Zara Tweed & (Faux) Leather Lapel Jacket


Jacket: Zara TRF (juniors) sz S   Dress: Theory “Yeneth”   Booties: Adrienne Vittadini “Sonnet”  Accessories: Chanel WOC, c/o t+j Designs bracelets, H&M; 40den tights, Michael Kors watch
This jacket is my first purchase from Zara for as long as I can remember. I love Zara styles, but not the sizing nor the prices (especially for the low quality). While in Barcelona, I caved and picked up one piece from the flagship store as a souvenir.
The jacket is from their “TRF” juniors line, which fits me much better than their Woman line (a TRF size S often feels smaller than a Zara Woman XS). I loved the edginess of gunmetal hardware plus a faux-leather lapel juxtaposed against a pretty black, navy, and gold tweed blend. Unfortunately, true to my impressions of Zara quality, the tweed yarns on this blazer pilled after one wear and I had to use my fabric fuzz shaver to smooth it back down.

After going through my closet, I am letting go of this jacket because it’s not getting any wear. It’s a little edgier than my typical style, plus I have several other tweed pieces. Sold This jacket was worn for just a few hours, so if anyone is interested I am selling for $70 plus exact ship (US addresses only, please). It retails for $90 in the US and I got it for $85 in Spain after currency exchange fees. The length is nice and cropped for shorter women, and the fit is similar to an H&M; size 2 or 4 – or actually, right in between those two sizes.

This jacket would be perfect with skinny jeans, faux-leather leggings, or a black mini skirt (which I somehow don’t have, yet). If the dress hem in these photos look funky, it’s because I have it folded under and safety-pinned all around. I have on my Theory “Yeneth” boucle dress which I typically wear to work with suit blazers. The length looked a bit dudly with a moto-style jacket for a dinner out, so I temporarily shortened it. Just one of those cases where something looked better in my head than in reality : )

Readers – Are you a Zara fan?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I can't believe all the negative reviews about zara here! i've been a HUGE fan for years. i'm 5 ft tall and i do agree that their sizes tend to run big so i generally steer clear of their pants and maxis (unless you're prepared to spend good money on alterations lol). some of their jackets fit just perfectly but some not so much. but sizing problem aside, their quality has been nothing but great (their TRL line excluded) – i always get complimented on my outfits (80% of the time i wear zara lol). H&M; just pales in comparison… they used to do a lot of fun but still wearable pieces, now they are just dull. with awful quality. gimme zara any day of the week!

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 4.3.12 Reply
  3. This look is so chic, but has a little edge at the same time. What a great way to wear all black without looking goth (which is always my fear). I have a similar jacket from Zara that I've only worn once. I will have to dig it out!

    Posted 1.4.12 Reply
  4. Chloe wrote:

    Aw, I'm bummed to see the bad reviews of Zara! I can see why some pieces would be hit-or-miss, but I've had a great experience with all of the pieces I've bought in the past and worn often–knock on wood.

    But I think in general, quality overall has gone down for most retailers. Between having a Banana Republic pencil skirt rip in the back as I was getting into a car to go to a funeral (yeah, *not* awesome) and having a sleeve rip clean off of a brand new silk blouse from Ann Taylor this past week–ugh! I hope once the economy picks back up, all retailers kick their quality back up again…

    Posted 1.4.12 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Funny, I have the same jacket. Styled it for the office with a sleek black pencil skirt, black tights and black heels, and made sure to keep the jewelry delicate and limited as the jacket already makes enough of a statement. The leather though is not real, it's pleather or polyutherine or however youwannacallit. Nevertheless I am a Zara fan and have been for years. I agree with the woman who wrote that the sizes are "wonky" but some things I've gotten there (particularly blazers) have lasted me several seasons. Plus their clothes are downright fun, never stodgy. They can be hit and miss on fit and some odd details they always throw in, but overall Zara is definitely a step above H&M; and F21 in quality, my 10 cents. —April

    Posted 1.3.12 Reply
  6. Katie wrote:

    i love zara! not sure if it's different at all here in london, but the quality for me has generally been good. The sizing is hard, but i like their blouses especially, and the shoes..

    Katie x

    Posted 1.2.12 Reply
  7. @Ashley I'm sorry to hear the same thing happened to your jacket. Do you have a fabric shaver? It helped significantly on mine and I use it for sweaters a lot.

    @Lien Online photos can definitely be deceiving, but at least they have free shipping, right?

    @littlenashua Knowing what you're capable of sewing, I'm sure your rendition will look even better.

    @Vaidehi I don't think there are any strict rules or guidelines but you should play around to see what works on you and what is actually comfortable on you wrists. I try to stay in the same color family (gold w gold, silver w silver) and not put too much thickness on any one wrist.

    @Anonymous I have not, but I might look out for them during a future sale or at TJMaxx/Marshalls. I've always wondered if they were worth the prices.

    @Vanessa Hi Vanessa, they do, but it depends on how steep you want the sale to be. I think the THeory outlets might carry Gabe, or similar, styles and if you call one of them they can look for your size and ship for $15. Their prices are about 40% off retail. Other than that, stores like Bloomies, NM, Nordstrom have some sales that go up to 30% off, but I much prefer shopping the outlets.

    @pendragoney Zara quality appears to me slightly better than H&M;, however I keep on hearing stories of Zara garments falling apart (sometimes while they are still in the stores, unworn). I've never had an H&M; item fall apart!

    Posted 1.1.12 Reply
  8. pendragoney wrote:

    A general question to people who've shopped Zara: When you say 'low quality', do you mean even lower quality than H&M;? Or is the quality equal to/slightly better than H&M;, but not worth the price difference? I've never owned any Zara items and am wondering if it's even worth trying out.

    Posted 12.31.11 Reply

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