Target Nude Pumps Video Review (Versie and Pearce)

A few of you have been asking about my Target nude pump order so here is a quick review. In short, I love the Versie pumps and will be keeping those. The Pearce are a bit too round for my liking so they are going back. Target’s 20% off of $75 or more promo ends today (May 7th), and you use a $5 off $50 coupon, plus ebates for 3% cashback.

Wearing: Target Versie Pump sz 5.5 in Natural
ASOS Tailored Pencil Dress sz Petite 0 in “Red” (hemmed)
Amrita Singh Nello Necklace (mom11 for 50% off & free ship – ends 5/8)

Size 5.5 (their smallest size) is a little loose on me, as you can see in the photo. I think these run true to size, and I’m probably a sz 5 in shoes. I intend to add a little heel grip pad to close the gap.

Wearing: Target Pearce Pump in Camel

Video Review:

A general difference I’ve observed between pricier shoes and discount shoes (aside from the leather or material) is the cut. This is most evident in the “aerial” view below. The Louboutins are more narrowly cut, with a sleeker silhouette and toe box than the Versies, and the “U” of the toe box is lower/better placed (on me, it shows just a perfect little smidge of toe cleavage). Discount shoes usually feel wide and round, but some may find that to be more comfy. 

 From left to right: 
Funnily enough I am wearing the same outfit as in my previous “Quest for Nude Pumps” post, which ended in all returns. Looking back, none of those shoes were a true nude shade for my skin tone. I’m happy I waited for these affordable Versie Naturals – I bookmarked the page and refreshed every week until a 5.5 popped up again.

Readers – Do any of you own either shoe? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Cat wrote:

    I love the nude pumps! My favorites are the Louboutins (I'm biased). Love the shape.

    xoxo Cat.

    Posted 5.10.11 Reply
  2. CT wrote:

    I remember you had wanted the Corso Como Delicious pump with a platform. Have you tried the Palomar style? It has a hidden platform. =)

    Posted 5.10.11 Reply
  3. Mars wrote:

    arghhhh I tried to buy them online- Sold out =(

    Posted 5.10.11 Reply
  4. Charlie wrote:

    There is a pair on ebay (not my auction) by Oh deer in size 5.5. I thought of you when I saw them today. I hope we don't go into the whole red sole discussion here. =)

    Posted 5.9.11 Reply
  5. Mae Lu wrote:

    Wow, those really are your color. I think it's hard to find the right color of nude because nude usually is so beige or pink, but they don't often have the right color with enough of a yellow undertone for Asian skin.

    I'm much darker than you are, however, so I really don't care what color my nude pumps are, so long as they're neutral and skin colored….

    These look great on you. Very lengthening!

    Mae Lu @ ~thereafterish.!

    Posted 5.9.11 Reply
  6. Jackie wrote:

    Jean, thanks for the review! Really helpful for me since I've been wanting a pair of nude pumps in the WORST way but I'm tight on cash. I'll have to take a trip to Target very soon!

    Posted 5.9.11 Reply
  7. Ying wrote:

    YAY! Thank you for getting your review up! You do such informative and thorough reviews Jean! Great work – and thanks for walking across the screen in them, that was a great idea! Your commentary during the two shots was funny too.

    I was at my mom's yesterday and stopped in at her Target. I found the Pearce pump in camel on the shelf in a seven which is what I always wear but it felt a half size larger. I thought I'd like the Pearce over the Versie because of the wider footbed, but I felt it was too wide and the toe too round. To me, it looked awkward and too wide. I prefer a sleeker look.

    I also found the Versie pump but only in black and snakeskin. I loved it! It looked better in person that online. The heel height with the platform is perfect! I tried on the seven in the black and it felt a half size too large. Then I tried the seven in the snakeskin and it fit, but I could tell that if I wear it for the day and let it stretch, it'd be too big too. Weird because they were both a seven but both fit differently. Unfortunately, no 6 1/2 was in sight. The 6 1/2 and even 7 in the nude color is now out of stock online – I bet it was your review. 🙂 I'll have to wait to see if it comes back in stock. I didn't buy it last week because I actually already have several pairs of nude shoes and felt a little guilty for thinking about buying another. But I could definitely use these! 🙂

    Posted 5.9.11 Reply
  8. Melanie wrote:

    I own a similar pair of Nine West nude patent leather pumps, but they're not very comfortable and I scuffed them within 3 wears 🙁 I think I'll try one of these brands next. Thanks for the lovely review!

    Posted 5.9.11 Reply
  9. sephirias wrote:

    hi doll, your review on both shoes are great! i wanted to get the pearce in nude patent but it went OOS before you could say CUTE! there is a pearce in black leather. i have yet to break mine in. another difference, besides the heel height, of the two shoes is that the heel of the pearce seems a bit less stable than the versie. am i imagining things? lol. as mentioned in a previous post you made, i find the versie uncomfortable because of the arch. shame though, the colour and style give the more expensive shoes a run for their money. i just ordered some pearce in navy and red too. can't wait to receive them!

    Posted 5.9.11 Reply
  10. Michelle wrote:

    I loved watching your video!! It was so cute when you had your walk-across parts…especially the "No toe cleavage…what's up with that?" Lol!!

    Posted 5.8.11 Reply
  11. Cindy wrote:

    I bought the Pearce on Wednesday at the Foster City, CA Target for $22 in size 7. I didn't see the Versies. Only sizes left in Pearce were 8.5 and 10. I wore them to the Academy of Art, San Francisco Fashion Show on Thursday. We stood in line for 30 minutes waiting for the doors to open. Maybe it's my post baby (2 kiddos) or the fact that I wear heals once every 2 months but my feet were screaming. Don't get me wrong, I love them. They are too cute but I'll have to be very selective on when to wear them. Love your blog!

    Posted 5.8.11 Reply
  12. Ping wrote:

    jean– i love that dress! i wore it to my new office this week and the color definitely caught so many people's attn…in a good way. heehee!

    btw you are a bad influence. i'm at right now and at the checkout to purchase 2 pairs of sandals. i was going to get those nude pumps too, but too bad (i think) they are sold out in size 5.5.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  13. Elle wrote:

    Wow, thanks for this crazy nice review. I've always wanted to fine a nice comfortable pair but isn't too high. I'll definitely head to target and check out their pumps there. Inexpensive doesn't usually mean bad quality, thanks again!

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  14. Jess Jiang wrote:

    I LOVEEEEEEEE Beige Heels! I actually went and bought a few the other day at Aldo. they were on sale, not as cheap as the one you can get from Target for $20 b/c we dont have a target!!! Thanks for the post tho! =)

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  15. Rinny wrote:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Jean! I've been trying to find the perfect pair of nude pumps forever. I thought I had found the perfect pair from Steve Madden, but the vamp is cut way too low, resulting in too much toe cleavage. I'll try to see if I can find the Versies at my local Target – the vamp seems to be a bit higher cut 🙂

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  16. Anonymous wrote:

    thanks for the review!
    but i think on your video the lighting is way too bright, the color of the shoes didnt really show up

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  17. Rachael wrote:

    I love my Camel Peirce pumps that I got in stock my local Target. They are a great alternative for this stay-at-home-mama! Glad Tammy shared my find with you a while back! Love the blog =)

    Here is the camel link (out of stock online, but a more accurate picture):

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  18. MamaTamTam wrote:

    Very informative vlog! Sadly my Pearce pumps are going back because my feet are too wide. 🙁 My hunt for the elusive nude pumps continues…

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  19. I love the green and orange combo of your dress & necklace <3

    Thanks for that photo comparison at the end. I never realized how pink the Louboutins were in comparison with the Target ones! I agree that wooden heels cheapen the look of a good pump, but they look really cute on a summer strappy sandal!!

    My fave outta those is the Versie.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  20. @purses and puppies @pangstr yay for Versie! I've been looking for a shoe like it for a while.

    @Stacieee I just put a large toe bed insert and they feel much better. I hate the feeling of too large shoes, but thankfully half a size too big is fixable with an insert. I'm sorry to hear about the blemish! Wonder if they can be scratched/rubbed off.

    @Natasha xoxo Hi Natasha, it's the "Red" online but the photo is very inaccurate. It's more of a coral orange in-person.

    @Interests Carrie, thanks so much for your note and for saying hi. I don't have as much time to blog as I'd like, but I always take requests from readers in consideration. I like your idea and will add it to the list : ) I will say though that must-have pieces are completely situational per each woman's lifestyle, body type, and personal preferences. I don't have a list of 10…I usually wear my same few favorites (ie. Gap Legging Jeans in petite sizing, Theory cropped suit) over and over again and just switch up the blouse or something.

    @Audrey Wong I apologize for the confusion, but i couldn't find the Camel color online anymore so I noted that I'm linking to the Taupe. I personally don't love the wooden stacked heel on those as much as a covered heel, so I hope they'll restock the Camel shoes. And like Erica mentioned, it seems all of their patent shoes have a covered heel…ie. navy blue, red, gray.

    @Really Petite I've worn my CL's out in Boston to break-in the soles because I can't stand the concept of having something nice just to keep in pristine condition. I want expensive things to be functional and versatile, so I'm getting these soled with a red rubber sole under the front half soon (I saw Kelly had it done in an old blog post). My cobbler showed me 3 shades of red to choose from and it's about $25 (other places quoted $40 though).

    @SwatchCrazee Aww, I made the mistake of not ordering the Versie a few months ago and ALL the sizes sold out in days. As soon as I saw it back in stock I had to jump on it. Target does a good job of keeping popular styles around and continuously re-stocked though…I see shoe styles that were popular at least a year ago that are still appearing stocked on their site.

    @Olyvia Glad you liked it : ) Rubber soles are SO durable, and I was surprised in the vid because they had such a good grip on my hard wood floor. I agree, Target is one of the few places where I still come across rubber soles!

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  21. @Anonymous @hsifish@questforfashionsense Wow, lots of Pearce fans, it seems! I was surprised to see the Black online is genuine leather. Wonder if that's true?

    @Laura Yes I did hear. I haven't gotten anything good from their collaborations for a long time, but I'm always interested in seeing the items. Missoni colors are so nice for Summer and Fall.

    @Yvette Funny, my African American friend had this discussion when I wore my Versie pumps yesterday. I think the principle is to find something similar to your own skin tone so that the shoe does not stand out against bare legs. I actually don't think a brown shoe in the right shade will look dowdy and childish at all with a summer dress. If the shade is right, the nude shoe should be fairly inconspicuous.

    @granola2glam_chris Thank you for the tip : ) Usually my problem with inserts at the toe is that they push my foot upwards, so it helps with the width and height of the toe box but not the overall length. I got some inserts from Stiletto Hardware that I just put in the toe area, so hopefully it will do the job.

    @AubreyOhDang! Yes, it's called Aubrey's new blog.

    @lake breeze @Chrissy From my personal experience, blisters happen when there is the opportunity for a part of the shoe to rub and chafe against a part of your foot, so one way to avoid blisters is to look for shoes that are better tapered to your foot, and are a snug fit. I prefer to size a little down and have it be really snug (for leather shoes, at least) versus have it be a tad too big, because any looseness results in blisters. Also maybe look for softer leather shoes versus synthetic like these.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  22. Yvette wrote:

    I don't get nude pumps. The principle is to elongate the leg I assume but since I'm black, it would be pointless to buy a camel colored shoe. But a brown-colored pump worn with a light-colored summer dress seems all wrong, somehow dowdy and childish at the same time. But if I wear a light colored shoe, the principle of the 'nude' pump flies out the window.

    I'll probably end up getting the Pearce dove patent pump if I can find it in store. I like the rounder toe.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  23. Erica wrote:

    Audrey, look for the patent pumps if you want the covered heel.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    I purchased the Pearce camel pump, the Pearce patent nude pump and the Pearce dove patent pump (grey). They are on sale this week (ending today) for 22.99 and then I also got 20% off online, so for under $20 a pair, I had to have all three!

    I have only worn the patent nude pump so far and absolutely love it. I couldnt go with the Versie because the heel height is too much for me, even the Pearce is cutting it a bit high.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  25. hsifish wrote:

    I ordered the versie pumps as well. They do look very nice, but hurts my feet. Just returned it yesterday. 🙁 On the other hand, I love love love the Pearce pumps. I got them in black leather and very comfortable.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  26. Olyvia wrote:

    My favorite part of the video review is when you showed how they look/sound while walking. Do continue with that kind of review! 🙂 My pet-peeves with any shoe is if they make too much noise (thus I'm a big fan of rubber soles). I'm happy to know target makes the rubber bottom pumps (the pearce one), since it seems so hard to find pumps with rubber bottoms (not that hard slippery plastic stuff). I'll definitely check out the pearce!

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  27. i bought some target pearce pumps last week but i really wanted the versie in natural patent but they dont have anymore sz 5.5 grr! i'll follow ur suggestion to just bookmark the page and refresh every week! thanks hun!

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  28. Mai wrote:

    I love the look of the Versie shoes! I don't really own any heels but I may have to invest in the Versie pair.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  29. Oh darn it- why can't I fit into a 5.5? Did your feet get smaller Jean? I thought you could usually fit into Target 5.5's….at least you could make these work so you don't have to wear the CL's and ruin the bottoms…heheheh

    I only wear my CL black ones in the house and in carpeted areas of my office..heheheh

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  30. Hi Jean, Thank you for your awesome review. I have a question tho. The pearce pump you showed have a covered heel but on the website, it's stacked wooden heel. So did the Target website made a mistake?

    I reallly enjoy your posts!!!

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  31. Interests wrote:

    So I don't know how to put in a request like other readers have so I'm just doing it in a comment.

    First off, LOVE your blog. I'm not a person to follow blogs AT ALL, but after a miserable five days searching for a suit that would fit me, my husband turned me on to your site and I feel like there's hope for petites like me!

    So here's my request. I'm a beginner to petite fashion. I love your outfit combinations (they've even inspired some outfits for me this week that I would have never done had I not read your blog). My problem is that, since I'm new, I don't have the "basics." I look at my closet and I have a few things but I don't know what I'm missing, you know?

    Could you do a blog post for beginners to petite fashion–like the top ten items every petite girl needs in her closet in order to mix and match outfits? You could do a list for work and then one for casual. I know that would help me so much!


    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  32. Love your dress! What color is it? It looks like the color is sold out on ASOS' website.

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  33. Stacieee wrote:

    I also ordered the Target Versie Pumps right after I saw your last post. I'm a size 5 normally and decided to give the 5.5 a try since these shoes looked so nice.

    They arrived 2 days ago and I love them. I haven't worn them outside yet but just by trying them on around the house, they are pretty comfy to walk in compared to my other pumps. I must say they are a tiny bit loose on me as well, so I will be needing either insoles or the heel grips.

    And just a tiny note, when my shoes came, the right side shoe had 2 tiny black scratch marks on them, not sure if these were returns or not =(

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  34. I also just got the versie pumps and like them a lot. I got my tts and they are perfect. Thanks for posting those links!

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  35. How do you and others wear shoes barefoot? Doesn't that give you blisters?

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  36. Chrissy wrote:

    How do you wear shoes without tights in summer? I always always get blisters, no matter how much I´ve worn them already. Do you have any tips?

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  37. MissA* wrote:

    Love your tips! I'm not a petite but I really enjoy your blog and videos. 🙂

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  38. Stacey wrote:

    This post makes me wish I wasn't a student who has to run to class [flats only please!], so that I could wear such fabulous nude pumps.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  39. grace wrote:

    Next time they have them in stock in store, I'm going to have to check them out. I'm so glad you found a pair that fits you well and doesn't break the bank 🙂

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  40. Yay for no toe cleavage!

    p.s. Sitting here hating on shoe posts bc I can't partake. Wonder if there are blogs for people w/sizes 4.5 and smaller. Anyone know of any?

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  41. beautiful pumps and necklace,and extremely adorable dress!!looking awesome:)

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  42. Laura wrote:

    Love all your nude pumps, Jean – they look happy together 🙂
    I am a fan of the pearce pumps, they get my two thumbs up for their comfort, style and price. Oh, have you heard? Target have collaborated with missoni and the line should come out later this excited to see what is to come!

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  43. pangstr wrote:

    I have the Versie pumps and I love them! Surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in (my first 3+ inch heels). =)

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  44. Hi Jean! Just a bit of tip since I worked in the Nordstrom shoe dept for 5 years:
    If you put a heel grip to fill the gap, your foot will just keep sliding forward as the shoe stretches…and you will find the heel pad will no longer be effective. It's best to get a toe pad, or entire footbed pad to keep your heel back.

    I'm waiting for my Pearce pumps!! Thanks for the post and review 🙂

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  45. April wrote:

    Thank you so much for your helpful videos and pictures! I decided to buy Pearce since I have wide feet and darker. So excited for a comfy pair of nude pumps! 🙂

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  46. Love those shoes – I can't wait until Target gets to Canada – so many good (and cheap!) clothes and shoes!

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  47. I have the Camel Pearce pumps and I really like them. I also am pretty tan and have wider feet. 😉 The padding's a plus.

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  48. Julie P. wrote:

    Great post!! I was sent here by Jen (frmheadtotoe) I love your louboutins <3

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  49. Nicole wrote:

    I love the shoes!!! Also I love how you analyzed each shoe…your voice is so comforting!!!

    xxx Nicole

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply
  50. DSK Steph wrote:

    I tried on the Versie pumps in store for fun. They look nice in the photo!

    I'm very happy with both pairs of the Tawny wedges from Target. I wear them all the time out and about. No accidents yet! lol

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    Posted 5.7.11 Reply

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