Review: J.Crew Double Cloth Lady Day Coat in Petite 0

 honor of the J.Crew sale this weekend (25% off and free ship for orders over $150 with code PRESENTS) I wanted to get this review out for you guys. I haven’t had a chance to catch up on blogs, respond to comments or emails yet, but will do that later this weekend : )


I tried to touch on everything in the video, but please let me know if you have any questions. Here are the measurements of a 0P: 14.5″ across the shoulders, 17″ across the armpits, 14″ across the waist band, 33″ total length, and 21″ sleeve length (I mistakenly said 20″ in the video). To see this same coat on another petite, visit Cynthia at Shorty Stories (she is about 5’2″).

There is a *really* close version of this ring online in coral and cream. I must go hunt for the coral! 
Polish is Essie “Hot Coco” courtesy of my lovely secret santa ; )
Coat: Petite Double Cloth Lady Day Coat in 0P
Shoes: Tory Burch sz 5, Ring: Forever 21 sz 6, Earrings: NYC market Tights: Forever 21 one size

**See this coat reviewed on another petite (smaller than me), Alterations Needed.

Cascading Flutter Shell in XXS regular:
Top: Cascading Flutter Shell in XXS regular
Jeans: Gap legging jeans in “dark rinse” sz 00P, Booties: Target Mossimo sz 6
Overall this tank was a comfortable fit, and I can see myself wearing it with jeans or tucked into pencil skirts. Originally only the green was on sale, but all colors are on sale now! Great little filler to get the free shipping. And I promise…my olive kick is officially over : )
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Coco wrote:

    Wow – terrific review -Thanks so much. I am thinking of getting the Double Cloth Metro coat, but here in Canada, we don't have JC petite so will need to order it online. Do you know if the sleeve length is set on petite coats or does it get longer relative to the size? (Meaning, you tried a 0P and the sleeve was 20" Would it be longer on a 4P???) I am 5'3ish and the regular size 2 and 4 sleeve length is ridiculously long!!

    Posted 12.13.12 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I've learned a lot about the product from your informative review. Thanks!

    I am looking at the 2011 JCrew Petite double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate (hthr majestic purple). I thought about P6 initially, but after reading some online reviews, I am not sure what size I should order anymore. My measurements 34-28-33, 112lbs, 5'2". I take Petite 4 in JCrew suit jacket. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Posted 12.29.11 Reply
  3. Nancy wrote:

    I linked here from Alterations Needed. LOVE your review! I've been a JCrew Lady coat fan for years, but loved watching this just the same. JCrew HAS been getting crazy on the sizing. My 2001 (or so) Lady coat in garnet red is a size 4P (I'm 5 ft. 3/4" and 108 lbs) and my later purchases are all size 2P. At 33-26-36 (post babies!) the 2Ps I have fit me a tad wide in the shoulders, but I wanted the width in the hips, and this also allows for more layers up top. I have some with Thinsulate and some without (just depended what JCrew had left on sale!). I used to live in Southern California and got more use out of my wool coats there than here in Quebec, Canada, because it is just too windy here in the winter to use coats that don't cut the wind. I do use them in the fall and spring or when going out at night where I know I won't be out in the wind. The style is timeless, the fit is feminine, and they look great dressed up or down. JCrew's colors are great too. There is always something for every skin tone. The olive looks great on those of us with yellow skincast. Wish I'd seen this video before that color sold out online! As for the sleeves, I've seen other fashion bloggers complaining about JCrew's skimping on cut. My coats from 4 years or less back all have the too-short sleeves. The older ones hit at the first knuckle of the thumb, like they should. But for you petites that have your sleeves altered regularly even on petite sizes (I have several friends that do) you are in luck. I have longer limbs for a petite, and I suspect Jean might as well. You look fabulous and do a great job in front of the camera. Great blog!

    Posted 1.19.11 Reply
  4. I'm not even petite and I got so much out of this video. I was searching for this coat in a 4 regular and I didn't know if it would keep me warm while I'm in Boston later on this month. You answered all the questions I had about sizing, insulation, shape and sleeve length. Awesome! Thanks so much! – L

    Posted 1.3.11 Reply
  5. Elizabeth wrote:

    Just bought the cascading flutter shell! Got it for 13 bucks with the %30 off sale- what a deal!

    Posted 12.16.10 Reply
  6. Tara wrote:

    Make the sales stop! 😀

    I ordered the Colletta both with and without Thinsulate last week in the 30% off outwear sale… and then I ordered the Lady Day today with the extra 30% sale. Sending two back!

    Posted 12.15.10 Reply
  7. 白琳 wrote:

    ahh you've inspired me ! i totally just bought the jacket in dark cypress – olive green is my favorite color =] as a petite person myself, its hard for me to find jackets that fit me proportionally. thanks so much for doing this review!!

    Posted 12.14.10 Reply

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