel a tiny bit tighter too, but the legs and length feel exactly the same. It’s unfortunate that J.Crew has so much size inconsistency, especially since they often do final sale.
I bought this scarf a year ago after many of us fell in love with it on Cee (and for a mere $10!). It never got much wear, but I recently rediscovered it and have been throwing it around all of my purses. It looks great on satchels, a speedy, Chanel…even a longchamp, and just adds new dimension to an outfit. I kept seeing the look around town on older, polished-looking ladies, and don’t know why I didn’t try it more often!

Readers – Are you a fan of adorning handbags with scarves?

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  1. wow wow wow. Now I need gingham pants. Perfect summer outfit!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  2. Oh my goodness, you look amazing! I'm loving those capris and am considering getting myself a pair! Love the colors and the bag.. perfect!

    xo, Yi-chia

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Question: do you ever carry that bag (or similar bags) over the shoulder? I love how it looks on your arm, but with 2 kids I need something that leaves both hands free. I always think a large-ish bag like that would like odd over the shoulder, which defeats the purpose of that extra strap. Thoughts
    PS, you look professional and cute at the same time.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  4. Arts wrote:

    Forgot to mention the necklace, it's beautiful. πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  5. Arts wrote:

    I'm not a fan of printed pants. Somehow they don't look professional (for my age) to me. For your age though, I think they look good. I do love the pairing and the scarf on handbag.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    very fresh look and superb use of spring colours. thank you again for the inspiration as I am looking for ways to inject a little colour in my monochromatic wardrobe.;-)

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    hi jean, GORGEOUS as always!!!
    i had a question…how much do you usually spend on CLs on ebay. i am looking to buy a pair but im not sure what's "too cheap" to be considered counterfeit…thank you! i saw a pair of prives that were GORGEOUS for $400 (brand new with two impressions on sole) but that just seems so cheap for something new…so i wanted to ask you since you seem to really nail this stuff!

    thank you!!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  8. ive always loved the handbags with scarves, at least on other people. its like a little accessory for your accessory. doesnt seem necessary, but definitely adds a little something!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  9. NeutraKris wrote:

    LOVE this outfit! Especially the blazer and the blouse. I've never tried wearing a scarf on my bag, but then again, I don't have any nice-enough bags to try it with. One day when I can splurge on a quality bag, I'll try the scarf accessory!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    Sweet outfit. rock it girl!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  11. Anonymous wrote:

    Ann taylor

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  12. Beautiful look, I love your pants!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  13. Gwynne wrote:

    Hi jean i randomly read your blog one day and just cant stop following your post!
    nice & sharp colours for summer πŸ˜‰

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  14. Mira wrote:

    great outfit. love the colorblocking πŸ™‚


    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  15. I tried on a pair of cropped pants this wkd. convinced that it looks awful on me. but mb i haven't found the right one yet. you do look so good in yours.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  16. Love the color combo and the scarves on handbags is a great idea!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  17. CoriFairy wrote:

    LOVE the colors on you so much!!! Great combo! You look drop dead gorgeous Jean!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  18. MissLeelay wrote:

    Cute! You look great !!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi, I love the outfit! Where is the blue blouse from? It sounds like you got a great deal on it!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  20. LOVE this outfit!!! Especially the blouse and blazer!!

    A Petite Treat

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  21. You look amazing! I'm in total love with those pants.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  22. Lisa wrote:

    Very pretty outfit. The gingham is darling. Love this color combo.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  23. Kimberly wrote:

    The blue and green look amazing together! I don't think I'd be able to pull off this look, but you look absolutely great πŸ™‚

    ~ Kimberly

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    Can you please let me know the name or style number for that AT shirt? Thanks, -Angela

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  25. Great outfit! Love all the blues and the pattern of your pants πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  26. Suzie Q wrote:

    Cute outfit. I love the color of the bag and it goes so well with the scarf. The scarf print is perfect for adorning bags. Great shoes too.

    Style Cue by Suzie Q

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  27. LAURA wrote:

    absolutely gorgeous!! love this colour scheme.

    Laura x

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  28. ..opps and regarding your question,in some point it's lovely to look at those bag with scarves but in my opinion it depends on the bag and the size of scarf if they are well fit together.:)

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  29. This post of yours makes me happy as I can put inspiration on it in wearing my capri's.Love the color blocking, very lovely to look at and the accessories you've match fits well.The blazer is adorable and so with the bag.:)

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  30. Ping wrote:

    never mind my question, they are out of sizes anyway… πŸ™

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  31. Lauren wrote:

    I am kind of obsessed with green and navy right now (and this look is lovely on you!) I just put up two green + navy combos on my blog and have a third one coming. Might be time for me to try something else. πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  32. Lauren wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  33. Ping wrote:

    such pretty colors!! i am loving these pants. i'm thinking about wearing them to work…or do you thinks it's too casual/fun?

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  34. awwww this colour scheme is so bold but cute!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  35. Anne wrote:

    the color of your top and your purse look gorgeous! everything looks so effortless on you! love it!

    Posted 4.30.12 Reply
  36. I am currently looking for one for my bright green bag

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  38. What a great outfit and you look stunning! Very inspirational πŸ˜‰

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  39. Love the color combo! And Stella & Dot is amazing. I have a big turquoise and gold ring from them that I adore! That necklace is fabulous.

    Style to Stage

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  40. Anonymous wrote:

    You look amazing.

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  41. Elle wrote:

    Love this look and the perfect scarf bow on your bag. I've been tying various scarves on my brown work bag and those scarves make me fall in love with the bag all over again. πŸ™‚ love that little accents like a scarf can make a world of difference for an old flame.

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  42. Diana S.T. wrote:

    Hey you really look great in that blouse, looks like one I have…

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  43. Olyvia wrote:

    I need to try that scarf-tied-to-satchel look! Also, love the necklace you are wearing!

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  44. Ann wrote:

    Ohhh… I love LOVE that gingham pants!!! I almost bought one in that exact color on but never came around to it! Looks great on you!!!

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  45. R.L. wrote:

    The scarf is so classy and I love the slant pockets on these capris! I took advantage of that Jcrew tip you shared about returning multiple orders with one label. I ordered a ton of non-sale items to try and hope I can rebuy the winners during final sale.

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  46. Vera wrote:

    I adore this look, Jean!
    You've taken the chaos of monochrome + print-on-print and made it super classy.
    And thank you so much for boldly sharing the kids-section-shopping tip.
    I owe you a ton in alterations bills! πŸ™‚

    Vera. (Being Vera Blog.)

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  47. Jessica wrote:

    what type of work are you doing now?? are you never moving to CA? =P

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  48. The scarf goes so well with your purse. I've always wanted to try tying scarves onto my bags, but I guess I haven't found the right scarf to match with my bags yet. I do attach fox tails to my bags. : )

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  49. I love the navy / green combo and also adding a scarf to a bag. I had a giant nude colored bag that looked so boring until I threw a colorful scarf on it to add some interest. The blues of the bag and the scarf look incredible together!

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply
  50. Beautiful outfit Jean!
    You look amazing!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

    Posted 4.29.12 Reply

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