Talbots Sale Shoes Review


Before shoe talk, two things to share:

1. I wrote about my favorite places to find petitewear on refinery29. I thought about this list carefully, and in the end crossed off BR and J.Crew Petites. BR has just been so drab lately, and J.Crew…beautiful items, but online only (with high free ship minimums) and terrible vanity sizing!

2. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Katherine of FeatherFactor. Thank you, Katherine!


During Talbot’s secret shoe sale, I started with three pairs but was guilty of adding more. These are all still on sale, but not the flat rate of $29.99. Code JULY gives free ship at any price.  

Preface: I thought all the shoes were fantastic quality. Leather upper, leather soles, reinforced heels. I usually waver between sz 5-5.5, and ordered sz 5 in everything except the yellow pair b/c 5 was sold out.

1. Yellow Chunky Heel Sandals – worn here. Gorgeous suede with lightweight chunky wood heel. Since the slingback is elastic with no adjustable holes, I suggest sizing down if you’re between sizes. 
Runs: TTS (true to size)
Verdict: Keep.

2. D’Orsay Leather Flats (still $29!) – The fit on these seem to be inconsistent. Of all the shoes I got, these felt the loosest. Not slip-off-my-foot loose, but not snug, and I think leather flats need to be snug. However, I adore the design. the leather is buttery soft, the bow is sweet, and there’s ample toe cleavage.
Runs: tad large, sz 5 is loose
Verdict: Keep. Returned – too big.

3. Metallic Gem T-Strap Sandals in Champagne – Love these! I had a tough time wavering between these and the turquoise leather sandals. I commute to work in T-strap flat sandals (rubber flip flops ruin an outfit!) then change into heels at work. I’ve worn my Target ones to the ground, so these are a welcome replacement. The neutral shade is so versatile.
Runs: Small to TTS. Even at the loosest ankle hole, the straps of sz 5 are snug.
Verdict: Keep. 
4. Patent Peep-Toe Pumps in Cameo Rose I’m not used to chunky soles, but this shoe is surprisingly flattering on me and the color really elongates my legs. I love the Cameo Rose … it’s like a pinky nude. The structure of the shoe is sturdy and is a little stiff at first. 
Runs: TTS, sz 5 fits me snugly
Verdict: Leaning towards keep.

5. Croc Embossed Peep-Toe Pumps – These are the same exact style as the above, but the chalky color is unflattering against my skin tone. The color also emphasizes the chunkiness of the heel against my short calves.
Runs: TTS, sz 5 fits me snugly
Verdict: Return.

For more Talbots sale shoe reviews, see SewPetiteGal, Jane and Gigi’s posts.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

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  3. janice NY wrote:

    Thanks for posting about these Jean – my t-straps came (same as yours), I sized on the smaller size of my normal range and they are perfect! Wear them everyday to work =))

    Posted 7.30.11 Reply
  4. Trang wrote:

    Oh! I was super sad that they ran out of colors for shoes in size 5!

    Posted 7.28.11 Reply
  5. Trang wrote:

    I purchased the Ankle-strap leather platforms in size 5, but they're still a bit too big on me 🙁 Overall, I'm really glad I jumped up on this deal! I haven't worn them out yet. They seem very soft and comfortable so hopefully it won't hurt. I also got the metallic chain-trim thong for my mom in size 6, the fit is good for her, but it's kind of loose on the straps.

    Posted 7.28.11 Reply
  6. Vanessa wrote:

    Jean-I finally got to see my Talbots order (the Patent Leather Buckle Pumps in Cameo Rose) and they are beautiful. I wear a size 6-6.5 and I think my foot is average in terms of width. I ordered them in a 6, so they probably run a little small, but they fit my foot perfectly.

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  7. @MoneyMaus You have such tiny feet … I hate to say it but what about the kids department, such as the adult designer brands that also make children sizes? I get some T-straps at Target but the smallest in womens is a 5.5, I wonder how their kids t-strap sandals are!

    @Ella Pretty Blog Thank you SO much for sharing, Ella! I just visited your blog and feel very honored.

    @Anonymous A shoe success story! Nice : )

    @Mariza Hi Mariza, I returned my pair successfully today. THey became final sale the day after we ordered, I believe, but we can return them because they weren't final sale at the time of purchase.

    @Isabella Thanks, Isabella! That's a good question…in my opinion, I think there definitely is a difference between taking inspiration and doing your own rendition of something, versus going out of one's way to copy exactly.

    @Jenniffer Hi Jenniffer! I would recommend sizing half a size down based on my personal experience, but please please don't hold me accountable if they don't fit : / For me, I got 5's in almost all my shoes and they were all snug, except for the d'orsay flats. THey are just a little loose, but not loose enough that I'm returning. Several other readers mentioned the almond color ran a little bit big, but one reader said the black was too tight. Also, several ppl mentioned too much of the foot was showing (as you can see in my pic, there's definitely toe cleavage which I like, but not everyone likes). Hope that helps a little! And oh, these are IN stores as well if you can find your size in-stock… I just saw them at my local store which is having an additional 50% off all sale items.

    Posted 7.23.11 Reply
  8. Isabella wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE the d'orsay flats! Adorable! I thought people were joking/being mean when they said another petite blogger (wont mention names) was copying your style… but you two have now bought the same shoes from this sale and those yellow cole haan one's you found well before she did… made me wonder, is there a difference btwn inspiration and having the same exact style? can two people naturally have the same exact style (ie if you didn't blog, would said person still have very similar outfits?)

    Posted 7.23.11 Reply
  9. JC Rineer wrote:

    SHOES!! O___O

    I love the pinkish ones.

    Posted 7.23.11 Reply
  10. Jenniffer wrote:


    Regarding the D'Orsay flats, would you recommend sizing down? I'm more or less a true 6.5, but depending on the brand, I do size down to a 6. This is the only reason why I'm hesitant to purchase, because this would be my first time ordering anything Talbots. I'm also not a huge fan of insoles (ie, Aldo).

    Thanks! And I love your blog, even though I'm nowhere near petite =]

    Posted 7.23.11 Reply
  11. Mariza wrote:

    I got my shoes today! I love the bow heels but the other ones were too big for me. I hope they let me return them. When I purchased they were not final sale but when I checked today they were!

    Posted 7.22.11 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    I ordered my sandals with the code provided. Thanks for the cool code btw.

    I love my sandals, wore it to work today. Very comfortable and it FITS!! 🙂


    Posted 7.22.11 Reply
  13. I've been a reader of your blog for a while now – and I just posted about you on my blog

    (I don't want to spam with a link – but you can click through to it via my profile if interested).

    I love your 2 videos on buying Chanel bags – can't wait for the 3rd installment!

    Posted 7.22.11 Reply
  14. MoneyMaus wrote:

    After reading your post on my lunch break, I realized that I don't own any t-strap sandals. And I'm now ashamed to admit that I walk to work in my basic flip flops or ballet flats!

    Time to do some sandal shopping…any other cheap t-straps you'd recommend? 🙂

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  15. Great features Jean!! I am guilty of ordering several pairs- 3 came a few days ago and several on the way still…hehehe

    I got lucky and got a super cute golden yellow strappy sandal in sz 5 but really wanted the suede ones but they were out of sz 5's:( I also got the bow flats which are way too big (return), the rose peep toes, bow nude pumps and rose slingbacks are on route!

    My peep toes don't fit snug- still slips when I walk and my toes do not go all the way to the edge like yours so not sure if if I'm keeping……but for that price- gosh it's hard not to!!!

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  16. Jane wrote:

    PAG – Thanks for the shout out! We're big fans of Extra Petite! 😀

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  17. @SR You'd hate Tory Burch Revas, lol! The breakin period is especially painfully, I don't know why I put up with that. It's too bad about the bow flats! I must be one of the rare ones that love toe cleavage.

    @Anonymous In the post I shared my personal thoughts on TTS (true to size) versus runs big or small. For the flats, size down (unless you have wide feet) if you're between half sizes because many of us found them to be a little loose. I got those in sz 5.

    @Petite-ish H&M; is one of my favorite places EVER but everyone around the world knows of H&M; : ) Also I figured not all the audience of that article was "tiny" so I tried to think of brands that carried specifically for short versus just a tiny size 2. Good luck studying and staying cool!

    @Anonymous I think you should sign up for a month or two, to see how you like it! It bills you $10 each month, but you can cancel at any time (just make sure you don't sign up for a one year plan or something by accident). I plan on getting it for a few more months before canceling. Overall, I think it's a waste of money unless you discover something you really like, OR you just like to try new things every month. Otherwise, you're probably better off putting that $10 a month towards a specific product that you want to buy. I'm going to keep my membership for another month or too just for fun, even though I acknowledge that it's kind of a waste of $ paying for beauty samples : )

    @Anonymous That's too bad! It's the risk that comes with ordering shoes online, I guess. I'd much rather shop for shoes in stores, but of course they don't carry certain sizes, plus the discounts online this time were better. Any keepers at all out of the 5?

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  18. @throughkseyes Gosh, so much inconsistency with the D'orasay flats! I got a size 5, and hope they don't slowly stretch out and end up fallin off my feet. I'm sorry to hear none of the items work out! Talbots has wide widths in several of these shoes, but it's unfortunate they only start at sz 6 and up.

    @cynthia There is a very thin cushion pad in these shoes. Not very much, though!

    @jeweliette I am bummed that these flats run big…sigh. The gladiator sandals in "fumo" look simple and chic! I wish the wedge version wasn't gone in small sizes…love those.

    @Anonymous Hahah I knew what you meant about the age 7 : )

    @Ping I wore them to work yesterday…such bad bunching in the crotch! It's ok you missed the yellow sandals, you made up for it at the Nordies sale lol!

    @Vanessa Let me know how they work out! Sounds like some found these to be too narrow…so cross my fingers they work for you.

    @Anonymous Darn, I think Talbots caught on that too many women were using that code for clearance items and pulled it : /

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  19. Vicky wrote:

    I love everything you reviewed here, Jean. The Cameo Rose pumps do look surprisingly attractive on you. I looked at the website and was not impressed by the picture shown.
    So excited for the Feather Factor Interview! I love reading all her interviews.
    Stay cool…

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  20. Anonymous wrote:

    i got my delivery from talbots today. Im usually a size 6.5 but i ordered size 7 for all of my 5 pairs of shoes+sandals. i got 2 sandals but they were too small on me! surprisingly, the flats were loose on me. so be careful on their sizing!

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    hey jean! hope u'll do the birchbox blog entry =) im still confused on whether to subscribe to them or not

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  22. Petite-ish wrote:

    Loved your refinery29 feature, especially the bits about shipping and store offerings (maybe jcrew will get the hint), but I was surprised you picked topshop over h&m;! To answer your earlier question, unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to do much shopping lately (studying for the boards 🙁 ) but I have been living vicariously through you all 🙂

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  23. Vanessa wrote:

    And the J Crew…I hate that their sale items are final. They had a cute t-shirt dress on sale and it comes in XXS, but I was loathe to spend that much given the final sale condition and how unsure I am of their sizing.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    How do Talbots shoes fit? Would you say they're true to size? What size did you buy the flats in? I know you range from 5 to 5.5 but I'm practically always a 5.5. I don't know what to get!

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  25. SR wrote:

    Also, apologies, ladies! They probably shut down that code because of me. It didn't work initially so I called to have it applied, and they told me that the code is tied to a particular client and is not supposed to be used universally.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  26. SR wrote:

    I ordered the Dorsey leather bow flats in sizes 8 and 8-1/2. Dang it, they both have to go back. I've been hunting desperately for black flats all summer, and I thought these would work. I'm disappointed by the ample toe cleavage; it looks crazy to me, lol! I'm 5'2" but wear an 8 (I don't know how that happened either!), so maybe my boats are too big for "cleavage." I also find that the shoe dug into the side of my foot, and I'm not having that. Shoes need to be comfortable from the start. I don't have the patience for break-in periods.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    What a GREAT sale! I'm sad I didn't see your original post earlier, but I'm happy I've discovered Talbots through you now 🙂

    I just tried the coupon code you mentioned above (023087249), but it didn't work. Is it supposed to still be active?

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  28. Vanessa wrote:

    Now that I saw your review, I'm very excited to see my order–I got the patent peep toe pumps but with the buckle, and I also ordered the Cameo Rose. I debated for quite awhile between that and the putty color, but I thought it might be too chalky and the rose looked so pretty.

    Seeing the flats you bought makes me want a pair of those too! The D'Orsay flats are adorable.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  29. sitting here and very jealous.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  30. Katherine wrote:

    Thank you for the shoutout! I loved interviewing you 🙂

    I missed this sale 🙁 But you looked amazing in the Refinery feature and I loved your tips…thank you again Jean!

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  31. Ping wrote:

    aubrey showed me that feature yesterday or the day before…was it through twitter 😛
    my favorite was the casual outfit with the gap jeans and sweater. i also like those khaki pants you wore (AT?)….you should wear it in another post!
    love those yellow slingbacks for the summer! sad i didn't jump on them.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi! Jean,
    It's hit or miss with Talbots. Overall, their jackets cut too generous and not petite friendly. So are their letter sizing sweaters and blouse. I found their OP shirts fit me alright but if you girls are looking for figure conform fit, then Talbots may not be your ideal brand. Surprisingly, I found their OP classic fit in crops are petite friendly, only when you don't have pancake behind. Look for 13 1/2" leg opening, anything over will cut big ??
    I mean my feet stop growing at age 7. Not size 7.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  33. jeweliette wrote:

    Hey Jean, I indulged in 3 pairs after your initial post on the sale. I got the same almond d'orsay flats but unfortunately they were too big for me. I'm not like a true size 5 for closed toe shoes. I'm only keeping the gladiator sandals in fumo, they're a beautiful smoky silver color so I recommend those if you don't have a similar flat sandal in your summer collection.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  34. cynthia wrote:

    Cute shoes! I'm totally a flats girl so I'm really liking those 2 pairs. Curious … Is there cushion in the sandal?

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  35. Hmm, what size did you get in the D'Orsay leather flats? I bought the exact same shoe (even the same color) in size 5 and felt like my instep was losing circulation after just a few minutes. It was also a pretty snug fit length-wise. I'm a true size 5 in length with wider toes, but I've never worn a wide shoe (my instep isn't wide/tall). So I would have said that the D'Orsay flats run a bit small/narrow…

    I also ordered two pairs of strappy sandals, which fit snugly and definitely on the narrow side as well, albeit not painfully narrow. Ended up returning all, but I agree with you 100% on the excellent quality.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  36. I absolutely adore my yellow sandals. Thanks to you and Gigi! My sister loves hers too.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  37. Tara wrote:

    My favorites are the yellow shoes and the rose colored ones! What a great deal you got 🙂

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  38. @Anonymous Hi there, I apologize but I'm not familiar with how their different widths fit. In stores they only carried normal width, but I did see these shoes come in narrow, normal, and wide online (tho narrow and wide only start at sz 6). Sorry I can't be of much help!

    @SewPetiteGal THanks SPG, I think it's Essie's "clam bake" but am not certain : )

    @Anonymous That's great that you found crops that fit right off the rack from Talbots. I ordered a jacket in 0P and it was very generously cut. Can you share what size you wear typically in pants for reference for these pants?

    @Anonymous Aw, thank you! If you don't follow Gigi's gone shopping, she keeps me up to date on these sales : )

    @Michelle Haha oh Michelle…I agree about our blogging/shopping journey this year. And I'm often hunched over at home as well. My dad used to call me the hunchback of Notre Dame to really drive the point home before I started to pay attention and sit up.

    @Karina Gorgeous picks! Glad the bow flats weren't too big for you. Having husband's approval is certainly a plus : )

    @Anonymous THey changed some of these items to final sale after I ordered, so if it says final sale them I'm pretty sure they can't be returned. Bummer about the code not working! Last time it worked for some but not for all : / I think the pump fits true to size. I normally waver between 5 and 5.5 (mostly 5's, if available), got the 5's and they are snug. I also think the yellow suedes run true to size. I had to order half size up because my size was sold out, and they fit, but would be a better fit if I ordered true to size.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  39. Anonymous wrote:

    I still using the code, but it doesn't work? I also have wide feet but I think I can wear the medium cameo rose pump.

    I wear a 6 normally. Is the pump true to its size? What about the strap yellow one?

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  40. Anonymous wrote:

    Are you still able to return "final sale" items? Because all the shoes say final sale.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  41. Michelle wrote:

    I enjoyed reading your stint on refinery29 and your interview! Great advice! I was hunched over while reading them. :p I do not hunch in public, though! 🙂

    I think we have had similar journeys and discoveries this past year…trying to wear more accessories and being more mindful of our sale purchases!

    So glad most of the shoes worked out for you! I am loving the lovely bow flats the most!!

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  42. Anonymous wrote:

    PAG – you are definitely one of my absolute favorite bloggers! didn't take advantage of the talbots sale but will definitely keep them on my radar in the future.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  43. Anonymous wrote:

    No shoes for me ! I am 5' tall but my feet decided to stop growing at 7. Drooling on your suede chunky heel, guess I have to live vicariously through your feet. : ( Have you try violet/purple/blue tone nail polish ? It will be an interesting contrast to the yellow.

    Talbots' Signature Fit Garment-dyed Twill crop runs small. Made with stretchy light weight twill, ideal for summer and very comfortable to wear. OP fit me snugly, sit below waist with a higher back. NO waist gap. Highly recommend.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  44. Love both features!! Your blog was definitely pivotal in my decision to start blogging – I remember one night looking through all your posts and just being inspired 🙂

    Great picks on the shoes! My favorites are the suede sandals and the patent peep toes. By the way, what kind of nail polish are you wearing? Totally digging the bright color!

    And thank you for linking my post 🙂

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  45. R.L. wrote:

    Shoe haul! I got the same t-strap sandals as you. Good choice on these, I think the other sandals you considered have a little too much jewels. I initially planned on returning but your positive review has me reconsidering 😉

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  46. Olyvia wrote:

    I picked up the pointy toe pumps in cameo rose during the sale and I adore the color as well! I am impressed that it works better as nude pumps on me than other actual nude pumps I've tried. I'm so happy you introduced the wonderful world of Talbots shoes….since these are the best quality of heels I've ever purchased and for a deal! Love them! And definitely will go to them for future purchases.

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  47. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean! I love the Cameo Rose patent peep toes. Not sure if shoe width is ever an issue for you, but I would say I have wide feet. However I know sometimes with wide open peep toes like these shoes, my feet will slip too far forward. Any advice on how the widths medium and wide fit? Thanks!

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  48. i'm always so sad that jcrew doesn't have petites in stores!! i would definitely shop there more often if the clothes fit better.

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  49. kileen wrote:

    congrats on the features! i was actually thinking about why BR wasn't on the list of shops but i do agree that their options have been a little drab lately. i really love your shoe buys and i can't wait to see how you style everything!

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply

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