Zara Tweed & (Faux) Leather Lapel Jacket


Jacket: Zara TRF (juniors) sz S   Dress: Theory “Yeneth”   Booties: Adrienne Vittadini “Sonnet”  Accessories: Chanel WOC, c/o t+j Designs bracelets, H&M; 40den tights, Michael Kors watch
This jacket is my first purchase from Zara for as long as I can remember. I love Zara styles, but not the sizing nor the prices (especially for the low quality). While in Barcelona, I caved and picked up one piece from the flagship store as a souvenir.
The jacket is from their “TRF” juniors line, which fits me much better than their Woman line (a TRF size S often feels smaller than a Zara Woman XS). I loved the edginess of gunmetal hardware plus a faux-leather lapel juxtaposed against a pretty black, navy, and gold tweed blend. Unfortunately, true to my impressions of Zara quality, the tweed yarns on this blazer pilled after one wear and I had to use my fabric fuzz shaver to smooth it back down.

After going through my closet, I am letting go of this jacket because it’s not getting any wear. It’s a little edgier than my typical style, plus I have several other tweed pieces. Sold This jacket was worn for just a few hours, so if anyone is interested I am selling for $70 plus exact ship (US addresses only, please). It retails for $90 in the US and I got it for $85 in Spain after currency exchange fees. The length is nice and cropped for shorter women, and the fit is similar to an H&M; size 2 or 4 – or actually, right in between those two sizes.

This jacket would be perfect with skinny jeans, faux-leather leggings, or a black mini skirt (which I somehow don’t have, yet). If the dress hem in these photos look funky, it’s because I have it folded under and safety-pinned all around. I have on my Theory “Yeneth” boucle dress which I typically wear to work with suit blazers. The length looked a bit dudly with a moto-style jacket for a dinner out, so I temporarily shortened it. Just one of those cases where something looked better in my head than in reality : )

Readers – Are you a Zara fan?

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  1. CynthiaC wrote:

    I was considering that jacket, but I have way, way too many black/grey items!!

    Posted 12.31.11 Reply
  2. Vanessa wrote:

    Happy holidays to you Jean. This is random but do the Theory Gabe blazers ever go on sale? Seems like no. @anonymous-yeah can you share with us where you saw it still available? Because I don't think it is.

    Posted 12.31.11 Reply
  3. Ugh this jacket is pretty amazing. I love all of Zara's blazers and such. On-trend and classic, yet still affordable.

    Posted 12.31.11 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Cute outfit. Have you tried wolford tights? I used to wear h&m; tights until I switched to wolford tights which are very stretchy and sturdy. Also the wolford tights have even coloration so the opacity does not vary from knee to thigh to calves. I recommend them!

    Posted 12.31.11 Reply
  5. Tanya P. wrote:

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I must say, I'm so happy to FINALLY have found a blog that focuses on elegant career wear for young professionals. So far, I have absolutely adored everything that you've put together. As many clothes that I have at my disposal, I always end up putting together a fairly "ordinary" outfit because I'm incapable of being clever with outfit selections in the morning. I see that you certainly don't share my inability.

    Keep on the good work through the new year!

    Posted 12.31.11 Reply
  6. This jacket looks great on you, I love the edgy feel of it! But yes if you're not going to get any wear out of it hopefully it will find a better home. I don't have many Zara pieces – I usually don't have any luck finding anything that I'm willing to try on for the price. I did fall in love with a coat there once but that was a while back so I doubt I'd be able to find it again!

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  7. Cee Cee wrote:

    I love this outfit, I think it's great that you are experimenting with styles out of your ordinary. I do love Zara and am an owner of 5+ Zara jackets, they do fit me better though, since I'm 5'8".

    Ceecee's Inspirations Blog

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  8. The jacket is just WOW! Love it!!

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  9. My biggest problem with Zara are their sizes, They just don't fit me. They do have some pretty clothes tho, but I guess I'm just a bit on the small/skinny side :(. I love the look of the blazer, too bad its not great quality :).

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  10. Helen wrote:

    I'm absolutely not a Zara fun. I have the same impression of Zara quality as yours. I was so upset with my purchase there.
    I bought one full-price wallet and a sweater at more than one month ago and I'm pretty sad about both of them.
    I bought the wallet as a birthday gift for my husband and the snap fastener on it fell out the first time he was using it! I felt so embarrassed that I chose a brand that I thought I could trust but turned out to be so disappointed with.
    I did a review about Zara purchase here:

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  11. Helen wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  12. Very cute outfit. Zara is eh.. it's a hit or miss for me. Sometimes it's great and other times it's not.

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  13. Nelah wrote:

    I love the edginess of this look but like you mentioned Zara's quality is somewhat a hit or miss. I would love to love Zara because I like their design if only their quality match the high pricecs.

    I got a Uniqueen tweed jacket which you feathered awhile back as a Christmas gift, can't wait to wear it.

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
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    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  15. The jacket is very very cute. Love it!!

    The Life After

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  16. Hehe when I saw the first photo I thought "I love it, but that's not Jean's style!" It's much more my style, though I don't know if I could see myself in tweed. It does look great on you though, even though it's not your look.

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  17. Michelle S wrote:

    Outfit looks amazing! I would definitely buy the jacket from you, but live in London so shipping probably not worth it! Also, we have zara here… definitely going to look for it soon!

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    @Anonymous where?? I've been looking for this jacket in M.

    Posted 12.30.11 Reply
  19. Megan wrote:

    It looks great on you, even with the edgyness! You pull it off well. Too bad the quality isn't the best… it looks amazing!

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  20. While I don't own a lot of items from Zara, I actually think that the pieces I picked up were of excellent quality! In fact, I own 3 trench coats from them and the quality were all waaaaaay better than my Burberry trench, no joke. I am sorry this jacket is going to have to find a new home, but if you aren't wearing it, it's time to let it go. I have noticed that some prices at Zara are odd, for instance it seems like ALL blazers are USD $129 wool blend, wool and faux leather blended, it should be different in my opinion. In any case, good luck selling this jacket!

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    HAHAHA. it's on sale at Zara for 69.99, and well… its new.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  22. Lynn wrote:

    I don't mind Zara for some staple items in the closet. I recently got a plain turtleneck sweater and a wool blazer with elbow patches. Great pieces for any closet but generally find their 'unique' pieces to be blah. Agree the sizing is a bit weird (I've only shopped womens so maybe juniors is different).

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  23. Vaidehi wrote:

    I noticed you are picking up the style of adding bracelets with a watch. I have question for you about this. Are there any rules to the thickness of the bracelet or the colors that you should you use to match the watch?

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  24. Mia Rivel wrote:

    Hello Lovely,

    Feel Free to check out and enter my Christmas blog giveaway at:

    Have a lovely and ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)

    -Mia xoxo

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  25. darn. pilling is no good. i still love it on though.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  26. lin wrote:

    i like how you styled the jacket. too bad this isn't getting enough wear since it looks nice on you.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  27. I have one botton down tuxedo front blouse from Zara that is exceptional quality – but I bought it at a thrift store for $5. At the time I was not familiar with Zara and I assumed it was a really high end brand, based on the shirt. Then I went into a store and was not terribly impressed. The husband has a few pairs of Zara pants that he quite likes, since he prefers them slim fit, but he only wears them about once a month so we are not sure of the wear and tear yet. As for your jacket…I might try to knock that one off myself, because I really love the style and I think I could make one with higher quality fabrics for less money.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  28. Michelle wrote:

    That is a bummer!! You styled it so well!

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  29. Petite-ish wrote:

    Zara is like an expensive H&M;, but they do have good end of season sales (although by then, the selection is pretty picked over). The jacket looks edgy yet still classy on you, and I think it would be super cute with a sequin or brightly colored miniskirt (sad that it's not getting much wear and you're selling it).

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  30. Such a chic look! It reminds me of Chanel…

    XX Kathryn

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  31. Ugh…Zara. I always pop in when I see one, because everything looks so great in the windows, but then the sizing is always wonky and I remember once digging through racks of a little sale top I was *about* to buy, but each and every one had a tear or rip in the seams! I have no idea how so many people shop there and find nice items. Shame about the jacket not getting any wear. I'm sure it'll find a GREAT home. =)

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  32. I do like the way you styled it better than the ensemble on Zara's lookbook 🙂{"lookDetail":0}

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  33. Ally wrote:

    Love this pairing!!!

    I hope I could get the dress in the UK!

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  34. grace wrote:

    i definitely like zara's aesthetic, and the design of their clothing, but i usually am not willing to pay whatever they're charging for their pieces. if i'm going to buy fast fashion pieces, i feel like i might as well go to h&m; or forever21 and pick out some decent pieces there for a lower price.

    you look lovely in the photos, as always! love the booties. 🙂
    happy new year (soon)!


    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  35. Jagiri wrote:

    What a shame about Zara clothing as it really does look lovely. I always worry about buying online for that reason – especially since I live in New Zealand making the shipping expensive.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  36. Lien wrote:

    Jean, I absolutely agree with you on Zara… I've been shopping around for a tuxedo blazer and I thought I found 'the one' from Zara but was so disappointed when it had arrived. I thought the material was poor/cheap-looking for its high price but strangely, everything looks great online so I can't decide whether it was just the blazer or everything else? (There isn't a Zara here yet so I'm at the mercy of the Internet).

    I really like this outfit… The dress is absolutely gorgeous; so sleek and modern! The jacket gives the look a touch of edge which I adore even more and as always, you look beautiful!

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  37. Jackie wrote:

    The edgy look is cute on you; I love the head to toe black with the red lips =)

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  38. Jone wrote:

    I like it!!


    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  39. Anonymous wrote:

    I never understood those who love Zara, the quality is poor and the prices are high. They are having a decent sale right now but knowing how the quality is, I just cant bring myself to buy anything. Nonetheless your outfit looks fabulous.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  40. oooh. LOVE THIS JACKET. extremely adorable! chic with a slight edginess 🙂 hahaha. love your blog Jean!

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  41. Adrianne wrote:

    Hi Jean, I'm extremely interested in purchasing your jacket. I have been looking for a tweed jacket that suits my style and this one is perfect! I have a few questions about payment if you could email me that would be wonderful. My email is atsen (at)

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  42. Anna wrote:

    It's a shame that you're going to get rid of it since it looks great on you – but if it's a loner in your wardrobe I agree with you.

    I downright hate Zara – I went in the other day to try to find a plaid button down. I found one I liked but it had lots of loose threads and cost $50. I'm not paying $50 for less than H&M; quality…

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  43. Fabulous as always. Your style is so classic.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  44. I really like the jacket on you! But totally agree and understand what you mean about the poor quality for the price. Nothing has tempted me for years until the KNIT BLAZER WITH CONTRASTING PIPING I tweeted you about recently. I got it in both colours and the make and material quality takes me back to the good old days of Zara.
    I have to be very picky about their kids' clothing too but so far so good.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  45. Pretty jacket. You are right. It would look good with a lot of things, skinny jeans included.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  46. Ashley wrote:

    Hi Jean!

    I picked up this jacket after seeing it on your Barcelona post because I've been looking for one like this for a long time. I had the same problem. I noticed under the arms near my wrists that the material picked a lot from what I assume is my rubbing my arms against the zippers from the pockets. I'm very disappointed this happened considering the price I paid for the jacket, but I like it nonetheless.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  47. Oh, tweed+leather = I DIE. I would buy that jacket from you if it were my size! Love your edgy styling here. Nice to see the Sonnets make an appearance 🙂

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  48. gorgeous!

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  49. Frugalista wrote:

    Hi Jean!

    The Zara jacket is pretty but I'm not a Zara fan. I think their clothes are low quality and over priced! They have nice clothes but I don't think it's worth it. One of my new things recently is to buy things that are high quality that will last me many seasons. I often does require me to splurge a bit but I get my money worth

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  50. I love everything about this outfit Jean! But that jacket in particular is awesome, esp. the leather detail. It's so cool that you can still fit juniors clothes 😉

    Hope you had a great holiday!

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply

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