Review: Ann Taylor’s new City Fit pants in petite


Necklace: Talbots (old)  Shoes: Aldo (old)


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I’ve received several requests to show pant outfits, but frankly, I never wear them. Pants are slimming and elongating, however I commute to work in flats so pants will drag on the ground and get yucky. Last week, Ann Taylor offered me a $100 gift card to try on their pants (Five AT Facebook fans also have the chance to win one here). I figured I would take this opportunity to shed my aversion for pants and share my finds!
AT pants fit
Upon visiting the AT website, I saw a pants fit guide showcasing 4 styles, including their new City fit – their “slimmest fit.” Hooray! I’ve tried on Modern fit in the past, and a 00P was too generous. Kelly, who is slightly smaller in stature, reviewed this cut back in 2009, and had to get the waist taken in and the legs slimmed.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited by the prospect of a new “slimmest” fit. After work, I went straight to the store with the biggest petites section, and asked for the City fit in 00P. The response?

(and I should really keep a log of silly things AT SA’s say to me, including the no 40% off promo forecasted until November)

SA: “We don’t carry a 00P in the city fit in-stores.”
Me: “But why?? You have 00P here in everything else!”
SA: “A 0P in City is supposed to fit just like a 00P in the other cuts. Thus it is online only.”
Me: “That’s doodoo!”
SA: “Here, try our Modern fit.”

And so I did. But just like I remembered, it was too big throughout. Here’s the Modern Fit in 00P:


Feeling defeated, I went home and ordered City Fit in Stretch Twill. Here’s how a 00P looks on me:
In short, the waist is still too big for someone my size (typically wear between sz 23 or 24 in denim), however the cut is noticeably slimmer. The legs are more tapered throughout, especially when compared to the Modern above, and the rise is low. These could fit nicely on someone who is true to size at Ann Taylor, who wants a more slender, boot-cut fit. As for me – I sent them back. There’s plenty on my wishlist from AT to exchange these pants for.

One last view of the City Fit in Stretch Twill, with a belt holding up the waist:


Readers – Please share your favorite brand and cut of pants!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm really lucky. Ann Taylor's 0 petite Modern fit works great for me. I'm 5 feet and about 108 pounds, 34-25-35, and fairly curvy in the rear. AT Modern fit is my dream pant, and without it, I would have nothing to wear to work. These pants are bulletproof too! They last for years if I treat them well. Finding nice, feminine tops is the problem for me. And Ms. Extrapetite, you are fabulous, sister! You have impeccable taste, and you have inspired me to work harder at looking pretty. Thank you!

    Posted 12.7.12 Reply
  2. extrapetite, I have absolutely no idea WHICH post to comment on as I've just spent the past TWO hours going backwards through your website. You exude so much natural beauty, and you taste is absolutely impeccable. Gaaaah you look fabulous in any type of look you pull of from a chanel-sque looking blazer, to cut offs and a blouse (my fave look of that one was with the neon yellow sweater). I hope that you will stop by my blog sometime~it's def NOTHING like yours- you are so so amazing, I'm just in awe. You are truly the most drop dead gorgeous asian girl I have ever layed eyes on! I'm sorry I sound a bit like a stalker, but I swear I'm not! lol! ^^ I love when I find good asian bloggers, because I find that I can relate to their style and their body types (I'm also asian, on the shorter side, and very petite as well). I'm now a fan and following you, you are inspo to me! I hope you will stop by or follow me too =)

    Posted 4.14.12 Reply
  3. Jenn wrote:

    Hi There! I just found this blog and love it! I am 4'7" tall, and wear a XXS or 0-2P. It's so great to see the clothing reviews! I also really enjoyed the article about confidence in the workplace. I work in a professional environment, and can't even count how many times I've been asked my age!
    Thanks so much for the blog. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that can order a petite dress and have it look huge! I often wonder if they actually use petite models in the pictures on websites. I always have luck with clothes at Loft-great petites selection!

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  4. ALynnelle wrote:

    I have not figured out the wear pants to work/commute dilemma either. And I love pants! Especially high waist ones to lengthen my legs. I do like the Banana Republic Logan fit. They accommodate my slight curves but still fit my 0p frame.

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    I am 5'1.5 (every half inch counts) and weigh about 95lbs with a 24" waist. I have to say, I have had a lot of luck with a couple types of pants. Both Loft Marisa fit in 00P and Banana Republic Martin fit in 00P USUALLY fit (not always, but usually). In fact they often fit so well that I don't alter a thing- including the length. Of note, I only wear 2" heels to work, so someone that wears higher heels or has some height on me might need to lengthen them, but it's possible.

    Posted 9.2.11 Reply
  6. En Bouton wrote:

    @Anonymous – I love Uniqlo! I wonder if they cut their clothes differently for the UK market, though, because I'm 5'7" and have never had a problem with the length or general proportions there (and yet I have no end of fit problems at H&M;, which is European). They're great for small sizes, though.

    Posted 9.1.11 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    I second May on New York & Co's 7th Ave pants! I have a healthy set of thighs on an otherwise pretty petite frame so it's almost always a headache finding pants that fit well. I'm seriously in love though and usually end up getting slacks at NY&C; as it is. I wear its size 2 and handle the inevitable length issue (I'm 5'0) with a slight heel.

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  8. hi! just started following. i love the concept of your blog. I totally feel you on the size thing. I'm 5 foot and petite and even my feet are a size 4.5. so sad. T_T

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  9. R.L. wrote:

    I quite like the cut of the pants on you! (And the black lace top looks fab with your Talbots necklace!) Have you ever thought of changing pants when you get to work? I guess that would be too much of a hassle? I also stay away from boot cut types for dress pants because length prevents me from changing into flats. My fav cut for dress pants so far have been Loft's Marisa scuba pants from a few seasons ago (I believe you passed on the gray ones). Big waist gap but length can still be worn with flats. Plus I love the scuba material because it doesn't lint as much! I'm thinking of trying AT's Pointe Slim Trousers that Sydney tweeted about..if only it came in non-black as well.

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  10. Vanessa wrote:

    I'm still searching for a pair of pants that I love. I have a pair of the Ann Taylor curvy fit ones in 00P that fit perfectly but I feel like an old lady when I wear them. That was one of those "oh my god these fit me and they are a decent price" purchases that I now kind of regret.

    I love tapered slacks but do these look good on petites? Plus I find that they often make by rear look saggy. Suggestions?

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  11. rach. wrote:

    so i was just going through all of the posts in your blog – and you have awesome style! geez. you should probably be my personal stylist. lol.

    love, rach.–

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  12. jcrewlover wrote:

    where is the necklace from?

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  13. I am def not a pants person but I will be reviewing the ponte pants with my gift card…I don't think my body was cut for pants..LOL

    Bummer about the waist but nonetheless- you still look good:)

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  14. Jackie wrote:

    "Slimmest fit"? Lol! It's huge!

    I USE to wear the curvy fit; it was the only one that didn't leave me with a waist gap. But alas, I think their sizes have changed again.

    Did you know H&M; is FINALLY available online?

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  15. thoshebebutlittle wrote:

    Hmm… they are too big on you, but not wildly so. I don't think I'm quite as slimly built as you, so these might be worth checking out. Thank you!

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  16. It's too bad they didn't fit you! You are soooo tiny Jean! I noticed that AT does run a little larger than its sister store, LOFT. I have to go down a size at Ann Taylor from what I normally wear at LOFT.

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  17. Carla Krae wrote:

    Kid's sections have worked for me for several years. JC Penney's Arizona line in both kids and juniors works great for shorties. They fit my high school 22" waist and 32" hips for many years. I also like shopping for jeans at Target – frequently the girls' denim is $10/pair in multiple washes from light to black. Haven't bought work pants like slacks in years, so I can't say.

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  18. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who has issues with the back of Ann Taylor pants, its like am I supposed to have extra piece fat above my butt to fill the gap or something?! lol -__-

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  19. I really love the cut of the pants on you…what a shame about the waist!

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  20. Callandra wrote:

    Omg! I just saw your advertisement bar about H&M; at…….must check it out! 😉

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  21. Callandra wrote:

    Those are so obviously huge on you Jean!….and what a let down that they don't carry the 00p for that style in the store! I do have to say that the lace top appears to fit you to perfection and looks wonderful with the leopard bag! I usually buy the modern style in trousers from Ann Taylor. The only problem I have is they always fit just a tad snug 'till I've worn them the first couple of times, then they stretch out. I have actually bought the 0p from Ann Taylor thinking I was getting the perfect fit 'till they stretched out and I was left with a too loose waist and a saggy rear end! Lol

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  22. Michelle wrote:

    Too bad they weren't a perfect fit. Your pictures looks great though. You look so empowered and straight to business on your first pic. I love it. 🙂

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  23. The pants look great on you.

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    Theory is the only pant that came close to fitting me. I am 24" waist, 33" hips and 85 lbs. BR, Ann Taylor, J Crew – gave up on all of em.

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  25. Cecilia wrote:

    The cut is not bad and the back fits you really well. Too bad the waist is too big! I am the same height and nearly the same size as you (my waist is 24/25). I recently bought a pair of the Martin fit from BR and they were perfect! It's not a super slim fit but the cutting worked wonders!

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  26. Michelle wrote:

    Bummer these did not work out!! You styled these so chic, too!! That lace top is gorgeous!!

    I am still on the hunt for a pair of pants that fit off the rack! I did not even bother wearing pants during the cold season last school year…just tights with skirts/dresses.

    Posted 8.30.11 Reply
  27. Hmm…not too bad. If only that waist were a little smaller! I've got the "slim leg" Perfect Pants coming in a few days, so we'll see how those stack up. 🙂

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  28. Mary Ann wrote:

    I really enjoy this review – thanks for posting!

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  29. Cee wrote:

    What the… based on the first and last pictures I adore these pants on you. How did you belt it so the overlapping fabric was only hidden in the waist area? Mine causes a long, visible, and unsightly wrinkle. I think this may be another item that should fit me. Thanks for the review 🙂

    I haven't bought work pants in a long time, but my last one was the Express Editors. Love them. I've got my eyes on their Columnist, which if I remember correctly have a slimmer cut.

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  30. May wrote:

    Sorry about your experience with the SAs. This is why I stopped even browsing AT years ago.

    For anyone else interested and don't want to spend money on dry cleaning, I was impressed with the cut and drape of one of NY&Co;'s 7th Ave pants I tried on recently, but I had to find the smallest size in the store (0P) and it was mildly snug on me. I wear about 26-27 in designer denim. Smaller petites would be out of luck.

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  31. @Cher Lol, I cannot believe you are 5'1," Cher! Either that or you have mega long insesam-to-torso proportions. These pants were about 30" inseam and quite long on me even with nearly 4 inch heels on.

    @Anonymous Thank you! I know pants to wonders for most women…especially when worn with heels with the hem just at floor-length. The woes of being a flat shoe commuter!

    @grace Only in my head ; ) Pants are tough for most women. There has to be so much that fits right…hips, waist, inseam, leg cut. Don't lose hope for finding the proper fit!

    @Anonymous I am told BR Sloan does run small, smaller than these in city fit!

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) These were unlined which is surprising to me, for the price. If I have to buy pants, I will pay more for the lightweight tropical wool over twill. I'm not sure if those are lined or not? (My tropical wool skirts are).

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  32. LOL "that's doodoo" 😛 Those look pretty good on you – of course they still need to be altered! Are they lined at all?

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  33. I recently purchased two pairs of pants from Gap Kids, size 12, and the fit is near perfect. One pair are the sateen capris (on clearance in store for $5.99) and the other were the new ponte knit pants. I also have had great luck with Gap kids skinny jeans in size 12 regular. The sateen capris are more ankle length than true capri, but they look great dressed up or down. I'm having a harder time styling the ponte pants, but they work with some button up shirts. As for a true dress trouser, my best fit are the pants I drafted myself and sew up in various suitings.

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  34. Anonymous wrote:

    That outfit does horrible things for your waistline which is gorgeous! I just haven't had good luck with Ann Taylor sizing recently. Instead, I get my jeans from Uniqlo and pants from Banana (when it fits right). Uniqlo carries a lot more Asian proportioned clothing and even though it is a little harder to order (call into NYC store or visit overseas), I find most things fit me there. Too bad the J+ line is going away.

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  35. grace wrote:

    I really like the cut Jean – but it's too bad they're so big on the waist on you. They look fairly nice with the belt holding it up.

    haha, I really hope you said "That's doo doo" to the SA 😛

    I don't have a favorite brand of pants unfortunately – I'm still on the look out – plus I gain tummy weight easily/lose tummy weight, that it's frustrating to find the proper fitting pants (it's even more frustrating when it comes to jeans).

    Thanks Jean =) I think I live in pants/jeans mostly. I live vicariously through all of you petite bloggers wearing pretty dresses and skirts!

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    jean, i think you look amazing in pants….at least the ones that fit properly. too bad these were too big for you. i totally love the first pic even though they didn't fit. you should wear slacks more often. i'm not petite but i'll probably go check out their city fit pants. thanks for the review.

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply
  37. Cher wrote:

    If not for the too big waist, I actually really really like the cut! Unfortunately, I can't fit petite pants because they're too short. My favorite work pants come from Jacob, Theory and Aritzia. I can wear all three without any major alterations (I just have to shorten the inseam). Club Monaco comes close, but it requires slimming in the hip area, so I've never actually purchased a pair.

    Posted 8.29.11 Reply

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