Pleated Skirt & Pearls (and dress becomes a top)

Crochet lace dress: Ann Taylor Factory (altered) (similar here and here)
Blazer & Pleated Skirt: H&M; sz 2 (similar under $18)
Shoes: Aldo  Purse: Chanel taupe lambskin M/L flap  Pearls: eBay

This old H&M; skirt survived several rounds of blog sales. The knee-length A-line is not my silhouette of choice (much prefer fitted pencil skirts for my body type), but I held onto it as it’s unlike anything else in my wardrobe. For this outfit I broke out my girliest pieces – pretty lace, polished pearls, and delicate peep-toe pumps.

This is my second attempt at the dress worn as a top. The first attempt did not go so well. When done right, this is a great way to get more wear out of your favorite dresses. But for the pairing to work, the dress must be somewhat fitted and short enough to hide under the skirt, and the waist line of the dress must also be lower than where your skirt waist will hit. This dress was made nice n fitted by my tailors, but the length is a tad too long for this skirt. For a good example, Anh is the queen of this tip. I was also inspired by Callandra wearing this dress as a pencil skirt.

To break up this neutral palette, I added a juicy lip. Revlon Colorburst in Coral was too firetruck-red for me on it’s own, so I layered on my fave Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Coral Reef. Here’s an obligatory twirl:

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  1. Kate wrote:

    hi, I've been going through your blog for the past few days. discovered your blog through your youtube video on red skirts. i quickly bought a red skirt the next day! haha. i've seen a number of fashion blogs but yours is the best! (me being an office girl as well). Your style is extremely classy! you inspire me to dress nicely at work! more power!

    Posted 3.15.12 Reply
  2. I absolutely love this look! One of my favorites I've ever seen I think. I hope my H&M; has that pleated skirt.

    Posted 5.25.11 Reply
  3. What a cutie! The taupe color of your skirt is a perfect neutral! I sometimes shy away from that color and then I see it paired with such lovely colors and items – like in your post – that it makes me rethink taupe!
    Your photos are beautiful.

    Posted 5.20.11 Reply
  4. Thank you SO much everyone for your comments! I'm very sorry again that Blogger lost the previous comments and never restored them : (

    @Anonymous For more sheer skirts, I suggest wearing skin-colored undergarments. I also have a nude slip that I'm not wearing here. The slip is from Target and is unfortunately too big even in a S/XS so I may get it taken in.

    @Annapurna I'm happy one of the dresses worked for you! In a previous comment I thought you mentioned the regular 00 was too matronly. My friend got both and also opted to keep the regular.

    @Memosne Thank you very much! Love Jen : )

    @Gigi Haha, it definitely was not me, but that's interesting : ) I don't model and I'd be impressed if Gap had a model who was that petite, considering the vast majority of their clothes don't fit women of my size.

    @Anonymous I don't usually have trouble with my belts moving, but I see them shift on my friends throughout the day so i know what you mean. I would suggest getting a roll of fashion tape and using a little in the morning to affix your belt to the garment. You can look up fashion tape online. Def don't recommend regular tape as I used that once and it left a sticky residue. For items that you will always want to wear a belt with, I've considered adding belt loops.

    @Anonymous Oh I don't mind! I speak English, mandarin Chinese, and can understand some Cantonese (especially food & dishes, hehe). What do you speak?

    @Anonymous I also commute to work daily (via subway and walking) and thankfully I live in a city where it is convention to wear flats and then change into heels at work. EVERY woman I work with does this, and it's almost an anomaly to see something wearing pumps on the subway because it's just unnecessary to put yourself through that. If it's acceptable where you live, I'd suggest commuting in sleek, dressy yet comfortable flats (nooo sneakers) then keeping a pair of heels at work and use insoles for the balls of your feet (I'll be reviewing some shortly on here). Hopefully you don't have to stand too much at work.

    Posted 5.19.11 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    hi, i've been following your blog and loving it, keep up the great work. i don't have my own blog so i dont even know how to add and what not but still like to come to your site from time to time. so very inspirational. i thank you. my question is, how do you wear heels all day long, i love your style, but dang, it's hard to keep up, i'm in my later 20's now, and would like to look more chiq like you. I can't wear heels no more than 3 hours straight and am very petite, so i need the height. i dont drive, so it makes it hard to commute in heels. do you have any suggestions?

    thanks a bunch, if you dont get to my question, it's ok, just keep on doing what you do best.

    Posted 5.18.11 Reply
  6. You look absolutely stunning and just love your style.
    Gotta follow you 🙂

    Posted 5.18.11 Reply
  7. Stacey wrote:

    I like wearing dresses as shirts too! I think it's actually helpful because the dresses don't crinkle/ go up as much as shirts.

    And I really like the new silhouette and greige color on you. :]

    Posted 5.18.11 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    Love the outfit. So cute. You always look so put together and polished in every outift. Random question and if you don't feel comfortable to don't answer it-what languages do you speak?

    Posted 5.17.11 Reply
  9. Vicky wrote:

    Did you ever have any bad picture days? You look so beautiful in every single pictures. I love the color of your new skirt. It works so well with the taupe Chanel. And the crochet is to die for. You look great in that AT factory dress, whether you wear it as a dress or a top. 🙂 I'm so glad you picked it up.

    Posted 5.17.11 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    I like the pairing with the blue blazer – I never would have thought of it. How do you make the belt stay in place?

    Posted 5.17.11 Reply
  11. I love the flow of the skirt. And the overall texture rich combination of the all the pieces.

    Posted 5.17.11 Reply

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