H&M Finds under $18 – Floral Tunic & Crossbody Bag


H&M; Divided tunic dress w/ tie belt, sz 4, $14.95 (Item # 058904)
H&M; Divided cross body bag, $17.95 (Item # 568146)

I know this outfit is eerily similar to my last one, but I wanted to show these affordable finds while they’re still in stores. While at H&M; last week, my eyes were drawn to this vibrant print with yellow, purple, and brown. The pattern is summery, however the colors are perfect for transitioning into Fall (yes, I’m eagerly anticipating Fall dressing). There’s also a mini skirt and a maxi dress available in the same exact print.

This tunic is generously cut, but shapes up once the belt is tied (petites will have to wear the belt higher up than where the string loops are). A sz 4 was all that was left at my local store. It’s big on me and I’m wearing an undertank to prevent peeksies. I’ll be sure to slim the sides once I have access to a sewing machine.

Layering with my Target chambray top (similar here in Petite sizing)


Here are the true colors of the dress and bag (love it as a clutch!), under natural light:

I promise these Suede Chunky Heel Sandals mark the end of my yellow fever (as reader “a rose” so aptly put it). I need more yellow shoes like I need a hole in my head, but the combo of suede and wood is unexpected, and the quality is fantastic. The color is more muted and mustard-y than in this pic. Only sz 5.5 was left, but they actually fit (all the other pairs I’m keeping are sz 5). Update: Due to the elastic heel backing, you really need your true size on these, or size down if you’re between sizes. I thought these fit great despite being half size up from what I normally order, but the heel strap slips a little. So sad! I’ll review more Talbots shoes later. Readers – please share how your orders worked out if you shopped the secret shoe sale as well!

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  1. Trang wrote:

    Jean, you look amazing in these pictures!

    Posted 7.28.11 Reply
  2. great pictures !

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  3. faye lu wrote:

    love the beautiful pic of you on the piano. magical.

    Posted 7.23.11 Reply
  4. Chanel wrote:

    I love how summer-y this outfit is.
    Gorgeous look.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  5. gigiofca wrote:

    My irl Talbots shoe pics are in this post.

    Posted 7.21.11 Reply
  6. gigiofca wrote:

    Oooh, the Talbots shoes look so great on you. I love them w/your dress. I shopped the sale & so glad I did. The deals were incredible.

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  7. kileen wrote:

    what a gorgeous look and good call layering a tank underneath the tunic. those yellow sandals are also super cute. great talbots buy!

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  8. R.L. wrote:

    Love it when you feature your chambray shirt! Do you ever wear it to work? The shade of yellow on the sandals is so pretty. Do you prefer them over your Cole Haan sling backs?

    Got my bow flats and t-strap sandals today. Bow flats ran large for my 4.5/5 feet like you said, and I wasn't too crazy about the sandals either. Talbots has really good quality shoes though. Definitely going to stalk their selection from now on.

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  9. @Jen Mine definitely ran big as well…I wonder why the black fit differently than the other color? I hate size inconsistency!

    @J Haha no no .. I live in a tiny apartment…this was our friends' house where we went for a potluck : )

    @Michelle I can barely play anymore sadly…can only pound out a few chords of Canon in D and some Chinese love songs lol!

    @Anonymous Thank you! I'm working hard on compiling information for the post : )

    @kimberly I get lots of toe cleavage with the bow flats, so I knew some other ladies weren't gonna be happy with that hehe. Glad to know one pair worked out!

    @Kady Happy to hear! I'm bummed though that their flat leather shoes in general run bigger…same with my order.

    @Anonymous Thank you – I tied it at the front bottom, and then tucked the two loose ends underneath.

    @Sunshine Interesting! I thought the yellow shoes were kind of wide…I noticed they also came in different widths. Did you order regular width?

    @thaoy Yikes, were they that huge?

    @Anonymous Thank you! I'll be sure to pass along your compliment to my boyfriend the photographer!

    @Anonymous Welcome! If you go to my sidebar towards the bottom, you will see a dropdown menu called "petite friendly brands." If you browse that you will see all the places where I find clothes that run small. The usuals are H&M; (sz 2 is tiny), LOFT, Ann Taylor (still requires alterations at times though), ASOS petite, Topshop petite…

    @jen Thanks for sharing..I saw but am waiting for a really good one like 40% off everything in stores : ) During LOFT's 40% off sale yesterday, practically nothing good was left in small sizes online!

    @Anonymous Hi there, did you try tucking it into a very fitted skirt? If the blouse is still too shapeless and poofs out when you tuck it in, I'd try hiding the poofiness from the back/sides with a cardigan or jacket over it. I'd also wear it tucked into slack pants, with a skinny belt. You can also wear it untucked, over skinny jeans or skinny black bottoms. If you must return it…I would use USPS first class in a light envelope, versus pay their return shipping rate!

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:


    I love your blog and am an ardent follower. Can you please review how to style the new ann taylor lyrical forms print top (http://www.anntaylor.com/ann/product/AT-Petites/AT-Petite-Blouses-%26-Tops/Petite-Lyrical-Forms-Print-Top/266964?colorExplode=false&skuId;=90109157&catid;=cata000026&productPageType;=fullPriceProducts&defaultColor;=6600)?
    I purchased it but when it arrived I realized it has no shape – unlike the picture =(. But my closest AT is 2 hours away and I did not want to pay for return shipping! So I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to style this top – Thanks!

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  11. jen wrote:

    in case anyone wanted to shop today, Loft and Ann Taylor are both having sales on all (i believe) of their full priced items! checking the websites it seems to be both in-store and online. =)

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    Recently discovered this blog and really enjoying it. I'm barely 5' tall with a small frame and always have trouble finding clothes that fit well. Forever 21 tends to have a selection of clothes that are cut smaller, but the quality is often compromised. I was wondering where you usually shop to find clothes that you are not swimming in? 🙂 Thanks!

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  13. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that print on you! 🙂

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    I think I not only visit your blog to find cute and age-appopriate outfits, but also to look at your beautiful photos. You photograph so well and I'd like to show my appreciation for the photography. 😀

    I wish I had as much love for shopping as you obviously do. Also, thank you for the reviews of affordable finds like these for your not-so-wealthy readers. ~ KN

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  15. thaoy wrote:

    I ordered the (bow) peep-toe platforms and I was greatly disappointed as my feet did not fit either a sz5 or sz5.5. I felt like a little girl trying on my mother's heels hahaha.

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  16. Ai wrote:

    Wow such gorgeous colors. I love that print!!! The bag looks pretty good quality too. I had to go back and read that it was from H&M;.

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  17. Rinny wrote:

    The dress looks great on you! I love it even more paired with the chambray shirt. H&M; has really great affordable accessories – the brown clutch is cute!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  18. Sunshine wrote:

    i was really looking forward to wearing these yellow shoes as they're my fav out of the bunch but they don't fit well 🙁 length in size 5 is ok but width is narrow and it doesn't stretch. so sad :'(

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    The dress is so cute with the shirt over. How do you have it tied or folded up in the front?!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  20. I want to check out the maxi version of your dress! Thanks for the tip.

    I got those shoes too and love them! The color is oh so pretty! I'm planning on reviewing those + the other 8 pairs I purchased later this week 🙂

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  21. i love those shoes! LOL at "yellow fever" i love that picture of you at the piano =]your hair looks super pretty there

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    love the bag! what a great find 😀

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  23. Thanks for the sale tip! I got the croc-embossed wedges and love them–just got them in the mail today and I'm wearing them while I type. ;D

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    love the pics, especially the one w/ the piano. you look beautiful as always. i really like the chunky heels, i should've gotten it when talbots had their sale. 🙁

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  25. Vicky wrote:

    The print of the dress is so pretty! Great find, Jean. The Talbot shoes are so nice! Feeling so bad that I missed it! 🙁

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  26. Wendy wrote:

    what great finds! its too bad H&M; doesn't have an online shop.

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  27. Risa wrote:

    Gorgeous! I LOVE H&M…; sadly we don't have one here in Hawaii 🙁 and they don't have an online store to buy from 🙁

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  28. Kady wrote:

    I used your Talbot secret sale tip off as well. Got the bowed slingback platforms in pink and the leather ballet flats in plum. The platforms were TTS but the ballet flats are a teeny bit big (probably not big enough tho to trade down size). Love them and am keeping both.

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  29. kimberly wrote:

    Hi Jean! I just got my Talbots shoe order in the mail today and I just wanted to thank you for your post! i love the bow heels but I'm going to take back the bow flats… my feet are too exposed for my liking! Awesome awesome deal on these!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean!! I'm a mom of 4 kids and I think you're absoluately adorable and I love reading your blog! I'm anxiously awaiting to see your next post on Chanel. Please do so soon!! 😉

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  31. Nelah wrote:

    The first thing that came across my mind when I saw that dress was it would be a great piece for Fall as well. I like the crossbody bag, it is very cute on you.

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  32. newpetite wrote:

    Love that dress! Sadly it was not available here 🙁

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  33. love that chunky heel!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  34. Michelle wrote:

    Wow!! Great finds! Thanks for the heads up! I love pieces that can go from summer to fall! 🙂

    Your outfit makes me want summer to stay (and it will for months more here!), but I am also so excited about getting back to teaching so that I can dress up in my work clothes again! :p

    I love the piano picture! What are some of your favorite songs to play?

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  35. DSK Steph wrote:

    Beautiful photos! I think you should share more of your musical talent with everyone. 🙂

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  36. kvinh wrote:

    Love love the yellow prints and the slingbacks! I agree that piano shot of you is fabulous. So jealous at how voluminous your hair is!!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  37. J wrote:

    Jean! I love the dress! I'll definitely have to look for it on my next stop at H&M.; I actually love your yellow shoes, so keep them coming! Digging the new settings. Is this at your home??

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  38. Jane wrote:

    Looking pretty, as usual PAG! Your yellow heels are so cute! I almost grabbed those, but I'm cautious about purchasing shoes, and heels, especially, that have elastic in the strap around the ankle. For some reason, that always gets stretched out on my shoes, and then the backs of my shoes don't stay on. I picked up the pyramid studded flats, patent-leather pointy toe pump, and another pair of black leather flats, and I found them to be pretty nice. If your'e interested, check out my review.

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  39. I love that piano shot of you! Very editorial! As always, you look amazing!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  40. Anonymous wrote:

    I love the chambray top with the dress – it grounded the busy-ness of the print.

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  41. En Bouton wrote:

    That bag is a great find. I just got H&M;'s autumn catalogue and lots of things caught my eye… like you, I'm excited for the upcoming season!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  42. B.Inspired wrote:

    I just realized that I have nothing in my closet from talbots…so I have no idea how their items fit and I didn't shop the secret shoe sale. Hope everyone else found some great buys!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  43. I like the outfit layered with the Target top! Cute!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  44. *elvi* wrote:

    What a steal and this is definitely one of my favorite outfits I have seen from you! 🙂 I need that purse like now…haha 🙂

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  45. Jen wrote:

    I bought the D'Orsay leather flats in black and sweet almond and they were a HUGE disappointment 🙁 My normal size is 6.5, the black ones fit but caused my normal width foot to buldge out the sides, and the sweet almond ones were falling off my feet! They are super cute, so I am very sad. Needless to say, they will be going back to the store unless anyone wants to give them a whirl from me – jenniferbichvy {at} gmail {dot} com.

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  46. Tara wrote:

    That piano pic is awesome!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  47. I love the dress! I was at H&M; over the weekend and didn't find a thing! I don't usually have very good luck there – nothing in my size and it's just overwhelming, more overwhelming than Forever 21! Lol.

    And again, maaaaaajor hair envy over here. That shot of you at the piano is beautiful!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  48. The dress is so wonderful and it's perfect with the bag! ♥


    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  49. I love the print on this dress, Jean. It's so fresh and vibrant. I can't wait for my yellow shoes to arrive today. I know I am going to love them =)

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply
  50. Anna wrote:

    Such a gorgeous look. You wear summer ensembles so well!

    Posted 7.19.11 Reply

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