Loving Now: Mustard Yellow Pleated Skirt


Blouse: Ann Taylor sz XSP, old  (similar in petites)
Skirt: Pleated Skirt c/o Modcloth, sz S (comparable to a 00P/H&M; 4)
Belt: H&M; sz XS (extra holes punched with this tool)   Purse: LV SPeedy 25

Thank you everyone for your feedback on my last pleated skirt purchase. Although it fit perfectly in the waist, and was girly and romantic, the length prevented it from being a wear-often piece for me.

When I saw this one on Modcloth it was love at first sight. But how will it fit? Modcloth sources from various indie manufacturers, so sizing can be inconsistent. $7 flat rate shipping includes free returns, so I usually order several items in search of the rare one that runs small. I’ll admit I’ve had more sizing misses than hits, but the hits have become true wardrobe faves – like the crochet skirt and now this one.
The description said “true to size” and the grosgrain ribbon waist has no stretch, so I expected a Small to be pretty roomy. To my complete surprise, it measured 13″ across the waist, 19″ in length, and actually fit me decently off the rack. Some of you may have tried on the Ann Taylor white linen skirt in 00P found by Kelly. The waist of these two skirts measure exactly the same, and sat loosely on my waist.
Because of my longer torso-shorter legs proportions, I like my skirts to sit higher on the waist. In an effort to save on alterations, I decided to DIY. This was no easy task! First, I went to my parents’ basement in their new home (3 hours away). They had just moved in and nothing was unpacked. I sorted, lifted, and opened no less than 50+ huge boxes and literally one of the last two contained my sewing machine. Next, skill-less me labored 3 hours taking in the lining and pleats. But the end justifies the means – it’s now perfect, measuring 12.25″ across the waist.

Low camel pumps: Aldo (similar here and here)

I’ve worn this business-casual to work with a blouse and blazer, and also casually this weekend with a floral tee, flat sandals, and H&M; brown clutch. We appealed to Nick’s San Diegan taste buds with steak & egg breakfast tacos.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I love your style
    I'm way more petite than you are 4"11 and i got same bag in 35..confused by why i got speedy 35

    Posted 2.21.12 Reply
  2. Sunshine wrote:

    i think *Victorian goddess* every time you wear that blouse hehe 😉 lovely ensemble.

    i really admire your thoughful selection process when it comes to which pieces to keep and which to let go. by streamlining your closet, you're left with pieces that you truly love. i hope i can learn to do the same 🙂

    Posted 8.24.11 Reply
  3. @Anonymous For me, I care less about what makes me look taller or what elongates, but more so what I'm personally comfortable with. I like skirts that start higher at the waist and end above the knees, but others can like long & lean bottoms or floor-length. In general, hems that end at wide parts of your legs (i.e. at the thickest part of the calves) seem to look less flattering than those that end at narrow parts (ie. right above the knee, or right below the knee). The asos pleated skirt is a good example of something that ended at an awkward point of the leg, and was not flattering on me with flat shoes.

    Posted 8.24.11 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Is there a reason you keep on shortening hemlines? I am petite and the same height as you and my mother swears I look taller in longer hemlines.I think the same applies to you but for some reason you seem to think wearing shorter hemlines elongates your figure.

    Posted 8.24.11 Reply
  5. Ellen H. wrote:

    this is lovely, very lengthening! im always looking for ways to wear flowy longer skirts without looking swallowed by the material 🙂 Thank you for the beautifully styled post!

    Posted 8.24.11 Reply
  6. @Canadianpetite Yes it is current! It's at H&M; for about $5.95 USD.

    @Anonymous Oh, it's nothing special! Every night I use lancome bi-facil eye makeup remover bought from eBay (though many have recommended the Sonia Kashuk remover from target) and then I use african black soap, also bought on ebay, to clean my face. I have a clarisonic but only use it about 1x a week, to get rid of flaky skin. Then moisturize with Eucerin fragrance-free daily moisturizer.

    Posted 8.23.11 Reply
  7. Love your outfit and really looks good on you. The mustard pleated skirt is really nice.I'm impress that you have sewing skills!Not every gurl knows how to do that.Yummy tacos as well.

    Posted 8.23.11 Reply
  8. Julia Rose wrote:

    I love your blog. And love that you are so talented. Please visit my blog to see what I have made. http://www.sewchicthreadz.blogspot.com

    p.s. I am only 11 years old

    Posted 8.23.11 Reply
  9. love your skirt dear!
    Decimal Shoes

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  10. Cee wrote:

    Jean! Every one of your pleated skirt posts gets me *this* close to buying one of my own. But… gotta refrain because I know I won't be able to keep the pleats in tact for the life of me. Great choice in keeping this one out of the bunch.

    PS – I'm loving these daily blog posts as of late. Keep it up!

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  11. I know this post is about the skirt. I"m just all about the blouse right now. looks so light weight & feminine.

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    skin care routine pls =)

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  13. JC Rineer wrote:

    This outfit is beautiful! I have not yet shopped on the Modcloth site but I definitely will be sometime soon!!

    I love your lip color with this shade of yellow =D

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  14. Elle wrote:

    This skirt is a winner – you made the right choice getting rid of the other two. The color is gorgeous too!

    I need to take a sewing class…that way I won't have to embarrass myself by using temporary clothing pins to "take in" the waist and what not. I've also poked myself a few times with the pins when they've come undone, which is quite dangerous.

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  15. PAG, you look so cute in this outfit. I love this lip color. Read your response. Sad to hear that it's discontinued! 🙁

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  16. You wear mustard so so well. I think your sewing skills are better than you think it is. Is the belt a recent find?

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  17. @lennie If you are a standard size 5, then I definitely do not recommend going to sz 36. These shoes I have in this post are a 36 (although I am a 5 to 5.5) and they are so big. I padded them with inserts but it's still just too big. My resolution is to never buy shoes again that are not the right size, just because they were on sale!

    @Tiffany What a coincidence! It's nice to hear from a fellow Bostonian.

    @Anonymous Didn't return that skirt…I sold it to someone.

    @Alterations Needed Did you check out Club Monaco's silk blend pleated skirt, as seen on Elle of Fast Food & Fast Fashion and also Jen of Her Waise Choice? Comes in two lovely colors, may be worth the alterations if you will wear it often : )

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  18. FP wrote:

    *Love* the look:) and really pretty lip colour…

    I don't much like the second top you are wearing with the skirt… I saw it in an earlier post too with a pleated skirt and didn't see the general awesomeness in you outfits…

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  19. Angie wrote:

    you look so good in mustard yellow and pleats. it's the perfect fit – great job on the self alterations. i like the comparison photo through the years too … no wonder H&M; feels tighter and tighter on me xD hahaha and it's not just the goodies i keep eating!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  20. C. wrote:

    beautiful <3 you are like the epitome of demure ` xx

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  21. Love the color! I've been looking for a cute pleated skirt for a while now, but I think I'm being to picky. I want silk, but I'm not finding any petite friendly options. Better for the ol' wallet that way I guess.

    PS…we've been eating breakfast burritos like crazy lately. So good!!!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    The mustard pleated skirt is lovely. Although, how can you return the h&m; skirt if you have already worn it for days?

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  23. Jenn wrote:

    I love the color! Its perfect for fall and I loved the way you styled the skirt. And you are so talented! I've been meaning to learn how to shorten and take in skirts myself and right now you're my hero!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  24. Samantha wrote:

    Your hard work paid off – the skirt looks great! It gives me great inspiration because I have a mustard A-line skirt from Anthropologie that sits a little too low on my waist. Maybe, I can attempt the sewing machine too!

    xo, sam

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  25. Vivian wrote:

    Haha! I think a 3 hour drive would have cost me more gas money than to go to my 30 min drive tailor. And I too have been looking for a good pleated skirt, similar to your H&M; ones but yeah, H&M; isn't available here yet )= Any similar alternatives?

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  26. Wow really love that skirt Jean, looks like the unaltered version would fit me perfectly. I exchanged the H&M; Polka Dot skirt for the size 4 so I could eat LOL! Size 2 was small!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  27. Tiffany wrote:

    I just now discovered your blog, but actually, I think I've known about you for quite some time now.

    This might sound strange to you, but I just moved out of Washington Square, near Coolidge Corner in Boston. I'm pretty sure I've seen you in the neighborhood, and each time I always thought you had such wonderful style. Little did I know you had this fantastic blog! I'm on the little side myself so this blog is a great resource for ideas and inspiration.

    I love that Modcloth skirt! The design is lovely and I bet it's pretty cool in this ridiculously hot and humid weather.

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  28. I love everything about the skirt. Lovely as always!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  29. Rinny wrote:

    I love the skirt on you! And I like the blouse you paired it with too – they look great together since they're both flowy fabrics 🙂

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  30. Claud wrote:

    Jean, one word… gorgeous and the blouse is so romantic and pretty ^^ I'm also craving mustard color, looking for nice crop pants in that hue.

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  31. What a pretty skirt! And I love the way you wore it with the shirts tucked in.

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  32. Mimi wrote:

    i love everything about this outfit! and that breakfast taco looks delicious! 🙂

    <3, Mimi

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  33. Anonymous wrote:

    the skirt looks great on you. i've always thought the mustard color compliments you very well. i do agree with you that this skirt may be more versatile than the other two and you'd get alot more wear out of it. great job on the DIY. 🙂

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  34. Sarah wrote:

    absolutely love the skirt – the styling in this post is fabulous! your photography is always so incredible!


    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  35. lennie wrote:

    I love your nude shoes, Aldo's Lomack camel pump size 5 is sold out :(. They still have size 6, do u think it will fit me? because one review says it runs about 1sz big.

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  36. @Ella Pretty Blog Unfortunately I think it's discontinued – Rimmel Round Lipstick in Bordeaux … got it from CVS's clearance a while ago for $1.50.

    @Tiffany Keep your eyes peeled at H&M;, they've had pleated skirts almost every season for $35 or less!

    @R.L. For complicated items (and more expensive things that I definitely don't want to ruin) I will surely continue to go to my tailors. But a hem and simple slimming is worth learning how to do yourself! Some quick lessons would help. I took several weeks of classes as a teen and don't think I'd be able to do anything without those beginners classes.

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  37. R.L. wrote:

    Aww, I'm sad you sold your polka dot skirt I thought it looked so good on you! But this mustard one is probably more versatile. Can't wait to see the other ways you style it for fall! I definitely need to invest in a sewing machine and learn to do some simple hem jobs because ~$25 per item is steep!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  38. How ironic- I did post last week about how I'm craving tons of mustard items and why would you have to show me this? I did see this on their site but the girls showere modeled it- meh…but u look great!!!

    Bummer that the waist was a bit too big but good job on the DIY!!

    Love it!!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  39. That skirt is so lovely – and it looks so gorgeous with the matching belt. What lipcolor are you wearing – it's so pretty!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  40. mai wrote:

    Gorgeous! Love the mustard color & lightness of the skirt.

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  41. Tiffany wrote:

    I've been trying to find a cute pleated skirt for business and casual occasions.
    But since I'm a student, $60 is too much and I didn't see the one that you got at H&M.;
    I'll just have to wait and find one at a good price 🙁

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  42. Love the skirt! and fits perfect with the shoes and the purse. Love it!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  43. Michelle wrote:

    I love modcloth! Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors on clothes!!! I love that blouse as well!! Very chic looking… it has a delicate look to it.

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  44. DSK Steph wrote:

    The story behind the couple that created Modcloth is so inspiring! They're only a little bit older than us and created this amazing new online shopping concept. I adore Modcloth and I adore you! <3 🙂

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply

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