ASOS Petite Hotpants


Blouse: H&M; sz 2 (old)  Clutch: H&M;  Watch: Michael Kors Tortoise Jet Set
Pants: ASOS Petite Pink “Capri” Jeans sz 1 (buy here w/ free ship & returns)

Per your requests, here are photos of the ASOS Pink Jeans. We snapped these hastily today before work, and garnered quite a few stares from conservative morning commuters. I love that these pants are so attention-grabbing, but hopefully in a fresh (versus gaudy) way.

I originally planned to keep the midi skirt and return the pants, but now I’m contemplating vice-versa. Although I love the romantic look of the skirt, I’m just not sure how many times I’ll wear it. These pants, though, are durable can be worn for slummin’ on the weekends.
The fit is not perfect on me, but pretty decent. There’s a slight gap in the waist which causes creasing by the crotch, but a belt alleviates some of this problem. The upper back thigh area is slightly loose on me, which causes wrinkling right below the bum – I need meatier thighs! Other than these issues, the fit is good and I love how slim and tapered the legs are.

While posting these pics I noticed a huge poof on the back of my hair. Lol! I promise it’s not a bumpit a la snookie…I fell asleep with my hair slightly damp last night and it seemed to have taken on a life of it’s own.
hotpants1 Click click click to read more…

Some of you pointed out the wide-set back pockets as a potential problem area. On me, they don’t stand out. As for the length, these were labeled as a “Petite Capri,” so their regular petite skinny jeans will run a few inches longer. If I keep these, I’ll have to make sure they stay out of the dryer to maintain this ankle length!

Measurements of the US Petite 0/1: 13″ across the waist, 16″ across the hips, 7.25″ rise, 26″ inseam.
Material: 98% cotton, 2% elastane, slightly on the thinner side.

I love ASOS because of easy returns, but I get a lot of questions about this service. Be sure to keep track of the return deadline. Open the plastic mailer bag carefully, and then re-use it to ship back the item with the included return sticker label. Keep all of the original packaging and be wary of makeup stains when trying on the garments. ASOS will reject returns that aren’t in their original condition, but I haven’t had any trouble with that yet.

If you are taller than me, ASOS has similar but longer jeans in a gorgeous fiery red and electric blue. See similar-colored bottoms rocked by fellow petite gals: red on Ping and Cher, and electric blue on Wendy and Tiffany.

ASOS Petite Jeans in Red, White, and Blue (free ship & returns):
Readers – For $27.58, would you keep or return these pink pants?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. This post was extremely helpful! Thank you! (I am short and in need of jeans lol)


    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  2. Vicky wrote:

    Jean! I'd be Sooooo mad at you if you return these pants! (*insert ugly mad face here*) LOVE it on you. OMG I have no idea what you and other ladies are talking about in terms of fit problems. You look HOT … sizzling… yeah.
    Your friend Vicky, on drug.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  3. April wrote:

    Jean those pants look amazing on you! Your bootay looks fantastic in them. Heheh sorry if that was too silly to say. Hehehe! I don't know much about Asos sizing but I currently a size 4 and sometimes a 6 at H&M.; I wouldn't know what size to order.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  4. I would honestly return both, but if you really really want to keep one, the skirt would be it! I'm sure you'll be getting a lot more wear out of the skirt. Like Jen (herwaisechoice) said, how often will you be wearing hot pink pants? : ) The back pockets look really far apart. As for the skirt, maybe hemming it a bit will look better. In the end, it's your choice! Can't wait to hear what you decide on!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  5. a rose wrote:

    Hahaha, love ittttttt! You look so chick, Jean! The first picture is my favorite. I am not a big fan for color pants/jeans but you pull it nicely. Pairing hotpants it with black V-neck T-shirt looks super chick, too (I saw that look on the street).

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  6. Annapurna wrote:

    I would definitely keep the pants over the skirt. The pants look great on you and won't be as high maintenance as the skirt. The skirt is a pale color. might have to be dry cleaned, and quite frankly does not flatter you as much as the pants. Midi is a hard length.

    I got three pairs of colored jeans from LOFT a few seasons ago…paid $9 each for them and $10 each to hem them and they have become weekend/travel staples. They don't fit perfectly (there's some waist sag and crotch bunching) but the are fun to wear and easy to maintain. Theyare a lot more versatile than they appear.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  7. Angie wrote:

    jean, i love these pictures in the morning! the truck driving past is perfect hahaha. also, if you want meatier thighs, please take mine. every pair on me always looks too tight consequently …

    they're cute and bright but i think too "fun" for work. if you can see yourself wearing these out a lot on the weekends, go for it. but i say return 🙂 i should check these out – been looking for bright skinnies to wear to class, making the most of this before my future wardrobe consisting of scrubs scrubs and more scrubs 🙁

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    the color is beautiful but there's fabric gathered up at the back of the knees and the front crotch. I can't say I'm a fan. It doesn't seem to fit well.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  9. KEEEEEEEP! They're awesome 🙂

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  10. Phuong Le wrote:

    so hot. The first & 2nd pics look like they're from a fashion magazine!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  11. @R.L. Sadly R.L. my dress did have makeup on it, so they were right. Since they proved me at fault, I'd consider ordering from them again.

    onto my review:

    I agree w/ping and RL; surprisingly, the fit on you doesn't bother me. return only if it bothers YOU. I prefer these hot pants over the skirt. I know midi skirt is the trend right now, but I still prefer knee length more.

    Nick-it's early morning and you're awake enough to take these gorgeous pics?! bravo my man. the first shot is incredible.

    loving the au naturale bump.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  12. Mary Ann wrote:

    Normally, I'm not much of a colored denim person (for myself, at least), but I really like this on you!! Totally keep them.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  13. Andi wrote:

    I like the pants! But I do also like the skirt. You make both look great! In fact, I kinda want a pair of the denim now too! I have a question about the pants though — some denim is a little on the thinner side — is this a very thick denim or a lighter weight?

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  14. Lauren wrote:

    Keep! I am obsessed with the idea of bright jeans as an easy way to glam up a simple outfit. I think I've just been convinced to buy the royal blue ones…

    They look adorable on you, and for that price, I'd say they're a keeper.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  15. kileen wrote:

    wow, these are gorgeous pictures!! are you using an action to get the vintage-y effect? i'm really loving it!

    also, these pants fit perfectly (the crotch bunching is really minor, imho). i'm impressed that even the length is so perfect! you styled it perfectly with this blouse. if i had to pick, i would say to keep the skirt because i know i wear skirts more, but honestly keep both skirt and pants if you can!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  16. Ping wrote:

    jean– the first pic is so cool! i love it.
    i definitely love these pants on you and the fit doesnt bother me. my red pants do that in the crotch too and when i sit, i feel like the material kinda get bunchy in that area, does that occur with these. i definitely think you should keep these pants because the length is perfect and it fits your everywhere else. they are so fun! makes me wished i would have gotten the asos red pants instead of my UO because my UO are a tad long on me with the crotch bunching. lol

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  17. Claud wrote:

    Jean- Gorgeous pictures! You look stunning on those hotpants. Love the mix of colors here (clever)^^ However,the creasing by the crotch would bothers me a bit (coming from a jeanholic/hoarder). Oh I have been looking for the h&m; clutch and no luck finding it. I'm thinking my h&m; stores never got it 🙁 🙁 …sigh I really like it.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  18. Nelah wrote:

    I would keep them if the fit is not a major concern. I don't see you in something like these pants very often. It is fun, refreshing and chic. I want a pair in white myself.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  19. KEEEEEEEEEP! They're so cute (freaking hot, really) that you've inspired me to seek out some bright jeans!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  20. Wooow, I love your jeans! It's so pretty, I love the color! ♥

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  21. Stephie wrote:

    I love the pants on you! If it were me, I'd keep them. You paired them so nicely with the blouse and heels, I really want a pair of blue ones. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  22. R.L. wrote:

    I think the looseness in the rear is negligible, and the fit is otherwise great. If you do decide to shrink them, I think a shorter length would still look good. Had their been scrunching at the bottom due to longer length, I don't think it would have looked as good as it does with your yellow slingbacks. Who knew pink and yellow would look so good together?

    If you are contemplating between the tea length skirt vs. these pants, my vote goes for keeping the pants! You look great in both but I love the chic look of skinny jeans over the more dreamy look of the skirt. Plus, the pants are more versatile as you can wear them with flats or even boots. I think the tea length skirt can only be worn with heels. Pink is not my color, but I'm eying the red and bright blue which reminds me of Wendy's.

    To anyone wondering about ASOS rejecting returns:
    They once rejected 2 dresses I returned giving the general reason of "makeup, deodorant, and/or perfume". I don't wear makeup or perfume so it may have been deodorant. They did re-ship the 2 dresses back to me for free. And I honestly could not find any stains or smell on them. I did purchase another dress in another order and was successfully able to return that one. Maybe Aubrey can comment as well, I think a similar thing happened to her?

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  23. cinnyangel wrote:

    I actually prefer the skirt than the pants. The skirt really makes you look taller, the pants… not so much. Or maybe keeping both, as they are so different? 😉

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  24. Kiki wrote:

    Loving the outfit and LOVING the urban shots! 🙂 Kiki

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  25. siwing wrote:

    love when you take outdoor photos! i know you use a DSLR, but what settings do you use when taking your outdoor photos? thanks!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  26. Oh those pants are just FANTASTIC on you. I think I just repeated myself because I have a weird feeling I already mentioned that before, haha.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh, please keep the skirt! I like these pants, but I actually thought the opposite of you — that you could wear the skirt more than the jeans. But I have always been bad about buying bright colors because I always think they will get less use, a bias that may not be true.

    But I just loved the skirt on you! I actually ordered one after I saw your post.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  28. Melanie wrote:

    Do you think you will ever do a post showing your closet? With all of your amazing purchases the O.C.D side of me really wants to see how you keep everything organized.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  29. Melanie wrote:

    These make your legs look incredibly long! Love the look.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:


    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  31. Gigi wrote:


    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  32. Definitely keep the pink pants….love them!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  33. Katie G wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    What is the average shelf life of your clothes? I see that you are constantly purchasing new items and I assume that your closet must have some sort of a limit. Do you usually get rid of clothes as you buy them or do you have some sort of system?

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  34. Chase wrote:

    Totally keep! They're adorable!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  35. FP wrote:

    I've actually being following your blog for a while and thought finally its time to comment:)

    Jeans look gorgeous… Thumbs up to returning the midi skirt and keeping these… Somehow I wasn't a fan of that midi skirt on you…

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  36. Nora wrote:

    Keep! You look stunning. They are a versatile item that can be dressed up or down and even though they bunch it looks deliberate.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  37. a.b. wrote:

    I like both the midi skirt and the bright denim–but I don't love either. The fit of the denim is a little saggy-and you can hopefully find colored denim that's better fitting somewhere else. Have you tried Anthropologie? I vote return both and buy items that you absolutely love and will wear on more than a few occasions. 🙂

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  38. Love this look! The color of your jeans, your blouse everything is perfect!

    xx Olga

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  39. SugarNikita wrote:

    Do you know what the actual inseam length is? (I love the color, btw.)

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  40. tinymum wrote:

    I love both pants and top together! A definite keeper, you look great in it, promise!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  41. hot indeed XD its so great they they fit perfectly at the ankle! that pretty much has to be a miracle for us short folks lol i love ASOS's return policy. allll online stores should be like them!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  42. I totally understand your concern about the fit. But I have a sneaky suspicion that these jeans will shrink after one wash. I really like them on you! The color is perfect and I can imagine you pairing it with a white or black blazer. Onto other news… thanks for flashing your watch in your recent posts… I want one too now =( <- that's the face that my wallet is making LOL! I'm totally not a watch girl and you just made me think about buying one!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  43. Nina wrote:

    you look great!! makes me want to get some colored denim.

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  44. Thu wrote:

    You did really well with those pants! I'm still scared of hot pink articles as eye-catching as pants, but I almost considered these! Lol. The blue ones do look nice, didn't realize they still have these pants in stock? I was smiling when you said you needed meatier thighs! I would trade with you any day!:) Long after college, I'm still "skinny" but with very meaty thighs and wider hips, with a narrow waist.O_o I don't enjoy these proportions at 5'1.5"…

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  45. Hum….well I love the pink color- obviously since I love anything pink…I do love how you styled it but not loving the fit- baggy under the rear.

    Can u shrink it?

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  46. Jean – They look great on you! Definitely a keeper. However, I do understand your concerns about the loose waist gap. I'm very particular when it comes to the fit of denim.

    Does ASOS generally run smaller in size? I'm about a size or two bigger than you (i.e. Ann Taylor 0P/2P), and I'm trying to decide what size to purchase.


    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  47. Jen wrote:

    Although I absolutely love the color and how you paired it, the below-butt bunching bothers me a bit. My spider sense tells me that this pair will stretch out quickly after 2 wears and the saggy butt syndrome will get worse since it doesn't fit snugly now. Colored jeans are such a statement piece that I feel like it would be best to lean toward a pair that fits perfectly.

    But ooh, that moving semi shot! So nice!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  48. Michelle wrote:

    Jean!! (and Nick!) That first picture is so cool!!!

    This look is one of my favorites on you! I definitely vote pink pants over the skirt!! I am usually opposed to pockets that are set too wide, but these do not look bad. I think it helps that the pockets are of slightly smaller size.

    So sad that your top is an old one! I was ready to search for it! :p

    Ok…I am officially adding colored pants to my list of "urgent" wants! No such thing, but basically it is at the top of my list!! :p

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  49. Jess ♡ wrote:

    I love these hot pants! They look phenomenal on you, and you styled it fantastically. Those Talbots sandals are the perfect splash of colour!

    For me, I would keep the skirt over these pants, the pants are definitely a memorable piece as they are a bright colour, but as Jen stated, how often can you wear hot pink pants? They do fit quite well though, minimal alterations, if any.

    Can't wait to see what you end up deciding :)!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply
  50. Jen wrote:

    I absolutely love how you styled this look… very hot! The yellow sandals are a great extra punch of colour and the other neutrals keep it subtle. The first photo is lovely!

    As for keep or return, I think I would gauge just how much I would wear them. They are a good deal, but how many times will one wear pink pants before getting tired of them? That's just my new super practical shopping mentality though!

    Hope you're having a great week Jean!

    Posted 8.3.11 Reply

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