Hair Tutorial: Voluminous Puffy Bun

Per your requests, here’s a tutorial for the voluminous bun I’ve been turning to lately (to conceal unwashed hair). In this video I share my secrets for extra volume both at the crown of my head and in the bun itself.

Tools used:
1. Velcro bumpit (search for “velcro bump” on eBay. Shipping took a few weeks.)
2. Elastic and bobby pins for flyaways
3. Teasing brush
4. Goody Spin Pin (comes in dark or light)

For anyone who doesn’t know what a flat head means…allow the photos below to explain!flathead1

A flat head makes one (or me, at least) look very childish. An extra inch at the crown of the head makes any updo look a bit more elegant and mature.

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  1. Jo wrote:

    I just got these in the mail the other day! Im excited to use them! As a tip for other users/readers – I found these on ebay for a really good price. It's understandable why they are so affordable. The materials are very simple and it is all sewn together pretty simple and kind of roughly. I found my bumpits to be the right height and the velcro works great but they were a bit too wide for my head shape and the bumpits slightly stuck out on the sides. I because too self conscious to wear them.

    So what I did tonight was trim them down a tiny bit and sewed them back together! Works great now!

    Posted 12.8.11 Reply
  2. I have tons of wispies and what I do when I want them under control is to spray my hairspray (frederic fekkai, sheer hold) onto my boar-bristle brush (the marilyn "tuxedo" brush) and then brush my hair. I find that that particular brush already smooths most of hair into place and adding the sheer hold hairspray just helps. I have super-fine baby hair though, so you might want to use a stronger hairspray that you prefer 🙂

    Posted 11.30.11 Reply
  3. JWN wrote:

    Wonderful tutorial! Please do more hair!

    Posted 11.21.11 Reply
  4. MzAshleyQ wrote:

    Love this! Whatkind of teasing brush is that? I haven't been able to find anything but combs and they do nothing for my superthin hair….

    Posted 11.19.11 Reply
  5. chanster wrote:

    Great tutorial! Just a tip for the wisps,even though there may be several here already. Spray with hairspray and comb them in with a toothbrush! It works!

    Posted 11.15.11 Reply
  6. Brooke wrote:

    I love this! I just purchased the screw pins and velcro bump! Thanks so much.

    Posted 11.6.11 Reply
  7. très chic!

    Posted 11.4.11 Reply
  8. Meigan wrote:

    Fantastic video and GREAT hair!! 🙂

    Posted 10.15.11 Reply
  9. Lora wrote:

    Haha you were adorable when you did the faux-creepy "Oowhoooo~" with hand gestures.

    I miss blogging and reading fellow bloggers blogs! Browsing through yours today, I'm pretty set on getting this velcro bump it!!! Love all of your recent looks, Jean!

    Okay I'm commenting as I go through your video… "But hair grows back!" hahaha. I'm still learning how to backcomb. Once I thought I did a really good job and went to work with my hair as was. Good thing I decided to drop into the ladies room before a meeting because my head looked like BIRDS NEST. Frazzle galoreeee. (and then you just mentioned birds nest in your video lol). But I'm talking like super frizz galore.

    I also have the wispy hair issues. Haven't figured out how to tame them yet. I tried hairspraying and bobby pinning them down but it doesn't help for that long. Let me/us know if you find something that works! 🙂

    Posted 10.1.11 Reply
  10. HOORAY for the Asian Bumpit! I've tried the American version and teasing every which way but it never looked right. I think this velcro bump will do the trick – thanks so much for posting this tutorial! I can't wait to try it out!

    Posted 9.30.11 Reply
  11. Jess wrote:

    I had to run out and get the bump after reading this post last night!! Good thing I live near a Japanese shop filled with makeup! I am now a proud owner and will sport it tomorrow!! 🙂

    Posted 9.30.11 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    I love this hair tutorial! This is a huge help for me bc I have to wear mine up for work. Thank you for taking the time to show us this!!

    Posted 9.25.11 Reply
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    So impressed by this I just bought some off eBay! Thank you for this, I've tried doing the "quiffed" high up-do thing before but could never manage it and I have the same kind of face so the flat head thing makes me look so young. Thanks, love your blog and style!

    Posted 9.25.11 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    @PetiteAsianGirlTry that Swarzkopf Got to be Glued (yellow tube). It's a paste and a little dab 'll do ya! The tube will last you forever.

    Posted 9.24.11 Reply
  15. i am soooo getting that asian bumpit when my hair grows long enough for a bun! thanks for the great tutorials – been a longtime silent follower and glad to see your blog grow 🙂

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  16. Monica wrote:

    I ordered some spin pins immediately after I watched your bun tutorial video. I tried them out and they are AMAZING!! I was completely impressed with how simple and quick it is to secure a bun! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  17. grace wrote:

    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial =) I need to try that velcro bump-it as soon as possible – and try some of these tips for flyaways that commenters suggested. I have CONSTANT fly aways I always look frazzled and unkempt!

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  18. Ooh, that velcro bump-it is SO MUCH more natural looking than the plastic bump-it's! And probably more comfortable too. I got suckered into buying the plastic one, and it looked HORRIBLE. I felt like Snookie! Needless to say, that quickly went back to the store.

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  19. Omg, that velcro bump makes a BIG difference. I have poofy hair but I still lack volume on the crown of my head. Great hair tutorial!! 🙂

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  20. I'm a hairdresser and the best hairspray for flyaway is L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray! I use this every time for formal up-do.

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  21. Thank you, thank you thank you everyone for sharing your "wispy" tips! I read every single comment and am on my way to experimenting. I tried the hairspray on toothbrush and also on fingers this morning (a generous amount) and it didn't work…thick wispies fell down within 5 minutes. I'll be trying better hairsprays soon, also the waxes, "mascaras," and other tricks suggested here.

    For all who ordered the velcro thing…welcome to the bumpit brigade! : ) Please let me know how you like it after it arrives.

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  22. @Anonymous They're the standard crystal costume jewelry studs…I got them a few years ago when it was $200 something I believe, but yes I agree, it may be a bit exorbitant for low quality costume jewelry! I wear my two pairs of studs a lot though.

    @Petite-ish Hi Puyao! It does not hurt me at all! I remove them in seconds! But, another blogger did mention the bumpit caused tangles in her hair during the removal process…my hair might just be coarser and it gives me no issues.

    @Anonymous I always clip the crown part up with a butterfly clip, pull out an inch of "volume," and let it dry (air or blowdryer) in that position. I demonstrated it briefly in an older loose waves tutorial, but it may not work for everyone!

    @Anonymous @Anonymous Thanks! They are Model 21 lashes in # 7 (I think, they do a terrible job of labeling their styles). It's not my favorite because the length is too long…I'm looking for something just as affordable but denser and shorter! As for makeup brushes, I use one R&R; blush brush but the rest is from eyes lips … the $1 brushes.

    @Nancy Oh you're right, I remember them there! I was tempted but it's quite a bit cheaper via ebay, the downside is the long wait for shipping.

    @MagSue I used to have the same issue but now I always loop my belt ends (learned it from the fab Anh at In every post that I show a belt, I think I have the extra length tucked in a loop!

    @Anonymous I got it last week from Nordstrom Rack! It's about $20…I think the "pearls" are glass, and it's three strands in one containing all different sizes which I love. If you don't have a Rack near you, I think they ship for a fee to homes. The pearls aren't perfectly white though…they have a greenish tint. I didn't mind, as I've been looking for something like this for a while!

    Posted 9.21.11 Reply
  23. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean, for flyaways, you should look into John Freida Repair Flyaway Tamer. It comes in a tube with a mascara-like wand. You just brush it in the hair and it keeps flyaways in place. I use mine almost daily when needed and it really does a good job all day long.
    Great tutorial BTW. You look fab.

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  24. Kiki wrote:

    Great video! Check out Aveda's Air Control hairspray… It is light and helpful for little pieces. Also, I recently blogged about the sock bun, another voluminous bun method… It is still on the main page of my blog if you scroll down a bit. I am also a fan of spin pins, though my hair is so fine at I actually use the mini version for my hair. 🙂 Kiki

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  25. Thu wrote:

    Yes, thanks so much for this post and video!!! I bought the "asian bump-it" last year on when I was looking through their hair stuff for volume aid. But I didn't know how to use it properly, so it just sat in my cabinet untouched. After watching that you mentioned it and demonstrated how you use it, I immediately grabbed it and tried it. It works much better now!!:) My hair's hopelessly thin and flat now, and I keep losing hair so this is much needed! With my flyaways, I just secure them with those black clips. They're conspicuous, but because they do the job for me, I don't care.:)

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  26. This is perfect for an Asian girl like me! When I lived in Manila, everyone wanted long, straight, non-voluminous hair. It was just straight hairstyles and Japanese rebonds for everyone. But when I moved to New York, I was so envious of the curls, waves and volumes all around me. One time, I paid $60 for a soft curl and my hair turned straight within the hour. Curse my Asian hair! But these bumpits are the perfect solution for those ladies night out, date nights and events that need that extra elegance for my super straight hair. THANK YOU!!! <3

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  27. Andrea wrote:

    Great tutorial! Instead of back-combing your hair, to achieve the 'huge bun' effect, try a nylon mesh foam hair donut. It's very popularly used in Asia where i live 🙂

    Also, for hair products that prevent flyaway hairs (I've very fine hair and I totally get what you mean). Lucidol has a good range

    And finally, OSIS hair powder is one of my favorites for keeping styles especially if you are doing backcombing. I heard it's not easily available in the U.S, the alternative is got2be hair powder available at Fred Mayers', Walgreens etc. It's consistently sold out! It's under the same brand that sells OSIS.

    Hope that helps! Cheers!

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  28. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean, you've just inspired me to buy the bumpit as well! Is there any style that doesn't look good on you?? On a side note, where is your pearl necklace from? I've been looking for one just like it, so that I can do the double or triple wrap around my neck. Please let me know! 🙂

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  29. i actually have to goody spin but dont know how to use it! I won it from a giveaway so Im going to test it out when I get home! 😀

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  30. Gjee wrote:

    hair wax is a must for the fly aways! its not as stiff as gel. i noticed hair wax is sort of hard to come by in american drug stores (garnier fructis came out with one recently but i haven't tried it yet) but asian hair wax is the best i've ever tried. it really makes the hair look as if there isn't an product in your hair and keeps it really light!

    and wow i'm totally loving the velcro bun! i always have my hair up in a bun these days (with the goody spiral pins haha) but the bun makes the look so much classier! thanks <3

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  31. MagSue wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    love your blog, wonder if you usually have problems with belts that are too long? I usually will buy size xs, but still have problems with the length especially when wearing skirts with them..I have resulted in having double sided tape to avoid the ends flapping about…
    If you have any solutions/tips, that's be much appreciated.

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  32. Mrs. Smith wrote:

    I LOVE IT!!
    I must get one, but I have light blonde hair. The ones I've seen are darker for black/brown hair colors. If anyone sees one for blondies, let me know!!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  33. Charissa wrote:

    I'm so impressed by your poise and presence in this video! I'm an occasional visitor and have appreciated your blog as another petite woman, but it's a real pleasure to see how articulate and confident you are on screen. Thanks!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  34. Jean, my bun seriously looks like the first pic! I shall invest in that Asian poof thing!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  35. Nancy wrote:


    I just wanted to say that you can find those Japanese Velcro Bumpits at Japanese markets now. If you have a Marukai (where I got mine) or a Mitsuwa around you, they'll probably have it.

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    are u using falsies here? ur lashes look super long! btw jean, what makeup brushes do u use? any tips?

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  37. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I've wondered for years how to get rid of the horrible flat head ponytail look but never succeeded. I don't like my hair all over the place so I tend to tie it back. I've tried teasing it (I look like I've got a bird's nest stuck on my crown! Not a good look cos all I need is a bird to lay an egg on it). I've tried smooshing my back forward….I won't bore you with the details. Off to get one of those velcro bump. You're a lifesaver, Jean!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  38. Anonymous wrote:

    I am a big fan of your blog. This is the first comment I've ever posted on any blogs. Thanks for sharing your beauty tips with us. awesome job!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  39. kt wrote:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! My color processed blonde hair is very fine, so a regular bump-it was not an option for me! I would like to make two recommendations: 1. Kenra hairspray (13) is the best stuff on the parket! They sell it at Beauty Brands/Beauty First etc. The Kenra (25) is great for extra hold. I love it because it brushes out and doesn't weigh your hair down or make it look like you have a ton of product in. 2. Dryer sheets (I prefer Bounce brand, unscented) are amazing for fly-aways! It sounds rediculous, but you can run one over your hair before or after styling, and it really tames the fly-aways!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  40. JC wrote:

    Thanks for sharing that. I'm definitely going to order a "bump it". Normally I just back comb my hair like crazy & use A LOT of hair spray only to have it go flat by the afternoon since there's nothing underneath!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  41. subtle bump it. I'm diggin it. I definitely need help in the volume department.

    I wonder what kind of a girl i'd be if i lived in japan with all these girly cosmetics, hair tools, beauty supplies etc etc etc available to me & made for me. what a dream!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  42. OMG! that was amazing! I need to buy that Velcro Bumpit ASAP. I always wear a flat head. 🙁 Now that is about to change thanks to you. 🙂

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  43. Anonymous wrote:

    you look so elegant in the bottom left after pic!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  44. GYC wrote:

    such a helpful video! you're so pretty ^^

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  45. Ly wrote:

    I just ordered the bumpit!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  46. AnnieR wrote:

    Thanks for the tutorial Jean! The asian bumpit is already on its way to my house.. I can't wait until my hair gets long enough to do the bun part of the hairstyle!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  47. Jennifer wrote:

    Amazing! I am new to your blog and LOVE everything I am seeing. The bumpit looks so natural on you; I already ordered one on ebay this morning. 🙂 I can't wait until it arrives so I can try it out for myself!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  48. wow so cool 😀

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  49. JING wrote:

    great tutorial jean! Would like to try it out but couldn't have it done with my current super short hair. But still I feel like dropping by here to leave a msg, cuz u r one of my fav blogger who actually take her time out to reply those who left a msg here. It's really sweet. If only other bloggers are half as sweet as you 🙂

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  50. Love the tutorial! Another great gadget rec by Jean! So, let ME make a rec now! 🙂 My husband's sister-in-law works for a salon products distribution center (Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Redken…you name it, they distribute it.) one of the perks of working there is that they come home with BOXES of hair products that can't be sold because of various reason. She gets so much product that she'll give me some from time to time so I've tried just about everything under the sun. I discovered Matrix Freeze Trix this way. It's an aerosol hairspray that they discontinued – but I found out that they just repackaged it and sold it under a different name. It's now Matrix Vavoom Freezing Spray This hairspray is MY holy grail of hairsprays. My hair (because of age and having babies) falls out continuously so that I have all these baby hairs ALL the time. This hairspray does wonders at holding all my baby hairs together without it looking and feeling like I have a ton of gunk in my hair. I smooth down my baby hairs as best as I can, cover my forehead and spray a little and then smooth down again. A little goes a long way this this. I also spray the top of my head along my hairline because I have a lot of baby hairs there too. I but it now when Ulta has their buy 2 get 1 sales. It's a pretty large can so it lasts a long time! If you try it, let me know what you think!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply

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