Barcelona Wrapup (& Joe’s Skinny Jeans in 55 colors)


From left to right: Gala, JessicaSydneLilliana, moi, CarmenWendyDiannaVahni, and Karen.

For my last Barcelona post, here is the outcome of our MNG by MANGO photoshoot plus a little compilation video. Big thanks to jcpenney, MANGO, and Yuli of Style Coalition for an amazing time, and thank you all especially for your readership which allowed me to even be considered for this campaign.


Photo day was incredibly fun, especially since my only prior experience is with the infamous Asian glamour shot (oh, you know…the ones where everyone comes out looking milky white and flawless, photoshopped beyond recognition). I think the jcpenney team did a great job creating looks from the November collection that aligned with our personal styles.

My favorite piece here is the tweed sheath dress. It almost worked for me w/ a hem (XS fits like a 0 reg), but the waist line was 2” too low. If you are a little taller than 5 feet or have a longer torso, I recommend trying this piece.

And here’s a video with snippets from our entire trip, including the shoot. I appreciate how patient the professionals were with an amateur like myself. Behind the beautiful final photo, I was sweating bullets trying to balance on a crate in roomy heels, and to hold a smile despite uncontrollable facial twitching (how do you do it, Miss America?).

Last Friday, we were reunited in NYC for a gathering at the Manhattan Mall. I stayed at two hotels over the weekend, and somehow crossed paths with a reader at each one (hello Jules and the lady in the cab!). It constantly amazes me how social media connects us to one another, in ways that were not possible just a few years ago.
And oh, I traveled in my trusty uniqueen tweed jacket again. Please note that if you ordered this jacket, shipping may be delayed due to the volume of orders they received, but I believe it’s well worth the wait.

When packing for Barcelona, I missed the memo that everyone should change out of tourist clothes and into stylish garb for dinner (smacks forehead). My few garments had already been recycled many times. Thankfully, I was able to shop in Lilliana’s suitcase…

Dolce Vita dress (front shown here) in a restaurant bathroom (which turns into a dance club circa 2am)


Joe’s Skinny Jeans in “gingerbread” sz 24, BCBG blouse, YSL ring, thrifted Prada shoes, Chanel WOC

My favorite item borrowed were these richly colored jeans. It’s hard for me personally to fork over $150 for jeans when Gap ones do the job, but these were fitted, stretchy, comfy and come in 55…yes, fifty-five fun colors. The unhemmed 34″ inseam on me is long but acceptable when scrunched, and could probably suit someone with legs up to 5 inches longer.

Disclosure: The MNG by MANGO campaign is produced by Style Coalition & sponsored by jcpenney.
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Jules wrote:

    Your Barcelona trip looks like so much fun Jean! Thanks for the shout out…if you are ever in the DC area, let me know! 🙂

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  2. I absolutely love your blog. So inspiring. Your bathroom pic in this blog is absolutely haute!! Please, please please post it on my tumblr blog, "Styling in the Loo". Perhaps a wacky concept, but, I'm a firm believer that no style is complete without that last bathroom check.


    Posted 11.18.11 Reply
  3. Amanda wrote:

    Hi Jean, just wanted to add that I think you looked the best among the rest in the MNG shoot.

    Posted 11.18.11 Reply
  4. Danielle wrote:

    Haha! The "lady in a cab" was my very good friend from law school! And she was on her way to dinner with me in Murray Hill. She told me right away that she bumped into you…and took your cab, lol. So jealous me! I love NYC and fun coincidences 🙂

    Posted 11.18.11 Reply
  5. What an amazing experience! You look stunning!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  6. Congrats Jean! It looks amazing! =) How long did the photo shoot take? Looks like a lot of fun. Anyway, I have to agree with the other readers–love that last outfit.

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  7. ellenglo wrote:

    hey jean! I'm doing lots of traveling recently (yay road warrior consulting!) and would love to see a "how to pack for weekly travel in a carry on rollerbag and look fabulous" post if possible, since you seem to be quite good at it! 😀 i need some guidance for sure!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  8. Cee wrote:

    You look the same at 15 as you do now! Oh the good old days. Luckily (?) my friends never dragged me along, but they sure do make for fun memories.

    I've enjoyed all your Barcelona pics and these are no exception. You looked amazing in the photoshoot and I'm glad to see that the outfits picked for you all stayed pretty true to your own styles.

    I'm kind of scared to ask… but what is that bear pic of?! That is a polar bear… rug… right?

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  9. you look absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  10. Vanessa wrote:

    This is a great picture; everyone looks amazing!
    Oh! I want to know what booties the girl with the long blonde hair and striped shirt is wearing!!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  11. Ping wrote:

    what a fun trip jean! haha yes, it looks scary standing on that crate…glad you didn't fall. those skinny joe jeans are super cute with that blouse. the 34" inseam doesn't look too bad at all.

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  12. waigirley wrote:

    Congrats on the trip! You look amazing! love the leopard blouse on you.

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  13. Samantha wrote:

    That final shot of all the bloggers is amazing! I can't believe you had to balance on the crate!! (But at least it looks awesome!)

    Again, you really deserved to go on the campaign! You have such a eloquent AND useful blog! Thanks for all your great posts! 🙂


    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  14. SugarNikita wrote:

    Wow, the pics turned out GREAT! I think I love everything you posted here. That last outfit is soooo cute!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  15. Love all the looks in this post Jean. You looked fabulous! Those colored jeans look amazing on you!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  16. bevy wrote:

    Looks like a fun time was had by all. You look great in all your outfits. Really like those Joe's Jeans, but just not sure I can fork over that much money either.

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  17. Love all your outfits, especially the last one….

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  18. Oh Asian glamour shots … that was apparently THE thing to do with my fellow Asian gal pals back in high school – I guess I should be thankful my then-tomboy ways allowed me a respite from doing them myself!

    You look fan-freakin-tastic in that shoot – honestly IMO the prettiest girl on that panel!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  19. lin wrote:

    you look great in the photo shoot, beautiful as always. thanks for sharing your experience with us. i like the last pic, you are totally rock'n that leopard print top. 😉

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  20. Congrats again, Jean! Sounds like you had an amazing time in Barcelona. I love our last outfit. I've picked up a leopard blouse a few weeks ago but wasn't sure how to style it. Your outfit is totally giving me inspiration =)

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  21. TY wrote:

    I am so surprised that I had never come across your blog before after so many years of having to be an extra-careful (and oft-disappointed) shopper due to my petite size. At 5'1" and 95 lb., almost all the most popular and great-looking brands droop and sag on me, making me look like a child in my parents' clothes. As a result, I shop rarely, and when I do, I employ a hawk's eye (and every once in a while, a tailor). It's nice to know that there's a resource out there to make things a bit easier. Just wish I could have found this site years ago before figuring out so many of your tips the hard way on my own!

    You look lovely, by the way!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  22. Sayaka wrote:

    You look so gorgeous!! That looks like an awesome experience!!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  23. What a fun trip for you! Love the Joe jeans and BCBG top. 55???

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  24. DSK Steph wrote:

    Fabulous in Barcelona! You're awesome Jean!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  25. Ohhh…gotta look into the Joes! Do you think they'd fit my scrawny little legs? And what on earth is the polar bear doing?

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  26. Melissa wrote:

    I don't know which color of Joe's jeans are cuter? I can't decide!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  27. When I was watching the video, I kept on looking for you! LOL! This is so well-deserved! Congrats again love! <3

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  28. wow awesome! love the photos.. and congrats on this campaign ^_^.

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  29. What an awesome experience!

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  30. How exciting! Thanks for sharing with us… lovin' the last outfit with the BCBG blouse – gorgeous! 😉

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
    follow me

    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  31. love the photo shoot. looks like something from vanity fair…

    you look absolutely gorgeous.


    Posted 11.17.11 Reply
  32. grace wrote:

    LOVE all the outfits, but I completely love the leopard print top and skinny jeans as well.

    I totally understand the twitching – when I took pictures for my senior portrait, I had a real appreciation for what models did because I thought I couldn't smile for any longer or hold the same position without falling all over myself 🙂

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  33. tinymum wrote:

    Awesome experience! You are totally blessed!

    I adore that leopard print top and ginger skinny jeans on you! Perfect combo!

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  34. love the look. you look so leggy!

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  35. I loveee the colour palette for your last outfit, Jean. : ) You look smokin' in all of those pics! Some of the ladies from the Mango shoot look so longgg and lean!

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    Not sure that I'm digging the exposed back bra strap. I realize that you borrowed the dress from someone else, since you weren't prepared, but the exposed bra strap is tacky and kind of slutty.

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  37. Michelle wrote:

    I love the leopard with the gingerbread pants!! You look great in those colors!

    It was so fun to see you in the video! You were easy to spot with your blue purse! :p

    Glad you got to have one last blast in NY after your trip!! 🙂

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  38. Julie Khuu wrote:

    Honey you look incredible! Major props for representing us tiny Viet gals…love seeing you plastered all over the media with other glamazons! That restroom is beyond! All the better to capture a gorgeous outfit post!

    Congrats again babe!!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  39. What a great experience! Thanks for sharing the video too.

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  40. Megan wrote:

    Asian glamour shots are the best. 😉 Sounds like a fun trip, Jean!!

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  41. Oh my gosh Jean, you look stunning in the Joes Jeans! I love that entire outfit.

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply

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