ASOS Petite Hotpants


Blouse: H&M; sz 2 (old)  Clutch: H&M;  Watch: Michael Kors Tortoise Jet Set
Pants: ASOS Petite Pink “Capri” Jeans sz 1 (buy here w/ free ship & returns)

Per your requests, here are photos of the ASOS Pink Jeans. We snapped these hastily today before work, and garnered quite a few stares from conservative morning commuters. I love that these pants are so attention-grabbing, but hopefully in a fresh (versus gaudy) way.

I originally planned to keep the midi skirt and return the pants, but now I’m contemplating vice-versa. Although I love the romantic look of the skirt, I’m just not sure how many times I’ll wear it. These pants, though, are durable can be worn for slummin’ on the weekends.
The fit is not perfect on me, but pretty decent. There’s a slight gap in the waist which causes creasing by the crotch, but a belt alleviates some of this problem. The upper back thigh area is slightly loose on me, which causes wrinkling right below the bum – I need meatier thighs! Other than these issues, the fit is good and I love how slim and tapered the legs are.

While posting these pics I noticed a huge poof on the back of my hair. Lol! I promise it’s not a bumpit a la snookie…I fell asleep with my hair slightly damp last night and it seemed to have taken on a life of it’s own.
hotpants1 Click click click to read more…

Some of you pointed out the wide-set back pockets as a potential problem area. On me, they don’t stand out. As for the length, these were labeled as a “Petite Capri,” so their regular petite skinny jeans will run a few inches longer. If I keep these, I’ll have to make sure they stay out of the dryer to maintain this ankle length!

Measurements of the US Petite 0/1: 13″ across the waist, 16″ across the hips, 7.25″ rise, 26″ inseam.
Material: 98% cotton, 2% elastane, slightly on the thinner side.

I love ASOS because of easy returns, but I get a lot of questions about this service. Be sure to keep track of the return deadline. Open the plastic mailer bag carefully, and then re-use it to ship back the item with the included return sticker label. Keep all of the original packaging and be wary of makeup stains when trying on the garments. ASOS will reject returns that aren’t in their original condition, but I haven’t had any trouble with that yet.

If you are taller than me, ASOS has similar but longer jeans in a gorgeous fiery red and electric blue. See similar-colored bottoms rocked by fellow petite gals: red on Ping and Cher, and electric blue on Wendy and Tiffany.

ASOS Petite Jeans in Red, White, and Blue (free ship & returns):
Readers – For $27.58, would you keep or return these pink pants?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Adriana wrote:

    wow…get over yourself
    "I need meatier thighs"??
    you should know that a LOT of people are bigger than you. I hate it when really skinny people keep saying they need to gain weight

    Posted 11.23.11 Reply
  2. Looking at you in those hot pants makes me want to get one too. I never wear jeans that are colorful (only blue washes and blacks) but I am really tempted to get me one of these jeans. 🙂

    Posted 8.19.11 Reply
  3. You look gorgeous, we love these on you!!

    Please out our blog & our latest post 🙂

    T & J


    Posted 8.13.11 Reply
  4. Will the US size 1 (Uk 4) fit me?
    my measurements are:
    waist 23 inches
    hips 33 inches
    thighs 19 inches at the largest part :/

    What are the measurements of your thighs?‎
    Thanks 🙂

    Posted 8.10.11 Reply
  5. Great pics!

    Posted 8.10.11 Reply
  6. faye lu wrote:

    would have to say *hands down* this is one of my favourite looks i've seen so far. love the bold hot pink balanced with the delicate shirt. just gorgeous.

    Posted 8.7.11 Reply
  7. Lazybon wrote:

    I got my pair of Talbot chunky heels in Sunshine today and I love love love them! The wooden heels are so lightweight and easy to walk with. The are gonna be my substitute to wedge. Regarding the size, I'm a standard 6.5 in AT perfect pumps and JCrew classic ballet flats, and I fit perfectly in 7 in these chunky heels. The vamp is not made roomy, so if you got 'baby toes' instead of narrow feet and in between sizes like me, it's better to size up.

    Posted 8.6.11 Reply
  8. @Anonymous I'd love to hear how you'll be styling the skirt! Let me know what you think of the quality/fit after it arrives.

    @siwing I usually use the auto settings (no flash) because we don't know anything about photography..once in a while if it's extraordinarily bright nick will change them but we don't remember details!

    @R.L. That sucks! What did you do with the extra dresses returned?

    @Claud Aw, bummer! I wonder if they just haven't gotten it yet? My local store has brown, black, and hunter green for the clutch.

    @Andi Hi Andi, I would say it's bordering on the thinner side, and it's a bit stiffer but still has stretch.

    @cinnyangel @cintmint Need to show discipline and not keep both! I'm expecting lots of nice items to browse in the upcoming Fall collections : )

    @Kate Hi Kate, bag size and style is completely up to personal preference. I've seen smaller girls rock large bags because that's just what they like, and they carry it with confidence. Unfortunately for me, I keep my bags around the 12" width – 14" can definitely swamp you, and 18" strap drop sounds really long! I would say shop around for smaller satchels that stay within the 12" width and don't drop further past your hips.

    Posted 8.6.11 Reply
  9. Thank you so much everyone for your helpful feedback! I feel like reading blogs (and blogging) has helped us develop a much more critical eye for fit. A few years ago I wouldn't think twice about keeping something that actually fits this small.

    @Natasha xoxo If you wear Ann Taylor 0P/2P, you might be the third size up from the smallest size ASOS offers in petites, whichever it is. Sometimes their petite sizing starts at 0, sometimes at 1. I typically find the smallest size to be pretty snug. You can always order two sizes to try on and send one back through their free returns!

    @SugarNikita Hi there – I added the measurements : )

    @a.b. In general Anthro items run very big on me, but I know they carry many branded items like the A.G. colorful ankle jeans (fit decently in sz 24).

    @FP Thank you for your first time comment and for sharing your thoughts!

    @Katie G Good question! I must seem like a compulsive shopper with my constant shopping posts, but I honestly keep very little. As you can see just from this week's posts alone, the ASOS items need to go back due to fit/proportion issues, and some of my H&M; items from last week need to go back. I like to bring items home and take photos to truly assess the fit, and see how many things in my closet they will go with, before deciding on keeping them or not. The items that I do choose to keep, may or may not get "cleared out" at the end of the season through blogsales, eBay or donations.

    @Melanie Oh Melanie, you will be in for disappointment. You see the last photo in this post? That is the only closet in our apt, and I get HALF of it (bf gets other half). I hang about 2-3 items on every hanger, and constantly use blog sales to clear out more space for new items.

    Posted 8.6.11 Reply
  10. Kelly (Stiletto Hardware) wrote:

    the outfit looks amazing on you! but i think the loosness around the crotch area is going to get worst. I bought some gray skinny jeans from primark that fit like this and as they got looser the crotch kept getting lower and i had to keep pulling the jeans up. very annoying! i ended up giving the jeans to a friend 🙂

    Posted 8.5.11 Reply
  11. Julie wrote:

    Beautiful! I love your style!

    Posted 8.5.11 Reply
  12. Kate wrote:

    Hi Jean, I'm the same height as you and I recently got a really expensive Marc Jacobs bag only to realise it looked too big on me! Could you give some advice what type of bags look best on petite people?

    And is there any way I can look taller with my large tote? 🙁 The size is 14"H x 13.5"L x 2.5"D.
    5" drop from handle.
    18" drop from strap.

    thanks in advance!

    Posted 8.5.11 Reply
  13. Sara wrote:

    I love the way you styled this, but I really don't like the way the jeans look on you. I'd keep the skirt. I can already see droops, for me the mark of a good jean is a well-fitting back! Looove the blouse though!!

    Posted 8.4.11 Reply
  14. Jacqueline wrote:

    Def a keeper!! Love the blouse + skinny jeans combo!

    Posted 8.4.11 Reply
  15. Cher wrote:

    I like the pink on you, but I'm not sure the back is as flattering as it could be. The pockets are slightly too wide apart, and like Jen mentioned, saggy butt syndrome could be in your future. I do really like the colors ASOS has, though.

    Posted 8.4.11 Reply
  16. cintmint wrote:

    cant you keep both?!

    Posted 8.4.11 Reply
  17. The pink pants are soooo fab!!!!!!! And the entire look combined with the photography gives the entire look a completely ethereal touch!

    Posted 8.4.11 Reply
  18. Vivian wrote:

    I wanna say keep, because 27 bucks is cheap for jeans, idk if it'd be beat… But if you have issues and feel like you won't feel confident in wearing it out, then I say return. The color & length looks real good on you though, and the crinkles don't look too bad either. But if you feel like there are issues that cannot be 100% fixed that you're not ok with then I say return. Because I've had issues with some things I've bought, thought they'd eventually go away, but they just stayed.

    Posted 8.4.11 Reply
  19. Meg wrote:

    I LOVE these jeans on you! I'd get a pair myself, but I think I am too old (28) to rock these ;_;

    My only quibble with these is the jeans seem a little loose on the backside and the backs of your legs, and as another commenter mentioned you could have a problem with "bagging out" after a few wears. Still, they look so cute on you I really don't think anyone is going to be looking to see if they are a little loose!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  20. Anonymous wrote:

    Love these pants and how you styled them with the blousey top!! I would keep over the skirt, just because of more opportunities for wear. Love your blog!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply

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